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St. Athanasius School
830 Southern Blvd
Bronx, NY 10459
(718) 542-5161
private | PK-8
County: Bronx (Bronx)


  School Head OfficialYear
Marianne Kraft2012
2/16/2011parentmy daughter has been attenting this school for about a few months and its her first time in school. i am impressed how she has learned so much and will keep my daughter there. she is in pre-k3 and this is an excellent school compared to public. and they help you to acheive and help your child what they lack in. its worth my hard working money. keep up the great work.
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1/5/2010parentMy daughters have been attending St. Athanasius for 7yrs and will be graduating next year. i'm very please with the education my children are getting. The kids and staff are a big family. i would defintely recommend.
11/7/2009parenti myself being a former student,both my girls have gone there and if i had more kids..they'd go there too
8/9/2009parentMy daughter attends St. Athanasius School (entering 5th grade). I am extremely pleased with the education my daughter is receiving at this school. I love the fact that the principal knows each student by name (from Pre-K - 8th grade). I've never had any problems with the lack of supervision in the cafeteria as stated by another parent. I have; however, witnessed teachers yelling at kids acting out in the halls. I attended public school and I'm amazed at the level of education provided at St. Athanasius School. I would recommend St. Athanasius School to others.
4/3/2009parentSt. Athanasius did not meet the expectations they proclaim in their website of welcoming everyone into its school system. My son started Kindergarten in September 2008 and complained of the staffs' yelling to discipline him. There is a lack of supervision in the morning even though staff members 'patrol' the cafeteria. Some staff members have their children enrolled at the school. Many times they turn a blind eye when their kids misbehave. My son got hurt by a couple of his classmates and the principal refused to have a conference with the parents & children involved. I had to seek out the parents myself. The principal did not give us the support we needed but had no problem taking the money. This was the worst investment I ever made. As a result, I removed my son from this school in the middle of the year. But to the few staff MembersThatWereKindToMySonTHANKYOU:Ms.Quido,Mrs.Galvin,Mr.Solano,&theCafeteriaStaff.
6/16/2008parentWe were looking for a school that would carry out Christian values, was well structured, had caring teachers, had afterschool programs AND was affordable. We found St. Athanasius school in Sept. 2006. St. Athanasius school has everything and we are pleased. Ms. Kraft and all the teachers really care for the students, make themselves available to the families and really take the time to get to know each child. St Athanasius school unifies families with the child's education by bringing a child's best to strenghten their weaknesses and emphasizing that education starts at home. (Children currently attending Kindergarten and 4th grade -2008)
9/3/2005former studentI am a former student of St.Athanasius. I attended for 8 years and first hand experienced the very dedication that evry teacher shows. Teachers developed strong personal relationships with their students. Morals and values are instilled at a young age. Afterschool activities are also a big part of St.A's which includes the community with programs like UNITAS. If I still lived in NY my child woulf definately attend this school.
6/29/2004former studentI graduated St. Athanasius School six years ago and I can honestly say that it is one of the best schools you can attend. I was in school from Kindergarten to eighth grade and the teachers and staff really care about your education. Because the class size is small you build close relationships with your classmates, I am going to be a junior in college this year and I still hold keep in touch with many people from the school. I have many wonderful memories from St. Athanasius and I recommend this school to anyone who wants the best chance at an education.

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