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Lake Wylie Elementary School
13620 Erwin Rd
Charlotte, NC 28273
(980) 343-3680
public | PK-5
County: Mecklenburg


  Class SizeGradeYear
  School Head OfficialYear
Tracey Hayes2012
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
8/1/2012parentThe Communication is IMPECCABLE! We have been at 5 elementary schools so far in CMS and I am so impressed with Lake Wylie! In fact, my daughter got into the magnet program and we decided to cancel that and keep her at Lake Wylie! I can't wait to start another year!
6/5/2011parentI must say that I am surprised Lake Wylie is rated at a 5 because this school is outstanding. I moved from CT and used this site to find a good school for my 2 boys (my other son goes to Southwest Middle, another good school). The teachers and principal are wonderful and care so much about the students. The children here are being well prepared for their next grades. My son has gone to school here for the 3rd and 4th grade and had the most amzaing teachers, he loves it here also.
8/11/2010parentThis is only my 3rd year at Lake wylie but I have been very pleased with the academic progress my children have made. They are both in the talent development program and I love that they are in that enviroment all day (not just an hour or so like other CMS schools).
9/12/2009parentLake Wylie is an awesome school. My daughters love and have excelled since they've been attending Lake Wylie. It's truly a family atmosphere.
12/20/2008parentI am new to the Charlotte area and was a little apprehensive about Lake wylie due to the size and student population. I am so amazed at how organized,proficient and proactive the staff is. My daughter loves to goto school everyday and raves about her teacher.I would reccomend this experience to anyone looking to have a well rounded educational experience for their child.Thank you Mrs Edmond and Teachers for all you do for us and for caring so much for our children
2/12/2008parentI have a fourth grader here and a first grader here and as far as I'm concerned this is the best school ever. The teachers and assistants are awesome. The principal is too and very hands on. I wish my kids could stay here for 12 years and not have to move on to other schools. Thank you for taking excellent care of my children.
5/17/2007parentThis is my children's first year attending Lake Wylie. I decided to try LW since it was our home school and my children wouldn't have to get on the bus at 6am to attend Beverly Woods. WHAT A MISTAKE! I do want to recognize my son's 4th grade teach Mrs. Getty's she is the best teacher I have met. My son continues to excel in her class. I am not as impressed with my daughter's teacher. The school is overcrowded.
2/13/2007parentLake Wylie Elementary School has continued to amaze and impress me for almost 2 years now. They are highly organized and very focused on academics, yet they manage to plan all kinds of fun activities for the students and their families to enjoy (ie. Fall Festival,a huge Winter Parade,Spring Carnival,Splash Day). They have been inundated with rapid population growth in our area and they have handled it extremely well. It has not effected safety and certainly not academics. The teachers have been the most amazing,fun,creative teachers I have ever met. The kids love them, but even more importantly they respect them. The PTA is huge and the level of parent involvement is amazing. All special area programs (music, PE, art, technology, media) are of excellent quality. In fact, one of the PE teachers just won Teacher of the Year 2006-2007. I'm a proud parent of a Lake Wylie Elementary School student.
1/6/2007teacherI am a new teacher at the school and am very impressed. The kids are well behaved and smart. The staff is friendly, caring and professional.
10/13/2006parentI want you to know I feel that you are doing a wonderful job keeping our children safe. I am aware of how busy you are, yet you always put our children first. And I am always updated on information with out need to inquire to get it. You are all doing a wonderful job and I thank you! God Bless, Laura J Staff
8/22/2006parentWow! Lake Wylie Elementary School. I love that school. My family moved to Lake Wylie's district mid year so I was a little concerned that the move would shake up my 4th grade son academically. Instead, he soared! Ms. Heather Rath is by far the best teacher this side of creation. She is patient, she is kind, she is the type of teacher that encourages the best from her students. My son simply adores her. When we were planning his 10 year old birthday party, Ms. Rath was the first name on the invite list, and she actually took the time out of her day to come and share in his birthday party. Lake Wylie ranks high with me. My son is much more confident since being taught at such a great school.
2/27/2006parentMy two sons have been attending Lake Wylie for almost 2 years now, we transfered here from Long Island,NY.Always hearing about NY schools being the best I was surprised to find that coming here my older son(4th grade) was behind, most of the others in academics, mostly Math and English. My other son stared Kindergarten that year and they both love Lake Wylie. The teachers are very attentive and have wonderful,up-to-date innovative teaching methods.I only have one concern and that is overcrowding. But a new sister school is opening and maybe that will take some of the burden off of Lake Wylie. I feel all schools have their areas of weakness, but Lake Wylie is a wonderful school to be apart of. V.Y.
6/1/2005parentLake Wylie Elementary is an outstanding academic arena for all children! Top notch. My son transferred to this school early this year and I have been extremely impressed with the superior teaching styles and the professional, dedicated staff. My child is in the TD class and he is constantly being stimulated via all senses to bring out the best in him. I appreciate that. It is apparent that Lake Wylie's focus is on academic excellence - congratulations on a job so very well done.
4/12/2005parentMy son has been atttending this school since kindergarten. Kindergarten was great because he had an experienced teacher. First grade was horrible because he had an unexperienced teacher who did not pay attention to his needs. Who constantly contacted me with behavorial problems and did nothing o correct them in her presence. Second grade is even worse. He is continuing to have behavorial problems along with academic problems. I don't feel that my child is receiving the education needed and no one at this school cares. Each time I am asked to attend a conference I am there, and still no progress from this school. I feel my son is being left behind, and the staff is not concerned. I also feel that my son is being labeled in a negative way. I truly expect much more for this school because of all the particiaption and support that I give.
1/18/2005parentWe moved from the area to a top notch school district in Kansas. My oldest son needed a tutor for a year to catch up and was found to have an undetected (at Lake Wylie) learning disability. He is now a very good student but it took a great deal of effort on all our parts. The statndards here are very tough. At Lake Wylie it was suggested he may have a learning disability by the teacher. After a 15 minute interview with the counselor, she determined he did not have attention issues. One week at his new school and a team of psychologists and paraprofesionals were monitoring his progress. The bottom line is this: there are too many students at a school intended to serve 700. The teaching staff is good but they have too little resources and too many students.
11/14/2004parentI am very pleased with the school. My daughter is in second grade and adores her teacher. They are very active in your childrens lives always looking to help and encourage learning. It is a very positive learning enviroment. Also the Asst. Principals accept walk in apoinments with no appointment. That is amazing to see and to know that even the principals help educate the students. All I can say is it is a very friendly and positive school.
7/15/2004parentWorst school my children ever attended. Upon transferring to a school in Pennsylvania, my children were almost a whole year behind others in their grades.

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