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School Profile

St. Martin De Porres School
122 Cedar Valley Rd
Poughkeepsie, NY 12603
(845) 452-4428
private | PK-8
County: Dutchess


  School Head OfficialYear
Kathleen A. Leahy2012
6/19/2012parentTeachers have been GREAT, but class sizes nearing 40 students does not promote a strong learning environment (especially considering the cost). There IS a lot of homework, which leads to hardly any downtime during the week. Sometimes it seems as though they aren't dedicating enough time for the critical subjects and therefore expect the child to make up for it at home. The school expanded the cafeteria, but the food is NOT in your child's best interest (hot dogs, chicken nuggets). Drop-off/pickup is dangerous given the fact that there is absolutely no system in place. I have personally witnessed three vehicle collisions in the school's parking lot in the last year! There is a Parent Involvement Program which is nice Parents should be involved at the school, but EACH parent is REQUIRED to donate 10 hrs! If you fail to do so, they will withhold your child's report card until you pay them up to $200.
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9/17/2009parentSt. Martin de Porres School is a large family with the common goal of educating children while fostering their love of learning! I truly magical place!
5/6/2009parentThe educational community of St. Martin's is outstadning. The new principal, Mrs. Leahy, has brought a breath of fresh air into the school. While some teachers are better than others, Leahy works hard to mark sure that our children are getting the best education possible. Students are praised for a job weel done, while those that get off track are gently redirected. As a public education teacher, I send my children to St. Martin's for a true sense of community, educational value, and a caring atmosphere. The students are challenged and there is a lot of homework, but the expectations far exceed the standards in a public school. Mrs. Canfield, the science teacher is outstanding, and Mrs. Leahy runs a caring and spiritual school. You have to work, but it is definitely worth it. What a difference, the new principal makes.
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1/29/2009teacherI have been a teacher for several years in public schools. This is my first year at St. Martin de Porres in Poughkeepsie. I am working part time as I finish my master's degree. I truly believe this is a wonderful environment for children to learn! I am refreshed to see education as it should be! I also enjoy working with the staff. Mrs. Leahy is the new principal who shows concern, commitment and respect to students and education! Proud to be part of the staff! Sra. Massiala Spanish Teacher
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5/5/2008parentThis school is horrible! The teachers are incompetent and the administration is mean. After wasting a few years in this dump I had to send my child to a private tutor to learn what was supposed to be covered in the classroom. Leaving that school was the best thing we could have done. I never regret my decision to leave. Now that we are in a new school I really do see how poorly run that place is.
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3/4/2007parentMy daughter loves this school. She has loved Mrs. Lyons and is very challenged by Mrs. Canfield's awesome science classes. Academic program is wonderful. There are opportunities to get advanced math placement in the middle school grades (6, 7, 8). There are no extracurricular activities afterschool. Parental involvement is encouraged, but rarely seen. Art and music programs are disappointing. Special needs children are worked with within the confines of the program. Principal can sometimes be difficult, but is approachable. In the past, parish priest were involved with the children. No longer the case - the children miss that!
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7/6/2006former studentSome very good teachers. Loved Mrs Salerno and Mrs. Braia. Miss it lots!
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2/28/2006parentA good place to get your child on the right track both in school and in life. The principal is very caring and concerned as are most of the staff. Extra curricular activities are scarce- Math Counts, an occasional 5-8th,play and the band is good (but you pay for lessons). High degree of parent involvement. Not alot of enrichment or help for special needs children- but all in all a good basic education.
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2/14/2006parentSome great teachers who truly care about the students. The principal is a bit controlling at times. Sometimes she is not very flexible with certain children. Overall my children (all three) have been happy with their St. Martin experience. My children's favorite teachers have been Mr. Gleason, Mrs. Braia, Mrs Kopa and Mrs. Van Dewater.
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1/27/2006teacherMany caring teachers who have the students best interest at hand. Great Art program. Awesome teacher!
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