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School Profile

Bronx High School of Science
75 W 205th St
Bronx, NY 10468
(718) 817-7700
public | 9-12
County: Bronx (Bronx)


  School Head OfficialYear
Valerie Reidy2012
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
7/27/2012studentAt first you'd think that the teachers had no soul: how else would they be able to give out that much homework with a clear conscience? But honestly, you soon get used to the crushing workload, high grading standards, and ultra-competitive environment (check the lobby, folks. Bronx Science is not the place for people with low self-esteem) The students are brilliant, and that's why you end up enjoying the high school rather than hating it. Beyond that, it has a wide variety of clubs (so many options... so little time), great teachers, and a sterling reputation.
11/25/2011parentPerfect in every way! Highly supportive of parents and educating all of the college process. Wish I could turn back the hands of time and go here myself.
11/24/2011studentSimply the best high school in America. You can grow, prosper, and challenge yourself here for four years, in the setting of a comfortable environment. With a vigorous curriculum, Bronx Science allows you to choose what direction and choice of classes you want to take throughout your years spent here. Offers almost all AP courses, plus higher achieving courses that earn you college credits. You might not realize it in your freshman year, but this school provides you with the opportunity to be anything you want to be. Politician, doctor, chemists, physicist, historian, businessman, musician; you name it - and it's very much attainable. ** P.S. Even a Specialized High School like Bronx Science provides individual student-teacher attention, despite the many false allegations.
4/18/2011parentGreat teachers, Parent Coordinator, Guidance counselors, Principals, Brilliant students, Way the H.S. should be. Nice school environments.
11/23/2010parentAWESOME school any kid who simply wants to succeed can here.
11/15/2010parentGreat education, nurturing environment, PTA relationships
11/13/2010parentThe best education in NY.
11/12/2010parentIt has great kids who seem to look out for one another.
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11/12/2010parenthighest academic standard
11/12/2010parentVery well organized school. Principal is very knowledgeable and expirienced. Good teachers. A lot of work is being done by the Parent Coordinator.
11/12/2010parentHigh quality education, supportive teachers, staff and peers. More importantly, my boy enjoys learning and excel in this school.
11/12/2010parentVery good school. Helpful parent coordinator. Wonderful principal.
11/12/2010parentI love this School for it's Academic and Athletic program ! My son is Very happy and so are we :)
11/12/2010otherThe Bronx High School of Science is a specialized New York City public high school. Founded in 1938 and known for its focus on mathematics and science, Bronx Science also emphasizes the humanities and social sciences. As a result, it has continually attracted students with a wide variety of interests. Bronx Science has developed a worldwide reputation as one of the best high schools in the United States, ranking 4th in U.S. News and World Report's 2008 list of America's "Gold-Medal" high schools that attracts an intellectually gifted blend of culturally, ethnically, and economically diverse students from New York City.
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11/12/2010otherGreat school, building future leaders of new york-- so exciting
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11/12/2010parentBecause it offers strong math and science classes.
11/12/2010parentgreat school for science and math.
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11/12/2010parentBronx High School of Science offers a challenging academic curriculum and an array of extracurricular clubs and teams. The faculty is comprised of dedicated, experienced, and hard working teachers. The students receive an excellent education and are accepted to top universities.
11/11/2010parentthe teachers are amazing, so committed. The kids excell
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11/11/2010otherWonderful education. Opportunity to meet very bright and interesting people.
11/11/2010parentThis is the best high school in the country
11/11/2010parentItis the best school in New York State
11/11/2010otherThis school has a great reputation and high standards.Many students graduating from this school will excel and become .future leaders
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11/11/2010otherBronx Science is a great school that is like a big family and everyone is a small part of something big. We are the future of society.
11/11/2010parentIt is like a big family.. The kids and teachers are good.
11/11/2010parentIt's the best high school in USA
11/11/2010otherBronx Science is an amazing school filled with outstanding students and teachers.
11/11/2010parentBest High School in the Country
11/10/2010parentWonderful Faculties, Challenging courses, highly spirited children.
11/10/2010parentIt is a great school with high expectations for the students and help for the students to achieve them.
11/10/2010otherStandards are very high and school spirit is excellent. Students are there to learn and they do so..
11/10/2010parentGreat school with great teachers, kids, competitive, great education
11/10/2010otherIt is really a great school for motivating children even those with disabilities
11/10/2010otherBronx High School of Science is a great school where kids are very motivated to learn and get a good foundation for higher education which is so critical in todays world. This is important as we need to develop leaders in science, medicine, and other related fields for this country to compete in the world economy. There are so few such schools in the United States today.
11/10/2010parentthey challenge my child and help him do his best
11/10/2010parentBx Science provides extraordinary opportunities for this city's high school students, not only fine academic choices but so many great sports teams, clubs, activities. The diverse school body represents the best of this city.
11/10/2010parentThe school promotes students to pursue their ability the best
11/10/2010parentPrepares students for college.....great school!
11/10/2010parentIt challenges my son. My son also hates to do homework and everything is on the internet which makes it easier for us to track him.They also have great teachers on staff.
11/10/2010parentA really great school: It has wide selection of interesting and rigorous courses, great teachers who know the students, an strong safety net for kids who need extra help, a diverse and engaged student body and amazing resources for parent and student alike. Couldn't be happier!
11/10/2010parentBecause this school take care every student individually to development useful human been.
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11/10/2010parentThe school is strong academically with bright eager to learn children. The parent body is strongly involved in the sucess of the school and their children.
11/10/2010otherMy godson is now going to Bronx Science after attending a private school in NYC from K - 8. He feels he is receiving an excellent education from dedicated teachers who are there to help him learn and succeed. He also likes being with classmates who are smart and help and encourage each other.
11/10/2010parentGreat school, excellent teachers, nice staffs.
11/10/2010parentThey provide a lot of different programs.
11/9/2010parentGreat school. Challenges and motivates my son. Great bunch of kids.
11/9/2010parentGreat blend of academic excellence and club activities. Teachers are dedicated and always available to assist students.
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11/9/2010parentThe academics is great at this school and the discipline is high
11/9/2010parentGreat place to go to school.
11/9/2010parentThis school brings a diverse student body together througfh a rigorous academicbcourse load. the faculty and administration work tirelessly to ensure that these students will achieve and surpass their aspirations
11/9/2010otherexcellent student body and great teachers
11/9/2010parentBest of the best. Im very proud that my son go to this school. Thank you Lord because you made it possible
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11/9/2010parentthe school gives their students countless opportunities to explore things they never knew they wanted to learn about
11/9/2010parentThe teachers are passionate, the academics are top notch and the children are extremely smart.
11/9/2010parentdedicated teachers, academically great, and challenging students with sports and clubs. A heaven of opportunities. I am very proud that I have a son in the school and another one that just graduated for it. GREAT SCHOOL!
11/9/2010parentSuperb teachers: many with PhDs, excellent facilities, expansive and advanced curriculum, superb after school opportunities, challenging classes, high level of expectation
11/9/2010parentGreat educators, a student body that works together, an institution that motivates.
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11/9/2010parenthigh quality education in public school system. most important is it's free.
11/9/2010parentGreat school. Great reputation. Highly motivated students and staff.
11/9/2010parentThis is a wonderful school in New York!
11/9/2010parentbest prep. school for college,highly educated teachers=successful students
11/9/2010parentBronx Science HS is one of the best HS in NYC, in some area, it is better than Stuy :) such as tracking my child's grads. I receive my kid's weekly report through email and can email each teacher for any questions. I am on top of this, excellent job :) :) :)
11/9/2010parentGreat School! Students from all ethnic backgroud, variety of programs, AP claseses, clubs and activities. Parents are informed about the progress of the child
11/9/2010parentschool keep inform about how the student education by e-mail up to date all the times
11/9/2010parentgreat teachers, great kids
11/9/2010parentI have two daughters in Bronx Science. One graduated and other is a junior. They both love the school and their friends. Even they joined the clubs & teams after school, their academics & athletics are balanced in agood standard. I am very happy to send them to this SCHOOL.
11/9/2010parentSmart and talented teachers, smart and talented students.
11/9/2010otherBest School for science for children
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11/9/2010parentHigh caliber academics, supportive and friendly enviornment.
11/9/2010parentA top-notch, challenging school, Bronx Science is a great educational community.
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11/9/2010parentI think Bronx Science is number one in America.
11/9/2010parentDynamic teachers and students!!!
11/9/2010parentschool and teachers provide good learning environment for students
11/9/2010parentI love this school because of its diverse character and very participatory way of dealing, that is the way we may feel our share and pride being always part of the school. It is not only school it is a family as well, that is why they share their idea and value for the further progress and betterment.
11/9/2010parentExcellent Institution with a first rate academic program.
11/9/2010parentExcellent education program, pushing students to think critically
11/9/2010parentGreat student body, caring faculty, challenging courses, and prestigious history.
11/9/2010parentThe environment of students challenge each other
11/9/2010parentIt is a huge school - 700 kids per grade. The teachers treat the kids with the same attention that our child received at his grammer school where there were 35 kids in the class. Amazing attention to each student!
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11/9/2010parentThe high level of education. The kids are so busy they have no time to waste.
11/9/2010parentgreat students and great teachers
11/9/2010parentbecause my daughter is so happy there...both academically & socially
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11/9/2010otherbronx science is an academically challenging school full of qualified and devoted teachers that encourage their students to do well and try their hardest. it is full of students who strive to get the most out of their high school experience and is an exciting place to learn and meet new people.
11/9/2010parentMy child is a Junior at Bronx Science and the school staff and every one else are doing a wonderful job despite all the budget cuts, so a little extra cash will go a long way.
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11/9/2010parentIt's a great fit for my son. The communication from the school is fantastic. I love the snap grade system of communication. My son gets to see where he stands, how his tests affect his grade and how class participation can have a very strong influence on how well he does. Better hearing it from his teachers than me.
11/9/2010parentGood school based on previous graduates
11/9/2010parentIt is a wonderful school! The best one!
11/8/2010parentIt has produced some great people, The discipline enforced is great.
11/8/2010parentA school that offers terrific opportunities and challenges for academically gifted kids -- like mine!
11/8/2010parentI'm both an alumni and parent of a sophomore at BxSci, and am continually impressed on how well this school challenges my son to do so well. If you want your child firmly prepared to enter college with the correct skillset, you can't go wrong.
11/8/2010parentA school with high standards and students who care
11/8/2010parentBronx Science is as rigorous as anyone could wish academically but the staff really understands teens and it ends up being fun. Also an unbelievable range of options, not just in science but in all classes as well as clubs and sports.
11/8/2010parentExcellent faculty and bright students
11/8/2010parentThis is the best public high school in the Bronx.
11/8/2010parentBronx Science offers a challenging curriculum including virtually all AP courses available. It has a diverse student population and teachers who really care about what the students take away from from their classrooms.
11/8/2010parentThe teachers are incredible.
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11/8/2010parentBoth my daughters have attended Bronx and it is a tremendous place with dedicated teachers and enthusiastic students. The curriculum is incredibly varied with classes such as Epidemiology. Though is is renowned for its Science, both my kids are more humanities and there are plenty of great courses in English and History.
11/8/2010parentThe teachers genuinely care about their students and work hard to make admittedly big classes useful.
11/8/2010parentBx Science is a wonderful creative atmosphere with an administration and teachers who care about students, work with them independently and n groups. The school has been great for our daughter who is now a senior and has been worth the trek from Manhattan for her:)
11/8/2010parentGreat kids, great teachers, great guidance counselors.
11/8/2010parentThe school has solid academics and very good quality extracurricular activities. Bronx Science is academically challenging without having a cut-throat atmosphere. Students work hard, but also, teachers and guidance counselors are readily available and there is extra support as needed. All students are encouraged to shine in their own way.
11/8/2010parent7 Nobel prize winners more to come!!
11/8/2010parentGreat teachers,Super-caring, committed principal, Fantastic course selection can't say enough positive about the school!!
11/8/2010parentExcellent teaching staff, excellent communication with parents via the internet, Naviance is a great asset to the college application process.
11/8/2010parentWhat can be said about this legendary NYC public high school for the BEST of the BEST NYC students ...second to none ....academic rigor and training for college ....five stars!
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11/8/2010parenta rigorous curriculum, dedicated teachers, caring guidance counselors, great teams and extracurriculars and an incredibly driven student body.
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11/8/2010parentgreat teachers.lots of course choices
11/8/2010parentBronx Science is a college prep school that accepts highly performing students and has high expectations for their performance during high school. While the school is large, her teachers know my child and expect her to perform well. The work is interesting.
11/8/2010parentGreat school, great kids !!!
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11/8/2010parentGreat kids, great teachers.
11/8/2010parentMy twins attend Bx Sci. Excellent curriculum. Parents get updated constantly so I am aware of what is going on. The kids are busy with their homework every night, which is excellent. When they finish their HW too quickly, they are not really being challenge.
11/8/2010otherout of question - it is the best, level of education is perfect
11/8/2010parentI love Bronx High School of Science for several reasons. 1) The teachers and staff are extremely helpful 2) the principal is great 3) Lessons are clear and can be understood by parents 4) My kid loves to go to school there.
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11/8/2010parentThe Educations system is world class
11/8/2010parentmy son is very happy with the school and I like the way this school is teaching him and preparing for college. Also its a nurturing and secure environment!!!
11/8/2010parentSuperb teachers, really lovely students--friendly, helpful--amazing parent coordinator support, first rate facilities, and wide array of classes.
11/8/2010parentThis school has dedicated students, dedicated teachers and dedicated staff, all ingredients for success.
11/8/2010parentFinally my son is getting a challenging math and science education while still having the best liberal arts one
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11/8/2010parentHas great educational opportunities
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11/8/2010parentLike the studying atmosphere for the students
11/8/2010parentOutstanding student body.
11/8/2010parent Academically Excellent. It prepares student for a successful future. It was the best then when I went to high school and it's still the best today!
11/8/2010parentExcellent learning environment, extremely caring teachers and administrators.
11/8/2010parentThe school is excellent to guide students in various courses, science and non-science field, is detailed and efficient to provide information of the students' activities on campus.
11/8/2010otherBronx Science is respecting, challenging and appreciating my grandson's spirit and intellect.
11/8/2010parentIt a very good school.All my family members are satisfied with the school.
11/8/2010parentSince I like science, this school is designed for science.
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11/8/2010parentGreat School. Hard working students. Gives them a challenge.
11/8/2010otherGreat learning experience for kids and parents.
11/8/2010parentmy little brother attends BX Science and loves it. I get regular emails from the parent coordinator and teachers. They are very supportive and communicative!
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11/8/2010parentTheadministration of this school is on the ball with regard to scholastic performance, attendance, curriculum opportunities, college prep, and extra-curricular options. This school's physical plant may not be as new and shiny as some other specialized high schools in New York City, but the attention to excellence way outstrips other high schools in the New York area and beyond, public or private.
11/8/2010parentDiversity, good education.
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11/8/2010parentMy son enjoys the challenges and opportunities offered by Bronx Science not only academically but also in sports and as a debater.
11/8/2010parentbecause my son study in the school
11/8/2010parentGreat teachers & staff along with great principal !!!
11/8/2010parentIt really challenges the students to be their best.
11/8/2010parentThis school is an example of outstanding education and a great community of teachers and students
11/8/2010parentMy child goes there and it has and excellent school environment, both academicallly and its intelligent students are also able to relax on its large campus yard.
11/8/2010parenthigh academic standards--great math and science--diverse races/ethnicities/class/religion--the best and smartest of NYC!
11/8/2010parentBronx HS of Science is a school with high expectations of all, including the teachers and staff. Earlty on the students learn that it takes hard work to achieve their goals and that the teachers and staff are their to guide and facilitate their HS education. The best part about Bronx Sci is that my children come home happy.
11/8/2010parentBronx Science provides my child with an excellent education
11/8/2010parentChallenging, but nurturing.
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11/8/2010parentI like the education staff in BS, the parent co-ordenator,Cindy is so good. She keeps us parents updated for all important scholl happenings, gives clear instruction about how we can involve in our child's education. She responses to individual parent's Qx fast and patient. BS also have very nice teachers team. We meet them at PTC. They can tell you what you need to know about your own child in school from 200 other students. I just love this school.
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11/8/2010parentIt is very helpful and supportive of its students
11/8/2010parentIs an excellent school for academics.
11/8/2010parentCaring teachers, who want their students to work hard.
11/8/2010parentGreat deal of knowledge,high spirit,discipline and good selfesteem
11/8/2010parentThe administration and faculty are incredibly dedicated, enthusiastic and committed to providing the highest quality public education possible. It is a challenging yet nurturing academic environment whose depth and breadth of formal course and extra-curricular activities are without equal.
11/8/2010parentGreat kids, great teachers, all come together here.
11/8/2010parentTeachers are the best! Students are respected and celebrated. The school has a great history.
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6/29/2010 School has a big variety of classes for basic studies as well as advanced. It's lacking personal attention to the students. None of the teachers shared nor passed his passion, interest and love to the subject they're teaching. School is more like a college environment where you learn on your own how to swim along with everybody else and survive. Almost no social life, any kind of interesting events in the school.
5/1/2010studentHaving transferred here from Stuy, I feel that Science is the friendlier and more laid-back of the two. Despite less freedom (Stuy has no detention policy) and an odd location, Science's teachers helped me excel at subjects I had struggled with at Stuy. The pace is slower and material is more tought-to-the-test (be it AP or Regents), especially in math and science. Overall, the music department here is much more selective/better than Stuy's, and it's easier to get into most AP courses. I especially like the 24/7 access to current grades and email alerts for missing assignments; Science is more tech-savvy than any school I've seen. I miss Stuy's gorgeous building and more advanced material, but at Bronx Science my grades are better AND I'm getting a good night's sleep.
11/7/2009studentIt's the best there is the faculty is great.
11/7/2009otherNo other secondary school in the world has produced so many luminaries.
11/7/2009parentAs a parent of two kids at Broxn Sci. High Sch and Hunter High Sch. respectively, I feel Broxn Sci. High Sch. ont only set up high standard academically but also build up a strong communication net work with parent and students with rspect. We knew that is going on with our kids at school on daily basis and able to be involved and that what I like best about the school.
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11/7/2009parentI received an excellent education at Bronx Science. It allowed girls to be admitted years before Stuyvesant. In many ways my high school education at Bronx Science was more engaging and challenging than in college.
11/7/2009parentCurriculum keeps up with new technology instruction. Excellent instructors and an amazingly diverse student body.
11/7/2009parentThe dedication of the school to educating its students is unparalleled.
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11/7/2009parentAs a parent of two Bronx Science students I want to point out that Science has taught my kids respect, tenacity and ambition.
11/7/2009parentWell organized administrator, hard working teacher, excellent group of students.
11/7/2009parentIt's a collection of the best of NYC from every background!
11/7/2009studentSuper smart teachers, fantastic curriculum, great reputation, a no-brainer
11/7/2009parentThe camaraderie and the diversity that helped build life long friendships.
11/7/2009parentI love Bronx Science because there are some amazing teachers who really care about your success. Classmates are competitive which makes me strive to do the best that I can.
11/7/2009studentBecause the education and the students were both outstanding
11/7/2009studentThe best experience! Inspiring and challenging teachers.
11/7/2009otherAside from the great education, and opportunities for research and advanced study for gifted students, the people I met there are my lifelong friends and compatriots. The diversity of people - both in terms of their ethnic backgrounds and number and types of talents - is unmatched in any other experience/school/organization that I have encountered in any area of my life. And I graduated from an Ivy League university. Is there a higher compliment than that?
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11/7/2009otherThe most stimulating intellectual environment in which I have ever found myself.
11/7/2009otherBx Science prepared me for a life of the mind in a way no other school could have.
11/7/2009parentIt is simply the greatest environment in which to learn
11/7/2009parentTeachers are what make a school great. It may take a while for students to appreciate what teachers do and how they influence each student's life- but they will. I just past the NY State Bar exam and looking back it was the teachers and mentors at Bronx Science that pushed me to follow my dreams!
11/7/2009studentI still enjoy people's reactions when I tell them I went to Bronx Science -- they just know I'm so smart!!
11/7/2009otherWhat a fantastic education, and it is public school.
11/7/2009parentBronx Science is an enormous opportunity to study in a diverse environment surrounded by individuals seeking success. Students who can perform at such a high level entering 9th grade unconsciously motivate one another toward higher levels. I was privileged to have such exposure, and continually realize how much I have profited from the experience.
11/7/2009otherRigorous classes; numerous electives; and smart, talented and diverse student body represented from the 5 boroughs
11/7/2009otherThis school has a great reputation behind it that extends beyond New York. I would not be where I am now if not for Bronx Sci, worth the daily 3 hours I spent on the subway to go!
11/7/2009parentBecause I learned knowledge and wisdom which in turn helped me understand Jesus Christ more.
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11/7/2009otherGreat research opportunities and challenging classes with a really diverse student body!
11/7/2009parentA place where such a diverse population exists - but joined by the desire to get a quality education. Even now, Bx Science's reputation is nationwide and people are so interested to hear that I went to Bronx Science.
11/7/2009parentBronx Science has helped me grow so much as a person and as a student. Without Bronx Science, I would not be who I was today and would not have met the amazing people there.
11/7/2009studentThere's a reason the Bronx High School of Science is always among the elite high schools in the United States and the world. Four years at Bronx Science prepares students for the rigors of a successful life and transforms them into open-minded, independent thinkers.
11/7/2009parentChallenging classes, great teachers, wonderfully diverse student body and beautiful campus!
11/7/2009parentScience had the best teachers i te city when I went there.
11/7/2009otherThe best education you can receive at an affordable price!
11/7/2009otherBronx Science was a place where curiosity, creativity, diversity, and intelligence were highly valued...
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11/7/2009studentGot a private school education in a public school.
11/7/2009parentMany very great teachers and students that cared and excellent facilities.
11/7/2009parentBeing a graduate of Bronx High School of Science is an honor. The life experience and friends that I have gained by attending this school is priceless!
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11/7/2009parentA terrific diverse gathering of talent, personality, intelligence and moxie.
11/7/2009parentSome of the best years of my academic life were spent here. Awesome teachers, awesome classes, awesome people!
11/7/2009otherIt was competitive and built up my work ethic. To be honest, it was harder than the Tier 1 college I went to.
11/7/2009studentBetter than Tech, tougher than Stuy, and located a stone's throw from the world-renowned Bronx Zoo. Award-winning yearbook, too, I might add...
11/7/2009studentI loved my time in high school and not a lot of American kids can say that! It was a place where even the geeks and nerds felt cool.
11/7/2009studentEveryone is smart, driven, and friendly. Faculty is great, love the open campus. Had a great time.
11/7/2009parentBronx Science is a place of wonderment and diversity where students minds are enriched and personalities are challenged!
11/7/2009studentBecause I met so many awesome people there and I learned so much from some of the best teachers I have ever had in my educational career.
11/7/2009parentDiversity of electives that still satisfy the state regents requirements, also allowing for college credit coursework and the occasional double-lunch period for hanging out.
11/7/2009parentBronx Science provides an excellent education. The curriculum is rigorous and the teachers are dedicated.
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11/7/2009otherIt was a big part of making me who i am. Some of the most outstanding people i have ever known were there with me.
11/7/2009studentWhy do you love Bronx High School of Science? THe best students and ultimate frisbee
11/7/2009parentI choose Bronx High School of Science for my two sons bcause it is amonst the best high schools in the States.
11/7/2009studentIt has the best science classes ever, and ARISTA rocks.
11/7/2009otherMade my best friends there. Only fond moments of being a crazy teen and never felt like I was in a special school. Teachers changed my life and made me enthusiastic about learning!
11/7/2009parentIt has amazing teachers who really put your education above all else and genuinely care about your growth as a person and intellectual
11/7/2009parentI love Bronx Science because apart from a 1st class education, it taught me great life lessons about the wonder and diversity of New York City
11/7/2009parentBronx science was the best high school I could have hoped for. There were no cliques, and I got the highest caliber education possible. I am so greatful for my 4 years at Bronx science turning me into the person I am today.
11/7/2009otherBronx Science provided me with the best time of my life. Amazing education, dedicated caring teachers, and the best, brightest kids in the city. I've never been happier than when I attended Bronx Science
11/7/2009parentBest combination of sciences and the arts you can get in the whole city public school system.
11/7/2009studentBronx Science gave to me the best memories I had in my life. With overly qualified teachers, counselors and staff, they literally held my hand every step of the way as I graduated and excelled to college. The friends I made there, I will keep forever, even now as I attend my acclaimed college. Bronx Science Wolverines forever!
11/7/2009parentI love Bx Sci because you can find kids from all boroughs of NYC that are completely different in one school - and everyone gets a long!
11/7/2009studentThe cream of the crop...and oh SO MANY good times! Bx Sci all day!
11/7/2009studentExcellence is demanded. No sloppy incomplete effort allowed.
11/7/2009parentIt's a unique environment that fosters the love of learning and individuality. The school offers a vast array of classes to its diverse and bright student body! Loved my years at Science.
11/7/2009otherThe teachers really cared about teaching and you were surrounded by students that really wanted to learn. The bar was set very high.
11/7/2009parentBronx Science is an amazing school. There aren't many schools that provide so many different level courses in all different areas of study. As an alumnus, I can say that I have benefited greatly from my four years at Bronx Science. The level of academics at Bronx Science is incomparable.
11/7/2009parentThere's always someone who is smarter and more driven than you are. That stirs the competitive spirit and helps us better one another. Although classes are tough, students stick together to help each other out. We know that if we all excel in our academic perform, it increases the value of our diploma, and the reputation of our high school.
11/7/2009parentThe smartest kids this side of the Van Allen Belt.
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11/7/2009parentIt Bronx Science!!.....It produces nothing but the best....just check out the Nobel Prize Winners list
11/7/2009parentBronx Science has the best teachers in the world! They really do care about their students.
11/7/2009studentSoo amazing. Soo fun. Soo many pretty girls
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11/7/2009studentBronx Science has always motivated its students to be ambitious and to pursue one's potential. The atmosphere is a bit competitive but at the same time it encouraged camaraderie among its faculty and students. The resources at this institution prepares you for college and beyond. Oh yeah, let's not forget how many Nobel Prize winners went to this school.
11/7/2009parentTeachers attend to each student as an individual. Principal cares about students.
11/7/2009parentGave me educational skills that propelled through college and knowledge that I use professionally.
11/7/2009parentAmazing school with amazing students and academics.
11/7/2009studentTeachers are the best!! They do their best to help the students.
11/7/2009parentMy daughter has had excellent teachers for her entire 4 years at the Bronx Science
11/7/2009parentThe kids at Bx Sci are awesome and we don't screw around. Classes are mostly fun and the teachers also have great senses of humor.
11/7/2009studentI wouldn't give the Bronx Science experience up for anything else!
11/7/2009parentIt was the first eye opening experience in learning while surrounded by other motivated students. The diversity and open mindedness and richness of the exerience made me a better person. I have not been exposed to a comperable experience even in my university experience. I am thanksful to have attended this highly enique and special institution.
11/7/2009parentA place where smart kids don't have to hide that fact!
11/7/2009studentThere's nothing like it in the world ~ where everyone can just be themselves and everything will fall into place
11/7/2009otherGreat place to learn and meet great friends.
11/7/2009studentNow that I have graduated college, I still refer back to my high school days in Bronx Sci. Everything I learned there shaped me as a student and I pass that knowledge down to my sisters (one of them took the test today!). I am proud to be part of Bronx Science's history- even though as other voters have said, the politics of the school was horrible. The teachers and fellow students, however, were amazing. Best 4 years ever.
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11/7/2009parentI met some of my best friends at Bronx Science, people who not only truly care about learning, but are passionate about life. They inspire me every day, and I'm grateful to this place that brought us together.
11/7/2009parentBoth my children go here and are great students and love it
11/7/2009parentI made great friends, had great teachers and was completely prepared for my college experience!
11/7/2009otherThe most complete package of educational excellence in one place!
11/7/2009parentI'm an alum. Why would people travel 2 hours to get to school in the middle of the bronx unless it was the best?
11/7/2009parentI met my best friends and learned to truly challenge myself.
11/7/2009studentAwesome people, great teachers that leave a lasting impact.
11/7/2009studentThis school prepares you how to think, not what to think. I appreciate what I've learned.
11/7/2009studentHas great teachers, one of a kind courses like genetics and forensic science and definitely gave me an education that helped me succeed in college.
11/7/2009studentYou don't recognize this school's contribution to you until you have left it!
11/7/2009studentTaught me how to think - opened my horizons. Great place to learn!
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11/7/2009studentGreat professors, students and curriculum. Great to be surrounded by motivated peers.
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11/7/2009parentA school that nutured critical and analytical thinking across all subjects, academeic, cultural and social.
11/7/2009parentInspirational place with lots of diversity and acceptance.
11/7/2009parentWorld class high-school handball, bowling, and ultimate frisbee team. Oh the debate them is pretty good as well.
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11/7/2009studentThe most amazing culturally diverse petrie dish in the world!
11/7/2009studentIt was the most fantastic place full of smart and involved students and teachers.
11/7/2009studentIt was an amazing school! The people, the teachers there were just the best, brightest and most passionate people.
11/7/2009studentThe most well rounded education you can get in the city.
11/7/2009parentIt has a GREAT alumni network and it offers a great future.
11/7/2009parentBronx Science: most nobel prize laureates of any secondary school.
11/7/2009studentI received an amazing education, while meeting some great people in the best city in the world.
11/7/2009parentBecause it is the only school that makes mensa candidates doubt their capabilities
11/6/2009parentDedicated to the love of learning and the nurturing of bright students.
11/6/2009parentMy daughter is a freshman and I would like to proudly state that Bronx Science is an outstanding school in providing best mix of course contents and school activities ideal for any aspiring student. This school is unparallelled in that respect.
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11/6/2009parentThe teachers have kept our child motivated and happy to get up to go to school each morning. That hasn't happened since... ever.
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11/6/2009parentUpdate informed Students Grades 'Snapshot' very details on Parents email addresses.
11/6/2009parentThis is a best school for the student to learn about science. And the most of teachers are very kind and helpful.
11/6/2009parentThe academics are obviously top notch, the great pains that the staff goes to so every child will feel safe, & the respect that the kids have for each other
11/6/2009parentBecause it gives my son the best attention he never received it from his junior/primary before
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11/6/2009parentI love their variety of courses and the schools excellent teachers ex. AP and college prep instruction
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11/6/2009parentExcellent education, great teachers, and the way each and individual student is taken care of.
11/6/2009parentBoth of my children attended this school and I am very happy they did. It's a great school. Hopefully my yongest child will be accepted too.
11/6/2009parentThe school really care about the students, not only acadamic
11/6/2009parentThe teachers and the students are the best! The students learn to think like scientists, evaluating data and drawing their own conclusions. The teachers are available to help the students after school every day, so even though our school is big, they receive lots of personal attention.
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11/6/2009parentThe best ..great education and all round experience
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11/6/2009parentTalented teachers,well disciplined, friendly & the best leadership school
11/6/2009parentExcellent academic curriculum plus great team athletics and after school clubs.
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11/6/2009otherBronx Science attracts the best and brightest kids in New York City. Our future is in their very capable hands! The teachers do a great job.
11/6/2009parentMy child comes home all the time telling me all about Bronx Science's school spirit. She loves the after school activities, clubs and extra help when she needs it. She loves freshman day, pajama day and halloween. It makes a child enjoy school more when there is school spirit and fun. The day goes by quicker for them and its a chance to release some stress. The teachers go with the school spirit and encourage kids to join in.
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11/6/2009parentMy son is now a senior at Bronx HS of Science. He has grown in many ways. The teachers are always available to speak with as well as the guidance counselors. We were lucky to have him attend.
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11/6/2009parentIt takes care of their kids and is considered a top notch school in NYC. My son is getting an education as if he is in College.
11/6/2009studentThe teachers are supportive and dedicated to helping the students.
11/6/2009parentThe wonderful assortment of classes and the diverse student body.
11/6/2009parentIt's the best school, the best teachers, great students, great learning environment !
11/6/2009parentAs a parent I''m very impressed by the fact that I'm informed weekly or even daily about everything what is happening in the school with my daughter and everybody else who works or studies in school. This is via email, mail or phone (for emergencies). It's great to know my daughter's school grades every Friday. We can act fast to improve her grades if it's necessary. I also get weekly an email with 'cutting and detention' report for my daughter. School PA is very active, has a website and weekly emails. All this emails are very easy to forward to my daughter and my husband. I'm glad that they worked to incorporate and keep updated this great 21st century communication tool. This way teachers and parents can join forces to work to raise good children. PS: if my daughter's grades are very good I'm forwarding the email to her sister (4 years younger ) to create competition.
11/6/2009parentGreat teachers, great students, a lot of academical fnd sport opportunities.
11/6/2009parentTe best school in the city that is an educational experience
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11/6/2009otherIt's my alma mater and gives smart kids a chance to exercise their minds.
11/6/2009parentExcellent academics and great school spirit.
11/5/2009parentIt's an excellent school and I know my daughter will get into a great college.
11/5/2009parentMy son is a senior there and is receiving a superior education that will prepare him well for college and beyond.
11/5/2009parentBronx Science is the most wonderful school in the world!!!
11/5/2009parentGreat school. Offers so much to the students!
11/5/2009parentBest school with state of art technology. Nice environment for getting education within NYC.
11/5/2009parentFabulous teachers, excellent curriculum, creative environment with wonderful opportunities for students
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11/5/2009parentThis school is very informative with an excellent internet system. Parents can communicate with teachers or guidance consellors via email, which is a plus.
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11/5/2009otherThere are few schools as exceptional as the BS and we are proud of its program which cares for every student's learning and blossoming of talent and capacities to the fullest.
11/5/2009studentExcellent campus, great teachers, great students, clean school
11/5/2009parentGreat school, great enviroment, amazing teachers!
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11/5/2009parentCaliber of teaching is excellent, most of student body is motivated to learn, combined together forms a stimulating and dynamic environment for students to develop their full potential with great camaraderie.
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11/5/2009parentMy son loves Bronx Science. It's a great school with caring teachers and a wonderfully diverse student body.
11/5/2009parentBronx Science has the best students, the best faculty and the best spirit!
11/5/2009studentBronx Science for the most part toots its own horn for a school that is not too be proud of. Incompetent administration and teachers abound.
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11/5/2009parentThe school has great teachers, great instruction, great communication, great teacher/parent conference. I am delighted with the school
11/5/2009parentThe teachers, administration and facilities are first-rate and the entire school atmosphere is conducive to learning.
11/5/2009parentCares most about students, has everything. Pride and challenge and depth.
11/5/2009parentBronx High School of Science is a wonderful school. I know many graduates and current students, all of whom have gotten or are getting an excellent education, both inside and outside of the classroom.
11/5/2009parentThe energy is there the moment one enters the school. I love being in an environment where everyone is smart and that challenges the kids to work harder and do better.
11/5/2009parentMy daughter loves school!! What more can a parent ask for.
11/5/2009parentGreat teachers, great kids, great PA, great Parent coordinator.
11/5/2009parentThe teachers care about their students.Yhe students are respectful and well manered
11/5/2009parentThe best education that money can buy and, it's free!! Yes, I know we pay taxes but for this type of education they couldn't tax us enough!!
11/5/2009parentBronx High School of Science provides a safe, intensive education.
11/5/2009parentWell organized and good spirit and atmosphere in school
11/5/2009parentThe teachers challenge the students to do and be better.
11/5/2009parentThe Bronx High School of Science is preparing students, with a rigorous curriculum, for the challenges of college. The school offers sports and science extracurricula activities to enrich the curiosity of each individual student. Parents have an opportunity to get involved in innovative venues. Teachers have a motivated student body with supportive parents. The building itself and the commute from Queens is another issue.
11/5/2009parentBronx Science is a parent's dream come true for their children's education. It is an excellent package!! Who could ask for anything more?
11/5/2009parentIt's a public school with terrific teachers, wonderful individual attention even though it's a big school, great education -- My son, who is now at Yale University, had a better education at Bronx Science than many of his friends had at NYC private schools.
11/5/2009parentVery high quality of teachers and full of enrichment opportunities.
11/5/2009parentIt is a very challenging school, we like it.
11/5/2009parentExcellent teaching faculty, lab resources and fantastic learning evironment.
11/5/2009parentI am an alumnus of bronx science,and I do believe it's the best school in NY,and probably the country!
11/5/2009parentBronx Science gave me a strong foundation, and a good circle of friends.
11/5/2009parentTeachers care for their students and help them excel in their studies.
11/5/2009parentIt's a lot of work, but my daughter is getting a quality education. There's excitement in the hallways!
11/5/2009parentMy daughter loves Bronx Science!!! The older students are not only bright but friendly and welcoming to the freshman class.
11/5/2009otherTaught me that there are always people in the world smarter than I am and that I never have to stop learning.
11/5/2009parentHigh expectations and lots of fun for kids.
11/5/2009otherThe Bronx High school of Science offers students an awesome headstart in life! The academic curriculum is unmatched in NYC and students who graduate from the school have a great advantage when entering college!
11/5/2009parentStudents are happy. My son has made many friends quickly. Students can reach their full potential in any subject. Teachers know the kid's names. Commute is long, but my son feels very fortunate to attend this high school. We are all very satisfied with the choice.
11/5/2009otherI believe that Bronx Science High School offers children from all over a strong education that will benefit them as they continue on to college especially in math and science back grounds.
11/5/2009parentMy son is in Bronx Science and he has the best oportunities for his future, he is very committed with his classes.
11/5/2009parentGreat school, rigorous academic program, great tradition of excellence, great teachers who are part of the excellence...This school really pushes their students to meet or exceed their potential...Would recommend it anyday...With the exception of no swimming pool, or good enough scool yard or other physical facilties
11/5/2009parentCurriculum are ver good teachers are very nice
11/5/2009parentIt's rigorous, interesting, and has great kids!
11/5/2009parentIt's a very involved school! Even though I can't always get to the school, so it's great to know the teachers are either a phone call or email away!!!
11/5/2009parentBronx Science High School is great because of the dedication of its teachers and staff. They care deeply about the success of their students and work hard to make sure all students realize their full potential. They also make available the student's grades on a weekly basis, which helps to keep busy parents in the loop of their student's progress. Overall I think that the Bronx Science High School is an excellent model of how an inner city school should be run.
11/5/2009parentGreat teachers, great parents coordinator, great programm, divers academicaly and recreationaly.
11/5/2009parentGreat teachers, great guidance counselors, great learning environment!
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11/5/2009parentExcellent education! Great school spirit and engages the kids!
11/5/2009parentConstant communication from diverse school staffl, on different matters and using different means gives me the impression that children and parents really matter.
11/5/2009parentBecause my daughter is really happy and really learning!
11/5/2009parentExcellent education, caring teachers, terrific after school activities
11/5/2009parentMy son is a freshman at BXSCI and he is very pleased with the quality of education he's been introduced to thus far. I truly hope that the strong partnership between faculty and parents continues to grow as it is the foundation of a wonderful effort to help our children succeed.
11/5/2009parentVery challenging school...but very pleased. Caring teachers who WANT you to do well!
11/5/2009parentThe teachers are very dedicated for the students' over all growth. The students are treated as an individual human being, so very respected as they are.
11/5/2009parentI have a son who graduated from Bronx Science and a son who is currently a sophomore at the school. They are very motivated and have had great teaching at Bronx Science.
11/5/2009parentMy child is very happy with the school. She has great teachers, who have stimulated her interest in the subjects taught, without an atmosphere of stiff competition. She ahs also had a vast range of extra-curricluar activities to choose from
11/5/2009parentAfter 5 years in the scool with 2 children, I am still in love with Bronx Science. The parents are involved and active, children are involved in a lot of activities and become independent thinkers. They live Bronx Science with clear goals in mind and the skills to change the world. I find this a the most outstanding achievement of a school becouse it's a major contribution to society and the world, to become a better place.
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11/5/2009parentI love the Bronx High School of Science because the faculty are dynamic and caring and have fired my daughter's curiosity and excitement about the subjects she's taking. The school has superb classes to choose from, great school spirit and a healthy environment for learning. The students themselves are inspiring. There are also terrific teams and after-school clubs. I love it and my daughter loves it!
11/5/2009parentAt Bronx Science, I see happy motivated kids, caring teachers who are responsive, ready to communicate, and an active parent body which keeps families up-to-date on the latest happenings. Excellent school!
11/5/2009parentI have 2 kids at Bronx Science and both are having great experiences - doing great academically, have strong teachers, an extensive list of subjects/classes, a diverse student body, and a broad and strong array of after school activities.
11/5/2009parentGood teaching staff, individual student care,parent's awareness about need for improvement and teachers support to make up individual subject deficit,diciplinary action, prompt response in handling emergencies ect helped me to choose this school as the best.
11/5/2009parentGreat teachers, great friends, great activities.
11/5/2009parentProvides quality public high school education for highly intelligent students. The students are so supportive of one another. Great academics and extraciricular activities.
11/5/2009parentThis is a great school that offers so many opportunities for its students
11/5/2009parentThe Bronx High School of Science is a wonderful school both academically and extra-curricular activities. I love that my son qualified for it
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11/5/2009parentGreat Teachers! Great atmosphere! Academically strong! The Best!
11/5/2009parentBronx Science staff and students are amazingly dedicated to maintaining and developing the best academic learning environment while ensuring that students can participate in a wide range of high quality extra-curricular and sports activities.
11/5/2009parent As parents of a freshman, we were quite unsure about our son....not because of his skills but due to this school's reputation and tough standards we heard. Now we can proudly say that this is the Best thing that has happened to our son as he finds the school very challenging and he is highly motivated by professors and peers to perform above standards. In short, Bronx Science is a Great school full of Great professors and amazing students. School programs and environment is just perfect for students to grow and achieve highest level of excellence!
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11/5/2009parentGreat School. The Principal is working hard for the school. Parent Coordinator is very helpful.
11/5/2009parentMy son attends bronx science and i have never seen a more dedicated group of teachers that make learning interesting. Also, socially, which at this age is so important, it is a wonderful environment. Having come from a middle school that wasn't very good in that way, my son is gratefully, once again loving school and is excelling academically because of it.
11/5/2009parentThe teachers, students, the staffs, the campus everythings is a great learning environment.
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11/5/2009parentMy daughter love the challenging school work and her new friends!
11/5/2009parentThe students at this school are amazing. They are highly motivated and so excited about learning!
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11/5/2009parentThe classes and students are bright, creative and of the highest calliber.
11/5/2009parentThe students are so motivated and enthusiastic. They really make the school!
11/5/2009parentCompetitive, challenging. Great teachers and students.
11/5/2009parentInspiring learning environment for our son!wonderful teachers and students.
11/5/2009parentIt's the best! Love the bowling team.
11/5/2009parentIt has the beast teachers and learning environment.
11/5/2009parentWhat amazing kids! Smart, creative, filled with enthusiasm. My daughter is having a great time at this vibrant, diverse school, and her teachers are excellent.
11/5/2009parentBronx Science is a wonderful school with a challenging curriculum that really ets the kids ready to face college. The staff and administration are terrific and they love the kids!
11/5/2009parentIt is a fabulous academic,social and athletic enviornment. Students have the opportunity to be part of a school like no other and become whatever they desire. The sky's the limit!
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11/5/2009parentThe principal cares about the students and the teachers know each student very well. The school, despite its size, is able to provide both a personal and vigorous path to students.
11/5/2009parentExcellent education. Great teachers. Lots of wonderful kids.
11/5/2009parentMy son is offered the exposure to ideas and classes that both challenge him and keep him inspired.
11/5/2009parentGreat Education and opportunity for my son
11/5/2009parentGreat School - Great Kids - Great Teachers!
11/5/2009parentI find that the school is well organized and has a lot to offer in terms of courses and activities.
11/5/2009parentGood teacher and study environment for students
11/5/2009parentI can think of no better school where you can get a better education! If you have an interest, it has a class. If you have a deep interest, it has an advanced class. The same goes for its clubs. It's wonderful to be exposed to so many bright, motivated students who are sure to influence the future. The principal directs the school with a serious, extremely organized hand. She KNOWS what is going on and is an effective manager. If I had to pay for this school, I would! It's supert!
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11/5/2009parentmy daughter loves Bronx Science - she's getting a great education and enjoying the Bronx Science community.
11/5/2009parentMy child is getting an AMAZING education and enjoys enrichment activities and a nice social circle
11/5/2009parentGreat Principal! Great facilities, great kids, excellent music program and enthusiastic teachers.
11/5/2009parentThey keep the kids challenged, they ask them to think
11/5/2009parentI love bronx science because of all the options it provides us with.
11/5/2009parentWe have 2 kids at BxScience. Very happy with the education, and the quality of the student body.
11/5/2009parentBronx Science is a great school, communicates well with parents.
11/5/2009parentGreat school, fantastic teachers, well rounded student body, all in all a top notch institution
11/5/2009parentWords simply cannot describe what a great school Bronx Science is - phenomenal teachers, wonderful students, great teams and clubs . . . . It just does not end!
11/5/2009parentLoves the new snapgrade service....And the weekly preview emails
11/5/2009parentBronx Science has such knowledgeable and caring faculty and administration. We particularly love Ms. Schoenfeld (English teacher), Ms. Golan (parent coordinator), and Ms. Longano (Guidance).
11/5/2009parentIt's a extremely interesting school filled with fun people, challenging and thought provoking classes and a great enviroment for learning. (:
11/5/2009parentBronx science is a fun and warm enviorment. If there is any trouble you can always talk to a teacher. It encourages you to excell and succeed. :3
11/5/2009parentThis school is the best school ever! The teachers are really nice, everything's organized, and always reminds the parents of any details going on.
11/5/2009parentThe school provides a safe and caring enviorment for my child.
11/5/2009studentAmazing teachers, awesome peers, unbelievable support from everyone around you, excellent opportunity to a pathway to a bright future.
11/5/2009parentThis is basically THE PLACE to meet people around ALL of New York, they educate you SO well and it's such a safe place inside :D
11/5/2009parentIt's a wonderful school, yet somehow the students are really down to earth as well as smart. Great teachers, counselors and administrators make the place an educational banquet. It's not just about the science. The humanities and the arts are an integral part of the school as well. It's a safe, well rounded and well-run high school.
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11/5/2009parentIt has a great student support system. Teachers are very responsive and helpful.
11/5/2009parentIts amongst the best academic schools in the USA
11/5/2009parentStudies are good. Really smart students, teacher are very resonsive and helpful. More over best school in usa
11/5/2009parentThe best debate team in the nation, student success rate is high, school is well organized.
11/5/2009parentGood teachers always help their students. The study atmospheree is high. They really care of their students.
11/5/2009parentI love that I am notified about my son's progress and about school events.
11/5/2009parentIt is academically strong, with alot of extrecurricular activities opportunity in a warm environment. The faculty led by the principal all work very hard to help their student at every turn.
11/5/2009parentGreat study atmosphere and teachers really care students and students love the school.
11/5/2009parentThe school is very well organized, works like a lubricated machine. Everyone knows what to do at what moment.
11/5/2009parentBronx Science is one of the finest schools in the nation.
11/5/2009parentBronx High School of Science has had a strong academic reputation for many years and draws excellent students. I have seen a huge increase in my grandson's interest in academics and his achievement level since he enrolled in this school.
11/5/2009parentHigh academic standards. Dedicated teachers. Great kids.
11/5/2009parentGreat kids, great teachers, great debate team!
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11/5/2009parentBronx S has lots of different programs and less crowded.
11/5/2009parentBronx Science has outstanding teachers and students, as well as a wonderful community feeling. It doesn't get better than this.
11/5/2009parentBronx h.S.Of science is a great school because the quality of the teachers are great, communication with parents are good, all science subjects are excellent, the parents assoc. Did a great jobs for students.
11/5/2009parentBronx Science is a community of devoted learners and devoted teachers, a shining example of what public education can be.
11/5/2009parentI know so many intelligent people who are products of the Bronx High School of Science. It is an outstanding school!
11/5/2009parentGreat and loving teachers. Excellent education.
11/5/2009parentThe teachers get the best out of the students by making they work hard at home and at school. This is what is needed in all the schools in the US.
11/5/2009otherThey set high expectations and create an atmosphere of working hard and excelling.
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11/5/2009parentBronx High School of Science is awesome. The students have an opportunity to learn in an environment that's challenging and the expectations are high. The teachers love teaching and the kids love learning. My daughter's own words 'I love going to school!'
11/5/2009studentIt's the best school. They expect us to work hard because they are preparing us for our future.
11/5/2009parentI love my school because it is really diverse and all the teachers and everybody is just really awesome.
11/5/2009parentIts reputation among other schools and the achievments of many of its graduates, including but not limited to NOBEL laureats.
11/4/2009studentHas given generations of high-achieving public school students a chance to be challenged and excel, and has provided the country with great talent.
11/4/2009parentI like the amount of homework and the tests. I also like the Arista events.
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11/4/2009otherLoved going to this school- great gem of the city!
11/4/2009parentThe students have welcomed our freshman daughter with open arms. She has made friends quickly and feels very comfortable in all aspects of school. The teachers have been very caring and communicate with us very well. There is great school spirit and pride among current students and alumni. We could not be happier.
11/4/2009studentThe teachers are respectful and i is a great learning enviroment
11/4/2009studentGreat environment for me and my brother. We enjoy learning with our fellow peers. Fantastic and nice teachers, they are the best for me; AND you too!
11/4/2009studentGreat selection of classes, teachers that cared, and great preparation for college (seriously)
11/4/2009studentTeachers who care and students who think. Success
11/3/2009parentBronx Science was a great place to obtain an outstanding education. I met a diverse group of people who taught me as much outside the class room as I learned inside
11/3/2009otherIt has graduated 5 nobel prize winners!! That's more than some Ivy League Colleges! Plus it is FREE - no tuition because it is a public school.
11/3/2009parentBronx Science was The formative educational experience of my youth. I can trace everything I am today to the teachers and fellow students at Bronx Science.
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11/3/2009parentThe school had fantastic, stimulating teachers, encouraging scholarship and an interest in learning to already pre-chosen, highly motivated students, who respecteed each others knowledge and ambition to excel.
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11/3/2009otherIt was an amazing to be exposed to so many different types of people and to learn in that environment.
11/3/2009parentThey take education up to the next level, it's just not any ordinary high school.
11/3/2009parentIt provies a learning environment that is challenging and fun at the same time
11/3/2009otherThe atmosphere; even lunch room converstions were edifying. I still wax nostagic in contrast to my college experience.
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11/3/2009otherBrilliant kids, outstanding faculty and a culture of achievement.
11/3/2009parentBronx Science combines the finest education with excellent people!
11/2/2009parentBronx Science has good teachers that encourage critical thinking.
11/2/2009studentIt has the greatest clubs and is best academically
11/2/2009parentI like Bronx Science School because of the Educational programs & information they provide to their parents and PTA is very active and alert so we are aware of whats going on into the school. I also like Staff/ Guidance counsellors they are knowledgeable,cooperative and enthusiastic.
11/2/2009studentI loved the teachers. They took an interest in their students and their students' interests and made sure that we really learned the material, not just wrote it down and forgot it. There were so many great classes, especially the APs in the History department. Also: Quack!!
11/2/2009parentGood environment, good people, good teachers, 3 wall handball right by the lunchroom
11/2/2009parentI envy my son attending Bronx Science. When I meet his teachers each year at the parent/teacher conferences, they are all engaging, interested, lively people whose classroom I would have loved to sit in as a student. The school is considerate and accomodating to so many parents who do not speak English at all or have English as a second language. It is a school that reaches out to be supportive and inclusive and at the same time keeps the focus on providing an excellent education to the student body.
11/2/2009parentMy son graduated from Bronx Science two years ago. He got a great education and was accepted to several very prestigious colleges. He attends Oberlin and is well on his way to becoming a scientist -- his life long goal. The school trained him academically and also let him indulge in his taste for the arts with an excellent band and drama program.
11/2/2009parentThe school offers the students challenging courses and encourages them to excel in them as well.
11/2/2009parentThe teachers are wonderful and really care about the student's progress.
11/2/2009studentBronx Science is very chalenging and the curriculum is very advanced.
11/2/2009studentgreat education, great teachers, awesome people loveeee it <3
11/1/2009parentBronx Science is well loved for many reasons: because of the superior quality of education my child is receiving; the outstanding and caring teaching staff; the friendly and diverse student body; and the fact that this is the first school that my child thinks is wonderful, that he is receiving a first-class education, and truly looks forward to attending. That in itself makes me so proud to be the parent of a student who attends Bronx Science. And of course, the principal, who enforces the tough standards that are expected of the student body which is a difficult task in itself if you consider a student body of 3,000 + students.
11/1/2009parentBronx Science is an extremely difficult and competitive school but its also fun and close. The atmosphere is very friendly.
11/1/2009parentLove how committed the school is to getting parents involved in the process. You don't hear that from parents who's children go to other high schools in the NYC area.
11/1/2009parentIts full of fun and intelligent people that have fun and work hard.
11/1/2009parentBronx Science is great because the teachers and administration believe in the success of the students and they do everything they can to support the students and their parents.
11/1/2009parentOutstanding teachers combined with high achieving students, great faculty and staff, is a win win win situation!
11/1/2009parentBronx Science is an awesome school with great teachers, amazing students :), and great opportunities.
11/1/2009otherBest academic program, high quality teaching, high standards for the students, an amazing school
11/1/2009parentit's absolutly amazing. We have a cool mural in front of our school. We have some nobel prize winners.
11/1/2009othergreat kids, ethnic and socio-economic diversity, many first generation to us, to college, etc....amazing stories in each of the kids, bright & interesting youngsters with good values
11/1/2009studentEveryone has a need to achieve, so everyone wants the highest grades we can get. it's like a super encouraging competition, except everyone wins
11/1/2009parentgreat school with alot of charasmatic students and teachers
11/1/2009studentBronx Science is awesome. This school has the best grades and anyone who goes to this school is smart.
11/1/2009parentWith a great bunch of warm-hearted and studious students and some phenomenal teachers, what more can you ask for? :D
11/1/2009parentI love my school because of the wonderful atmosphere that it provides. The teachers are always there to help you and encourage me to do my very best. We also get a lot of freedom in school which makes us feel independent and not cramped. The education is fantastic and even though I'm a freshman I already feel as if my teachers are preparing me for college and the real world. Definately a school I would recommend for kids who want a great education and a fun school life at the same time.
11/1/2009studentThe spirit of the school and the general happiness of everybody of the school means anybody has a fun day every day that you just cant get anywhere else
11/1/2009studentThe teachers are great and are close to the students. Students can talk to the teachers and most of them listen and really care about us.
11/1/2009studentEveryone in my school cares about one another. The teachers love to help you and care about how well you do. Everyone works hard and takes the initiative, which makes classes all the more fun.
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11/1/2009parentBronx Science is such an amazing mix of people from all over New York City. There is so much diversity in every sense of the word.
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11/1/2009parentBronx Science provides excellent learning enviornment for its students!
11/1/2009parentThe teachers really care about the students and are interested in their progress. The students are friendly and encourage each other. This school is tops in every way.
11/1/2009parentBronx Science offers the most amazing opportunities with its variety of classes. And the teachers are awesome and care so much about our education!
11/1/2009studentBronx Science is amazing. I love going there everyday and I enjoy every minute of it. I love learning and what better way to learn than with your friends there beside you, guiding you through every step of the way?
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10/31/2009parentBronx Science is a family. Whenever I visit, I get the sense that the students are happy and well-balanced.
10/31/2009studentBronx Science is a close-knit community in a big building. With a wide variety of sports, clubs, courses and activities to participate in, every student finds their niche.
10/31/2009parentBronx Science provides students with an excellent education. Besides having academic excellence, the school offers a wide range of extra-curricular activities, catering to all kinds of interests.
10/31/2009parentBronx Science provides a challenging yet caring environment.
10/31/2009studentIt's a great learning environment and everyone there is friendly. Bronx Science is a place where its easy to adjust to.
10/31/2009parentThe teachers are very enthusiastic about teaching the kids.
10/31/2009studentIt's a great school, great teachers and very rewarding once you get into it.
10/31/2009parentIt's a great school that tries to stimulate the students to think outside the box.
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10/31/2009parentThere are a variety of clubs for the students to enjoy. The school promotes academic ambition and rewards success. Yet, it is not a cut throat type of atmosphere, and there is a sense of support to encourage students to produce to the best of their capability, regardless of their academic standings among the school staff. The environment provides stimulation and challenge for the students to succeed. The teachers seem to really care about their students and respond to the parents consistently.
10/31/2009studentBronx Science is an outstanding school. We have experienced and motivating teachers, sucessful teams, and an altogether welcoming atmosphere.
10/31/2009parentIt is supportive of its students' achievements in a healthy rather than 'unhealthily competitive' manner.
10/31/2009parentI love all the teachers, they easily keep the students interested in their studies, and no student is afraid to ask any questions if they are confused
10/31/2009parentBronx Science has great teachers who offer you help when you need it and they have a great sense of humor
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10/31/2009parentThe care and attention that is given to the students even though it has a large student population. Though it is a highly academically demanding school with high standards it has a 'comfortable' atmosphere within the school There is also the fact that the students have the opportunity to mix fun with academics throughout the school year. This along with special scheduled days and activities, concerts and plays.
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10/30/2009parentGreatest teachers. They know how to inspire and push. They care.
10/30/2009parentBronx Science is a terrific school, academically , and with an incredible variety of nationalities and backgrounds.
10/30/2009parentAmazing friends and teachers.
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10/30/2009parentthe whole experience was fantastic and prepared you for real life.
10/30/2009parentthe school spirit, the college-worthy teaching, the international, vibrant student body, the social action of the students, the serious scholars that come out of the school, the fun students, even with all the hard work
10/30/2009parentThe administration is on top of everything important to the students and the kids are terrific.
10/30/2009parentThe competitive environment really brings out the best in its students. Some of the teachers are really amazing and the amazing school spirit is commendable.
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10/30/2009parentIt is superbly run and contains the most passionate teachers!
10/30/2009parentIt's like a high-school version of Caltech. The students are all lively and interested in what they are learning. Eavesdropping on their conversation is delightfully refreshing. And the students are enthusiastic because they have great teachers, who know their topics and how to teach them.
10/30/2009parentI learned to love learning there. The English, Social Studies & Science classes were the best and instilled in me a lifelong love of learning and to think with a critical eye and mind.
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10/30/2009parentBronx Science is a top notch school because of the teachers, staff, and resources. It produces fine well rounded young men and women who go off to bigger and better things in life. Any child lucky enough to go will not be sorry.
10/29/2009studentI love the teachers that care about the subject they're teaching, the challenging coursework, and the open-minded students that are all friendly and peers that you can get along with.
10/29/2009parentThis school is like a second home. the faculty is outstanding and the amounts of friends I have is amazing. I couldn't live without Bronx Science
10/29/2009parentMy daughter really likes the school and says that it has brung many new experiences.
10/29/2009otherBronx Science gives students from all over NYC a challenging education they normally wouldn't be able to get at their zoned high school
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10/29/2009parentTransitioned me from a child to the maturity level required to tackle college.
10/29/2009studentGreat Teachers and fantastic supportive peers. Best years of my life!!!
10/29/2009otherBeing smart and wanting to learn are something to be proud of. At Bx. Sci., we could do that freely and not be typecast as a 'nerd.' Many teens, unfortunately, just don't get it.
10/29/2009otherIt's the best school I have ever attended- the students and teachers were great.
10/29/2009parentWhat a wonderful school! Kids inspire each other to do well and to strive for success.
10/29/2009otherAwesome education. Great teachers. Great social life.
10/29/2009otherThis school is the best because all of the teachers are so great and everyday is a brand new experience of fun!.
10/28/2009parentGreat education and a safe school environment. My kids LOVE Bronx Science!!!
10/28/2009studentBecause theres so many kids that everyone who goes there can find their niche, can find someone to talk to- someone to relate to. No matter what.
10/26/2009parentBronx High School of Science has the most wonderful parent co-ordinator; smart, hard-working and positive kids with strong community mind. We love them all..
10/26/2009parentIt has a welcoming environment and a wonderful administration.
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10/26/2009studentThe Bronx High School of Science created a foundation for learning that lasts throughout one's life. Curiosity, creativity, imagination are all encouraged. I meet fellow alums from greatly different years through work and social events, but we always have an immediate bond. Going to Bronx Science will help you for the rest of your life.
10/26/2009otherBronx High School of Science is one of the premier high schools in the country. The faculty, curriculum, extra-curriculars, and diversity of students all blend to create a unique and stellar public education experience.
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10/26/2009parentPhenomenal experience. Inspiring teachers and classmates.
10/26/2009studentBronx Science was the greatest school I have ever been to. The teachers were great, the friends I met there are still awesome, the campus was great and the sandwich truck was awesome! :)
10/26/2009studentBronx Science is a place where smart kids can be smart, where learning is valued, and bright kids are encouraged to let their light shine instead of hiding it under a bushel to fit in.
10/26/2009otherBronx Science is the most multicultural educational institution. Filled with brilliant and creative minds, it produces top students who go on to accomplish many great things in life.
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10/26/2009otherGreat teachers and courses.
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10/26/2009parentIt is a great education for my child and fantastic preparation for college.
10/26/2009studentThe time spent at Bronx Science was invaluable. I was exposed to an array of people and experiences that continue to impact me to this day.
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10/26/2009parentFantastic prep for real world!
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10/26/2009studentThe teachers at Bronx Science pushed me to excel and prepared me for college. The bar is set so much higher at Bronx Science than other schools, and you get so much more out of your high school education as a result.
10/26/2009parentdiversity, great science faculty, great language programs, and good mentorship
10/25/2009studentBronx Science gives as much as a school can possible give to their kids. Students who graduate or attend Bronx Science is almost positivly promised into a good, prestigous college.
10/25/2009otherBronx Science was and is the school to go, when you want an education based on your abilities and efforts. Bronx Science has delivered graduates who have given untold benefits to the nationa nd the world.
10/25/2009parentBronx Science really prepares you for college and life after high school in general and they present you with many amazing opportunities.
10/25/2009parentMy son is developing great skills, learning more than I hoped for and developing an appreciation and a hunger for education
10/25/2009parentGreat curriculum. Big parent participation. Exciting clubs and events. The best students!
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10/25/2009studentBronx Science is just amazing! It is such a great school where teachers and students work together for better education. I love going to school everyday just to learn! That's a first! But it really is amazing. There's freedom, yet enough limits to keep us on the right track.
10/25/2009studentthe teachers are amazing, and really encourage you to do the best you can. they are profound in every way, and extremely intelligent. my classmates are some of the smartest people iv ever met, and are so different, it allows you to have immense variety when it comes to friends.
10/25/2009parentI love Bronx Science because it offers tons of classes that you can personally choose. The faculty and staff are also very nice and know you individually, as goes for the guidance counselors. The building is very nice and people will help you get around in it, though after the first week you know exactly where to go.
10/25/2009parentGreat school with caring and dedicated faculty. Even though the school challenges my son to the fullest, he still loves school and manages to have fun. I, as a parent, appreciate what the school has done for all the kids.
10/25/2009studentThere is so much variety and love. There is such a huge range of courses to take and competitions to invoke you.
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10/25/2009parentI see my daugther bloom into a happy teenage & she loves going to school-must be the best school ever
10/25/2009studentBronx Science is great because there are so many different classes available and the people are great.
10/25/2009parentMy student loves Bronx Science. Teachers are great and many different classes for students to take to explore many interests.
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10/25/2009studentIts got the best classes, the coolest friends, and the most amazing clubs
10/24/2009parentWe speak over 35 languages and have a thriving cross-cultural community! Our school is academically rigorous, yet our students find time for hundreds of clubs and sports. Our parent coordinator (a paid district position) is the best I've ever seen. She returns every single email and phonecall.
10/24/2009parentBronx High School of Science isn't just a high school. It is a place where all nationalities and all kinds of different people and come together into one giant family. Yes, our school focuses on academics, but the many different clubs and sports teams show the world who Bronx Science is. The people are what makes our family so special, not our intelligence but our personalities. The teachers are included in our family too! They become our friends that help us grow in many ways. Bronx Science is my second family.
10/24/2009parentexcellant teachers, principal is trying everyway to help students, students get along with each other very well. updated teaching equipment, many honor and AP classes to choose. excellant study environment.
10/24/2009studentBecause it prepares you for everything you could ever encounter in life after high school. Nothing is more difficult than Bronx Science.
10/24/2009parentGreat choice of courses, energized student population, communicating and proactive teachers.
10/24/2009studentThe teachers are always there to help in any problem you have, and the students are all supportive and friendly!
10/24/2009parentThe student body is extremely dynamic and multicultural, that energy promotes great learning opportunities.
10/24/2009parentWe have exceptional athletics as well as 7 noble laureates. We are a top academic school in the nation, and out students are so determined to not only succeed in the classroom, but also show great poise and character in their athletics.
10/24/2009studentGreat people great community. A lot of after school activities and just the best school in the WORLD
10/24/2009otherBronx Science is the most challenging and motivational environment I have ever been in. It is so diverse and students exhibit camaraderie and aim for greatness together. Best 4 years of my life!
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10/24/2009studentEveryone fits in somewhere which allows for a social yet hardworking environment for all students.
10/24/2009studentIt provides fun classes and a great staff that really cares about the betterment of its students
10/24/2009studentAs an incoming freshman, the commute to Bronx Science is one of the biggest factors that will make you stop, hesitate, and consider your local high school. Those brave enough to enroll, however, soon realize that the nearly 2 hours on the bus, train, and walking is more than worth it. Bronx Science, seemingly secluded from the rest of the city, was my passport to a more cosmopolitan education: I learned, for example, AP Physics, Global History, Studio Photography in the classroom, and, unlike most city high school students, expanded my education by exploring the city during my commute. My classmates were equally as diverse, both in interests and backgrounds, and interacting with them both in class and is extracurriculars proved to be beneficial to my leadership skills. It is easy for underclassmen to feel ambivalent towards the school-- I once felt the same-- but come your junior and senior year, you will love it, as you can claim unity with a class that has made it through the commute for all four years! Stick with it, embrace it. There is a sense of community at Bronx Science, if not in the administration, than at least in the student body, that does not quite exist at other schools, that you will not fully comprehend until you graduate, but will help form you in ways you do not even realize. As a current senior at an Ivy League university, I am proud to be an alumna of one of the most premiere high schools not just in the city, but in the entire country!
10/24/2009parentThe school spirit here is just absolutely fantasic ! All the people here are friendly too !
10/24/2009studentNobody gets into trouble. Theft is kept to a minimum. Police don't show up here much. Classes are good. Work is interesting. Various amenities for students. Older teachers' biting sarcasm/personality/sense of humor.
10/24/2009parentgreat education, enrichment and college level courses. Bright kids, stimulating environment
10/24/2009parentIt's one of the top schools in the country and it offers a rigorous academic life that most students are able to fill. As well as offering a diverse course curriculum that lets a student truly find him or herself. There is also a school campus which is so beautiful during the Summer.
10/24/2009studentThe teachers are great and faculty is also. It has a nice feeling to it and is closley knit. Great place to learn and a lot of fun. From Spirit Days to just hanging out with friends. Way better than Stuyvesant =]
10/24/2009parentait is agreat school, one of the best in the country. Very supportive environment for the kids. Great faculty and principal. Fantastic teachers. Wonderful student community.
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10/24/2009teacherIt has such a great curriculum and an impressive choice of classes. There are so many opportunities and it is very easy to find a niche. The kids are wonderful, the teachers are supportive, and the school has a welcoming environment and is culturally diverse. You are given a lot of independence, so it really prepares you for real life.
10/24/2009parentTeachers are very helpful and supportive, their doors are always open to parents and students. Parents are well informed, it makes me involve in my child's education. My child is very proud to be one of the students in Bronx High School of Science.
10/23/2009studentBronx Science is a fantastic school. I am on the debate team [one of the best in the country]. All the teachers are very supportive and helpful. If you are not doing so well, many of the teachers offer extra help after school.
10/23/2009parentIt's the smartest most awesomest most incrediblest most scienciest most best fencing team and most awesomest school in America!
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10/23/2009studentExcellent teachers, bright students, a diverse well-rounded student body
10/23/2009parentBecause it is the greatest ever!!! it has so many great people, teachers, students and more. It offers all the students so many great opportunities. It truly is the best! :)
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10/23/2009parentHaving another child at Stuyvesant HS, I can safely say this is New York's top school. The staff seems to really care about the students and the communication lines with the parents is excellent.
10/23/2009studentIt has a home like feeling and is comfortable.
10/23/2009parentMy child loves the school and i notice a drastic change in her attitude after freshman year. She became outspoken and happy in everything she was doing. Thank you Bronx Science.
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10/23/2009otherBronx High School of Science has a calm environment full of good people.
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10/23/2009parentAn academic rigorous school with plenty of opportunity for community and spirit. Great communication from the administration. Teachers who seem to really care.
10/23/2009parentBronx High School of Science has excellent academics, caring teachers and an intelligent, diverse student body who really care about learning and each other. For a large school, there is great communication with administration. My son is a freshman who doesn't mind waking up before dawn to get to school in the morning.
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10/23/2009parentThis is a big school with a small school feel. Great communication with parents and fantastic educational choices.
10/23/2009otherLove the school, and it has prepared for the real world alot more than any other school could =]
10/23/2009parentBronx High School of Science gives my children elite environment, elite education & elite communication - which I grately appreciate.
10/23/2009parentIt is awsome the teachers are nice and the rooms and hallways are always clean.
10/23/2009parentHigh motivation and education, good teachers and enviroment. It's a great school.
10/23/2009teacherBronx Science has students from across NYC - from all income groups and ethnic backgrounds. Many travel over 2 hours each way to come to this school because they and their parents value education. They are sweet, wonderful kids who are a joy to teach.
10/23/2009parentNot much homework, good education, chance to make friends, much better then Stuy, a lot of freedom.
10/23/2009studentThe free periods, the classes, the relaxed enviroment and the greats sports teams.
10/23/2009parentIt is amazing academically, great extra curriculars and phemonenal teachers.
10/23/2009parentBronx science is a demanding, fait school that prepars the kids for college and life in general...
10/23/2009parentTeachers are good and resposible. Updated information is sent to parents weekly. Great PTA.
10/23/2009parentTeachers are fantastic, kids learn alot as well as being prepared for Sat 11 subject tests and APs in their junior year. Honors and AP classes available for those that are qualified and recommended. Well prepared for college and life's lessons.
10/23/2009parentGreat teachers & staff, strong leadership from the principal, involved parents
10/23/2009parentBronx Science is the perfect combination of academic rigor, nurturing staff, and school spirit.
10/23/2009studentI love my school because the teachers are very welcomeing and warm. The students are very nice for the most part and its a GREAT place for a GREAT education!
10/23/2009studentBronx High School of Science is an amazing school with a very challenging curriculum, but a very nurturing environment. This school really prepares the students for college and beyond.
10/23/2009studentBronx Science is great. The academics, the people, the campus, I'm so glad that I go here!
10/23/2009studentGreat atheletic program and teams, while maintaing a high standard for academics.
10/23/2009parentMy second child is going through Bronx Science. My first child loved it - the academics, the variety of extracurriculars, the accessible teachers and has made I'm sure what will be lifetime friends. The weekly communications are a huge plus.
10/23/2009parentBronx science is awesome because of its challenging classes and fun place like the hill
10/23/2009parentBecause it is a very good school with a viriety of courses to choose from. it is a well academic school and its fun.
10/23/2009parentBronx Science is the best high school in New York and one of the best in the country. Students receive a lot of attention, they are encouraged to think independently formulate new ideas as well as to work well with others.
10/23/2009parentThe collegial atmosphere combined with the accelerated academics makes this school the best of both worlds.
10/23/2009studentTeachers take time to help students when students need extra review. There are many teams and clubs...Bronx Science has the #1 Debate Team in the country!
10/23/2009otherIt was the most enriching educational experience of my life. Beyond just the core curriculum, you're surrounded by students of diverse socioeconomic backgrounds who are driven to learn.
10/23/2009teacherThe students are bright, have a great sense of humor, and are a pleasure to teach.
10/22/2009parentThe school just has a wealth of recources availible to the students. The teachers are always trying to help, and at times it seems that the administration is working against them and the students. The most I've learned here is from students and not teachers. Our extracurriculars are very underfunded so we need this money. Please anyone who is reading this, help us out and vote for us.
10/22/2009parentIt's huge. Everyone there is really generous. During lunch periods and free periods we could go outside!!! They have a lot of handball courts. They got awesome clubs. The teachers are really nice and funny.
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10/22/2009parentThe teachers are great and students are all aspiring individuals with great motivation.
10/22/2009studentIt is one of the best schools in the nation with an enriching curriculum that challenges students to solve complex problems in school and out of school and to pursue their goals of becoming scientists, historians, mathematicians, and many other careers. It is a school in which students are truly known as Science-ites!
10/22/2009studentIt has a wide diversity of students. It also sets a great foundation in preparation for college.
10/22/2009parenti love bronx science because of its great academic atmosphere where each student strives to do their best and excel.
10/21/2009parentGreat and caring teachers who really know their students and how to teach. Also, a wonderful student body that really accepts everyone.
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10/21/2009studentBrilliant teachers, even brighter students, a diverse & incredibly well-rounded student body
10/20/2009studentBronx Science is a great school, the students are intelligent and the staffs are great, also. There are many AP courses and even courses that give students an opportunity to receive college credits that are non-AP. Bronx Science is an interesting school, it is diverse with many club activities.
10/20/2009parentOur son loves Bronx Science. He came from a middle school with only 15 kids per grade and made the transition to 15 kids per square foot without missing a beat. The curriculum looks very interesting, the teachers are readily accessible via email, and the vibe of the school is much friendlier and less threatening than one might expect given its stellar academic reputation.
10/20/2009studentBronx Science has an amazing collection of faculty and students, and when it's combined with our beautiful school infrastructure and contagious school spirit its no surprise as to why everyone loves it so much.
10/19/2009parentYou were joined by a common bond of academic achievement, and were able to interact with a culturally diverse group of students. The friends I made at Science are still some of my closest friends present day.
10/19/2009studentthe teachers are very sensitive..and also loving.They are also caring
10/19/2009studentBronx Science has lots of technology (computers, flexcams, etc). Our students and teachers are very smart. The best part is that we can go outside for lunch and frees unlike other high schools... and we have a great courtyard.
10/18/2009studentIt's a pleasure to go to school and I can't imagine going anywhere else. The teachers and fellow students are brilliant and I couldn't ask for anyone better. Go Bronx Science!
10/18/2009studentI love the atmosphere of the school. The teachers there are great and helpful, definitely better than Stuyvesant.
10/18/2009studentfeels like home :] good teachersand lots of choices.
10/18/2009parentAmazing environment, a great way to balance school work with fun. Great teachers and students. So many classes to choose from. I feel like I can be myself in this school
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10/18/2009studentThe Bronx High School of Science is an overall amazing place to be. The freedom we get as students is great and you never feel left alone. You can always to go teachers, counselors, and even other students for help.
10/18/2009parentGreat Campus. Extreme hard working students. Lots of hmwk. Nice location, fun events.
10/18/2009studentBronx Science is great because on top of it's fantastic educational system, we the students feel connected with the school. You can express yourself in the many clubs the school offers, and if you need help in a class, you can stay after school and talk to you teacher, or you can get help from an older student who has already passed the class. Overall, I think Bronx High School of Science is great...and our debate team kicks butt.
10/18/2009studentthe experiences in this school will never be forgotten. through the good and the bad the people you meet here will stay and help you no matter what.
10/18/2009parentIt's a school with great teachers as well as students who are intelligent and caring.
10/18/2009studentBronx Science is a great school with a smart and diverse student body, and there's something for everyone here. I can honestly say that some of my best memories were at Bronx Sci, and some of the greatest friends I'll ever make were made here as well.
10/18/2009studentIts a decent building with very interesting people and it's easy to make friends there.
10/18/2009studentIt was like a small little bubble in the Bronx where the popular kids were the ones with the highest GPAs, and instead of rooting for a football team, we celebrated our music department. Unlike the other specialized schools, the students at the Bronx High School of Science were pretty laid back, diverse, and were accepted into the same colleges and universities without any mental breakdowns or suicides. I am so proud to be an alumnus.
10/17/2009studentwe have the best students in nyc and the best teachers in nyc!!! how many other schools lactually let you leave the building for lunch to order chinese food, buy pizza, raid lehman's cafeteria, etc? Not to mention the senior photo in the courtyard...
10/17/2009parentBronx Science has done a wonderful job with two of my children that attended and graduated from the school. The school not only helped them develop into intelligent, thoughtful college students, but also helped nurture them into warm wonderful adults. Great staff. Great fellow students. Warm loving environment. The only High School in the world to graduate seven Nobel Prize Winners!!!!
10/14/2009studentBronx Science allows it's students to grow and become independent, while still helping them with the college process and adjusting to life in high school.
10/14/2009studentThe people here is absolutely wonderful. I can't imagine going to any other school besides BXSCI!
10/12/2009parentAs a parent, what you want most is for your child to be happy and successful. My daughter is, as she loves Bronx Science. If she's happy, so am I.
10/11/2009studentIts the best school with the best education.
10/11/2009studentGreat teachers,nice people,nice trucks.
10/11/2009studentBronx Science is an absolutely fantastic life experience
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10/11/2009studentIt's the best of the best of the best and we have an AWESOME girls' soccer team and I love all of my teachers!
10/11/2009studentIt has the best teachers, most fun and determined students and a great atmosphere
10/11/2009studentI love the atmosphere, the teachers, the student body, etc.
10/11/2009parentThe teachers at Bronx Science are very caring and helpful! It provides a comfortable environment for teacher to student interactions
10/6/2009parentSmart kids, smart teachers. More Nobel Prize winners than any other high school in the world.
10/3/2009parentIt's a school deicated to nurturing the most talented potential scientists, knows how to do it, and does it.
10/3/2009studentIt gave me the best moments of my life with the best people and the best courtyard. The teachers deserve more support than they get.
10/3/2009parentThe scientific method of critical thinking and analysis is the most important thing we can teach our students. Thank goodness for schools like these.
10/2/2009parentBronx Science makes its students feel priviledged and special and provides opportunities that most schools can't provide.
10/1/2009parentwe are incredibly intelligent, caring, and actually have lives.
10/1/2009parentGreat environment for learning and succeeding! Good prep for college.
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10/1/2009parentIts such a great community and the academics are really good
10/1/2009studentIt's the best school to go to! Great teachers and great classes!
10/1/2009studentBecause it helps me to learn valuable life skills, rather than just teach me enough to pass a test.
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10/1/2009parentits simpy perfect! the school, the teacher and the studentss!!!
9/29/2009studentTop class education with teachers who actually care for and help the student's whenever possible.
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9/29/2009parentBecause it is a great place to learn.
9/28/2009studentit houses the best people, courses, teachers, and opportunities
9/28/2009studentit's wonderful in all respects
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9/28/2009parentit is both fun and very educational at the same time.
9/28/2009parentIt constantly motivates me to exceed my academic potential.
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9/27/2009studentBronx Science is so much fun to attend! I actually find myself looking forward to going to school every day! The kids are great and the teachers are so good at what they do. It's a great school overall.
9/27/2009studentBronx is a great school! Every kid should at least apply, you never know how great it could be for you!
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9/27/2009parent7 nobel prize winners are always a good inspiration for my son. Hard-working teachers are great assets of this specialized high school.
9/27/2009studentBronx Science is an AWESOME place, the people, the teachers, the classes....they just join together to make the best school ever. Even though I'm only a freshman, I already know how fabulous it is just from a few weeks there. Bronx Science= #1 !!!!
9/27/2009parentBronx science is the best! We have the best teachers, because we have the best students and you know what they say! Good students create good teachers.
9/27/2009studentgood teachers and good reputation
9/26/2009otherIt attracts great teachers as well as students. The ciruculum fosters mind-expanding learning, not just in math & science. Bx Science has produced a record # of Nobel winners and famous business leaders. politicians, professors, media personalities and, of course many doctors, lawyers, scientists, & engineers. I'm proud to be an alumnus of this great New York public school.
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9/25/2009studentDespite its large size, Bronx Science is an amazingly supportive and endearing community. It has about as many varsity sports, clubs, and organizations as any college, and students are encouraged to get involved and pursue their talents, and maybe try something new. The faculty are incredible, and many courses are taught at the college level. Although the work load is hard, the teachers are always accessible and understanding. Besides the great education you receive, I think I learned the most about 'life' from Bronx Science. It is an extremely diverse place- in every sense of the world. For me personally, it was really important to have that exposure at the high school level, and taught me a lot about the world, other cultures, religions, and people in general.
9/25/2009parentBecause it is the best school on earth! Not only do you get an education but you meet some really incredible people!
9/25/2009studentThe Bronx Science has a beautiful campus, great faculty, motivated students and a great social life. Overall, it has the best quality of education attainable and all for the price of FREE!! Take that private schools!
9/24/2009otherAttending Bronx HS of Science was the best school experience I ever had. I met lifelong friends, had great teachers, and was able to get into my choice of college.
9/24/2009studentIt's the best. Awesome teachers, classes, and there are friendly people. Nothing its missing, flawless :))))))))
9/24/2009studentNot only do we have the greatest teachers that can actually create friendships with us students and teach us so well, we seem to grow lives here that differ and top those of people who went to other schools. I'm always proud to say I attend Bronx Science, and I think majority of New Yorkers would know why. Those students who don't love it there are just not living the full experience!
9/24/2009studentWhat other school has so much on it's roof? A plannetarium, greenhouse, and i think there's a weather station and radio station on there too! Smartdesks, computer labs, all the clubs and teams. A lot of cool people... all the jokes. Theres OPEN CAMPUS btw. Plus all the festivities they have.
9/23/2009parentExcellent school. Talented, involved faculty and administration. High expectations for students but lots of help for them to succeed.
9/23/2009studentIt has a planetarium and a greenhouse ;d
9/23/2009parentI love my school so much because of its vast diversity and advanced classes.
9/23/2009studentThey have the best teachers who push you to strive for the seemingly impossible.
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9/22/2009studentBronx Science is an excellent school for academically gifted students. I love all the teachers there. They are always willing to help and are very nice. The best thing about Bronx Science is the students that go there. You will make A LOT of friends in Bronx Science, and almost always have more than one thing in common with them. Even if you don't know anyone there, you will never feel left out because there is a very friendly environment at Bronx Science. Everyone will make you feel comfortable. :-) I love BronxSci!
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9/22/2009studentAlthough bronx science is a challenging and yet fun school , it`s like a second home with comforting friends and teachers who care for you (: The best thing I think about Bronx Sci is that the students are actively learning and they enjoy attending to clubs and trying out for teams. Also the teachers help the students so that the students would achieve their goals and get into the colleges they want to get into . :]
9/22/2009parentThe teachers there are extremely helpful and the students there are awesome.
9/22/2009parentI love the freedom, respect and support the school offers to each and every student. As well as the sense of community that we share.
9/22/2009studentI've learned so much about the world and myself.
9/22/2009studentBronx Science has the greatest handball courts! In addition, one can learn much about oneself and their role in the world.
9/21/2009parentIts awesome. Competitive atmosphere but not cut throat. Great teachers.
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9/21/2009parentIt is so freaking awesome! The kids are all hard working, honest and the most down to earth people you'll ever meet. The teachers are just as cool.
9/21/2009parentBronx Science prepared me for college like no other high school. The wealth of resources available to students, whether it be tutoring, clubs/teams or classes, mimicked what is available during college: everything. The open campus gives students the freedom to socialize with friends during school outside of a studying environment. Challenging classes, great friends and plenty of open doors make Bronx Science a great place.
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9/21/2009studentTeachers that will do everything in their power to get you into the best college students could possibly enter. New programs like epidemiology and environmental history that, in same cases, can't be found anywhere else in the state. Brilliant, awesome people that equally brilliant national championship winning programs like debate and Intel for said people. And the sandwich bar isn't bad either.
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9/21/2009studentThe students are the most interesting group, and the most diverse group of students anywhere. There are some great teachers, and being a student at Bronx Science is both enjoyable and serious.
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9/21/2009parentMy daughter has had a great experience here over the past 3 years. We only have positive things to say about the school.
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9/21/2009student Bronx Science offers all kinds of different APs and other courses that you need to get into college, in addition to some of the best teachers I have ever had the good fortune to learn under.
9/21/2009otherThe fact that I went to Bronx Science gave me something to look forward to everyday.
9/21/2009studentBronx Science provides a safe and productive learning environment. The teachers and staff are always there to hear you out when you have problems either regarding their class or anything else. It really is the best school.
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9/21/2009teacherBronx Science provides the best education. The school really cares about each and every student. The school also gives the students the brightest future!
9/21/2009studentBronx High School of Science is an amazing school because it cultivates young minds and prepares bright teenagers for the imminent future filled with success. Students go on to become leaders in the sciences and many other fields.
9/21/2009parentEVERYTHING! the teachers are amazing, the classes are fun, and the environment is welcoming and friendly.
9/21/2009parentThis school is the best place to be. It has great students and teachers. Even though we dont have a pool, our team is beast. YEAH WOLVERINES! Our community is really close and can depend on one another for help.
9/21/2009parentI love bronx science! it is the best high school ever! the people and teachers are really friendly and i love to come to school every morning.
9/21/2009parentThe School and facility are really nice, and the environment of the school is really warm and friendly!
9/21/2009studentBronx Science is really awesome! I learned sooooo much and had fun at the same time. This school needs new textbooks and equipment though!!!
9/21/2009parentIt's awesome, the view is beautiful. The teachrs are very helpful. It's fun to go to school and also educational.
9/21/2009parentThe teachers are very dedicated to make sure we receive the best quality education possible. They will make sure to captivate students with thoroughly prepared lesson plans and give up their time to help a student.
9/21/2009parentMy daughter loves it and is always talking about the MSA there. The Muslim Students Association has been such a positive influence on her. Not to mention the prestige and honor it holds!
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9/21/2009parentMy daughter loves it and shes always talking about how the MSA club (Muslim Students Association) is amazing. She has a great set of friends and I know that Bronx Science has really opened some doors for her.
9/21/2009parentBronx Science has an atmosphere that encourages learning. The teachers there are genuinely concerned about their students' performance. The guidance councilors are also extremely helpful when it comes to college applications. It also has a great track team.
9/21/2009studentBronx Science is the best high school around- socially and academically.
9/21/2009parentMy school has the top ranked 5th debate team in the country. We compete extensively not only in debate, by in Intel, music/arts, etc. We are also top tanked in New York State, and give one of the best educations in the country, with reinforcing teachers and a positive environment. We foster the science, along with all other fields of education.
9/21/2009otherThe high caliber of students; the strong faculty (not just in Science and Math).
9/21/2009studentIt's a great school, with a diverse yet unified student body. we're all reaching for the best, and because of the school's amazing teachers, will all manage to fulfill our dreams
9/21/2009otherIts numerous halls, its enthusiastic teachers, the great atmosphere, and the students you meet from all walks of life. Plus, the sheer variety of take-out food you could order in the neighborhood :)
9/20/2009parentgreat environment and it prepares you for college by giving you a taste of the freedom that you're sure to experience once you graduate
9/20/2009parentBronx Science is a terrific high school. It is large and therefore offers a broad range of classes and activities. However, it is also intimate and allows students to develop personal and close relationships with their teachers.
9/20/2009studentThe environment at our school is terrific. The school is home to great minds and great personalities. Its sad that I could only spend four years of my school life there
9/20/2009parentOur school is one of the most prestigious in the country. We have many unique and college level classes. Bronx Science is such a wonderful place to spend your day, and I love waking up to learn every morning.
9/20/2009parentI love the amazing diversity of students as well as the great teachers and classes the school offers.
9/20/2009studenti love the teachers, extracurriculurs and students. :] great school
9/20/2009studentAmazing students, amazing teachers, amazing motivation, amazing school.
9/20/2009parentWe have more school spirit than any other school and we're proud.
9/20/2009studentthere are a lot of amazing teachers that want to see nothing other than their students learning about history, short stories, linear equations, chemistry equations, etc. they truly care about the students and their only wish is to see them achieve above and beyond. Many teachers give up most of their lives just to see the ah-ha moment a student has when the light-bulb in their head goes off.
9/20/2009studentI love Bronx Science because we're the best specialized high school ever. We have a beautiful courtyard, a lot of freedom and overall just plain fun. We're some of the smartest kids in the whole country and we're proud to show it! Go BS Wolverines!
9/20/2009parentThe best part about Bronx Science is its teachers, environment, and its students. It really gives students a good education, and people really love to come to this school.
9/20/2009otherThis school is absolutely amazing, after going here, college is a breeze. More than well-prepared, and has incredible diversity
9/20/2009studentBronx Science offers not only great education but great experiences. We learned not only to study but to study efficiently. We learned not only to work but work efficiently and THAT will follow you for a lifetime.
9/20/2009studentThe teachers, although they have large classes, find a way to give each student attention. The school is extremely diverse and each graduating class leaves Bronx Science excited to have such an incredible background as they go off to college. I wish I were still there.
9/20/2009studentI love our school because of the amount of freedom they give us. They trust us to behave, and not to skip. If we do skip, we have to deal with it ourselves and take responsibility. It also offers many academic opportunities like intels and lots of aps. The school is challenging but if you work very hard, do well, and take advantage of all its many opportunities it can really help you in life :D
9/20/2009studentThe wide range of students, and the great teachers who help us all learn. Also, we have a huge amount of freedom, compared to other schools.
9/20/2009parentIt is just a great enviroment i loved it so much!
9/20/2009parentGreat school. My kids love to go to bronx science. Everyone is friendly and everyone is smart
9/20/2009studentBronx Science is the best school ever! There is nothing the teachers won't do to go the extra step and make sure the students are really learning!
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9/20/2009studentBronx science is a horrible school, full of teachers and guidance counselors telling you that you will fail unless you have straight A's. The faculty is lazy and will not help you when you really need it.
9/20/2009studentOpen campus, great teachers, and great people. What more could you ask for?
9/20/2009parentChallenging academics and brilliant classmates that inspire you to be better everyday. That's Bronx Science.
9/20/2009studentBronx Science is really a great school, asides from having really great teachers and class selection, there is also a wonderful supportive atmosphere and a lot of great students. The Bronx Science community is really diverse and very supportive of each other, even though its thought to be a competitive school, most students there look to help each other out. Also, almost anywhere you go, people know about our school.
9/20/2009studentA school that has a great academic program, but most importantly cares about its students.
9/20/2009parentThe teachers are amazing, the facilities are incredible, and bronx science has resources that no other school in the state can hope to have
9/20/2009studentI love Bronx High School of Science because the school is so big and there are so many students and teachers its always fun to be there. Yes, the work load is a bit bigger and tougher, but its worth it. We have to work hard for our grades and our teachers support that, and are wonderful and and are there to help us with any problems we have. The students are fun and exciting, and older kids are very helpful and cooperative with new kids who come in not knowing anything about the school. All in all, Bronx High School of Science is an amazing school and really help and prepares you for the future all while having a great experience for the 4 years you're there.
9/20/2009studentThere is so much fun and interesting people
9/20/2009studentits soo fun and intelligent there's never a dull day u actually feel like going to school
9/20/2009parentThe Bronx High School of Science is a stupendous High School that offers an excellent education
9/20/2009studentI love Bronx science because of the granted environment it has, full of freedom and spirit, along with the teachers there who are always willing to stay afterschool to help their students achieve more.
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9/20/2009studentBronx Science is truly the best school there is. The teachers motivate us and look out for us as best they can.I love Bronx Science.
9/20/2009studentIt is the best school in the nation! with the best student and teachers in the world!
9/20/2009otherTHe Bronx High School of Science is the best place to become more aware of yourself and the world around you while preparing for the future. The passion of the students and teachers is unreal.
9/20/2009studentBronx Science provides a terrific learning atmosphere in which a student can concentrate and can work hard at what they are best in
9/20/2009parentThe opportunities here are endless. The people are some of the smartest you will ever meet. It really is specialized.
9/20/2009studentBronx Science has a lot of sports team and a lot of ways to prepare for college. There are a lot of after-school clubs also.
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9/20/2009parentBronx Science is one of the top public schools in the United States and provides endless opportunities for students to pursue any academic or extracurricular interest they may have.
9/20/2009studentThe teachers are all wonderful.
9/20/2009studentWe have some of the best teachers. Hannon, Wheeler, Wohl, Williams, Ramos just to name a few
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9/20/2009studentBronx Science is strong in all possible fields. It has great teachers who put in a lot of effort in every way they can. It offers a wide variety of APs and electives. We have fantastic facilities to accommodate all these classes, too. And despite the high level of performance, the school still manages to maintain a certain level of FUN through school-unifying activities in which they go all out in celebration. All in all, it's a fantastic school.
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9/20/2009studentIts a good environment, and i love the handball courts, but its a long commute.
9/20/2009parentIt is truly amazing from the perspective that once the classroom door closes, the learning experience provided simply takes you away.
9/20/2009studenti love how nice and funny some of the teachers are. they really interact with us after school sometimes, its really great :D
9/20/2009studentThis school was great because of the people. The variety of peoples perspectives and different opinions changed me for the better. I'm not so fond of the Principal but hey, not everything can be great.
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9/20/2009studentI love Bronx Science because of our amazing swim team. The people at are school are generally nice, and the teachers, especially in math and english, are awesome :D Althoughhhhhhhh... haha, kidding.
9/20/2009studentI love Bronx Science because it has amazing people (both students & staff), and the people work their hardest to make you feel very prepared for college which I love. I also love that they recycle and just keep becoming greener.
9/20/2009parentIt's a great community and the teachers are extremely kind. They teach students well.
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9/20/2009studentAdministration cooperates well with student council (i.e. new scedule) 8 Handball courts Abundant Parking spaces Personal new lockers A lot of new textbooks Great traditions (i.e. friendship friday)
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9/20/2009studentBronx Science has been such a challenging experience for me, but I love the school with a passion. Circumstances around school do get wild and unfair but I wouldn't want to be enrolled at any other school.
9/20/2009parentGreat spirit, great teachers, great leadership, and GREAT students!
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9/20/2009studentNurturing enviornment, great students and teachers!
9/20/2009studentIt's everything you could want in a high school; the teachers are wonderful, the classmates are magnificent, it teaches discipline, and it is tough, academically.
9/20/2009studentBronx Science is a high school more well recognized than many universities and I am privileged enough to attend such a world-renowned institute of education.
9/20/2009studentSImply stated, there is no other High School institution like The Bronx High School of Science. The endless academic possibilities and the vast variety of clubs and teams provide a fun, enhancing and one of a kind learning experience.
9/20/2009studentthree things: many frees, really big campus, and a lot of freedom. plus the classes are all top notch
9/20/2009studentThe school campus is beautiful, the teacers are helpful, and the kids are amazing :]
9/20/2009parentBest students, teachers, and falculty ever! Everyone is so nice and helpful.
9/20/2009parentBronx Science offers a great mix of cool people and challenges all in one!
9/20/2009studentIt has a friendly environment, Library is open during school for anyone who wants to study, yard outside is perfect to sit and rest, and you get to skip courses if you already know them or if you can handle a harder course.
9/20/2009parentThere is such a wide veriety of courses available and the teachers are awesome. One of the best schools EVER.
9/20/2009parentThere is so much diversity in our school and kids are super nice.
9/20/2009parentThe size of the school gives us access to so many resources and communities. I just love the environment and the people
9/20/2009studentThe teachers and the kids are great!
9/20/2009studentThe community and the teachers are amazing. I love all of my teachers since freshman year.
9/20/2009parentBronx Science offers many opportunities and there are many great teachers.
9/20/2009parentBronx Science is great at everything. The classes are very educational. The teachers are nice and good at teaching. There are so many opportunities at Bronx Science.
9/20/2009parentThe Bronx High School of Science is an amazing community composed of great students and faculty. I have never encountered any other students as excited to go to school.
9/20/2009studentIt is the most fun and stimulating environment possible. I'm taking 5 AP classes and I'm still enjoying myself while learning to my utmost potential
9/20/2009studentIt's a great school where you can learn and have fun.
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9/20/2009parentInteresting classes, and friendly people. Bronx Science offers a variety of advanced classes, and many extracurriculars.
9/20/2009parentSo many great classes and extra curricular activities. There are just so many options for everything!
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9/20/2009student-Great personalities -It definitely opens doors to all the students -We're all smart, determined, or both :]
9/20/2009studentHigh academic standards have prepared me for college success..
9/20/2009studentIt's a great school for me cause unlike others in the Bronx, it's okay to be smart. Plus with all the diversity it's easy to expand your horizons and meet new people.
9/20/2009studentWe love our school. Although at times it feels excessive, it's a great learning environment in which we are pushed to pick the classes we want and to do the best we can do while managing our time ! It's very friendly, and there are many things you can do with your friends during school hours. Join a club, a team, be in the play, student gov't, just hang out- we've got it all !
9/20/2009parentThe people are amazing and certain teachers really care genuinely about their students and are passionate about what they teach. The school holds it's students to high standards and expects the best from their students; I believe that this has been a motivational factor for me in succeeding and doing the best I could in high school.
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9/20/2009studentDiversity! Enrichment! Atmosphere! Education! Quality! Pride! Friendship (friends and teachers)! Productiveness! Family! Happy! Success.
9/20/2009parentIt's a great school! The Bronx High School of science has great teachers and lots of fun activities.
9/20/2009studentI love Bronx Science because it's a school that's filled with opportunities for each and every student. They have tons of AP and honors courses which can help prepare you for college, and a variety of clubs and teams. There's something for everyone there. In addition, most of the teachers are great and readily available to help you if you need it. They're more than teachers as well, they're also your friends. And although they demand a lot from the students, they let us know that it is for our own good. And these are just some of the reasons I love Bronx Science.
9/20/2009studentits the only school that doesnt have 'clicks' such as jocks and cheerleaders. We are all pretty together.
9/20/2009studentBronx Science is a great school, which gives students the opportunity to learn in the presence of kids with various cultural backgrounds. Also, the teachers at school are also very helpful, and assist in any way possible to make Bronx Science a better place for us students.
9/20/2009studentIt's a great school and well-known throughout the country. Many of the gifted students from this school go on to Ivy League schools and we have six Pulitzer Prize graduates!
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9/20/2009otherAlthough this is supposed to be a supercompetetive high school (and it is), I felt that people helped each other a lot more than they hurt each other. The challenges we faced we made it through only because we had each other, and I think that because the challenges are more challenging than at most other schools, we supported each other more and that makes this school really special.
9/20/2009parentIt is clean The staff and security is good The teachers are dedicated to teaching There are many foreign language classe to choose from.
9/20/2009studentBronx science is the best school out there. With such variety of classes to take and the school activities are very fun. The sports teams are very successful and the students are very smart. Bronx science for the win!
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9/20/2009studentI think that the ambiance of the school is very friendly and being that its high school, its very strange for one to find a school like that.
9/20/2009parentI love bragging about my alma mater! So many winners, in all walks of life....so much pride behind strong work and commitment! This school encouraged us to dream! It made my world a much larger place!
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9/20/2009studentIt has such a great environment. The courtyard at Bronx Science is a community that I have never had at any other school.
9/20/2009studentBronx Science was the best thing I every got out of New York City - great learning experience, and made the best friends that lasted for decades.
8/6/2009parentExcellent School, Most advanced in curriculum. This is one of the most competitive schools in the US. You need to pass the SHSAT to get in.
12/21/2008parenta pressure cooker. Good academics, but a not peasant place to be an adolescent.
12/15/2008studentThis school was worth the 2-hour commute from queens. Great intellectual climate, great instruction, great inspiration for the future. Attending Science really drove home the power of positive peer pressure. When everyone pushes each other to do their best, everyone wins.
10/4/2008parentWhenever I have had a question and have contacted a faculty member, I have gotten an email back almost immediately. The faculty goes to great lengths to make this school personalized. The academics are 1st exceed any standard imaginable. This has been a delight for two years.
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1/7/2007parentPrepared my daughter for an Ivy League college like no other education could have. She said her first year of college was easier than courses she took in high school. Also left her with a view on the 'real world' given the diversity of the student population; she was surprised at the relative homogeniety of college in comparison.
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4/28/2006parentexcellent school. provides students with a solid foundation for the future.
4/26/2006studentBronx high school of Science is an excellent school in which any child would love to attend. The food is good. The students are discipline and are friendly.The teachers there a caring and responsible in their own way. Every child has the ability to do their best and if you set your mind to it along with the work that is to be done. I can reassure you, that you will soar to the top
4/13/2006parentToo much for some students. Bronx Science really needs to shape up, offer less hard courses, and be more leanient. Some teachers need to retire.
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4/13/2006parentLovely school, its amazing. they couldnt do anything better.
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3/28/2006parentBronx school of science is one of the better schools in the Bronx. It is of high standards and prepares your child for success in almost any college that he would want to attend. His chances of being accepted at the college of his choice is greater. Your child will get a good education education. The school also offers a wide range of extracurricular activities. Parents are encouraged to stay involved in their chil;d's education.
3/28/2006former studentThis is the crown jewel of the NYC Public School system. The curriculum is challenging without being overwhelming as is often the case in schools seeking to be 'prestigious.' There is no shortage of involvment from both parents and alumni alike, as most graduates opt to send their own children there (as I will). Science is a crucible where imputities such as self-doubt and meekness are burned away, and the resulting student is ready to take on, and conquer, the world.
11/2/2005studentBronx high school of science has been great since I started 2 years ago.
10/27/2005parentThis school was an excellent choice for my child. He has learned so much in his 3 years there and I just adore it. This school is fantastic.
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10/3/2005parentgreat school - your child should be able to manage if they like competition.
6/19/2005former studentBronx Science is one of the premier schools in NYC. They have excellent faculty and unique classes. Teachers are passionate about their work and some even have doctoral degrees.
5/14/2005former studentWall Street Journal newspaper ranked this school 49 among top feeder schools to some of the best colleges and universities. Two other New York City public schools ranked better : Hunter College High School and Stuyvesant High School.
1/29/2005former studentThis school is a wonderful school. however it is hard to get there and keep up the work so i would suggest parents should discuss with their kids.
11/25/2004parentwonderful school... the english department was terrific... they taught my daughter how to be a much better writer than when she first entered... she truly became a more confident person when she left.
7/27/2004former studentGraduated here in '75. Active in school alumni affairs and aware of changes. School was and always is academically excellent. Student body draws from all over NY/NJ/CT area - very diverse. Terrific overall program - not just science and math. School is very large but lesser-achievers do not get lost to the 'stars'. Lesser achievers here are A students elsewhere, by the way. School, as you might expect, has always been a little lacking in the breadth of athletics. But, I'm sure your kid, if going here, is not a jock.
7/14/2004former studentSimply a wonderful school. Very, very large. Remote part of the Bronx but a safe neighborhood. Rigorous science program. International reputation. Tremendously diverse student body. Dedicated teachers. Reasonably well funded relative to other NYC schools.
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8/25/2003former studentThis school was a great experience! There are tons of opportunities for extracurricular activities, teachers go over the top to help students, and the overall aura of the school is great! This high school is very challenging, so if you are a dedicated and motivated student, it's for you! Students will love the classes here! Even though it's a big school, the dedicated faculty makes an effort to know each student individually and assist them if needed. I had a great high school experience ! In fact, compared to classes at Bronx High School of Science, College was a breeze! It really prepared me for college and for life. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
8/19/2003former studentThe students at Bronx Science are pretty modest about it, but in fact, it is one of the best schools to send your kid. It's a great stepping stone for getting involved whether it is for community service, athletic activities, social activities, not to mention academic achievements. The school gets a lot of support from the Parents Association, which gives financial support to AP programs for students. A big bonus is the substantial campus space which many other schools are unable to provide for the student body.

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