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The Wardlaw-Hartridge School
1295 Inman Avenue
Edison, NJ 8820
(908) 754-1882
private | PK-12
County: Middlesex


  School Head OfficialYear
Andrew Webster, Head of School2008
8/2/2012parentMy girls go to Wardlaw for summer program, school has good teachers and the program they offer in summer is good. Most of the summer staff is great, experience is good as long as all goes well. However this summer my little one fell down at school and hurt her head and was in ER, we saw part of Wardlaw we might have not seen other wise. The School nurse was very rude and wanted to wash her hands off, I am left with all the paper work with the schools insurance company, previously we were told that school will take care of the paper work. First I got a email confirmation that all paper work has been taken care of then a week later I was informed of school process that needed to be followed that no one except the School nurse was aware of. The school nurse is really lazy and hence has a procedure in place that basically puts all the responsibility on the parents and removes any school involvement . After 2 years of my kids going to the summer program and was thinking about having my little join year round, now I don't plan on having my kids go there for summer next year. In public school there are rules, you are made aware of them up front there are no communication gaps.
6/18/2012parentThe school is not worth the price at all. The school offers limited AP courses that aren't available to all students. There is no free transportation and the school ends very late. The class size is not small and many teachers are experienced but not dedicated. The college matriculation is horrible, less than 5% of students go to the ivy league. The school tries to incorporate technology into their curriculum but does not understand that all the students do with their laptops is play games. Needs serious changes and would be a last resort to go to!
3/29/2011parentMy son and daughter have been in this school since 2003 and they love it. The academic standard has maintained at a high level. The school has a very friendly atmosphere and the teachers really do care. I agree with the criticism of the athletics program. A change in the leadership of that department is badly needed. Overall, we are very happy with most aspects of the school.
2/5/2011otherIt's a great school. I went there and i really felt prepared for college. Since I graduated the school looks really better also. They made a lot of improvements. The sports are not better though. The new lady AD is a joke and the teams now play against really weak schools so they win more but the level is embarrassing.
9/30/2010parentI agree that the school provides an excellent learning environment. I'm a parent of an upper schooler and he loves the school. I also agree that the athletic department and the athletic director are a problem. The school needs to make a change there. Otherwise, it's a great school.
6/14/2010parentHaving experienced a cooperative nursery school, Montessori, charter, and then our local township public school, I must say this is the best. This was our 1st year at an independent school. Excellent teachers, amazing courses, and my daughter loves the athletic program. We're now enrolling our younger one.
9/4/2009teacherAs a teacher at a public high school and parent of a student at Wardlaw High School, I must say the education that they get at WH is far better than any other school in the Middlesex County. The faculty is very dedicated and the teachers work hard to give the students a top notch education. There athletic director is the best I have ever met. And I have coached in public schools. She hires first class coaches and does not give in to complaing parents that try to manipulate the athletic program just because they pay to send their kid to private school. If you send your kid to the US they will end up going to and graduating from a great college. The investment is worth it.
8/15/2009parentAs an upper school parent I feel like the level of caring from the faculty has dropped a little from what we experienced in Wardlaw-Hartridge's middle school. However, I still feel this school provides an excellent academic environment for our son. I wish the athletic program was more of a priority. The teams struggle and the Athletic Director is very weak.
6/1/2009parentI think the Wardlaw-Hartridge School is an excellent choice for education. Because of it's size, a student can't be 'invisible' or 'lost' in the system. This has impressed me very much--the level of attention that every student receives is extensive. The students are challenged academically and well prepared to move to the next grade when the time comes. I have spoken with students who have graduated and they say they were very well prepared for college. The students work hard. The music, art and athletic programs are excellent. The community is fantastic and very supportive of the students. I am very happy we made this choice for our child!!
3/31/2009parentThis is our fourth year at Wardlaw-Hartridge. Our two children are in the lower school and are extremely happy. I cannot possibly say enough good things about the school and the truly dedicated, nurturing teachers we have come to know and love. The small environment fosters personal attention to each child, who grows not only academically but socially as well. The families are some of the most wonderful people I have ever met, and the bonds our children have formed with their friends are heartwarming. I cherish these years as our children become confident, independent, educated, well-rounded individuals with a strong sense of integrity and awareness of others. WH meets all of our children's needs and has exceeded our expectations of a private independent school. Our children never want to leave!
8/29/2008parentI have a daughter entering 2nd grade and a son entering Kindergarten and I couldnt be happier! Our kids are overly excited about going back to school. Wardalw Hartridge's environment is incredibly warm, loving, disciplined, nurturing and fun. The teachers work with each child to make sure they are in unity with the child's strengths as well as their weakness to bring them to a high level of learning. Wardlaw Hartridge from Faculty to Administrative staff are committed to the success of each child. It is a pleasure to leave my children at Wardlaw everyday and I trust they are safe and in a place where they are growing leaps and bounds. My drive is a long one everyday but it is well worth it! Attend an open house and you will immediately have a taste of what the school is about. You won't regret
8/13/2008parentI am a proud parent of a Wardlaw-Hartridge student. I am so happy with this school for my daughter. She is thriving here. She started in PreK3 and she will be entering Kindergarten in September. I love that academic program is incredible but, that there is equal focus on the arts. I have loved all of her teachers. I love the ration of children to teachers. I love the SERIOUS committment to diversity. I am amazed at some of these schools that claim to be committed to diversity and they don't have one person of color in their advertisements! Everyone here is appreciated and celebrated! WH is a wonderful place for my child to learn and to grow. She cannot wait to go back to school! She loves, loves, loves WH...and so do I!
12/18/2007parentThe Wardlaw Hartridge School is a great place. It provides a safe environment for the kids. All of the teachers are carring to all of your kid's need. The staff nurture your child so they can make a difference in the world. There are not just academics in the school, there are cocerts aand music relates extra cirricular activities. Overall the Wardlaw Hartridge School is a place where you don't have to worry about your child going there and nurtures your child so that they can be a successful individual when the grow older.
1/2/2005parentWe have found Wardlaw-Hartridge to be an outstanding school for our son. In the lower school (grades PK-5), he is given the opportunity to experience academic 'specials' like Spanish, art, music and science-technology twice a week, in specialized classrooms with teachers that specialized in the subject areas. He loves the school and has benefited from it's low teacher/student ratio (his largest class had 13 students). The school also finds time to offer Physical Education five days a week, something that I felt was an advantage in these days of video games and 300 television channels. The school is also surprisingly diverse for an independent school. Living in NJ, I found this to be another advantage of the entire school experience. The school will hiring a new Head of School for the 2005-2006 academic year.

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