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Lufkin Road Middle School - Apex, NC

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Lufkin Road Middle School1002 Lufkin Road
Apex, NC 27539
(919) 387-44656-7WakepublicWake County Schools

Class SizeGradeYear

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic75.10962009
Black, non-Hispanic14.37342009
Asian/Pacific Islander5.433832009
Native American or Native Alaskan0.350572009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Karen Sinders2012


10/28/2012parentLufkin Middle is a wonderful school. My son is in Grade 6 and he is looking forward to go to school daily. All the teachers are wonderful and teach their students very well. They keep their students busy by giving reasonable amount of homework and projects with reasonable level of difficulties. Basically, if the students follow teachers instructions, focus in class, and do all their assignments, they can do well in this school. Teachers provided after school hours to help students that need help, and they are very responsive to parents' emails. We feel very blessed that my son is attending Lufkin Road Middle School.
9/7/2012otherim on track 4 grade 7 and i love the teachers and everyone!! my friends are great! i was new this year and i really enjoy Lufkin Road Middle School and adding on to all the fun and excitement, they have a large variety of activities and clubs to join!
10/28/2011otherThe teachers are nice, funny, and they try and do their best to help me learn as much as possible. Lufkin is great! :)
10/12/2011parentMy daughter attends Lufkin and I am very impressed with the school. The principal articulates a clear and focused goal: preparing students to excel in high school. He clearly understands middle-schoolers and education which inspires great confidence. He is highly approachable, yet holds himself, his staff and his students to a high standard. My daughter's teachers have challenged her to reach beyond her own expectations. There have been moments that she's felt overwhelmed. But, she is seeing hard work pay off and gaining cofidence and competence that she never new she had.
7/17/2011parentIn comparison to other schools we've attended in the area, LRMS was heaven. Our son will be moving on to high school in the fall and overall his experiences at Lufkin have been enjoyable. Starting out, we did have some young inexperienced teachers but they were not ineffective. We had no major problems at LRMS; 7 & 8 grade years, our son had several male teachers and they were great role models and seemed to care a great deal about the students.
2/10/2011parentThis is our first year at Lufkin and we have been extremely impressed with the teachers. My work load for my 6th grader is challenging, fun, and manageable. I think the variety of work gives opportunities to meet the needs of kids with different leaning styles. The kids all seem to get along and enjoy school.
3/4/2010parentLots of the teachers are young and inexperienced. Not having kids of their own I dont think they understand the parents viewpoint at all. We have noticed some are really good but some are REALLY bad! I agree that the people skills are lacking. I do think the new principal is good. I would love to name teachers names here but probably not appropriate. I will say my issues have been with 7th grade teachers. Our 6th grade staff was good.
7/10/2009parentthe school looks very neat the classes are very great
5/26/2009parentI have never seen so much busy work sent home for my child to do!! She has more homework and projects than I ever did in college. The worst part is that she is not learning from this. She is in a get it over with because they keep piling it on attitude!! What the heck are they doing all day in class?? I don't mind her doing some reinforcing of material learned in class but she is doing most of her learning at home and guess who is the teacher?!! If you care about your kid and want to be an advocate and not have a stressed out tween.....get them out of this school. I might add the assistant principal for track 4 is dismissive. The new principal has his work cut out for him with a staff that has NO people skills. Good luck...I plan to transfer my kid.
2/10/2009parentMost of the teachers are great. They are dedicated to helping the students achieve their best. The students are held accountable for their actions, which is a hard transition for some.
9/18/2007parentI have 2 children attending Lufkin and I cannot say enough about the quaility of education they are receiving. The teachers have high expectation and teach the children how to meet the high expectations, the teachers truly know and care about my children and the principal is outstanding. My only concern with Lufkin is the sports program. The athletic director does not seem to be very organized or well versed in what makes a youth sports team successful.
5/18/2007parentMath and Science were a weak subject. Never saw a science book and had to teach my daughter her math. The principal is new and hopefully will correct these problems. He is a sharp and very nice man.
5/19/2006parentLufkin was the worst experience of my daughter's education. Her science and math were inconsistent and under par. Useless'projects' were piled on and added nothing to her education. Had she stayed home and slept for 3 years, her first year of high school would have been the same. We were the first students at Lufkin and the admininistration allowed the Apex High students to bully, berate, and intimidate our children. My daughter saw more sexual explicit behavior because of this. She missed the bus multiples times because Apex High students would not move so she could get out the door to the bus. Where was the admin? I asked again and again. Things changed ever so slightly when I called the superintendant. Overall, I think hate is a mild word for how I feel about Lufkin.
8/5/2005parentI agree with the other parents. There are too many silly useless projects assigned. What ever happened to sending home a science book to read along with a list of questions to answer? Where are the books? My child has no clue as to why he is doing half of these pojects. There is also too much work due on Fridays. This C Day plan is not working. The teachers are not talking to one another as we were told they would. There are written projects in all classes due that day and tests and quizes as well. I would like to see all test given on Monday and Tuesdays so the children have the entire weekend to study. There is no time on Thursday nights with all the work that is due. These teachers need to start talking to each other and coordinate the workload better.
7/30/2005studentOverall Lufkin waz a good school. It waz sad that we didn't have a theatre or dance class tho. But sum of the teachers were really good.
6/17/2005parentWe are overall impressed with the school. I believe if you were to rank Middle schools in Wake County as to quality of education, Lufkin would be at the top. This being said, we also have to acknowledge that Lufkin does have its faults. Most of the faults can be attributed to the Wake county system as a whole. Yes, teachers do teach to the EOG test. (Of course they do..their salaries depend on it.) Yes, there are different disciplines based on the child's cultural background. Yes, teachers do assign too many useless projects where we feel the students would get more out of class room assignments. Yes, the staff is wonderful, with a few exceptions. Unfortunately, Wake County allows these exceptions to continue being 'exceptional'. Yes, the athletic programs are under supported and the facilities are less than other Middle Schools. These problems exist in Wake COunty as a whole!
3/11/2005parentMy son attends Lufkin. My concerns are the project assignments given in some subjects, where daily work may have more impact on the student learning and retaining. With only one elective class allowed, some students miss out on music and art due to meeting other academic requirements. I'm also concerned with inconsistencies in disciplinary procedures. Some teachers are great at communicating, yet others don't communicate at times when it would help to be an informed parent.
4/16/2004parentLufkin operates on a year-round schedule with a 4 track system. Track 4 has been consistently overcrowded and the quality of education suffers. Teachers and administration are often more concerned about meeting State EOG testing standards than about challenging students. The administration does little to effectively support sports activities and facilities are substandard. Discipline is uneven with different standards applied to favored minorities vs. the majority population.
9/9/2003parentOverall, I think it is a quality school. The teachers are extremely dedicated and caring. The entire staff seems have it together.
8/10/2003parentExcellent school! My son attended 6th grade there, and we have since moved from the state. We really miss Lufkin! The teachers are first-rate and have high expectations for their students. I've never seen such a caring group of teachers ever before. They give 100%! What I would give to go back and be a part of this school again!

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