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Providence Day School
5800 Sardis Rd
Charlotte, NC 28270
(704) 887-6000
private | PK-12
County: Mecklenburg


11/6/2012parentOur son had a hard time with private school testing coming from UCPS (which are good). He was a year behind academically but interviewed well. Enrollment came with the suggestion for a math tutor. A child can be lonely & unsure when starting in a new school. PDS assigns student mentors, class orientation events, and parent outreach for us, to help with the transition. Private schools can exceed the cost of a State University; the investment is worth it. Financial aid is available. PDS prides itself in diversity, sevice, & variety of activities. Students are encouraged to think for themselves, iniatiate clubs & projects. Staff is involved in a plethora intra & extra-curricular activities. Parents aren't forced to do anything, however if you are not engaged with your children, no matter where you go, it can hinder their development. We're amazed at the leaps our son displays every year. In academics: Went from average- honor roll- headmasters list, but most impressive is becoming a community & global thinker. MS Sports has a no cut policy so all kids can participate. Now he excels in HS athletics from school programs & his own initiatives. WE ARE GRATEFUL FOR PDS AND HIGHLY ENDORSE!
10/11/2012parentPDS has been exceptional with working with us and my son, who had a difficult time learning to read. Other private schools in the area ask you to get private tutoring, which can really add up especially when you are already paying private school tuition. PDS implemented a program to help those children that didn't learn to read at the same rate and they understand that every child is different and will learn at their own pace. I would highly recommend PDS!!!! Both of my children have absolutely loved it.
3/9/2012parentTo the comment made on February 25th - 2012, I too agree with the parent that wrote down that PDS does view students in a very narrow minded view. And NO they do not accept any children that are not perfect. We had applied back in the fall of 2010 and was not accept, the reason, our child do not pronounce her words perfectly, thus the admission personnel labeled her problematic, and declined her. I have heard endless stories about PDS and their need for perfect from other parents , that PDS requires already taught children. The Giselle Test is very outdated; this what PDS weighs in evaluating entrance. Avoid PDS, it would be good advice to take.
3/3/2012parentI totally disagree with the parent who is advising other to avoid PDS. Our child has been there 6 years and I would highly recommend the school. One reason we chose it is because of the more down to earth feel and diversity compared with other area private schools. It sounds like this parent's child was not admitted and his/her views are based on that decision. Yes, they do evaluate children on whether they will fit in and I suspect they have a good idea of which potential parents will cause issues as well. They are not looking for cookie cutter children and do have students with learning/social issues who are doing quite well.
2/25/2012parentI have seen a variety of better to do schools in other parts of the U.S. and internationally, which is sad to say that I would never in my right mind recommend Providence Day School. They are prejudice, expecting all potential students to be perfect, already taught, and an admissions staff that is living in an era not in sync with today. If you are new to the area, I would highly recommend any other school, unless you fall into their "cookie-cutter" mentality, and your child is perfect; it would also help that you are able to donate large sums to their treasure chest. It s a real shame, but the core of the problem lies with the admissions office, furthering their ignorant philosophies on potential candidates. From my direct experience, "PLEASE AVOID THIS SCHOOL", I say this to avoid your child being viewed under a microscope for all flaws, and you having to seek approval to see if you are good enough-in their "opinion". Being "bullied" and a "prejudice" mentality from this school is not something any sensible person would advocate.
1/30/2012otherI have been attending PDS for about 5-6 months. I have a lot of friends, great classes, teachers and have found myself being accepted. 1 month into the year I was elected Student Council. This school is amazing, and, unlike other schools, does not judge based on social status. I am thankful to my fellow students who have accepted me. GO CHARGERS!
11/5/2011otherThis school is great. I have gone here for only 2 years, yet I already feel right at home. Everyone is so nice and accepting. I don't understand how anyone couldn't like this school.
10/17/2011parentProvidence Day provides an exceptional education. We have three children at PDS and each of our children love this school! The teachers make learning fun and are always available for help if needed. The teachers have high expectations and provide a fast pace for the classrooms. Discipline issues are rare but handled quickly. PDS is a great school for students that are motivated and want to learn.
6/9/2011studentI am a student of 8 years, and would not recommend this school. There are teachers who have been at the school since it's humble beginnings, who have warped the goal and mission of the school. Money, social status, and your last name control who are in your classes, whether you make a team, and whether or not you can get elected as a class official. Every year, the teachers seem to already have a first impression of you, from your former teachers, or from the PTA (Parent-Teacher Association). Students who have gotten in trouble in the past are scrutinized, and badgered to the point that they cannot stand being in the school anymore, and begin to not care about school or to hate it.
6/8/2011parentPDS is not a nurturing environment. If your intelligent child does not have all the "ideal student characteristics" you can do one of two things. Contribute large sums of money or leave. Do not believe you can discuss issues with the Administrators it will label you as a non-cooperative parent. Once labeled that, your child will be scrutinized by teachers to find any and all behaviors that can be used to eject your child from their program. Ask how many students have been asked to leave the school for issues other than safety, drugs or alcohol related infractions. Know that grading varies from teacher to teacher in the Middle school and watch closely your child's behavior as relates to confidence and worry or stress related behaviors. Do not believe that the rule book is applied fairly according to the list. Do not faithfully trust that things are as they seem to be. Watch closely.
1/26/2010studentThe school has a great causes as in donating to Haiti in a fun way, and helping out JH Gunn, a less fortunate school. I love the school and have gone to PDS since TK or when i was 5 years old, ready to be a lifer! The teachers are loving, respectful and very caring. The students get along very well, and are a whole new little family. I know that this school is amazing because the years always go by so fast, and i always want it to slow down a bit more everyday so it will never end! PDS is definately a wonderful school!
1/22/2010parentAmazing school. Teachers that really care about the students. I have three children attending and everyone is performing and over achieving. Best investment I have made in my children.
1/20/2010parentProvidence Day connects to the 'whole' child - mind, body, and soul, with programs that combine the best in academics, the arts , community outreach and global awaeness. My 2 boys are in 10th and 12th grades this year and have been at PDS since TK and K, respectively. Our tuition dollars are one of the best investment we could have ever made!
9/29/2009studentThey care about well-rounded education and help us reach our individual potentials. It feels like home.
3/29/2009studentbest school i have ever been to and they have some of the best teachers in north carolina
2/8/2009parentOur family has been at PDS for 11 years and this is truely a wonderful school. The teachers from TK through high-school are superior and both my children (10 and 15) come home excited to llearn everyday. My 15 year old could go to college tomorrow and do fine - the teachers have given him the confidence to tackle new problems and be self suffcient.
11/16/2008otherProvidence Day School is the best private school in North Carolina. Providence Day continues to excel by mainintaining its high standard. They accept only the best students and hire only the best educators. Their student body consists of the extremely bright and gifted. Students accepted for their middle and upper school programs have exceptionally high standardized test scores, excellent grades (94% (3.6 GPA), are 'well-rounded and very likable.' Entrance at the middle and high school levels is extremely competitive. 1 of every 40 interviewed applicants are accepted. Not only do they have the best students, they have the best teachers, best facilities, best food and best athletic programs. To add, a rather beautiful campus. Overall Providence Day receives an A+.
10/2/2008parentThree years ago and after we toured and attended 9 private school open houses. We knew we were home when we arived at PDS. An awesome location with such a breathtakingly beautiful campus. Not to mention top educators, high-tech and state of the art facilities and awesome summer and extended day programs. PDS has certainly continued to raise the bar out of eyesight of the other NC private schools. Their prescription of including only the best and brightest has kept their Southeast Sure, the tuition is a bit more than the other area private schools but that's EXCELLENCE, right? Providence Day School...Ahhhh, there's no place like home. Parents of three PDS students (5th, 3rd and 1st grade)
9/15/2008studentA Class of 2004 PDS Alum' and current Princeton University undergrad'. PDS is superb! GO CHARGERS!
8/26/2008parentProvidence Day School (PDS) is by far the best school in the state of NC. I have two graduates of PDS, of which one is a recent graduate of Duke University, my second child currently attends Duke Univ. and my youngest child is a sophomore at PDS. PDS accepts only the best and brightest (top 5% ) . The acadmic program is educationally rigourous, the teachers are high caliber and the facilities are state of the art. The althletic programs are great and include personal trainers. Providence employs only the best teachers for their students. PDS has the best and the brightest and is truly Charlotte's finest.
6/26/2008parentPorvidence Day School is by far the best school in the Charlotte area and one of the best in NC. The students receive an excellent education. The teaching and administration is by far the best in the country. The facilities and technology are state of the art and cutting edge. This is where you go if you want the best for your child.
6/2/2008parentProvidence Day is simply the best private school in the Southeast. Very difficult to get accepted as admission is based on your child being the best of the best instead of being all kids of alums. PDS kids get accepted at the best colleges. Incredibly high tech campus; great location; unbelievable new facilities; best extended day and summer programs due to lots of career moms; honor code school; kids are not 'cliquey' because many come from outside Charlotte; great sports teams and extracurricular activities; global attitude and teaching style. PDS is a well oiled machine. I could not be happier with my kids' experience and education. You will get your money's worth!
5/10/2005studentI think honestly that this school is a very high quality school as far as academics, however as far as individuality and being able to do what you want in the environment doesn't seem to happen. The teachers are wonderful for the most part. One thing that I must say is: IF your child wants to be into the arts program, especially theatre, this is probably NOT the best place to go. The administration is VERY conservative of what art can be produced in the school. I do think that PDS is a great school in relation to others in the city though. Just quiet a hefty pay.
2/23/2004parentProvidence Day School has an excellent curriculm for grades K-12. Students are tested and accepted upon basis of their intellectual capacity, which must be in the top percentiles. Curriculum is geared accordingly to challenge students to press the limits of their own achievement potentials. Teachers take personal interest in and lend encouragement--one-on-one--to students. Extra-curricular activities and special school projects which involve students both indivitually and collectively build good interpersonal relationships and self-esteem. Students have a warm feeling of 'family [i.e. Providence Day] belonging.' From K-12 curriculm is ever encouraging students to expand their horizons, to learn, experience, and enjoy more and better. At Providence Day every parent should rest assured that the students are receiving an education for the Academically Gifted and will test well on college entrance exams so they can attend almost any specific college/university of their own choice. Approximately 100% of graduates go on to Ivy League and Prestegious colleges/universities of higher learning. I, myself, was a Certified teacher, guidance counselor,and principal, and uniquely equipped to evaluate schools. I could not have been more pleased with a school than I was with my dauther's experience at Providence Day. She, herself, would give the same glowing assessment of Providence Day.
2/23/2004parentMy children went to Providence Day School when it first was getting started. They both got a good education and today they are leaders in their field. It was hard work for us all. Car pooling and packing lunches, but worth it all.
8/26/2003parentThis school has provided my children with a wonderful education, great friends and the opportunity to learn in an exceptional environment. The teachers work with each child as an individual, allowing each to learn at their optimum pace, and with much care.

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