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Holy Family School
2169 Blackrock Ave
Bronx, NY 10472
(718) 863-7280
private | PK-8
County: Bronx (Bronx)


  School Head OfficialYear
Claire Latempa2012
9/24/2012parentI have two children here in the fifth and seventh grades and they have been here since pre-k/kindergarten. Is the school perfect? no. However, they create an enviorment where students are able to focus and learn by stressing proper conduct. I would take this school over a NYC public middle school any day. Parents and teachers have to work hand in hand to educate the students. And when problems do arise (as they will at any school) we address them quickly. I'm proud to say my kids attend here.
6/27/2012parentFive Stars for Holy Family for providing safety & a clean environment. Unfortunately when it comes to principal she's more concerned with money than she is with the quality of education the children should be getting. During the 2010-2011 school year my child's 3rd Grade teacher was out on leave for most of the year & her replacements were mostly parent volunteers!! Because of this most of my child's classmates were unprepared for the 4th Grade along & the ELA exams they were required to take. No my child didn't have to repeat the 4th grade this year nor was summer school a requirement but the majority of the 2011-2012 4th Grade class has mandatory summer school.
6/22/2012parentMs. De Leon was the worst teacher every. My son is still haunted four years later by the treatment he received by this teacher. The principal did nothing to address my concers. I wouldn't waste my money sending my child to this school. What a horrible experience my child had at Holy Family! He still talks about it to this day!!!
4/13/2012otherI smell a rat! Some of these comments are bogus, and are obviously written by the employees of Holy Family. "the principal is one of a kind she is the most patient and gracious person I ever met. Give me a break. Quit with the fake reviews.
11/4/2011parentThis school has undergone a lot of changes over the past few years. Some good, some bad. Overall however, the school is a great place for the students. The teachers are helpful and available. The principal is extremely nice. Enrollment has been dropping in this school, but it must be because of the economy not the atmosphere because the school is a good choice to send a student.
10/9/2011parentHoly Family School does a great job providing a safe, clean environment for learning. The teachers are dedicated and the principal cares about her school. I am happy sending my daughter to this school and feel safe about my decision.
9/24/2010parentI have been with Holy Family school in the Bronx since 1993. All 4 of my children have gone and are still enrolled there. My husband & I are very happy with education that our children are getting & have gotten. We highly recommend this school to other families.
6/22/2010parentThis used to be a great school but for the past 3 years it has been going down hill. Principal plays favorites
12/2/2009otherThis school is excellent and the students are very bright but i cant find a website to check about it and they collect enough money to hav one
11/3/2009parentStaff is great and I feel school provides a safe environment for my child.
10/19/2009otherI'm a former student of Holy Family School, and am now in my third year of college. I must admit I agree with another member who posted that said that Holy Family left him/her unprepared when they entered high school. The same thing happened with me especially in math, english, and music. It took me a long time to catch up. Some teachers were average, some strict, and others too lenient, where children ruled the class and I learned nothing all year. Mrs. Latempa was great.. and i'm sure she still is, but the bottom line is that Holy family was a waste of my mother's money. The only thing you're paying for is uniforms, and a safer environment. I have fond memory of friends, but poor memory of the teachers. The school could have changed since i've been there, but I doube it has changed by much.
10/18/2009parentHoly Family School have excellent teachers. The school is always clean and the students are well-behave. They offer great education and they have a safe and happy environment. Is the best school in the Bronx. They listen to the kids problems and try to solved them. Students have the best discipline and education. They have good comunication between parents and teachers. The students become independent and learn how to be better students.
10/18/2009parentHFS is the best! There's lots of awesome teachers and students. Our school also has a good learning environment.
10/18/2009parentThe teachers are wonderful and very helpful they are very patient with the children and the principal is one of a kind she is the most patient and gracious person I ever met.. she nows all her students by name and she greets them all the same the kids love her very much Holy Family School is the best....
10/17/2009parentOur school is the best! Our principal knows every student by first and last name and what grade they are in. Also she knows if they have a sibling in the school and what grade they're in as well. She's amazing.
10/17/2009parentI love Holy Family, because it provides a get education for my kids and other peoples kids. They are very caring and willing to help any and everyone.
10/7/2009parentHoly Family School is great. All the teachers know the children, whether they're in the lower or upper grades. The curriculum guarantees that the student meets their own high potential while at the same time fostering creativity and individualism.
7/27/2009parentThis is my son's fourth year at Holy Family. I think the school is very good and Mrs. LaTempa is excellent. One of the things that I like about is the family setting.
6/10/2009parentMy son is in 5th grade and so far I am very happy with my son's education.
12/23/2008parentI have 2 kids in Holy Family School, my daughter is a third-grader and ever since pre-k the quality of education and teacher involvement has been awesome. There's quite alot of parent-teacher interaction which I love about the school. The principal, Mrs. LaTempa is the best, keep up the good work!
11/24/2008parentGreat Pre-K program, Ms Conty and Ms Alecia and Ms Montalvo are PHENOMINAL. My child LOVE them. Great job ladies. They treat each kids as if they are their own children can't ask for more,my child looks forward to go to school because of these ladies.
3/23/2008otherI'm a former student of Holy Family, and I must say my education left me unprepared to compete competitively in my initial years at High School. Other classmates who attended private schools in the area were already familiar concepts such as algorithms which I had not encountered. due to my inexperience I was forced to 'catch up' by attending entry level math courses while others were placed in more advanced classes. I understand the choice to send your children to catholic school as opposed to NYC public schools, but the fact is you are definitely going to have to come up with ways to ensure your children remain competitive among the city's brightest and best educated.
8/31/2007parentthe times have changed, but not the quality. I brag about holy family. my daughter graduated and now my grandson that I'm raising is going into the fifth. I'm 60 and proud to say I graduated from holy family. by the way I'm LOU!
8/29/2007parentGreat School! Excellent teachers especially for Pre-K and Kindergarden. Love Ms. Conty and her assistants.
7/15/2005parentHoly Family is a great school, and has caring teachers. The after school program provides a healthy environment for your child, while they learn, and intereact with children of all ages. Its great overall.
5/17/2005parentEvery aspect of this school demonstrates quality education. Teachers are highly involved with the students and show a real concern for his/her classroom. After-school programs, tutoring and extra-curricular activities are in place to help anyone and everyone who may need them.
4/5/2005parentNice school and some good teachers. Minimal extracurricular activies and average parent involvement.
1/31/2005parentHoly Family is a very good school. The staff is excellent. The teachers are very willing to help students achieve their goals. Parents are also very involved with the goings on at the school.

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