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Queens High School of Teaching, Liberal Arts and Sciences
74-20 Commonwealth Blvd
Bellerose, NY 11426
(718) 736-7100
public | 9-12
County: Queens (Queens)


  School Head OfficialYear
Jae Hyun Cho2012
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
5/11/2010parentI am very happy my daughter attends and is graduating this school. She learned life lessons that are so valuable and I am proud of the entire process. I thank QHST for so much.
5/2/2010parentSchool improving with after school programs and attracting more students who from my son's school who did not consider it in the past. My neighbor is sending her child there over the other local schools because of its small school intimacy and programs
4/12/2010parentI was skeptical at first but my daughter got into better colleges than her friends in honors programs at other district 26 schools. Plus she was able to learn to work with all kinds of students.
12/21/2009parentThe school is safe and a convenient location but the challenge factor is non-existent. My 1st son did well on the regent exams but had great difficulty learning study skills for college. It cost us a lot of time and money (for low grades in college classes), before he was able to catch up. My second son, who had done very well in middle school (ARISTA), doesn't even bring his book bag home because he gets no work. The philosophy of 'inclusion' classes (where all levels of students are mixed in the classes), may look nice, warm and fuzzy on paper but it does not work. The students who have generally done poorly in classes, bright kids or not, tend to be the disciplinary problem youngsters. To have them in classes with students who want to learn is catastrophic. The school had great potential but 'sold out.'
5/27/2009studentQHST is great, better than most other schools because of the small learning communities we feel like we know everyone so we don't feel competitive with most kids, its easy to pass and easy to fail, just need to stay focus
5/26/2009parentTeachers are excellent. Curriculum is substandard. My kid is bored out of her skull. No advanced classes. There is almost a prejudice against competitive classes.
1/17/2008parentWith 3 small learning communites it's like three schools in one. Teachers, staff and students all know each other, not like other bigger high schools where you're just a number. If your looking for honors this is not for you, but that does not mean you can't succeed. My son just graduated and was offered many scholarships to colleges and is doing well in school now. You will get what you put into it. My daughter is now in 9th grade and loves it. She does find school very easy though, but I know she will always be on top and the end result is getting into a good college and I know she will, just like her brother did. Friendly atmosphere no real problems accept for a few kids pulling pranks against the school.
1/4/2008parentWant the truth? This school is probably one of the most subtle and accepting high schools in New York City, however, when it's time to face the facts, it really isn't that great. My child entered this school last year and it was disasterous. Disasterous in respect to the courses. There were no challenges to face. My son probably would've gotten a more challlenging education at his middle school! It was a complete turn down.
11/2/2007studentteachers are dedicated and in tune with student needs.
10/21/2007studentThere is no doubt that anyone who applies to this school will feel accepted. However, I'm gravely dissapointed with this school's cirriculum. Ambitious and advanced students do not have any challenges. This school is a huge dissapointment for academically exceling students! They give less than 1 hour of hw every night. They offer no AP or Honors courses and to top it off if you take the Spanish Proficiency in Junior High School and ace it you're still held for Spanish I-II . I came here with high hopes, but was dissapointed. The only probelm is the cirriculum. The teachers are great! As so is everything else!
9/27/2007parentMy daughter recently began this high school as a 9th grader. The school seems to academically, socially and culturally provide the tools for the students to have a fulfilling education here. I attended the Parent Orientation on Aug 30 and was very pleased with the comments provided by the teachers and the students.
9/10/2007studentHonestly, this school is excellent, with a one exception. I love the fact that all students have the same treatment in all inclusion classrooms with students of all abilities. There is a solid learning environment. However, I know that students sometimes excel in some academic areas and should be treated as so. They should create Honors or Advanced Placements classes to challenge the ones who need. They should include mixed ability classes, but also with Honors and AP classes. In my opinion, this is one of the safest schools in the city without metal detectors either. The kids are all friendly with one another. If I decide to transfer I know that I will miss the High School of Teaching dearly.

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