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P.S. 182 - Bronx, NY

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
P.S. 182601 Stickball Blvd
Bronx, NY 10473
(718) 828-6607PK-5Bronx (Bronx)publicNYC Geog District # 8 - Bronx

Class SizeGradeYear
21 2008

School Head OfficialYear
Anne O'Grady2012


Students Getting Free LunchYear

8/18/2010parentMy daughter attends the Gifted and Talented program at PS 182. The school overall is very good. I find the Principal and staff to be very involved in the children education. All students are known by the staff on a first name basis. I feel very secure each day I leave my daughter at the school. Overall, the school does a fine job, considering the limited parent involment. Parents who complain are usually the ones who are not involve in the PTA or does not volunteer at school functions. The school could be EXCELLENT with more parent involvment.
8/4/2010otherP.S182 is a good school. I use to go to this school for 2nd-5th and am now in 8th grade. The teachers are great and caring and will take any time to talk to kids about any problem they are having in or out of school. Educationally, the school can do better but you see them trying their best. I had many good memorys with all teachers, princibal, and friends . I do reccomend this school.
7/19/2010parentMy daughter is now in the third grade. The teachers are good and fair. The assistant principals don't seem to know what they are doing, and the principal herself is not an active principal. The staff all walk around like they are walking on egg shells. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THIS SCHOOL?
1/11/2010parent My child has been attending P.S. 182 for over two years and the school staff needs work, and not well organized. this ultimately hurts the overall learning of the students.
12/21/2008parentMy daughter has been in the Gifted and Talented class since 1st grade. She is now in 3rd grade. Her teachers have been wonderful. She has excelled in reading and also does well in her other subjects. The only problem I have is the Principal. She is detached from the parents and the PA also needs work.
11/20/2008parentI am a parent of two children that go to PS 182, I like the school and the teachers, My children have had loving and caring teacher who have help them to excel. So far i am very happy with the school.
10/7/2008parentI had my child by four year and i dont has good experience with the principal and the school staff.the principal she never is helpful
9/30/2008parentthe principal is detached and doesnt reach out to parents and doesnt make herself availible
4/29/2008parentMy child has been at this school for 3 years. They are not very organized and need younger teachers. These children need fresh and young teachers that have new ideas and can keep up with them.
12/3/2007parentMy experience at the school has not been a positive one since the beginning of the school year. At this time, I am still unhappy with the school, the staff, and the curriculum. For children who have no experience with class rules and expectations, the principal, shows no support. The teachers, some of them anyway, have no control and no experience on how to manage a classroom with different ranges or levels of behaviors. These teachers go through the curricullum whether or not the student is having dificulties of any type.
8/4/2007studentI graduated from P.S. 182 in 2001 and this school is what made who i am today. with its strong values and hardwork made me be successful in high school its excellent school and im proud i went there.
3/31/2007parentWhat a horrible experience! My son fell through the cracks. No parental involvement. Could not even get a P.A. started.
4/5/2006parentMy opinion of this school will be premature since my child has been enrolled for a short time. My first impressions are this school has some caring teachers as well as a helpful principal.
1/30/2006parentOverall it was a very good school. The extracurricular activities were very educational. There was always a lot of interaction between the parent , teachers and students.
8/20/2005parentAs a parent of a graduate of P.S. 182 I would like to take this opportunity to inform my community of the excellent education my daughter recieved. My dauther was reading from kindergarden due to the outstanding academic program they use. She managed to keep a high level in reading through to forth grade. The music program provides the children with an opportunity to express their individual culture, and their art program deserves an applause for its involvement in our child's creativity. My concern lays with the parental involvement. Parents need to work towards a longtime goal of reducing class size. This is a problem that limits the teacher's ability to teach and the child's prime time of learning.

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