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Pinnacle Charter School - Buffalo, NY

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Pinnacle Charter School115 Ash St
Buffalo, NY 14204
(716) 842-1244K-8EriecharterBuffalo City School District

Class SizeGradeYear
20 2008

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic5.031452009
Black, non-Hispanic88.05032009
Asian/Pacific Islander0.4192872009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Linda Marszalek2012


Students Getting Free LunchYear

10/6/2012parentI thought I would be happy with the school, but things quickly turned around. I've been there several times and noticed the principal always in her office. How does she know what's going on in the classrooms if she's never in them? The grading policies are crazy and the report card is difficult to child never saw any success or improvement through grades, although I know he made a lot of progress. He always felt badly when it was report card second grade child should have to feel badly about himself because of a report card! I think the teachers work hard, but there seems to be a negativity in the school that permeates everything. It's evident that many of the teachers aren't happy and are stressed out, and I've heard that many leave, even after the school year has started. Not good. My child is back in public school and I can say that it's a totally different world and he is doing much better and experiencing success he never felt at Pinnacle. It's due to a strong school community and good leadership. Think carefully about your child's self-esteem before enrolling there.
4/23/2012parentI currently have three children who attend and love Pinnacle Charter School. We adore the school staff as well as the other families who attend.My children have participated in a baseball league, basketball league, a soccer league, a science fair,music lessons , voice lessons,bike recycling program, a track league, and a self -esteem building program called "Girls on the Run", while here at Pinnacle Charter School among other activities. This school has had a great impact on my childrens lives, and we are blessed to be apart of this school!
1/26/2010parentI have nothing but great things to say about this school. My daughter attends this school and i also have recommended it to several parents who are looking to transfer their children from the public school to this school for the 2010-11 school year. This school really does care about their students. You will never find Mrs. Rotella in her office as she is always in a classroom helping a teacher. The teachers are fantastic. They will go above and beyond to help you with your child to see that your child succeeds and if outside resources are needed they will assist you with that as well. Im not sure if the reviews that were put in here were by involved parents but as an involved and active parent i can say what you put into your childs education is what you get out. The teachers work their tails off everyday.
5/14/2009parentThis school doesn't care about their students. They care about scores. This school is a disappointment to the community at large.
4/29/2009parentThis is my son's third year and he is doing awesome. He loves his teachers and his grades are excellent. I have nothing but good things abour Pinnacle. There are many resources for children and parents if your child is struggling with their studies.
12/2/2008parentAt first I was very happy with all that i thought pinnacle had to offer, but soon I was very upset with many things about the school. The administration was poor, the office staff is rude and out of touch with the needs of the students. I recieved poor communication regarding my children and i ver got my questions answered unless i caused a ruckus. I am glad i made a better chioce for my children.
3/16/2008parentI guess I had high hopes for the school. I hoped it would really be a great change for my Child, For the record I attend school events,I speak to my childs teacher daily' I attend meetings. I'm involved. However my child is failing and the school does not know what to do for her, We come up with great ideas together then they drop the ball each time. Frankly I'm sick of checking behind teachers and Adminstration to ensure they are doing what needs to be done for our children. The school is great for students who have little to no issues' but for us parents who have children who suffers from learning disabilites they don't know what to do to make them sucessful, it hurts really bad to see your child suffering in school and the staff not all , treat you like crap because your vocal parent.
3/12/2008parentPinnacle Charter School Is Great! My children have excelled so much there. I have 3 children with special needs that attend Pinnacle. All of there needs are met and they are on the fast track to success.The first year they attended I noticed drastic changes in a very short amount of time. I am very pleased with what PCS has to offer. To each his own. We Choose PINNACLE CHARTER GO PCS!
7/24/2007parent[T]his school is a joke i took my children out and put them in another charter school and they found my kids were below grade level which is suprizing since one of my children whats elevated a grade before coming to this school. [I]n my opinion this school [has] poor leadership and some of the most arrogant yelling staff members.
7/9/2007parentPinnacle is a fantastic school and a great place for my son. They have gym class 4 times a week and art and music 2 times. He has been taking Spanish since Kindergarten and loves his middle of the day club. The Family Council meeting never start on time and that is one problem that I have. The teachers are so hard working and very friendly. They are always working the events at night and never seem to tire of the kids! I love Pinnacle and think that in the next few years, the scores and ratings will go up.
7/3/2007parentthis schools leadership is quite poor and they dont address parents concerns and privacy is not one of their attributes. this school had such great potential , but now it's just another school that is failing the community . this is not the principal school it's the community.
7/2/2007parentPinnacle has creative ideas, but often the ball gets dropped. family council starts at 4pm. If your child attneds the YMCA after school program due to daycare needs, It should be clear that there are some parents who are not going to make it. I don't want to remove my child, but I believe that there are many barriers in front of the teachers and parents. If the parents don't feel heard. aprrechiated, or valued, what type of education community are the kids going to have. I know a hand full of parents pulling out, it's only a matter of time where leadership is going to be forced to look at the problems or we won't be rating pinnacle as a school.
6/8/2007parentthe bussiness first rating isn't anywhere near where we we'r told as parents it would be. the people are not fulfilling their promise to parents nor the kids and it's really really sad , they just get more and more beligerent as days go by with these smug attitudes but what goes around most certainly comes around this school will not listen to you if your vocal they just tell you whats wrong with what your doing i will look for another place next year buffalo schools don't look at all bad compared to this school .
5/30/2007parentthis school isn't at all the worst but it's a far cry from the best. those parents tht don't ruffle feathers get what they want while others just have to take it or leave it , the receptionist is rude and the teachers are extremely rude will be looking for other options for next year.
5/23/2007parentPinnacle stated out on a very good note, as a parent when your children are having problems in school it is your job to ask questions. Pinnacle is a good place for parents who do not speak out for their children, if your one who will be involved in your children s live this is not the school for you. Make sure you put what you need to say in writing because if you do not, believe me things will be turned around. I am sad that I had to remove my children but what can you do if situations are being misunderstood more than understood. To lie is never a good thing.
5/21/2007parentPrivate school education in a public school , you gotta be joking last one out be sure to turn off the lights because this school surely wont be around for long
5/19/2007parentThis is our 3rd year at Pinnacle. I have seen such a great overall improvement in my children and nephew! The opportunities at this school are endless, my daughter was nominated by Mr. Kling for a National Leadership Conference, which the school helped with fundraisers to help us afford it and what a learning experince for her. The last two years she was first the the science fair (which is very well run) and had the opportunity to compete at Bflo State. All of the teacher are very concerned and responsive to each childs individual needs (even if they are not specificly in that teachers class). Parents who have concerns are always welcome at the Family Council were we work together to get issues resolved, if you e-mail Mrs. Rotella she response quickly & address' your individual needs (even when you are one of many. I higly recommend this school. #1
5/19/2007parentMy son attends this school the building is modern and clean and full of friendly family orentatied people! Everyone is supported and it has the feeling of a neighborhood school do to the many family programs that are offered throughout the year, such as the family picnic, bako, Family Council Meetings. The after school programs that are offered and of great varity, the can try everything from Violin, drums, football, steele sculpting, girl scouts. One of my favorite things is the uniforms! I love it makes every morning easier! They are also very easy to find! My child is very happy to attend this school, we never have a problem with I do not want to go to school today, he usually gets up and says that I have this club or this special today and can't wait to get to school to participate! My niece will be attending next year!
5/4/2007parentSchool really does try to be on the level of a private school but overall leadership is poor, this school is stopping station if your in a bind but certainly not a solution . The afterscoll clubs were once very good but now the middle school has just gotten out of control
3/6/2007parentWhat began as a great idea has diminished into yet another warehouse for kids. This school is great for younger children but lacks a strong discipline ethic, strong ethnic role models for both boys and girls and cultural representations that reflect the student body.
2/20/2007teacherOne of the most dedicated staff I have ever seen, They work hard to meet the needs of their students, parents and community. Other parents need to realize what a wonderful place Pinnacle is and help support the development of their own children instead of complaining about it.
1/29/2007parentwonderful school. our kids get a private school education in a public school. The teachers are good and they really care about their students. Mrs. Rotella and Mrs Davis are very helpful. My only issue is the lack of parent interest and invovlement.
1/2/2007parentThis school is really not good. This school however does work for some people ,not for me. Good luck.
12/19/2006parentThey treat the parents as if they are from a different planet.
12/13/2006parentMy son attends Pinnacle and it s a good school. His needs are met and I have never had a problem with staff or the Principal. School is what you make it and parents have to be involved, not just complain. We will probably apply to City Honors for 5th grade, but Pinnacle is great for right now.
11/6/2006parentThis school is just out of control. Will be leaving with my child really soon
2/24/2006parentGood school for boys. Lots of activity. After school programs available.
2/6/2006parentI think that the group programs they offer are great and so does my son. He was in the Willy Wonka Club last semester and that was all he talked about. He reminds me nightly to read to him and he loves showing everyone his spelling tests. I like that the tests are geared to where he should be and that his behavior (not always perfect) is not held against him. They work with him and they are always available if I need to talk about his progress. They give sound advice and they don't wait until report card time to let me know if there are things I need to work with him on , that is a big help to me and I am glad that I chose to transfer him to this school. This turned out to be the best place for him.

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