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Hopewell Elementary School - Hopewell, NJ

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Hopewell Elementary School35 Princeton Avenue
Hopewell, NJ 8525
(609) 737-4007PK-5MercerpublicHopewell Valley Regional School District

Class SizeGradeYear
21 2007

School Head OfficialYear
Ms Christine Laquidara2009

Students Getting Free LunchYear

6/5/2012parentI am quite surprised by the previous review as I have found the principal quite open to parent concerns and addresses them in a timely manner. He is extremely approachable and receptive to concerns. Unlike the previous reviewer obviously has, I don't have inside information and can only go on my experiences to date...Having just moved to NJ and this district, I find HES a terrific school and it has helped to provide my son with a seamless transition at an age where a move could have proved quite difficult. His teacher has been absolutely amazing and he has enjoyed this school year so much that he doesn't miss his old school at all. Obviously I can only speak for the teachers my son has come in contact with during one year only, but he enjoys school and doesn't ask to stay home like he used to...Parent involvement in the school is also fantastic. The PTO has a large membership and has never felt cliquish. Becoming involved has really helped to build the community feeling and is a great way to get to know other parents...As a former teacher, I have set ideas about what I look for in a school and HES definitely meets those expectations.
4/14/2012parentLike the rater with the bilingual child, I also found HES to be lacking in its openness to students with slight differences. I consider this to be a failure of the school's leadership. A new Principal was hired two years ago, but to date, he's still on a steep learning curve when it comes to "hearing" and adequately addressing parental concerns. I am also aware that twice this year, "knee jerk" decisions made by the Principal adversely impacted the classroom teachers' ability to deliver instruction and support services to my child and his peers. Both teachers were too professional to criticize the Principal's actions in front of parents, but their feelings and frustration were clear. Neither appreciated his interference with their established classroom routines, nor did they agree with his handling of the particular situations. In conclusion, if you can manage to keep your dealings at school at the teacher level, you'll probably be okay. Many of the teachers at HES are exemplary. If you have to escalate your concerns, best to circumvent the Principal and go straight to the Superintendent who is the epitome of a true community leader and inclusive educator.
6/26/2010otherI attended this school and i made many friends there. The teachers inspired me and i had the best time of my life at Hopewell Elementary. Excellent teachers really made my experience there a great one.
8/7/2009parentThis is a wonderful school. All three of my kids of gone here and continue to be successful in Middle School and High School. This school has caring teachers and administrators. They have a lot of fun activities for the kids and their curriculum is outstanding. I could not have asked for a better education for my children. A superior school.
7/14/2009parentSome are good, some are below average teachers. Absolutely unacceptable for bilingual children. No support system for handling such kids, no diversity. Close minded to new ideas.

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