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Freeport High School
50 S Brookside Ave
Freeport, NY 11520
(516) 867-5305
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public | 9-12
County: Nassau


  School Head OfficialYear
Ernest J. Kight Jr2012
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
7/25/2012parentAs of today, I don t have a review as my child will attend as a freshman in September 2012. I do have my concerns. Coming from the outer boroughs, Brooklyn, NY to be exact, I first believed, perhaps naively, that Nassau County schools were superior to city schools. After reading reviews, listening to students, teachers, and parents, I ve deduced that Freeport is certainly not the best but it s not the worst either. It can be better! As my child begin their high school academic career at Freeport HS, I will definitely be involved and therefore check out the school culture and bring back my thoughts on this arena; Especially for other parents like me, who love the beautiful homes in Freeport but are put off by what they ve heard or here about the school and consequently reluctant to buy. So I m providing 3 stars from what I ve heard. As I have my own experience, my stars will commensurate to reflect my experiences.
3/20/2012otherDo not enroll your children to this school. Gangs, bullies, fights,people stealing phones for profit,teachers cursing are some of the many things that your students will encounter.
6/17/2010parentHarrasement: I must say that I read the two reviews below and this is not the case in this school. In order for your child to be suspended she has to engage in some sort of activity that warrented the suspension. This school has a NO toleance for this sort of activity, so this is totally unbelievable. There are many school that have bullies and unwanted behavior from students, this is not what you base a school rating on. You are bitter and should leave Freeport if you deont like it because it is a good school. As for the after school programs, many school wish they had the spots and activities that we have to offer in our school. Two thumbs up to our new principal and all of his hard work. Congrads to our Cheerleading team, LICCA Champions 2009 and 2010!!!
4/15/2010parentA school that has so many after school programs does not mean that the school is good. That means that our homeower tax will go up. To the students school is all about friends, not learning or go to school to take care of business. As a parent from Freeport, I can say that administration should consider in restructuring the education on this town.
4/7/2010parentMy daughter was being picked on by another student and my daughter got tired of it and got into a heated argument with the student in the class room. Teacher threw both students out. 2 days later the other child was with 2 other students and my daughter felt threatened and went to find help in the Deans office - Long story short. My daughter was suspended as well as the other student. This is what administration is teaching our kids when they go to them for help.
3/15/2010parentMy child was harrased several time. I will not get into that. The school does somehow manage to pull in some good teachers but the school overall does not know how to manage kids. You can say great things about the school and some teachers but look at how the testing compares to the state average. Freeport fails in pretty much every subject.
12/16/2008studentFreeport High School is a great learning instituituion. I have never been any where else where they prep you so well . If any parent has anything bad to say about Freeport its probably their kid who is having trouble or is blaming Freeport for their kids failure in their life. I have never seen a school with so many teachers that are willing to stay after school for about two or three hours after coming in before the students have arrived and some are teaching night school until eight o'clock at night.(Some get paid and some do not get paid but right off the back you can see the level of dedication in these teachers.)There have been several fights in FHS but I have surronded myself with wonderful friends who want to go somewhere and get an Adv. R.diploma. Its not about where you live, its how you live.
9/22/2008parentI have no problem with FPHS. Any institution is a good as the parent involvement- the teachers do their part- and the parents MUST do their's- accountability on both ends = student success!!
9/5/2008parentits a great school I have no problems with it my daughter enjoys every bit of it she does very well thanks to good leadership and great teachers.
9/3/2008parentis a great school for my son and its really not the bad like everyone says it is but only real man and woman finish freeport high school
5/16/2008parentI found the teachers to be very knowledge and willing to help those students that were wanted to go the extra step to succeed. The principal and vice principal were very hands on administrators and were accessible to the parents.
11/14/2007studentI m a current student at Freeport High School. FHS is very strong in its musical department and athletic department. Also, the school is strong on diversity and there are new students coming into the school everyday. Many students disrupt classes and act very immature. Many students are failing in their academics and every year the number of students failing increases. In conclusion, I think that out of a possible 10, FHS deserves a 5-6 because the academic level is not up to par neither is the seriousness and determination of both the parents and students.
9/29/2007parentI feel this school is excellent in so many ways. It's a safe and healthy learning environment as it should be.
9/10/2007student FHS has a great NJROTC program which has helped and improved my discipline and responsibility level. I'm very thankful for the chance to be involved in this program. The teachers at FHS are understanding & I've had the luck to have very cool teachers who try to help me in everything they can.
7/30/2007studentI am sketchy about freeport high school. I am a student and boy is it dramatic, everyday. Ill be going into my junior year and I feel as if I'm not recieving the high school experience. The only thing is that I love the sports. The sports are definately what keeps me going to this school
4/11/2005parentMy kids love freeport schools. My oldest is graduating from college (Freeport Class of 2001) my next son is graduating from Freeport HS, my daughter is going to the high school is Sept. None of my kids have ever been afraid. It is a shame that our schools are portrayed as roving gangs thru the hallways. Is it perfect..no..do we have problems..yes...but it is more true to life than a lot of other districts. We have great programs and could use more parental support. Our district is very involved in music and the arts. We have great sports programs. The biggest problem we have is PR..we are constantly in the paper for what we don't do..not for what we do.
3/9/2005staffThis school is so violent! Its like the drug and gang capital of the island. Over 50% of the students are failing. There are 12th graders in 9th grade courses.
2/15/2005parentThis school is an absolute dump. try going by at dismissal time, when there are numerous police cars, gangs and security all over the place. Its like INNER CITY comes to long island. forget about sending your kids there. Horror Show.
2/13/2005former studentThe quality of academic programs are great! They are consistantly strong in music, arts and especially sports. Great football and basketball teams. Parent involvement could use improvement.
2/4/2005former studentI belive that FHS is probably one of the best schools on the island. FHS has diversity like no other school which is one of its strongest selling points. I attended FHS from 1994-1998 and am now in my 3rd year of veterinary medical school and will be a veterinarian in just a little over a year. My best friend who also graduated from FHS will be graduating medical school in 2007. FHS offers many more AP courses than many of the private schools on the island. In addition to the superiority of the teaching staff, sports are also great! I was on the lacrosse team, soccer team, cross country and track teams and all the coaches were just excellent. If you aren't into sports there are a variety of extracurricular activities that will meet just about anyones interests. Overall FHS offers everything for a well rounded high school education!
1/4/2005former studentAll schools have both its good and its bad. Hence, there are no 'perfect' schools in human society. Although Freeport High School has had its challenges one can not ignore the fabulous teachers and extra curr. activities at the H.S. The Select Chorale Choir at FHS is one of the top choirs in Long Island today. May I suggest we speak not only of the negative but the positive aspects as well.
12/17/2004parentFreeport is too violent. Its the most unsafe school on the island.
12/10/2004parentI went to this school for a day and this day enough made me know that freeport high school isn't a safe school for anyone.

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