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Charlotte Preparatory School
212 Boyce Rd
Charlotte, NC 28211
(704) 366-5994
private | PK-8
County: Mecklenburg


7/26/2012teacherCharlotte Prep is an amazing environment! It's small class sizes, challenging academics and electives, caring staff, and supportive parents provide students with a top educational experience. Our teachers are progressive thinkers and cater to the needs of the individual student challenging them to apply classroom knowledge to solving everyday problems. Music, Sports, Art, and performance opportunities are abundant, and parents are extremely supportive and involved in campus activities. I am proud to be a member of the Charlotte Prep family, and love the opportunity to teach such talented, energetic students!
2/22/2012parentThis is our first year at Prep. My son got into the other big 3 and it was absolutely the right decision to send him to Prep. I love the small school feel and after 2 days the headmaster and all the teachers in the school knew his name and everything about him. The academics are amazing and the class size (he has 15) is small and my child gets so much attention. I love the k-8 model and how the little ones bond with the big kids. All the older kids know his name. It's such a caring environment. My child is gifted and I finally found a school where he can go as far as he wants academically.
10/19/2011otherCharlotte Prep is my favorite school I have ever attended. My teachers care about everything that I do, my friends support me all through sports and academics, and I look forward to school every day. To me, Charlotte Prep has changed my life, and as an 8th grader, i will be devastated to leave!
9/8/2011otherI am a former student a CPS and litteraly start to cry every time I think about my former life at that school.... and when I was there I didnt relize what I had, but I think im going to transfer back next year YAY i love cps it is the best school on earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8/28/2011parentLove, love, LOVE Charlotte Prep! Both of my kids could not wait for school to start this year. What more can a parent ask for? Curriculum is challenging, but interactive and always fun. My kids are happy, so I am happy.
3/21/2011parentLOVE CPS! Nurturing, small, academically challenging environment. Teachers are AMAZING! They support our kids with the same values we teach at home, attend the students' b-ball, tennis, and soccer games and make the kids feel loved and build confidence. Have 2 kids..now in MS and elementary... the MS is the best in town...kids not in a rush to grow up during this awkward stage. Due to the economy we had to try a different school for 2 years, and my kids' love of learning subsided and their confidence diminished. Couldn't wait to get back to CPS. Love PREP!
9/28/2010parentWe love this school! We moved to town just before school started and I was nervous about how our kids would integrate into a new environment. All 3 of them love their teachers and have found nice friends. What a relief! The school really goes out of their way to make new families feel at home. Couldn't be happier. Highly recommend for people new to town.
5/12/2010parentI have been very pleased with the environment, academics, and teachers at the school. In addition, I'm a big believer in the importance of smaller class sizes, which is one of the reasons we chose it. Yes, they push the children - I know of a few families who have tutors to help their children keep up - but I believe it pays off in the long run.
2/11/2010parentWe transferred our kids to Prep from one of the 'big 3' private schools, and are very, very happy. There are smaller classes, the work is more challenging, and we like the down-to-earth environment. Sure, it doesn't have the amenities that some of the larger schools do, but the kids don't use those until high school anyway. We love it and are grateful we found it.
1/27/2010parentI am a parent that have had 3 children attend Charlotte Prep from preschool through 8th grade. My eldest will graduate high school this year. His/Her graduating class at CPS had under 20 students, 4 or 5 of them are national merit semifinalists (to qualify you need a 217 PSAT score; equivalent to a 2170 on the SAT). Almost all of the other students he/she graduated with are extremely high achieving. For instance another classmate received a partial academic scholarship from Furman. The previous year's graduating class also had 20% merit semifinalists. I am not aware of another school in Charlotte that can make that claim, certainly not 2 years running.
1/11/2010parentCharlotte Prep has been a wonderful school for my kids. They are thriving! The curriculum is challenging but fun. My third grader could not wait to come to school last week and dissect his owl pellet in science. He loved reconstructing the rodent skeleton and comparing it to the human skelton. We have been here three years and love the school. It saddens me to read negative reviews. It sounds like sour grapes to me. The school recieved two science grants this year and my kids have taken nature walks, identified numerous caterpillars and butterflies, studied pond water under a mircoscope, etc... The school's library and computer lab was renovated last summer. Charlotte Prep is not perfect, but I'm happy and my kids are doing very well.
1/11/2010parentWe feel extremely lucky to have found CPS. We've been there 5 years and now in Middle School, and I m still so grateful that I can send them to school and not worry about gangs and drugs. They re safe in a community where all the teachers know them, know their friends, really care about the kids, and help them. I m so grateful they can participate in the plays and on the sports teams, and that their imagination is inspired by creative projects and out-of-the-box thinking. Their intelligence is recognized and rewarded, and intellect is valued as much as sports prowess. I m so grateful to be where the teachers and the parents are equally as focused to promote a higher standard in both learning and character. My kids love to go to school and I love to send them, knowing they re safe, motivated, inspired, and encouraged to be better people.
12/11/2009parentI agree with many reviews here that the management of the school is greatly lacking. We left the school b/c we were so disappointed in the management, curriculum, and lack of forward thinking technology. The classroom work was not engaging for students but if you visit the school they give a great overview of all the creative and fun ways they use Boyce Park to teach. (NEVER) The school also needs to get rid of the trailers, get a library, and change management!
9/23/2009otherIn addition to the high level of quality and professionalism, the employees have a genuine interest in the development of each individual child.
9/17/2009parentCharlotte Preparatory School provides an exceptional model for 'Great Schools' - the educational experience is founded on academic excellence, character development, and leadership in a culturally diverse community. From teachers to administrators, 'everyone' knows our children and actively play an important role in each child's development. But the most extraordinary aspect is Charlotte Prep's culture of mutual respect: from day one, the school fosters the 4 pillars of leadership: Respect (treat others exactly how you want to be treated), Integrity (honesty, high values and standards), Perseverance and Courage (building inner strength to face life's challenges).
8/31/2009parentI must address the prior review. All small independent schools do not experience the changes that CPS. CPS struggled with turnover and inability to retain students and faculty even when the economy was at it strongest. The problem lies within management decision by the owner of this for profit school.
8/31/2009studentI am actually a student here ben ther since pre-k schools fine for the most part but a bit cliqe-y and the teachers can be a bit iffy. if your new to the school i suggest talking to everyone and find at least one friend that you can trust...you are going to need them...
8/26/2009parentI continue to be pleased with CPS. My kids have been extremely happy and successful academically there. Like any small school, it experiences changes, especially in this economic environment, but this year's school year seems to be off to a fantastic start. My kids love school and I have no problems there.
8/14/2009parentLike the reviewer from August 13th, I would urge all prospective parents to read all the reviews posted here. Having had 10 years of experience at CPS, I can tell that many of these reviews are quite accurate. The turnover of both families and faculty has been an issue with CPS since 1999. The direction the current Head is taking the school is a sore point with many families. CPS had been a place for families who wanted a rigorous and engaging curriculum for their children.
7/27/2009parentBest PK-8th grade school in the area. Your child won't be lost here. Everyone will know their name. The children can be kids here too and they are refreshingly wholesome. The curriculum is fun and fast moving. It appeals to many learning styles and critical thinking is encouraged and valued above rote memorization. This year's graduating class had two Grand Level Duke TIP scholars and five Duke TIP State scholars. One eighth grade student received an Honor's Scholarship to McCallie School in Tennessee for four years. The kids in this school are amazing. The teachers and staff are passionate and caring. My three children have enjoyed this exceptional community with its commitment to academics, character development and leadership in a community where diversity is evident.
7/15/2009parentMy child attended CPS for 4 years and although most of the teachers were excellent, the school's Director did not really know how to run a school. I see that she is no longer the Head of School now, but as the owner (this is a for-profit school), she will undoubtedly determine the course of things. While we were there, the teachers were very unhappy and there was a real sense of distrust between them and the Head. Then the very best teachers were let go, and the school just went down hill. We left CPS the next year and are much more confident now of the educational program being offered to our child.
6/8/2009parentMy children are entering their third year at CPS. We have been very pleased with the education they have received. Just as important, I am impressed with how well adjusted they are and their level of self-confidence. We have lived in several other cities and attended private school there. CPS does a wonderful job of integrating new students into the school community and making them feel instantly at home. They have felt none of the middle school pressures that I hear of at other schools. Perhaps the greatest accomplishment of sending my children to CPS is allowing them to have an 'age-appropriate' childhood. There is no pressure to grow up too quickly at CPS as the emphasis is on academics and athletics.
5/18/2009parentCPS is suffering economically like the rest of the country. There is still a maximum of 1-18 kids per teacher in Lower School and 22-24 in Middle School. No programs or curriculum have been cut . The school continues to have top notch graduates who are sought after by all of the private high schools. The students scored extremely high on the National Spanish Exam and the SAT this year and many received state honors. Teachers and administrators are devoted to making each student successful and my children are happy and thriving. Teachers are well trained in all grades and parents are active in all aspects of the school. The athletic program is thriving for such a small school. Your child will feel loved and at home at this school.
5/18/2009parentI disagree that there is little to offer outside of preschool. That is apples to oranges as the preschool is montessori based and k-8 is traditional - with some montessori principles. Actually, the small school environment is what has kept us there. THe teachers know the kids individually and have the time to really devote to the needs of individual kids. We have a child graduating this year and all of the kids in 8th grade got their choices for high school, and more than one at that. That is usually the case, but of course the proof is when it is your child that graduates! We have watched grads from recent years and they have excelled at all of the schools that they have gone to.
5/15/2009parentThis small school is undergoing major changes due to the current economic environment. 100% of income to run the school (a for-profit school) comes from tuition and fees, and enrollment is down. There have been many teacher layoffs (at least 15 people have been let go), teacher reassignments, and increases in classroom sizes to adjust for changes in enrollment for next year. It may still be the right school for you, but make sure you don't rely on old information. Visit and ask questions before making a decision.
5/12/2009parentThis school has little to offer outside of the preschool. The school cost the same as other more sought after private schools and offers considerably less. The curriculum is standard and and at times unorganized. I would not recommend this school, especially because of the high turnover.
3/5/2009parentWe are delighted with the experiences our children have had at Charlotte Prep. Both are happy and thriving. The teachers are supportive, yet set goals for growth even for the children that are doing well academically. The small environment is key. It has been a wonderful experience for our middle schooler who feels his teachers care about the students and understand the life of the young adolescent. Their differences are appreciated. This is a place that understands that diversity is not all about race. Kids can just be themselves. The environment is challenging, but not stressful. The parents are very involved here. Our relationship with the teachers has been collaborative.We wish we had chosen this school over a different independent school a long time ago.
2/21/2009parentWe started out with one of our children at Charlotte Prep and eventually brought all 3 over to the school. We have been very pleased with the quality of the curriculum, the caring attitude of the teachers, the size of the classes and the family atmosphere that a smaller school can provide. We have been particularly pleased with the Middle School. The teachers are fantastic and know every child very well. The 'drama' that often accompanies middle schoolers is noticably reduced here and the children are well mannered and role models to the younger children. Any concerns that I have had have been promptly addressed by both teachers and administrators. This school is a good fit for our children, they are happy here and we plan to have all of them graduate 8th grade from CPS.
2/15/2009parentA unique school with very small classes and intimate environment for both the student and parent. High academic standards and the ability for the kids to get involved. My children are extremely happy and feel very secure. They have developed high-self esteem and are achieving their potential and do not feel stressed out. The teachers are fantastic and the curriculum is very well-rounded and challenging. We have been at the school for 8 years and plan to have both children graduate 8th grade from CPS.
2/12/2009parentCharlotte Prep has been a lifesaver for our daughter. With 21 students in the class, a teacher and full time teacher's assistant (with teaching degree), our daughter gets all the academic attention a child could ever need. The school has fantastic teachers & wonderful families! Our daughter loves going to school everyday! I am also so thrilled that we do not have to deal with any of the horrible 'middle school' issues that seem to be going on at all of the other private schools in the area! Would highly recommend this school to anyone!!
1/20/2009parentWe are new at Charlotte Prep. My son has entered as a 4th grader and we are hoping to leave at the end of the year. Not only have we dealt with very rude behavior from many of the kids, the classroom work is a trmendous amount of worksheets with little creativity. The one thing that surprised me the most was the teachers taking away a kids outside time for 'study hall'. If a classroom worksheet is not finished, they take 15 of the 30 min. away. Not good for boys at all!!! They need to read the importance of fresh air and exercise for kids to be able to concentrate in class. We have been very disappointed, to say the least, with too many things to list.
1/9/2009parentI was very happy with CPS when my children first started going there. What made the school was the excellent teachers. Unfortunately, the owner didn't recognize this, and at the end of 2004, let teachers go who were some of the school's best. The middle school teachers who were let go put the kids' educational and emotional needs above less important more superficial requirements. As others have stated already, this is a for profit school. The tuition has increased astronomically. I cannot recommend this school, especially if you have boys.
11/12/2008parentMy children have both attended Charlotte Prep for many years. Though considered a large school by Independent school standards it is a place where everyone knows your name. It is a warm, nurturing exciting community. The school upholds high academic standards with character development and leadership in a community that is 35% International. My son is involved in basketball, soccer and Lacrosse. My daughter is a member of the tennis team and is a cheer leader. They both participate in drama productions. Each year I am amazed at the high number of Duke TIP scholars. The high school placement is awsome. 85% of Prep student place into the top local independent high schools. The other 15% choose Catholic High, Boarding Schools, Providence High, Myers Park High and Ardrey Kell. We are poud to be part of such an outstanding educational community1 Tomorrows Leaders are truly being nurtured there.
5/13/2008parentWhen you think of great schools in Charlotte, Charlotte Prep doesn't come to mind. And there's a reason for it. A great school values their faculty and staff and supports them anyway possible. A great school supplies their students with mind thinking curriculum, a top notch technology program, drama opportunities, earth-caring ideas and opportunities to make a difference in the community they live in. I've seen none of this from Charlotte Prep in the last few years. My child doesn't get to think outside the box, has computer class with in a trailer once a week, had a drama production where no one could hear her speak becuase of their sound system, and students aren't encouraged to recycle to save the planet.
4/16/2008parentMy child spent several years at Charlotte Prep and excelled. But we left when it became apparent year after year that the head chose to dismiss the best teachers (to the detriment of the students) when they voiced any dissenting opinion. Every year there was significant teacher turnover. We also were not impressed with the academics, as much of the work involved rote memorization, and not really much in the way of teaching the kids to think things through. Teaching materials were minimal, with students spending much time copying work from a white board or screen, because the school didn't provide books or worksheets. We have been in public school for several years now and are happy. In the Honors classes at CMS, my child gets better instruction --- for free.
2/28/2008parentGreat school. Can't say enough great things. This is our second year and our kids love the school and are doing great academically. Their teachers are outstanding!
2/23/2008parentMy daughter is finishing her first year as a primary student in the Montessori early school. My other daughter has just been accepted. As an African American, not only is the quality of my daughters education important, but also their environment and the surrounding student body. Charlotte Prep makes a huge effort to have a very diverse student body, particularly in the early school. They even have multicultural parent groups (ie African American, Asian, Indian) for networking and support purposes. Our country is made up of many different cultures and it is important to me that my daughters are exposed to not only their own heritage, but also to many others. Charlotte Prep is the only school in Charlotte on the Southeast side that seems to realize the importance of this. Also, the things my child is learning in the Montessori school are amazing.
2/13/2008parentWe are currently in kindergarten after completing two years in the Montessori program. In kindergarten my child is taught a 1st grade curriculum. Compared to her neighborhood friends, including public, Latin and Providence Day, she is light-years ahead. Yes the school is for profit and that is why there is an annual contribution request of only $250. Because contributions to approved non-profit schools can be written off on ones taxes, they quite often push for large annual donations.
2/10/2008parentIt was a great place in our child's early days of attending CPS, but changed dramatically over the years as our child moved into elementary. As one writer posts, never forget this is a 'for profit' school. After our experience there for many years, I could never recommend this school to anyone.
1/29/2008parentThe basketball team is excellent and the boys on the team are very gifted academically, and socially. There is no problem with bullying at this school.
8/2/2007parentCharlotte Prep is a fraction of the school it used to be. Many of the teachers complain constantly and seem genuinely unhappy. With so many children and teachers leaving it leaves room to question the head's decisions. One must keep in mind that this is a for-profit school that is owned by the head.
5/25/2007parentMy three children have been attending Charlotte Preparatory School for the last three years. Our children love their teachers and are learning things that our friend's children (two of which are in the same grades at another private school in Charlotte) haven't learned yet. Charlotte Prep has great teachers, but it's the school's nuturing environment that helped us make our decision. Everyone knows our kids' names and truly cares about them. We couldn't be happier.
5/8/2007parentThis is the first year my child is at Charlotte Prep and it has been such a wonderful experience. The teachers, staff and other parents have been wonderful and the curriculum is far and above the best we've seen. We visited 6 other schools in Charlotte, and I could not imagine sending my child anywhere else in town.
9/13/2006parentI have just started my 11th year as a CPS parent. One of my children graduated from there in 2005, and I have two others who are still at CPS. CPS has been one of the most positive influences and experiences in my children's lives. All three have a positive attitude about school, they have nice friends, and they are successful academically. My oldest child is now a sophomore in high school and is doing extremely well academically and socially - I think due primarily to his CPS experience. CPS is an academically challenging school, but the magic of the school is that it allows children to achieve academic success while still loving school. They respect and admire their teachers and appreciate the opportunities for learning that the teachers provide. I find this characteristic most unique.
9/11/2006parentI am always amazed and excited at the excellent academic program that Charlotte Preparatory offers. I evaluate my second graders work with her friends from other schools and there just isn't a comparison. Equally important, she is learning leadership skills, empathy, diversity, good character skills and so much more to be not only an intelligent adult but a well-rounded person. In addition to all of that, she is offered a variety of sports to choose from as well. Currently taking soccer and karate, my child continues to impress me with teamwork skills which are taught through her peers as well as teachers. Her love for computers, art, music, foreign languages and even physical education are enriched through CPS. Also, the parent involvement at Charlotte Prep is top notch. As an avid volunteer, I am continually impressed with how much the parents want to be involved.
6/30/2006parentThere is massive administrative denial of middle school bullying. Nearly all the bad behavior is verbal. The official discipline policy is excellent; application is routinely avoided by a combination of a 'kids will be kids' attitude (despite the written policy) and lack of administrative support for teachers when they do contact parents regarding poor student behavior.
5/31/2006parentCurriculum was exceptional. Current division heads do not know curriculum. If they are left to manage curriculum, expect this school's major assest to decline.
3/27/2006parentExcellent curriculum, but in some cases the school shows a surprising unwillingness to tailor the curriculum to meet the needs of gifted children who can do more. Negative social climate in some grades (particularly middle school) that the school doesn't appear to do as much as they could to improve, given the small size of the school. Parents are wonderful and highly involved. It is important to understand that this is a privately owned, for profit school.
12/29/2005parentMy children have attended CPS for 6 years. It has been WONDERFUL! The attention that the children received is great.
2/20/2005parentHave only great things to say about Charlotte Prep! Let the #'s speak for themselves. Over 85% of the students qualify for the Duke Talent search each year in 4th grade, 90% qualify to sit the SAT exam in 7th grade and half of those who choose to take the SAT - win the State Honors Medals for their high scores. I have two children (boy + girl) at the school and went through the rounds of public, private and parochial schools in Charlotte - before finding CPS. There isn't a day that goes by, that I'm not greatful for this wonderfully small school, who's academics just can't be beat.
8/4/2004parentCPS is a good school that provides a challenging curriculm and nurturing environment. However, I believe CPS environment is suited for a female opposed to a male student.

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