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School Profile

Bronx Health Sciences High School
750 Baychester Ave
Bronx, NY 10475
(718) 862-4406
public | 9-12
County: Bronx (Bronx)


  School Head OfficialYear
Miriam Rivas2012
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
8/16/2011parentI am fairly pleased with this program. My son has had to adjust to the strict environment but I think it has been good for him. There are other places where he could have landed that would not have supported his future. It is true that in the workforce our children will be required to be on time for work. They may have an early work schedule and the boss will require them to be there ON TIME. I appreciate the opportunities my son has to make choices based on his interests.
7/6/2011parentMy child's GPA significantly dropped once she began attending 9th grade in this horrible school.
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7/6/2011parentThis school does not have any extracurricular activities for their students. It's all about work, and no play. They enforce their uniform policy, which is good. However, they still fail to create an atmosphere which is conducive to an educational environment. Gym begins way too early. Students need to get to gym for 0 period starting at 7:15.When I complained to the staff about this, I was told that they are preparing the students for adulthood/workforce. My opinion is that they are preparing the student to become high school or college dropouts, because they will experience burnout before the age of 21. Children still need a balance of work and play. This is sad, because my child isn't happy attending this school, so I will need to transfer her to another school this Fall.
4/3/2010parentreally good school great atmosphere loving teachers and good social/ academic area.
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10/13/2009parentI love this school. I agree with the strictness and the uniform policy. Teachers still need to be a bit more alert with the children when they go down to the gym and enforce the uniform code a bit more. Children are begining to wear whatever they want while some are trying to set new trends.
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9/18/2009studentThis school is very very strict. I started on september 9th and now its the 18th. There is alot of work and things to do that must be completed. The teachers have no sense of humor especially when it comes to working. Its a good school, their preparing us for college and stuff. Im a freshman and i know this will be hard 4 years. They arent joking about the uniform thing, if you dont wear it they send you home, and everyday you go home with homework and alot of notes. When you apply for this school make sure your ready to work and wear an ugly uniform. The kids are nice, theres no fighting, no disrespect, very well managed. The principal is extremely nice and so is the assisstant principal. If you want to get a good education in a public school apply for Bronx Health Sciences High School.
6/17/2009teacherI've been a teacher at BHS for five years. The recent negative comment that claims that the school has no activities is false. Many of our students participate in sports as members of Truman High School's teams (we are housed inside the Truman campus). BHS also has a few clubs of its own (step, chess) and actively encourages students to form more to suit their own interests. As far as teacher encouragement, I know that many teachers (me for one) give up lunch periods and after-school time constantly to tutor students both within our own subjects and in anything else where we can be helpful. Although I am a history teacher, I have tutored students in living environment and math when I've been able to help. BHS is a rigorous college-prep school that requires students to wear uniforms. If that isn't your thing, then you would probably be happier going somewhere else. I. Stewart
4/12/2009studentSchool is absolutely horrible ; i guarantee any parent can find better.no sports activity's, no legit clubs , uniformed school , teachers and social worker aren't there for us , i am a former student of this school , and i tried to work hard and do my best, but the way you get pressured in this school, it's outstanding. Also you can get tagged for anything. they'll send u home and neglect you of your work over overall appearance issues. DON'T SEND YOUR KIDD HERE, this school need to be shut down
2/1/2009studentThis is fatima and stephanie!!!! First graduated students from BHS! Rhat is an amazing school! I must agree , yes is a very challeging school but not hard and yes the staff stress you out but definetly only for the better! When applying for the school it specifly says its a college prepartory school! They are meant to prepare the students for college and the school does a great doing it.Helping the students find colleges was even the best part about it , because honestly I didnt think I would be here! Stephanie and I are in college now and it couldnt be easier ... All because of my school! BHS! Again thank you for everything! And for those students that are not prepare to do work and performed as a student dont waist your time and attend to the school because you are not ready to acheive!!!!!!!!!
5/7/2008parentBronx Health Sciences high school, is in word challenging. when you send your child to this school they better be ready to do a ton of work but it pays off in the end and we always have help. yes the school is very small but its better that way beacuse kids get along better. and fore the teachers the are great and they all care about us and will do whatever they have to do to help us out. B.H.S ios a great school but its hard... but then again college isnt so easy.. so they are only preparing us for the real world... if you dont like it then dont come to this school, we have plenty of others that want to come.
2/9/2008studentas a student who goes to this high school i would say that theres nothing wrong with it. kids here learn what they need to learn and do what they have to do to move u in life.all i say is that forcing these kids to wear uniform is bad.since i go to this school i know how kids feel and they dont like the uniform.
1/5/2008studentI am presently a student of this school and I honestly think it is a great school. The teachers are very commited to making us better. Yes, we have to do research papers and community service but I don't think these should be categorized as burdens. I believe that all these are preparing us for the college challenge so we will be used to them when we get there.
8/15/2007studenti used to study here and quite honet with you i hated it!!! they pressure kids way to much. they give these insane projects that look like college term papers that are exagerated sometimes. and the worst part is that they do not wait for to finish them. they pile them all on you. also all the volunteer hours are totally insane. i just say if you have a better choice (which in this case any is better) dont come to this school it will only drive your child crazy and streesed out.
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6/28/2007parentIt is a horrible, poorly managed school. Parents do not send your child to this school!
6/27/2006studentwell as a student i would say that bronx health science high school is a good school when it comes to being involved with students... the fact that its a small school is good cause everyone knows everyone... but although they may know each students seem to get along due to race or back ground which is sad.. bhs is a good school but over loads students with projects and students may feel pressured at times as well... but the familar environment that i feel when im in the school with my friend is great...

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