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Living Word Academy
6101 Court St Rd
Syracuse, NY 13206
(315) 437-6744
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private | PK-12
County: Onondaga


  School Head OfficialYear
Phil Mastroleo2012
11/1/2011otherExcellent School, both spiritually and educationally. Bible based teaching, promoting true Christianity, selflessness, and holiness. My education here put me many levels above my peers in college. I graduated at the top of my class in college and attended a top rated graduate program because of the HARD WORK and knowledge instilled in me at Living Word. I strongly encourage you to consider sending your children here.
3/10/2011otherAttended the Academy from Pre-K to 12th grade - I graduated top of my class! BUT found out when I got into college that I barely had a 9th grade education! Please if you care at all about your kids, don't send them here!!!
1/26/2011parentLiving Word Academy is absolutely a solid school, well-grounded in the Lord Jesus Christ, that teaches sound doctrine to their students as well as great academics. If you have any doubts, they always welcome a student to sit in classes for a day to see what its like. The staff are all sincere, honest, wise and intelligent and firmly stand up for the Word of God. Not to mention over 75% of them are volunteers. A true family.
1/25/2011otherLWA is a safe haven for born-again followers of Christ. The children are taught in both academics and spiritual matters. The teachers and volunteers are all Bible believing Christians and do nothing but love the kids. It's inexpensive and every child is cared for as if they were the teacher's own because they consider themselves part of the family of Christ. I would definitely recommend this school.
4/12/2010parentI love the Lord Jesus with all my heart, but Do NOT send your kids HERE, unless you want them to be scarred for life, and to be turned off to christianity. Psychologically the environment is terrible and will only harm your child in the future. The church thinks they are being persecuted for christ because of the negative feedback they get about bieng a cult, but really the environment is very controlling. If you want your child to grow up healthy, mind body soul..for Jesus. Do not send your child here!
8/8/2008parentExcellent, and highly recommended. I attended 1-12 now my daughter attends.
6/15/2008otherWonderful environment for the growth of children of all ages, mentally, spiritually, and physically as well.
3/3/2008parentThere are over 100 volunteers per week at the school. I would say that is exceptional parental involvement. The sporting events are filled with many parents and former students who comprise a great majority of the fans at these events. The teachers are devoted to the children to bring them the finest education possible. It is not just a job. There is however a greater commitment from the staff and that is to bring each student to a place of greater devotion to our Lord Jesus Christ. My observation for the last 30 years is that as a result of this very fact. The Spirit of the Living God has the opportunity to move on the children. Filling them with his Spirit and directing their lives. How many schools in this country will interrupt the class schedule so the students can pray and seek the Lord?
2/8/2008studentAttending Living Word Academy has been a wonderful experience in my life. I am in my 11th grade year and I love it. Yes being a teen is hard and its sometimes hard to fit in with people, but without the gangs, drugs, fights it really makes me thankful for the place I am in. The teachers are wonderful and kind. Yes they correct us but its out of love. I am in my second year of varsity volley ball and I am having a blast. Next year as a senior I will help lead the team, I can't wait. Yes like every teenager I have gone through trials with kids in the school but God brings me through them and its nice not haveing to deal with fighting to be accepted and deal with bullies. I thank God for all the people who have made LWA possible.
4/24/2007parentThis LWA is a miracle, the Spirit of God is present in this place. The faculty (Holy Spirit filled) provide what is necessary to aid in the survival of the next generation in these dark times. Priorities are first...Worship of Our Lord Jesus Christ, study of the Word of God come first. Academically preparing my children for higher education. It is the Lord Jesus Christ that enables all this to come to pass year after year.
5/15/2006former studentI attended this school from Pre-K through 12th grade. This school provided me with both a solid Christian foundation, and a strong academic knowledge. I went on to college and did very well, largely due to the top-notch teaching the Academy provides.
7/11/2005parentMy three children began attending LWA four years ago. They were welcomed by their new classmates and teachers as well. They immediately felt at home. My oldest son, felt a calling to be there, comfortable with the children, and said they were respectful of each other and the teachers. Four years later, my children have grown not only academically, they are challenged in their daily learning, but also in their walk with the Lord.
4/7/2005parentMy son began attending LWA on November 2005. He came from a public school where he was feeling 'out of place.' He felt as if 'his life at home and school were not the same. That no one knew who he really was.' LWA's caring christian environment has transformed him into a confident happy boy in a matter of weeks. The academic and social bar are much higher. However he seems to work much better within this more structured perimeter. He has developed friendships with children who are likeminded , friendships I hope last a lifetime. I can't say enough about our experience at LWA.
9/9/2003parentI have had 4 students in the Academy and while it did cost a lot the education they received was worth every penny. All have gone on to higher education and have done well in admission tests. As with all schools some teachers are great others only fair, but parental involvement is accepted, if not encouraged. The concern of all students is taken into consideration, not just the brightest. I am very greatful for having had the opportunity to send my children to the academy. It was worth all the overtime and weekends I had to work.

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