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Bellport Middle School - Bellport, NY

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Bellport Middle School35 Kreamer St
Bellport, NY 11713
(631) 730-16266-8SuffolkpublicSouth Country Central School District

School Head OfficialYear
Brian Ginty2012


Students Getting Free LunchYear

2/20/2012otherI can't describe how horrible this district is. All I can say is that I'm surprised the rating isn't at least a 2. I am SO happy to be leaving for Mineola this summer!
11/30/2009studentI love the bellport middle school! It may be school but theteachers try to make it fun and thats what makes it count
11/17/2008studenthorrible school. horrible teachers. horrible education. i use to attend this school and all i can remember from my experience here are hallway fights, uncontrolled classes, and security guards everywhere i looked. I received high A's in all my classes, but was never acknowledged by my grades, teachers were not rewarding of academic achievments. school, and i reMy parents quickly took me out of that reccomend you do your kids a favor and warn them about the on going issues in this school.
12/30/2005parentSo far I am very pleased with this school. I was nervous about my daughter starting 6th grade here. I later found out they keep the 6th graders mostly in one area of the school, away from the older kids. I feel this school offers many quality after school programs and a personable staff. The only bad incident worth telling was of a fight between two boys in the hallway that my daughter was walking in. She ended up between one boy and the wall- and quite a bump on the head. Although it's not a nice thing to write about, the staff did deal with it well and took great care of my daughter. So I am hopeful the rest of the year goes well.
9/5/2004parentI have to agree with the other feed back. I feel that there is a dual standard for treating students. Some teachers have no control over there classes and they really don't seem to care. The students seem to run the classes. I also have found many of the teachers are concerned about their students but it is hard to keep control with many of the out of control students.
6/10/2003  I have two children in the middle school, one will be going into the highschool. I don't beleive that the rules they enforce apply to all the students some are allowed to do as they please where if another student does the same thing they end up with out of school suspension. Which is not right for a child to feel like he or she is being singled out all the time. also I fell the teachers should be able to controll what they are saying to the students. I have had a teacher make some very personal comments to my children(in a nasty way) and then can't understand why the student doesn't want to be in the class with a adult(?) like that most children do have feelings that get hurt. I thought they went into the field of education to help students not rip them apart.

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