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Immaculate Conception School
378 E 151st St
Bronx, NY 10455
(718) 585-4843
private | PK-8
County: Bronx


6/11/2011parentI have found this school to be one of the best schools in the bronx. My daughter has been there for several years and it has been a rewarding experience. I wouldn't change her to any other school in the bronx. I will be extremely sad when se graduates 8th grade and truly wish to find a high school with a great Principal, staff and teachers!
11/2/2010parentImmaculate Conception School is a wonderful school. The school community fosters a caring, safe and spiritual environment. My son attended Pre-K and is currently in Kindergarten and his experince has been extremely positive. The teachers are absolutely great educators and I have witnessed the students truly respect and love their teacher.
10/14/2010otherI am attending I.C.S. this year and am in the 7th grade. I have been here since Pre-K and this has been my home away from home. I would say that I know this school pretty well. This school is not horrible, as people make it seem. Yes, we get a lot of homework but not enough to drive us insane. I usually finish at 11:00 p.m. but not only because of the amount of homework. The work here is really challenging, but the teachers here care for us students. If you need help, they are willing to help you. The teachers are not horrible. I would say that I know the teachers. They do not look for any excuse to give you a detention, whoever says that t that are exaggerating. Teachers are to busy trying to help for things like that. Overall this is a really good school.
5/5/2010parentMy two girls are in ICS since kindergarden and I love ICS, this is the best school in the bronx.
2/4/2010studentThis school is great and we do have after school activities. There is read tuturing wich helps the smaller kids their is also badn, the basket ball team, and the step team. (visionsteppers.com) The school also gets the parents involved alot and we raised a lot of money to send to a school in Haiti! :P
10/22/2008parentI encourage you to speak w/other parents!! This is not a condusive environment for our children! This school is appalling!! The principal has been succuessful at keeping children enrolled because she banks on the fact that we are not united and don t communicate w/one another -there r no extracurricular activities! No parents assocation. Extremly rude teachers and incompentent staff. My son is no longer a student, found a much better environment. Complained to archdiose and nothing changed. $$$ Is what matters that and race.
3/26/2008studentI have been attending Immaculate Conception School since the age of three. I am currently in seventh grade and am not astonished to say that it is a horrible school. The teachers fifth grade and up love to do anything in their power to give students a detention.But, believe me that only the students form Pre -k to first grade have heat during the winters.Also when it is very warm the onlyone in the school who has air conditioning is the principle. For our playing area outside, we have a bunch of poles stuck in the ground.Now if any can inform me in what we are suppose to do with that please tell me. Also homework is a major issue for the grades fifth and up. I am always up to 12:00 in the morning because the smallest amount we recive is around six. Noexagerations put.
2/12/2008parentMy son is currently in Pre-K and he will not be returning to this school. Teachers are not good at communicating my child's progress and I don't feel it has been a nurturing environment during this important transitional phase.
4/27/2007parentMy two sons are presently attending ICS. I like the school very much, I find their school work challenging for each grade. From my experience the teachers at ICS are well prepare to teach.
8/14/2006parentI was very happy with this school until my son got to 6th grade. I learned about problems when it was to late.
3/22/2006parentMy daughter is in kindergarden. The school requires that you have alot of envolvment in your childs homework. The class get a lot of homework. A lot of writing practice. Reading and vocabulary. Really impressed at the rate and amount of homework for a kindegarden student. The motto is 'team work', meaning parents, students and teachers working together. (more like parents and student to me, but haven't been there long enough yet) Religous classes a plus.
2/4/2006parentMy daughter attends ICS and is much more motivated in educational and recreational activities. She is currently in the 6th grade and is doing great.
9/16/2005former studentI was in this in this school since pre-k and its a great school.I have graduated now and I am now in high school.I was on the basketball team which we won the championships.Also the teachers there are great.The principle there and the vice priciple are great also.The gym,computer,music,and art teachers are also great.Ics also has a wonderful library. If your son/daughter goes to this school I am sure they will like it. Sincerely, nelson negron!
9/6/2005parentMy daughter has been in ICS since Kindergarden. My daughter and I have virtually no problems with the school academically. Availability of music is limited, last year music was every Thursday. There were so many days off on Thursdays, and I was disappointed that the days were mostly not made up. There are too many students in each class (from 28 to 30 kids), which is not good for the students to learn. The teachers do not have assistants and were not capable of controlling so many kids. I find there is very little communication between teachers and parents. I got some disapointing feed back from my daughter about gym. I think the teachers should remove the students who are giving problems so that the others can learn. The whole class should not be affected by these disrupting students. The good students were upset because of this.
8/15/2005parentthe academic programs in the school are excellent my daughter had a reading comprehension problem but afer a year in a reading program,,,all i hear from her reading teachers is that she is a fabulous reader and know she understands what she reads ...also there is a great school band and basket ball program and all sorts of extracurrcular activities and afterschool programs ....most of all the school has a parent involvement programs
1/7/2005parentThis School is amazing. My son is in his second year at ICS and I can t imagine having him anywhere else. The Principle is great and is always open and available for suggestion and complaints. The teachers are dedicated. The tuition is affordable and the education is exceptional.
8/26/2003parentThis is an impeccable school, with an excellent Principle as their leader, followed by an outstanding team of assistants, facility and staff. The teachers are the beat in the Bronx and are all dedicated to provide the children at ICS the beat education possible. Currently I have 3 children of attending ICS, and they have been for many years, the reason for this is that I could not imagine them receiving their education anywhere else. The tuition is very reasonable.

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