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Hickory Grove Christian School
6050 Hickory Grove Rd
Charlotte, NC 28215
(704) 531-4008
private | K-12
County: Mecklenburg


12/1/2011parentWe moved to Charlotte last year from out of state. One of our greatest concerns was finding a QUALITY CHRISTIAN school for our children. Hickory Grove Christian has been OUTSTANDING in both academic rigor and spiritual formation. My kids have found the teachers to be engaging, intelligent, demanding and fair. The spiritual climate has proven to give my children a solid and firm foundation built upon a Christian worldview. My wife and I are grateful and know our children are being educated to a level that will help them advance educationally and will prepare them for life.
11/17/2011otherI went to school there from 5th to 6th grade and part of 7th. This was a great school at first, but my positive thoughts of the school began to digress. I felt that I was being completely neglected when it came to academics, and even worse when it came to opinions. Because my parents were divorced and I didn't care so much for political opinions (in this example, Republican), I already felt that I was being treated differently. I was even told that because I said that monkeys may be smarter than humans I was a sinner! They cram their own ideas down your throat until you choke, and you can only abide by their opinions. They hate the idea of evolution, (for the first couple of weeks of school, we just learned that evolution was NOT real.) And you are not even allowed to read certain books like Harry Potter because it contains "blasphemy" and "witchcraft". I was bullied and left out all the time and was told things that should not be mentioned in this review.The lesson plans were stale, the teachers just drawled on about how much God has saved their lives for some points the entire class instead of actually teaching us something, and it was just overall terrible and even maddening!
11/14/2011parentMy children have attended Hickory Grove since both were in K and TK and I would work 3 extra jobs to keep them here rather than send them to public school. It is extremely affordable so parents who are complaining that they do not like the education are more than welcome to pay more for a comparable education. My children are encouraged as growing Christians, challenged academically, and supported 100% by administration and staff. Regarding diversity...shame on the parents who are saying it is deliberate! We can be selective because we are a private school but there are entrance qualifications that must be met regardless of your color. If more parents of minorities would choose HG it would be more diverse. The high school prinipal is black for crying out loud! It is my wish that the academic standards would improve and become even more seletive and from my understanding our new headmaster is workoing to achieve just that. Regardless of what other say, if you want a quality Chhristian education for your child from Christian educators, look no further than HG. Is it perfect? No, as no institution made of man can be but they hold up God's word and that is wotth everything
11/8/2011parentHGBCS did not meet my academic expectation regarding rigor in my child's education during the few short months that my child attended. We moved from Georgia to North Carolina, and my child has attended private school since the age of 1 and has always received a very challenging and thorough education. After meeting with both my child's teacher and principal, I was not reassured that her individual need's were being met, nor would they be met. I left the meeting with no solutions to my questions nor any suggestions to address my child's individual needs. Her teacher questioned her extensively regarding the withdrawal rather than talking to me, the parent; with the prinicpal supporting the teacher's questioning the withdrawal from HGBCS. The only support that I received regarding my child was upon her withdrawal from the school from the Headmaster inquiring about the withdrawal.
8/19/2011parentThis is a nice school and have nice teachers. However the school lacks diversity and does not participate in any scholarship or financial aid funding. It would be nice during these economic times, they would particiapte to help families as other Private Schools do. There need to be other opportunities for the students. Its ashame they do not read this site.
5/17/2011parentAfter prayerful consideration, we decided to place our child at HGBCS for Kindergarten for the 2010-2011 school year. We have been so happy with our choice. Her teacher is an absolute God-send and there has not been one day that has passed that we ever second guessed our decision. We hope to be able to watch both of our children grow up at HGBCS. We love it!
3/20/2011otherDo not send your kids here unless they are a good athlete, very intelligent or unless you have a lot of money and can pay for your child to get attention. All of the teachers and administration play favorites and should be ashamed of themselves. Most of the teacher do not even having teaching degress. Also a lot of teachers have been let go for having affairs with students and coworkers. ( They should give you a hint of what the school is like! Politics! Again I say your child will get neglected if they are only average.
11/16/2009studentI am a former student and graduated in the 2009 class at Hickory Grove. I also will tell you that i graduated with honors. I'm also what they consider a 'lifer'. so I was not one of those kids who just slacked off. Let me just say that Hickory Grove is not the school i would choose for my child. Just put it that way! HG does NOT prepare you for the real world. Most of the teachers/addministrators are filled with bias thoughts on the way they think the world SHOULD be. Not the way that it is! The academics are average! Just because you have a ton of homework and essays doesn't mean you are learning alot. I find that most the work i recieved was busy work. The school also has major favoritism when punishing. The school is AVERAGE! WASTE OF MONEY! Better off at a nice public school!
6/14/2009parentThe school is great, but they lack diversity. One can only question why there are so little minority students. With 97% White and 3% African American in 2009, it makes you wonder why. Are they not seeking minority students, are they being discouraged or could the admission testing be bias.
11/29/2008studentI have been attending HG since 6th grade, at first it was a great school, but over time I think they have lost sight of the 'big picture' the administration has become less concerned with the welfare of the students and more interested with stats. Not to sound like Im complain but some of the hw is crazy, and the English department is inadequate
8/21/2008studenti have been going to that school for 8 years and I think it is a great school with a great christian envierment.
6/29/2008studentThis school is a great place! The teachers make learning fun and are very fair to everyone. They also love teaching and working with students and this really makes learning fun even when it is challenging. They won't let kids goof off and encourage all of the students to try their best. I'm glad my parents let me go here.
5/25/2008parentThis is a wonderful school. My two boys came out of a public school situation where they were told that they 'could not discuss or mention God' but other children were allowed to discuss Islam in great detail. We are thankful to Hickory Grove which treats all students fairly and provides a solid education that is better than most schools in the Charlotte area. As a teacher in the Charlotte area, and as a parent, I am very pleased with the high quality of education that my children are receiving. The Hickory Grove campus is also very secure. I don't worry about school shootings, stabbings, or unappropriate conduct happening at Hickory Grove. Hickory Grove also teaches children about the world in which we live but holds them to a higher standard than what they see around them. They instill values, something public school teachers want to do, but aren't allowed to
8/3/2007parentMy son has attended HGBCS since the 1st Grade. He's going to the 12th grade this year. HGBCS have provided him with the tools to be successful academically. As a parent, it s my job to provide him guidance about worldly issues, not HGBSC. Kudos goes to Mr. Ward, Coach Coffey and Coach Rhodes.
5/17/2007former studentI attended Hickory Grove from grades 5 through grade 8. I liked the school, but as 8th grade came around, I realized that the school was pretty much infatuated with George W. Bush! One of the teachers, Mrs. Forbis, even had a cutout of him in her classroom! I was always trying to make arguments about Bush, and every time I tried, my teachers would try and quiet me down. I think that this school is wonderful, but it is a little sheltered and doesn't adequately prepare its students for the real world. Everyone isn't happy-go-lucky and George Bush is great in the real world.
1/30/2006parentWe are so thankful that God has provided our son the opportunity to attend such a wonderful school. The administration is supportive to both parents and teachers. Teachers are trusted to do their jobs and are given the opportunity to have input in decisions that are made by the administration. We are thrilled that our son is attending this school. He is very bright and his needs are being met by caring, concerned teachers. Not only is he growing academically bit he is growing spiritually as well. There is no greater reward than to witness that! Thanks HGBCS.
1/19/2006parentAs a parent of two former HGBCS students, I must disagree with the above reviews. My children completed elementary school, middle school and one attended high school there. This school is not ready for the challenge of preparing high school students to live in the modern world. The administration makes no apology for its arbitrary application of the disciplinary code, offers students no chance to defend themselves from accusations by other students and parents when accused of infractions. Teachers are disciplined when they question administration policy, even when it is in the interest of student safety. My children were even told that their parents couldn't have been Christians if they didn't vote for George W. Bush! The high school language department is particularly inadequate. I wish I had more room...
6/29/2004former studentI attended HGBCS in 2003, when I was in 7th grade. The school was great. Some people say that the homework was 'to much', but I don't agree. The people are loving, the teachers know how to teach, and the chaples are incredibly moving. I totally recomend this school to everyone.
9/1/2003parentIf you want a school that provides love, hugs, true caring about your child and the love of God-this is the school. It doesn't just 'talk the Christians talk, it walks the walk'!!In addition, it provide a true quality education. Children are tested to get in, so honestly you are working with a high end group of kids to start with, so they are able to grasp concepts more quickly and move faster. I hear as children go up in grades homework tends to be 'too much'- so be prepared for that.For now, my child loves her school and her teachers and we couldn't ask for a better staff or principal that truly loves their school and students.I highly recommend my school!

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