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Stanley G Falk School
848 Delaware Ave
Buffalo, NY 14209
(716) 882-0090
private | n/a
County: Erie


  School Head OfficialYear
Ann Wesner2012
2/6/2012parentmy son went to stanley g falk school in cheektawaga ny , my son had learning disabilities, and behavior prolbems and was expelled from public school, i only have praise for this wonderful school , expecially his teachers, they worked with him constantly with behavior and taught me how to deal with bad behavior at home and away from school, Miss Burns was his main teacher for the three yrs he attended, i believe with all my heart she Saved my son, from a certian life of hardship and failier, now he works full time as a cook, has nice friends and is able to cope with dissapointment that may come his way, he is now 28 yrs old , so yes there is hope... kathy frederick
1/10/2011otherThe Stanley G. Falk School is a school which is dedicated in helping children achieve a world class education, when other schooks have given up. This is a school that does not give up on the children. The school is well funded and has the intrest of the children at hand. The staff work together as a whole to create a consistent environment for the students. It is the key factor of consistency which allows the students to become active members in the classroom and become life long learners.
9/29/2010studentI think this school is amazing. The teachers are nice and I disagree that they don't care. If any school doesn't care it is the public schools.The teachers here don't even get paid that much.I think they deserve a raise for dealing with the students. This school just gets better every year. There is only two things that bother me but knowing the school they will improve on them. I feel the uniforms should have a wider variety of colors (black for example) and the time we get to eat lunch is a little short.Thats the only thing they could improve on that I can think of.
8/1/2010parentMy nephew has been attanding Faulk nearly 1 month now... and his improvement is incredible. He's more focused listens more and gives me little grief over daily activities. I recommend this school to parents who have a child like my nephew...diagnosed with ODD- ADHD- Learning disability and the list goes on.
3/28/2010parenti think the falk school is great i went there when i was 12 to i was 19 and they helped me have coffedance and showed me i didnt have to act out to get what i want and i have to say thank you for everything you have done for me and the things u do for my daughter she also goes to falk and she is happy and improveing in her work in all areas thank you for what you do to help children
1/3/2010parentthis school is not what a child needs no self exspression of no extra curricular activitys.
11/4/2009parentWithout alternative program like the Falk school, and teachers who differentiate material, my child would still be struggeling and failing.
9/28/2009studentA very good school for kids who care about their education, if your child no longer wishes to attend school it's best not to force them. The teachers can be vicious and few often bring their religion and political views into the class. Falk has very little room for self expression, even where there should be, art music and dress code are all censored. If you don't think your children deserve basic human rights, than this is the school.
8/7/2009studentAll my life i had troubl in math but every since i started cambridge i have been on another level thanks 2 mrs.Hammond 7 grade math teacher
5/21/2009parentSince my son started Stanley G. Falk, He is been on the honor roll for the past 4 years, thank's to the dedication of the the teacher's and staff. Stanley G. Falk was there When everyone gave up on him. I am a proud parent to have my child in this excellent School. Proud of him and proud of Stanley G. Falk.
11/1/2008parentIf it wasn't for the Falk school, I do not know where my son would be. The teachers and his counselors have been very helpful and have gotten us through some very rough times. The school is very clean and welcoming.
10/19/2008parentAs a parent with a difficult child, I can truely appreciate the Falk School. These are the teachers who didn't give up on my son. There were some rough days, but the progress I've seen with improved grades and smiles can not compare to the struggles we've been through in district. My child actualy tells about school and doesn't fight with me each morning when I wake him up for school. I am looking forward to seeing even better self-esteem in my son as the school year continues.
8/26/2008otherThis school is not all it's cracked up to be. The teachers there are not equipped for the job. They do not particularly care about the students, they just seem content to take their paychecks and leave as soon as possible. They don't deal with problems fairly and constitently. It is an unpleasent experience. There is little parent involvement! The principle does not really seem to care!
1/3/2008parentIt's a last step program for some very troubled kids. Frankly, I'm not sure how the teachers can do it. If your child is going there, it's because all other solutions have failed. They provide a structured environment that allows children to make something of themselves. The teachers and their aides work hard, and seem to care. I have a child with extreme emotional problems, and I'm not sure where she would be if not for this school. They are well funded, and resources are plentifull. They have full time counselers working with the kids. Great experience.
6/1/2007former studentThere is a lot to say about this school. As a student there it helped as a 'stepping stone' towards achieving a high school diploma. I was fortunate enough to meet some great teachers, who have helped guide me through my stay. However, the Falk School has much room for improvement. As someone wrote earlier, the school is very political- conservative. Furthermore, many teachers seemed to be 'going through the motions' during class. It's tricky because the students their are so bad behaviorally, that nothing ever gets done. Extremely frustrating. Also, teachers there give off this vibe that they hate their jobs- and it always feels that they can't wait to just receive their paychecks and leave for the day. If you as a parent are absolutely forced to send your child there, then it may be the structure needed for success. It's not an enjoyable experience by any means. Good Luck
6/7/2006teacherThis school has an excellent reputation for helping students with emotional/behasvioral disorder become contributing members of the community. My experience with the school allowed me to witness strong behavior and classroom management which in turn increases the students' ability to focus on academic tasks. At times the administration can be extremely 'political' but the teachers are very involved caring individuals who make each child's needs a priority.

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