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Christ the King Elementary School
1345 Grand Concourse
Bronx, NY 10452
(718) 538-5959
private | K-8
County: Bronx (Bronx)


  School Head OfficialYear
Lenora Yzaguirre2012
9/17/2011parentCTK is an excellent institution of learning. The way a FEW of these parents behave concerning "pink slips" you would think they were some type of appendage being ripped from the child. More than likely if the child got a "pink slip" he/she probably deserved it. The bottom line is that CTK is preparing these children for higher learning such as high school where admonishments are far swifter and and many times harsher. The school has standards to maintain and hopefully it doesn't waiver from its long standing procedures because of parents who need to learn how to spell and help discipline their child. Then, it doesn't become necessary for the teachers who are doing their best to maintain a learning environment, to pink slip them.
6/13/2011parentThe review that made on May 16,2011 was perfect He/She said everything that honeslty happens in CTK. Every winter the boiler is broken and all the principal does is ask for more money from the parents and doesnt even get the work done. Besides the teacher i have recenlty seen and heard of , look like to me they were hired from Craigslist!!.. Its upsetting to put my child again for this school year 2011, but i have no other choice all catholic schools that have good rating are full and far!. I suggest parents to read every review and take good advices.. Every year the tuition goes up and the teacher's teaching & additude goes down!!. And the principal HAS no respect for parents, its amazing how shes been there for such a long time, she finds her way to manipulate people. Lets not forget the crossing guard all he does is smoke & talk to parents , he pays no mind to the kids crossing, i believe its time for him to retire hes about 60+. Parents please make the best choice for your child, even if you have to travel a bit far , dont make the mistake i did. This will be my last year wasteing my money at CTK. This is a review of a parents not a child who is 12 yrs old!
6/11/2011otherI am a 12 year old student that goes here and its the best school I've ever been to. I've been attending this school since I was in first grade and these have been the nicest teachers you will ever meet. I'll be honest; some teachers should be a little nicer to the students, but they do their job. They give pink-slips to children because they do something they're not suppose to; Not because they just want to pick on your child. They don't yell at your student to make you feel "less than nothing", they yell at them because they care about you and they want to set them straight. In my own class, there was a male student that doesn't care about his grades, so they teachers talk to him everyday, and he has gotten better and started to care a bit more. Personally, enroll your child into this school. You definitely won't regret it.
5/16/2011parentThis is one of the worst school your child can attend. This school locks teachers who are prepared to deal with our children in a day to day basis. All they do is write pink slips for any minor infraction your child does. Children are being punish by making them stand up at the school entrance and taking away free time, gym and scream to them until they feel less than nothing. If you want your child to be misserable this is the wright school for your child.
10/12/2010parentMy children have been in this school since kindergarten. The teachers in the school have passion and demonstrate dedication to the children and learning on a daily basis. The educators and the pricipal have high expecations of the children and the children rise to the challenge. I would recommend this school who is looking for the best for their child.
3/11/2010parentThe school is great, I, myself graduated from Christ the King. So has my brother and my daughter. And my son still attends. I have never had a problem. The staff is just great. I only wish they had more extracurricular activities for the kids.
5/6/2009parentThis school is great. All the staff from lunch ladies, office staff, teachers, volunteers and the principal are friendly down to earth people. The curriculum is great. My children are learning subject material at a sooner time than I ever learned in elementary school. The principal is in total control of the school at all times as well as Ms. Spann. I would recommend anyone to have their child attend this school.
1/29/2009parentThis is a horrible school! The bottom line for this school is money, money and more money. The prinicipal is rude and the classes are overcrowed. I would not recommend this school.
10/24/2008studenti go to this school and even though it has its tough days sometimes the staff has a schiool spirit youllwont find a better school!!!!!!!!!11
10/23/2008studentI gradutated ('08) and I loved Christ the King which was an amazing school and i know still is. They have many things there that will prepare you the next level. Even though many class rooms has at least 30-40 students in it. the teachers still pay attention to you. just ask questions. I've been there since 2nd grade. Chris the King is very stict and thats good. You'll make lots of nice people there and nice teachers as well. I miss my friends that i've made and i'll never forget my 8th grade teachers who pushed me to my hardest.I hope everyone likes Christ the King. -student from class of '08 xoxoxo i love and miss everyone!
10/2/2008otherI graduated last year and was a Christ the King student my final three years there. Too many irresponsible parents speak out against a school that holds these very same parents responsible for their children and their conduct. Christ the King is a responsible, secure, and Christian school that helps poor families ignored by everyone else. Public schools are a joke, yet parents still try to get over. Count the number of parents that stand there shaking their heads as a few others blame everyone, but themselves for problems.
9/3/2008parentThis is a horrible school. The teaching staff onboard have worked together for a great number of years and have no respect for the parents. The principle is very tough to the point of bein so disrespectful to the parents and addressing them during meetings in a manner which used to address children. Her demeanor deems her unprofessional. The classes are very crowded and if your child is afraid to stay in school for kindergarden or first grade they actually suggest you remove your child from 'their' school vs. trying to help you work things out. They don't notify you when your child experiences an injury problem at school. They run their school like a communist camp.
8/11/2008parentI think that Christ the King is a great school. The teachers and staff really care about their student. The principal is very strict, but she clearly cares abut her student and her teachers and she expects only the best! I would highly recommend this school to anyone!
6/25/2008parentMy daughters attended CTK this year. Coming from a public school setting, they had a little adjustment problem at first. Gradually they settled in nicely as the year went by. I was very satisfied with their teachers and the curriculum as a whole, however, I would certainly like a little improvement on the extracurricular activities such as; music and arts for the upcoming years. it'll undoubtedly contribute to the continuing excellence of the school.
10/12/2007studentI recently graduated from Christ the King School this past June. As I stand here in high school, I regret taking advantage of the wonderful times spent in c.t.k. C.T.K. was not just a school, but a part of my life. Every teacher I encountered, every student I 'hung out' with and every brick on every wall will be kept in my heart. If a school can make me feel this strongly, then I recommend it for either your son or daughter.
8/20/2007parentChrist The King School is an outstanding school and I would recommend it to everyone. Yes, the class sizes are large; however the only way to continue to offer the programs and excellent teachers is by bringing in the tuition, without having to raise it. As far as the work, I know it is challenging and I am so happy with the extra attention and support the teachers offer to those students who need it. It's not easy with the wide gap in abilities of CTK's students, not to mention backgrounds and support from home. I think the teachers do an amazing job in their attempts to reach all students. The discipline is also a strong point. Excellent school in my eyes.
3/15/2007parentChrist the King is an excellent school that I know set the foundation for the success I've experienced throughout my high school career. There is nothing wrong with the quality of the school. I encourage sending your child to CTK wholeheartedly.
1/19/2007studentok well im an eight grader at ctk. I have been to this school since the third grade. I have made some great friends along the way and im sure going to miss them when I go on to high school. I admit that the class size is a bit over crowded but you will look past that. the school has great teachers and even though the class size is a bit big they still pay attention to each and everyone of us. also, there really aren't any extra curricular activities but watever. I would have like that they had a foreign language class but we cant be too picky. no school is perfect. I would recommend that u send your kids here. all I can say is that I have enjoyed me years at Christ the king school. (Good luck to class of 07-I love u guys xoxoxo)
10/9/2006parentIn terms of the choices available in District Nine, I thought Christ The King would be the best choice for my daughter. However, I was disappointed. Music, art and extracurriclar activities are available, but the quailty of these programs leave alot to be desired. The academic curriculum is not challenging and the classes are extremely over crowded. It would be nice for the school to add a foreign language to the curriculm. The level of parent involvement is high.
9/25/2006parentThis school has been a big disappointment. The kindergarten class was over crowded as well and the other grades. My son attended for two weeks, I did not find his homework or classwork to be academically challenging for a Kindergarten class. He attended Pre-K in another catholic school which was more academically structured. In the first week of school an incident occurred with my son and another child, I was never notified. To clear things up, I wrote a letter to his teacher to confirm what my son was saying. Sure enough, he was saying the truth, she then apologized for the not notifying me. After all realizing I made a wrong choice of school, decided to pull my son and the advanced 3 months tuition was not returned to me or applied to my nephews tuition in the same school. Please do consider a different school for your child.

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