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Olde Providence Elementary School - Charlotte, NC

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Olde Providence Elementary School3800 Rea Rd
Charlotte, NC 28226
(980) 343-3755K-5MecklenburgpublicCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

Class SizeGradeYear

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic77.1692009
Black, non-Hispanic13.2422009
Asian/Pacific Islander4.566212009
Native American or Native Alaskan0.4566212009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Rachel McKenzie2012


Students Getting Free LunchYear

8/26/2012parentI am baffled by the negative reviews most recently posted. OP is a very warm and inviting school where my children are happy to walk in the doors every day. The classroom teachers are dedicated and caring and many are quite innovative. They work hard to make sure every child is learning, from the ones who need remediation to the high flyers. The principal seems both dedicated to improving the school by doing the best she can for the children and supporting the teachers. One area which could be improved is communication from teachers. It is inconsistent! While some do beautifully, some don't. Update your websites more frequently, send email newsletters and provide more feedback on report cards. A conference in October shouldn't be the sole verbal/written feedback a parent gets on their child's academic/social/emotional development. Otherwise, OP gets an "A" from this family.
2/6/2011parentWe too had to withdraw our child form this school due to the poor learning conditions that we experienced. The administration is dishonest, horrible and quite unwilling to work with you. Who knew when we bought into this district that it would be the worst mistake we ever made. STEER CLEAR OF OP! NOT the place to be!
8/21/2010parentMy twins have been at this school since kindergarten and are now entering their final year. I think this is a very good school for advanced learners. My kids have been challenged in the advanced math and writing classes, and as a part of the talent development program. The physical education teacher is amazing and makes sure that the kids have a healthy balance of education and physical exercise while still having fun. She is amazingly dedicated to these kids. There is also a very healthy diversity of race, religion and culture to be found at this school. The parents are very heavily involved which I think is key to making this a top notch school. As a single mom I am very greatful to all of the moms who are able to dedicate so much time to the school and kids.
9/17/2009parentI have one in OP and one who is now in 6th grade after finishing at OP...I have nothing but good things to say about the school...I love the special attention that is given to the younger kids and the activities for the older ones. I think the teachers are doing a great job and look forward to the final years I have at OP..
5/22/2009parentTypical of CMS in general, there is a culture of dishonesty among administrators and office staff are frequently rude. PTA is hardworking, but money could be spent more wisely. Volunteers are very welcome. Most teachers are great as are the kids. Parents range from 25 % overachievers to 75% apathetic. 'Special Subjects' each day get the kids excited to go. Differing levels of teaching is good but acknowledges that some kids are left behind early in school.
11/1/2008parentTeachers talk down to parents and are not open to communications that they do not initiate
9/11/2008parentAs a parent of an OP student, I agree with staff that young siblings should not be able to attend in class events. I have seen parents and been guilty of not watching younger siblings as they wonder around the class. This is a law suit waiting to happen. I also have had a student that had learning differences, and he was not labeled as 'AD/HD' and just passed off. The staff really did try and make a difference. It sounds to me that the prior parent was disgruntled with Olde Providence for reasons .
5/2/2008parentI agree 'downward spiral' for OP. At OP, you used to be able to bring siblings to school when you were a volunteer (becuase they actually welcomed any volunteer with open arms); teachers here used to not be condescending to parents; they used to be in better contact; and used to care if a child was falling behind, not just label them as AD/HD and pass them off. Custodial & Cafeteria staff is wonderful & has remained positive, always smiling, always have something nice to say; Overall, the morale at OP has dramatically reduced over the years..what happened, OP?? Not returning......
1/29/2007parentI have two children who attend OP and have been actively involved in the school for years. This is an excellent school. The staff is highly trained, the administrative competent and responsive and the principals are of the highest quality. I can't imagine wanting or needing anything from an elementary school not present here. The principal has a open door policy for parents and expects teachers to model the same attitude. The PTA and SLT are among the best and most active in the county. At Olde Providence you get a 'private' quality education at a public school. We at OP hope to keep our uncrowded, responsive, academically challenging, warm and open school a unspoiled jewel in the CMS crown.
1/29/2007parentWe have two children enrolled at Olde Providence and are active in class-specific volunteering as well as the PTA. From the principal to the Custodial Staff, everyone that I and my wife have encountered exude professional proficiency and enthusiasm. It is no wonder that this is a feeder into one of the nations top performing High Schools.
12/26/2006parentBoth of our children attended Olde Providence Elementary and we are astounded at how poorly managed this school is. The school used to have a great reputation as a high performing school - however, it has taken a sharp slide downward and continues to spiral. We've withdrawn our children from this school mid-year - that's how unhappy and frustrated we are with this school.
4/28/2006parentI am very happy with this school. They teach at 3 levels so that all children are challenged at their level.
6/17/2005parentExcellent school. Best music program of any local elementary school. The staff is committed to excellence, and each child is challenged to their own abilities. Yet, the teachers do not forget that the children are still children. I want to be involved in the school for the benefit of my children.
4/10/2005parentWe moved to NC in January 2004. We chose our new home based on the local school ratings. Our son's reading and writing (he was in kindergarten) exploded. Our school in texas had a 20+ child to teacher ratio -- technically it is the same here, but with the teacher's aid and all the special classes like computer, music and PE, OP is a MUCH better school. With all that great academia in mind, I would still like to see longer or more recess time. Small children need that downtime!
4/28/2004parentMy sister and friend just moved to NC from Michigan in the last year. Their children are attending your school. Every time I call to say hi they speak about your school as if your a piece of jewelry that is rare. They sent me the reading books you use so that I can teach my kids here in MI (open Court Reading). I still didn't think much of your school until I went to and saw the EOG results. That is when I figured out that my sister and friend are not really exaggerating when they say all that great stuff. If I ever make a move to NC I'm sure this is going to be my children's school.

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