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Bronx Charter School for Excellence
1960 Benedict Ave
Bronx, NY 10462
(718) 828-7301
charter | K-6
County: Bronx (Bronx)


  Class SizeGradeYear
26 2008
  School Head OfficialYear
Charlene Reid2012
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
2/14/2012parentWow let me first start by saying that "WE ROCK" yes B.C.S.E is an excellent school. I'm so thankful that my daughter got selected at the lottery, I mean i really did win the lottery. My daughter is getting a great education, the curriculum is great the staff from the teachers to the principal is phenomenal. The PA team is so dedicated and always trying their best to get parents involve, They are wonderful :D! My daughter got accepted to 6 top charter schools- Icahn 2,3,4 and 5, Harlem Success Academy 1 and Bronx Charter School for excellence and I definitely made the right choice by choosing Bronx Charter School For Excellence. My daughter is currently in kindergarten and is doing great ( academics). This schools has really been a blessing to our family.
2/3/2012parentGreat school!! always pushing kids to do their best and maintaining them focused on what's important-their education. Their curriculum is well balanced with very high academic expectations, in addition to music, phys. ed, dance, art every week. They also offer a variety of extracurricular activities to help the child develop more rounded and have fun while in school. Great staff, very professional and caring from the Principal down to the receptionist. Very safe and clean environment. I am very very happy my daughters (3rd & 1st graders) are attending this school, this is their second year there and I couldn't be more pleased. Looking forward to the years ahead.
2/2/2012parentI have two children. One of them goes to Icahn charter school 4 and the second goes to Bronx charter school for excellence. I am happy that they go to the two best charter schools of the Bronx. These schools operate like private schools. The school is doing better and better every year. As a parent I recommend this school. My daughter is in kindergarten and she is already reading.
9/29/2011parentBronx Charter school Excellence is a great school! my kids can read since kindergarten and they're doing very well in math.
1/26/2011parentBCSE is an excellent school. Both staff and students work really hard to excel. Parents are involved and get the opportunity to participate in their children's education to make every effort worth. Discipline is noticeable, specially when kids are out on trips with other schools. They get homework every single day, projects on holiday weekends, special summer project for every entrance grade after summer vacation. The whole school gets involve in preparation for NYS tests providing Saturday Academy classes. They are very organized, keep parents informed of activities. Environment is safe. Staff is courteous and helpful. Respect is in the air. Kids wear uniform and I love the fact that my kids don't get exposed to the "brand name" pressure. It promotes discipline in many ways, and help them stay focus in "learning" instead of showing off fashion. This school has 0 tolerance for bullying and disrespect. Students are disciplined right in the spot. They have the excellence mentality, always challenging kids to do their best. We all have to work hard, but it pays off. I cannot imagine my kids in any other environment.
1/24/2011parentThe staff are dedicated and focused on the individual child's progress. They have a very adult-like approach with the middle school students. They have a no nonsense attitude toward the students' responsibilities. Although sometimes harsh and a bit abrasive their model works!!! Parent involvement is essential and they are not shy about demanding it. Saturday classes are mandatory (in full uniform). The students' state exam scores reflect the schools efforts.
1/20/2011otherAwesome school. Has lots of fun activities. And more oppurtunities for learning and excellence for college.
4/29/2010parentThe school's focus is the academics but discipline and development of the whole child is a close second. The realize that what happens at home, in the community and at school affects the child's ability to learn.
4/27/2010parentthe guidance,discipline and of course the cirriculum
6/30/2009parentMy son just graduated this June. Make sure that you get involved with the teachers and staff. Some of the teachers need to be watched carefully. They can be very harsh at times. Sometimes can even be discouraging to the child and parent. I believe favortisim plays a big factor with some of the teachers.
6/3/2009parentThis is an excellent school. My daughter will be graduating from the 5th grade this year. The morale among the staff and administration is high. They know each child by name and truly care. My daughter is nervous about entering another school. Truth be told, so am I. My youngest is currently in the 2nd grade and will have the benefit of Bronx Charter School for a few more years. If your child is selected via the lottery system you've won big. The curriculum is awesome. It's slightly untraditional, but it gets through to the children and they are excelling. Bronx Charter School is a blessing!
5/27/2009parentI really do not like some of the teachers. The school seems pretty good. Teachers who loose more than one student should be questioned. I hope 8th grade will be better.
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12/9/2007parentMy 5yr old started K this fall & 2 months into the school year she was already reading. Reading is exciting to her, she's got school spirit she talks about going to college. The Principal & the Deans are just as involved as anyone else. Great activities, A+ education, bottom line I made the right choice!
11/30/2007parentMy child has been attending this school since late Sept. and I truly believe she is doing better there than she would have at her prior school.

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