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Ballantyne Elementary School - Charlotte, NC

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Ballantyne Elementary School15425 Scholastic Ln
Charlotte, NC 28277
(980) 343-0413K-5MecklenburgpublicCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic61.73782009
Black, non-Hispanic17.3782009
Asian/Pacific Islander14.48172009
Native American or Native Alaskan0.4573172009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Sharon Mazurek2012


Students Getting Free LunchYear

6/10/2012parentwe have gone to Ballantyne since it opened and love it. Teachers are great a lot of parent involvement.I shall miss it.
3/3/2012parentGreat school constantly fundraising for our kids. PTA communication of fundraising events was often disorganized and felt like left to the last minute by sending kids home with a sticker on their shirts about that evenings event.
1/19/2012parenti agree with the poster regarding the PTA PRESIDENT this year. She is sweet and approachable. I cant say the same for all of the PTA but it seems to be helping the school. .
1/18/2012parentThe school is just great this year. The PTA has done a great job. My daughter loves the new shade structure on the playground. Thank you Susan Swartz for a great year so far.
9/23/2011parentThe office staff at this school are very unprofessional and are given too much authority (eventhough they are not trained to care for our young cjildren). Why is the secretary placing the students into classrooms? Isnt this the principal's responsibility? Open House was a disaster.....very unorganized. My main issue is the office staff, including the principal.They are very harsh and do not have the students' best interest in mind as they try and run the school. The atmosphere at this school is so very cold and heartless. They are marking kids tardy as they walk to class in the morning from eating breakfast (even if they are a seconds away from the door and the teacher is standing there watching them walk in the hall). They are made to go to the office and get tardy slips. This is so heartless! I am so disappointed with the school and the behavior of the staff.....they have no compassion for our small children and their families. I am serously considering removing my child and sending him to a school which has a more caring and positive environment! Parents, do not send your kids here if you can help it!
8/10/2011otherI would NOT recommend Ballantyne Elementary School to any of you, parents; especially minority families. You d never think that teachers can be mean, selfish, ignorant and prejudiced, but you ll find some with these behaviors at Ballantyne Elementary!!! So sad, but true! Also, don t be tricked by the Bullying prevention assemblies they run at this school. Bullying is going on regularly at Ballantyne, especially by their teachers!!! If you love your child, consider sending him/her to a school with a warm atmosphere, where the staffs are caring and friendly.
7/19/2011parentMy son was a 1st grade student last year. We are happy with the school. Lots of technology bought for parent s donation. There are lots of clubs for the children (choir, acting, chess, photography, orchestra, Odyssey of the mind, cub scouts, golf, tennis). These just some I can remember. Great parental involvement, lots of opportunities to volunteer. Staff is very friendly. We had an episode of bulling from a 5th grade student. I talked to the principal, that student was identified soon and the situation was handled by the school. I want to buy a home in this area just because of the school.
6/28/2011parentMy son started his first year of Kindergarten here and we LOVE this school! The teachers and staff are excellent. Couldn't be happier!
4/13/2011otherI have been attending Ballantyne ever since it opened. The first year was okay. But the next year I was out of the country for a month. And my name got taken out so my absences didn't count. But when I came back I went to put my name back in the school. Now for some reason now I think there is a confusion of me being in the school as in the sense there might be confusion of my name in being entered in the school is kind of not there or something. The staff here is unhappy and horrible. The teachers I have had were great and this year's teachers for my grade are good. And the principal here is not even that good of a principal. And last but not least is that the school is always money hungry to pay for smart boards, technology, etc. Just to make the school appealing. But anyways I would name a ton of negative things about Ballantyne and how much I despise it. But I will just let you see for yourselves...
3/29/2011parentMy child started Ballantyne this year and we have LOVED it! It's so nice to be at a school wear the parent involvement is so high. The children at the school seem to be high-fliers for the most part, and I love the challenge this presents for my own child (in a positive way). The school's teachers are amazing. We feel so blessed to be at Ballantyne.
10/20/2010parentMy child has attended this school since fall of last year. She entered as a new student and we were blessed to have a remarkable teacher welcome her and our family by remaining in good, solid communication. However, this year we have witnessed the true colors of this school. The staff, mainly administration, is beyond incompetent. We have had more than one encounter with this administration where they refuse accountability and debunk any responsibility for current issues . My child has been falling behind for the first time in three years due to their lack of structure and accountability. I am spending hours at night teaching my child what standard curriculum says she should be learning, however, she is not. This administration would be better served if they truly valued their profession rather than abusing the potential for political advances.
9/30/2010parentAs a parent of a child at Ballantyne Elementary I am not surprised by the comments posted by the teacher below. It is very evident that the staff is unhappy. The principal and staff do not have their priorities straight and it is not a good enviornment for the children. I am looking to move my child to a school where she can learn, excel and enjoy her time.
9/2/2010teacherI was a teacher at Ballantyne last year and all I can say is they work harder on making the school "look" good than they do on actually being good. What you see on the outside is completely different from what goes on behind the scenes. I have never been unhappier as a teacher than I was while employed there. The teachers worked against one another and the lack of teamwork was evident from all who worked there. As a teacher, I do what I do because I truly care for my students and want to help them. I am not concerned with the politics and drama. The principal was abusive towards her staff and manipulated situations to make herself look good in the public eye. I was lucky and was able to escape. I am now working at a school where we are a family and not in a war zone.

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