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School Profile

Delsea Regional High School
Fries Mill Rd
Franklinville, NJ 8322
(856) 694-0100
public | 9-12
County: Gloucester


  Class SizeGradeYear
19 2007
  School Head OfficialYear
Mr Joseph Sottosanti2009
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
2/3/2011parentlow class kids. we had to move to a nearby district for a better education. clearview is much better.
10/11/2010parentI am a Franklinviile resident of over twenty years, and a strong supporter of my school distrcit.
2/21/2010studentThe althletes are too full of themselves. The sports are too limited. The coaches are not role models!
10/4/2009otherDelsea's teaching staff is the most talented and dedicated group I've ever encountered, and the family feeling they create in their school offers a nurturing atmosphere as they deliver top-notch educational opportunities.
10/13/2008studentThis is most likely above average type of school. Some of teachers are good, students are okay, and yet it's a good school to get a real education carrer.
10/2/2008studentDelsea is one of the best schools in the area! Im surprised that its not rated high than a seven.
9/30/2008parentThis school is a joke. The education level is sub-par in my opinion. Understandably, we are dealing with the idiocy that is the No Child Left Behind Act. But there is little emphasis on education. Where Delsea excells is in its athletics, which in my humble opinion is not at all important in the grandest scheme of things. The discipline there is also completely lax. If there was even the slightest possibility I could transfer my son, I would in a heartbeat, unfortunately finances don't allow it. This is the hugest of disappointments for my son's future.
8/7/2007studentDelsea is a wonderful school that provides many opportunities for students in academics and also in extra curricular. The teachers are awesome and seem to really care about each and every student and treats them fairly. The experience has been great so far and i would definitely recommend this school to other students moving to the district!
7/28/2007parentDelsea is the kind of school that is small enough that you pretty much know who everyone is like a big family yet large enough to offer access to diverse subject academics that a parent wants for their child. Its the best of both worlds. Sports programs are led with true dedication and a history of magical memories that it is a privilage to have been a part of.
3/11/2007studentDelsea is a wonderful school and one of the best in the county. The teachers truley care about their students and are always willing to do whatever they can to help out their students(even after they have graduated from the school). The students are very polite and respectful and overall a good group of kids. The school does put a lot of emphasis on sports(especially football) but they care about academics as well. There are few fights and when there is a fight the school handles it very well. If your child goes to Delsea you can be assured that they will get a good education, and a great overall experience.
2/1/2007staffThis is a really good school. The kids are great, the teachers really care, the school nurses are two of the best, the guidance staff are caring and knowledgeable and the administration wants what is best for the students and staff. All in all this school goes above and beyond for their students. Way to go Delsea !!!!
10/26/2006parentDelsea is quite below average as far as the teachers go, and the students are worse than any I have dealt with in a long time.
9/13/2006parentI feel Delsea overall is a very good school. I have had 3 children all boys who went and are going there now. I have had nothing but very good results, with the teachers, administration, and academic results. My children have excelent grades as well as respect for their peers and staff. I am able to get involved with all programs available to parents, and my children also get involved in the extra cirricular activites weather it is sports or academic. They enjoy their time at the school with their friends as well as their learning experiences. They are college bound and have been prepaired for their future college education very well. Thank you Teachers and staff!!
7/29/2006parentI've found my son's first year at Delsea Regional HS to be one of the worst of his school career. So bad in fact that I've transfered him to another school. The only thing Delsea has going for it are the extracurricular activities and of course, sports. I find most of the teachers subpar and the vice principals both very lacking in fairness and leadership.
2/4/2006former studentDelsea has a comprehensive range of programs and a caring, first-rate staff who help students to reach their full potential.
12/31/2005studentThis school is really awesome.
11/3/2005former studentI think this school is very good, although the class sizes are too big.
9/26/2004studentFirst, I must deal with the first comment. You fail to realize that it was not the teachers' fault, but the Board of Ed's. Many good teachers have left Delsea for higher paying jobs at other schools. Delsea is a very good school. Most of the teachers actually care about the students. In fact, I've only once seen one that doesn't seem to, and that's only just this year as a senior. They do seem to place priority on sports, but many schools do that. Overall, it's an average school, but a good enviroment. There aren't many fights, and when there are they aren't really serious, or last for a few minutes. The drug situation is the same as any school's. (Well...not worse ones.)
9/7/2004parentLast year was a horrible year for the high school, with no teacher contract. They didn't have after school help, or during school help. My daughter was in 2 classes that the teacher was online during the entire class then gave homework to work that wasn't even taught during the class time. So I hope the teachers are going to do a better job this year! They are getting what they asked for. All I'm asking for is a good education for my daughter. A little help when asked and I am sure the teachers know who needs help.

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