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Immaculate Conception School
179-14 Dalny Rd
Jamaica, NY 11432
(718) 739-5933
private | PK-8
County: Queens (Queens)


  School Head OfficialYear
Dorothea Breen2012
9/18/2012parentICS is a great School that recognizes the sovereignty of God. The Principal teachers and all staff I have met are respectful and committed to their work. My daughter joined Grade 7 as a transfer student and she was assisted to settle in very well.
8/21/2012parentMy child attends this school and is going to grade 1. I like the teachers that I have been in contact with especially my son's kindergarten teacher Ms. Reyes who was lovely and would keep me up to date if my son misbehaved in class. Also, Ms. Breen (principal) is wonderful. She actually knows all her kids and call them out by their names (how she does this I don't know). However, I feel they should develop a system wherein children who are more advance in their class should be given more advanced work. I will see what happens in this 1st grade because my child is reading at a 2nd grade level and so do a couple of kids that I know about and there are kids I know who are below 1st grade level in both reading and other skills. I am curious to see what will happen in 1st grade because all these kids will be there and they will be at different levels. I just don't want my child to get bored even though he is challenged when he gets home. So I will just wait and see.
6/20/2011parentI greatly recommend this school. My son has attended ICS since kindergarten. He is currently in 4th grade, and does very well academically and socially. He has received Principal Honors every year. I knew Dr. Jaffe and she was a great principal. She helped my son in kindergarten when he was having problems adjusting to his new school. I haven't had any problems with the new principal, Ms. Breen, She was very supportive and accommodating to my son when we had a recent tragedy in my family. ICS teachers work with the students. They are fully enriched through homework and testing. As with any school, parent involvement is also important to a child's success.
3/23/2011parentI do not agree totally with the last entry. My daughter is a current student at this school. She is academically advance for her grade level, and does not seem to be having any ill effects because of it. They may not always challenge her. We supplement her education on the outside. Instead, they provide a nuturing, loving environment for her socially. There are various activities throughout the year for students, staff and parents alike. The principle has an open door policy, and the students love her. In fact, one day I spied her tying the shoes of a pre-k student when asked by the student. You can not always get everything you want in a school. However, if you are looking for a school where your child can be well rounded; Immaculate Conception School in Jamaica Estates, is the place for you.
2/28/2011parentThis school is a waste of your money. The children in these schools are completely behind in math and various subjects.
10/7/2009parentI love Immaculate Conception School b/c the Teachers actually care about their students and always go ahead a step in helping them....
6/29/2009parentI recomend this school. It is great.
6/1/2009parentI loved this school years ago. The Principal changed and so did the school. The teachers are good but the Principal talks more at you than to you. I know it hard to run a school but the parents are just as important as the students. We are the one who pays the tution. I felt like I was paying Harvard prices and getting treated like it was public school not like there is anything wrong with public school, but if you're paying for private you expect private.
5/13/2009studentI LOVE ICS it is the best school!! The Teachers are very nice and encouraging
8/26/2008parentMy son go to ICS and is a very good school.
6/13/2007parentMy daughter graduated from ICS. Her years at ICS (grades k-8)is one of the reasons she is well rounded, exceptionally educated, and happy. Dr. Jaffie runs a tight ship. She demands excellence from her teachers and students. The teachers are excellent.Dr. Jaffie gets nothing but respect and she deserves it! This school is a powerhouse. If you're looking for a Catholic School, ICS surpasses every other Catholic School in the borough of Queens! Check it out!
1/29/2007former studentthey encourage snobbish behaviour and have managed to produce some 'young ladies' who are rather full of themselves and regard themselves too highly. I am a past student of this institution and so this is my personal experience. it was by God's grace that i did not turn out like some of the others. The teachers and principal need to encourage the students to embrace more of their Jamaican culture and heritage and not treat it with such disdain.
8/24/2006parentIn my opinion, I.C.S is a very good school. It has great teachers and gives studentds a chance to express their personality. The principal is very good with kids and the kids are very well disciplined. All my 4 kids went to this school and the first born is graduating harvard, the second born is going to harvard, and the two littlest are in townsend harris highschool.
3/16/2006parenti think immaculte is one of the overall best school in queens , the school is extyremely clean and well kept , the pricipal is a little hard with te parents but she is great with the kids, most parents are very involved with the school and they do alot of volunteer work, the school continues to do well on all the state requirment exams.
3/14/2006former studentExellent school excellent teachers who provide a diversified and interesting curriculum
9/4/2005parentMy child is a 6th grader this september at ics. She is excited to learn new things like chemistry. She can't wait to resume flute lessons and to meet her new teachers. She enjoys picking out school supplies that differs from the simple, boring ones given to her by the school. She likes to have personalized supplies. She is a big fan of 'hello kitty'. She is not looking forward to gym. Also, she is glad that she has n.U.T (no uniform today) card days. These days are special because they allow her to put together an outfit for school that expresses her own style and love of fashion! Overall, she feels very happy with ics and would like to continue going there. Lastly, the dances last year were well decorated and well planned out. The talent shows the have at ics are also very good and fun for friends.
12/21/2004parentMy daughter is in the 2005 graduating class. Immaculate Conception School has provided her a strong foundation for high school. Not only is she academically strong, she is a deciplined, well rounded child who is prepared for the challenge of high school and college. Thank you Dr. Jaffie and staff. I got value for my money.
8/26/2003parent I have three kids in this school. They are going to 7,5,& 2 grades and we are happy with their progress. If you are looking for a Catholic school in Queens take a look at Immaculate Conception.

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