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Eastside High School - Paterson, NJ

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Eastside High School150 Park Avenue
Paterson, NJ 07501
(973) 321-05109-12PassaicpublicPaterson School District

Class SizeGradeYear
21 2007

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic0.5199312009
Black, non-Hispanic40.09242009
Asian/Pacific Islander0.4043912009
Native American or Native Alaskan0.05777012009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Ms Karen Johnson2009

Students Getting Free LunchYear

9/21/2010other32% proficient in literacy, 20% proficient in math, and the parents give it 3/5 stars???
11/2/2009studentI think this school needs to improve there security and there test scores as a student i have to say I am embarrassed to say that i attend this school please lets improve this school quick
9/7/2007former studentGarrett Morgan academy is one of that best schools that I have seen
7/25/2007studenti like eastside high school because you can just be your self and dont have to put on a front for anyone their
6/30/2007studentI was recently a student at eastside high from 2003-2006 then i moved but i loved everything about eastside down to it's amazing band which i attened as well. During my yrs at eastside i met some amazing people as well as some not amazing people. The teachers are wonderful and i have an unforgetable memory of eastside for every moment there and i would not have changed any schools to go to it was the best yrs of my life. So that is way i rate Eastside High School the outraging score of a 5point star.
1/1/2007studentI think EHS is a great High School because it is not as seen in movies or as people say. Some students might not care about school but must of them do. As a freshman at EHS I can say that EHS is a fantastic school the teachers are great and there is less violence than 20 or 30 years ago. Mabye other teens aren't determined to prove what a good school EastSide is but I am
3/1/2006studentA trouble school & not a clean school at that.You have to visit just to really know!
9/16/2005former studentEastside High School contains some of the most dynamically talented students in NJ, better yet in America. However, when a community consistently falls short of aptly preparing these diamonds in the rough for success by way of involvement and commitment, you will view and hear of the unsuccessful accounts of the students that populate the school. The community in addition to the school and its faculty needs to take back what was once an institution of higher learning. Paterson, NJ has failed Eastside High School.
6/14/2005former studentUnfortunately, I have to say that Eastside High School is one of the worse schools in Passaic County. It is extremely dangerous, and everyday hundreds of students go to this school, worried about whether or not they'll get out safe. I couldn't function in this school at all. I only attended this school for four days and I refused to go back a day after that. In such a big and dangerous school like this, you worry everyday about who's really in charge, the students or the teachers.
3/4/2005studentAs a student here at Eastside I should know that Eastside has change alot ever since my sister came to this school. As a freshmen she seen fights every day but, now I'm attending Eastside as a freshmen now there are not as many fights as when my sister came here. I did not see myself here ever becasue I listen to other people and didn't want to go here but as an A student I am thinking about coming back next year.
8/10/2004studentI have experienced this school face-to-face also and as in every school there is some bad apples. Eastside was always potrayed as a bad school because of what people see on the movies but have you ever heard of things change? If you really want to learn despite temptations you wouldn't let anything get in your way.
1/20/2004studentI think that Eastside High School is a very dangerous place to be. I know because I went to Eastside and it has been one of the worst schools in NJ for the past 25 years or more. Eastside is just place to act up in Paterson. Most students dont even go to school they cut all day or hangout and sell drugs or do the drugs. I know because I seen it with my own eyes. Besides walking threw the path or dangerous drug dealers on way to school you have to deal with the torment of violence at school, and forced to fight and carry weapons for one's own protection in Paterson's schools.

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