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P.S. 43 Jonas Bronck
165 Brown Pl
Bronx, NY 10454
(718) 292-4502
public | PK-5
County: Bronx (Bronx)


  Class SizeGradeYear
22 2008
  School Head OfficialYear
Giovanna Delucchi2012
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
9/24/2012otherI attended PS 43, grades 1-6 from 1950-1956. It was a wonderful school then and it sounds like a great school still. Mrs. Solberg was my 1st grade teacher and my brother's as well. In 4th grade I had Phoebe Schwarz who was very concerned for my family and me. I wish she was still with us. Now, I live in California and I'm 68 years old. It's been a great life and it all began at Jonas Bronck!
1/16/2012otherP.S. 43 X is an extraordinary educational institution. The Principal is an outstanding leader in the field in that she embraces what is best for her faculty in optimal Professional Development and her students for curricular innovations. Over the past three years P.S. 43x has developed a school-wide effort in the field of Emotional Intelligence and has established a collaboration with Lehman College to promote this very important concept.
1/16/2012otherExcellent Administrative leadership in that Emotional Intelligence for both teachers and students is a focused goal.
10/23/2009parentP.S. 43 has teachers who truly have the best interest of their students at heart
10/14/2009teacherI love PS 43 because we are all dedicated staff gear towards the same goal 'Students' success'.
10/12/2009parentIt' has dedicated staff members which are always willing to put children needs first.
10/8/2009teacherI love P.S. 43 because we are like a family unit. We are also safe, respectful and responsible.
10/7/2009parentPS 43 makes students and their family feel like at home. They welcome parents to participate in their children's education.
10/7/2009parentP.S. 43 teachers,staff, and administration work hard for the best of the students.
10/6/2009otherPS43 has the greatest staff
10/6/2009otherI love the awesome teachers and teachers aides that have helped my nephews become wonderful and smart young men! Thank you!!!
10/3/2009teacherP.S. 43 Bronx, NY has a committed, no- nonsense administration that has exceedingly high expectations. This is proof that they believe the students can excel and compete with any top school in the nation. The staff is the hardest working staff that gives more than 100% in spite of unsurmountable odds and obstacles. The physical building is extremely antiquated yet the staff treats it like a castle. The custodian is superb in keeping it immaculate and freshly painted. The boys and girls bathrooms compare to none in cleanliness and appeal. Each bathroom is bright and airy and they each have paper and soap which is rarely seen in most public schools. Even the children keep after each other to keep the bathrooms clean.The staff works tirelessly and selflessly to give each student their best. Many give up their prep times regularly to plan, prepare lessons, receive professional development and even perform lunch duty. The school is truly suffering from budget cuts, cuts in staff and lose of students to charter schools so the staff has vowed to 'dig in deeper' to reach their year's goals. What is most remarkable is that the staff members truly like each other and work as a team to help each other wade through the maze of daily demands made by the Board of Education's bureacracy. Kudos to a remarkable staff, administration and school community. Great, great job!
6/6/2006parentI love this school! My daughter graduated with high grades. The teachers are very caring and they take extra time to make sure the child understand the assignment.
5/29/2006parentno music, little art, little phys ed. there is no discipline. not a pleasant place. new principal has done nothing to make the school a better place for my son.
3/8/2006parentThis school is quite overcrowded but that having been said I think they provide the best assistance they can to their students.
2/16/2006parentI must say that I enrolled my son at this school and I have to say that it has made a difference in my son's life. He is more eager to learn and the teachers and the staff are really great.
12/8/2005teacherAcademic Programs could be better their is obviously a low moral in teachers and I feel it affects students within the school. There is a minimal amount of extra activities and parent involvement is not used wisely leaving the school lacking in all areas.
1/26/2005studentThis school needs a littleimprovement on the food . I'm not saying that it's bad because it's really heathy justa tad to greasy. The intertament is fabulous the other day the principal or i don't know who it but they bought a dvd player and the kids reallly enjoyed .Most of the time the children are bored half to death but i personally think its wonderful. Even though this school needs a little improvment it's a excellent school.
11/17/2003parentThe school has alot of good teachers ans a principal that very concern about her students, and the principal is not one to sit down at her desk, she's out there wit here kids and staff.
8/26/2003parentthe school needs better parent involement for childrenn to succeed
8/25/2003parentI am a parent and I am extremely happy that my two children attended Public School 43. The Principal acted consistently in the best interest of students and the school. The Principal is a leader with a broad purpose to facilitate a climate where students have opportunities to examine their own purpose. Teachers encourage students to learn research and technology skills so that they have access to the widest, broadest, and deepest thinking in the world on topics with which they are most involved. Teachers also encourage students to find personal meaning in their academic learning; and teachers assist students in finding ways to put into action the kinds of thinking and changes that are happening within them. Students experience purpose and meaning through many avenues: classroom activities, extracurricular activities, and connections with other students. Students also learn very early that teachers and other adults expect them to question, to seek solutions, to learn where and how to gather information, to experiment with a variety of responses, to help others seek information, and to report to others on their learning. I can go on and on commenting about Public School 43. The Principal, Assistant Principal, teachers and other staff members are awesome. I would recommend any parent to register their child at Public School 43!
6/27/2003 I am not happy with the school. It has changed greatly since I was there as a child. The teachers grade the children with low scores eventhough they do not deserve it. It has been hard to change my child's records -he knows the material well, helps other children yet got scored meeting standard. He meets and exceeds them. I will be transfering him out! I also noticed there isn't much organization throughout the school which is embarrasing and heartbreaking since we should be protecting one another.

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