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Providence High School - Charlotte, NC

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Providence High School1800 Pineville-Matthews Rd
Charlotte, NC 28270
(980) 343-53909-12MecklenburgpublicCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic79.34882009
Black, non-Hispanic9.116282009
Asian/Pacific Islander6.558142009
Native American or Native Alaskan0.279072009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Tracey Harrill2012


Students Getting Free LunchYear

5/7/2012studentI am currently a senior at Providence High School looking forward to moving on to the collegiate world. Looking back on my experiences in high school, I am sad to say that my time at Providence was discouraging. The school is exceptionally cutthroat, with a subset of teachers (rather than students) fueling an atmosphere of incredible pressure. The pressure is not just academic--certain employees teach with highly personalistic methods, adjusting grades depending on their preferences for certain students and sometimes fighting with one another to retain students in certain classes. Families of students at the school also contribute, often trying to work connections through the guidance department or individual teachers to grant their children a selective advantage--especially in the obtaining of awards, special designations, recommendations, and other elements that look great on paper to a selective college. This atmosphere in turn leads to the development of a group of "chosen ones"--students that tend to accrue most of the credit, much to the detriment of other hard-working, capable individuals. In short, if you go to Providence, prepare to fight for your right to succeed.
5/9/2011studentI am currently a senior at Providence, and have found that my experience has been mixed. All-in-all, I took 10 AP classes at Providence, and had my shot at many of the Ivy League schools, and was accepted at several prestigious southern private schools. Ultimately, I turned them down because I did not want a repeat performance of Providence. The pressure to be a top-performing student at providence is constant and omnipresent, and I found that the pressure and expectations of my teachers my junior year pushed me into depression and more-than-severe sleep deprivation. A student who would crack under such pressure likely may be successful at Providence, though it will be extraordinarily costly. I have also found through experience that those who do not take the AP classes wind up with students and teachers who really could care less, and ultimately receive a much lower quality of education. However, I have also found wonderful friends at Providence, especially through participation in the music and athletic programs.
2/1/2011parentWe are relatively new to Charlotte and I have 2 students @ Providence High School. We moved to this area because of the the schools reputation. I am not as happy as I had hoped to be...and I am puting it mildly. I am trying very hard to embrace the rigid academic standards here but at what cost? I would love to hear from other parents...that may be struggling as I am.
12/8/2010parentI have had three children at Providence. These children have gone through all the feeder schools that go into Providence. If you read the reviews carefully, you will see a common pattern there. If your child is a high achiever, has great social skills, and little artistic interest, than your child will probably do well at Providence. My son did, and has looked at it as a means to an end. He has had some good teachers and some bad teachers. I am surprised, that with the area and the affluence, and it is there, that it is so hard to find teachers who are not more in love with teaching. Teaching at this school is a dream compared to other CMS high schools. My other two children have struggled much more, with the extreme social pressure, cliques, and due to size, inability to participate in the activities they would like to pursue. If your child is more creative and right brained, they will be miserable if they cannot find an outlet there. One of mine could not. My 3rd child has endured, but said she would be fine if we moved and has had trouble making new friends. Know your child. While being safe and clean, this school is not for every child.
10/20/2010parentMy child is currently a senior at PHS. She has been with PHS since her freshman year. A solid A/B student on the honors track, it became apparent by her junior year that PHS focuses most attention on the highest and lowest performing students. Counsellors and teachers are over-worked and overwhelmed. As a result, mid-range students (A/B; 3.25-3.50 GPA range) receive little or no support. The pressure to take AP level classes is tremendous, often to the detriment of the student. The public school system has potential, but I truly believe CMS has become unmanageable and places too much emphasis on standardized testing and not enough on learning.
4/25/2010parentHands down...Best CMS school! Top scores, beautiful campus, nicest part of town, great teachers, great kids from great families and top art, music and athletic programs. As close to a private education as you can get.
10/19/2009parentOutstanding school both academically and overall environment. Both my sons graduated from Providence HS.
4/6/2008parentThe counseling staff at Providence is incompetent, and the school psychologist is inept. The princial is smart & helpful, but consistently I experience frustration when I need something done that involves the office. Consistently I hear complaints by other parents about the slowness and mistakes made by the counselors- You are not permitted to change counselors. Be prepared to make numeous calls and visits to the school to get transcripts in line for college applications- they pass the buck. High level students get the most attention. Having a B average here puts you in the bottom half of the school for class rank. Security is good here. The athletic and music departments-good. Don't assume a teacher will call you if your student misses work or class. They prefer less motivated students drop out or transfer to keep the overall GPA high.
3/19/2008parentFantastic school. We moved to NC from CT in 2006 and have been thrilled ever since. We have 3 children (One a senior) and two in 7th grade and I have been impressed with the students, teachers, and administration. Providence has a wonderful Choir Dept. lead by Teresa Setzer. It is known for their fantastic musicals all lead by Paula Dean, the head of the theater dept. The high school is friendly. It is not a bother when you have to phone in changed plans. The office greets everyone with a smile. All grades are available online and progress reports are constantly being sent home. Students are encouraged independence, but at the same time properly supervised. Guidance counselors are good, but have many students so when it comes to SAT's and transcripts to schools you have to be on the ball.
1/26/2008parentGreat school. Lots of challenging programs in fields ranging from auto tech to horticulture. Tons of AP classes. School has great facilities including indoor pool. Lot's of accomplished sports team, great music program, nationally acclaimed literature - this school has it all. I have two kids there with vastly different personalities and interestes and both are happy here. Safe school, great staff.
1/23/2008studentI am currently a sophomore at Providence High School, and I enjoy it. After having to miss a week of school due to surgery, all of my teachers tried their hardest to get me where I needed to be. Providence wide variety of courses make it near impossible to not get something your interested in. I'm not going to lie and say 'oh the class are so simply and easy to understand', because depending on that classes you take and the teachers you have a lot aren't. I'm also not going to miss lead you by saying 'homework was quick and easy', because that would also be a lie. But that said, it is not impossible. If you think hard before choosing your classes, work hard in those classes, and do all out of class assignments you will be great at Providence.
12/4/2007parentMy kids loved this school and did very well academically.
7/31/2007studentI am currently a junior at Providence High School, and I find that the overall quality of this school is excellent. The quality of the current teachers is great (esp. the Science and Math Departments). The vast majority of teachers will be willing to work with students in tutoring sessions. Courses of all varieties and levels are also made available. Providence offers many APs and gives students the option of taking the AP Test (which may qualify the student for college credit). Providence also makes accessible many extracurricular activities such as band, orchestra, drama, varsity sports, foreign language clubs, and other miscillaneous clubs. I cannot say much about social life at Providence because it is bound to change every year. But currently, Providence is so large that you probably can find someone with common interests. Overall, I strongly recommend Providence as a school.
6/27/2007parentI teach at Providence and have a child who attended and graduated as well. I have seen this school from two angles. A student can receive an excellent education, take part in a vast array of sports, clubs, and extra curricular activities. Students who involve themselves in these activities greatly enrich their school experience. My student gained friends, challenges, and confidence through participation in the music program, which is very good! The EC department (not my dept.) is excellent and responsive to student needs. Student absences are called home each day, progress reports are sent out more frequently than required (every 2 weeks!) as well as grades being available on line. Like all large high schools, parent involvement and attention help students achieve success.
6/15/2007parentWell,two of my daughters went to this school. One of them hated it,the other loved it. Yes the academics are great,but a majority of the teacherslack of compassion,or just love for the kids.Both of my girls said that the students were very judgmental as well. My daughter that loved it is an honor studentthat likes challenges and is very focused on success.My other child is a good student{in college now},but with a free spirit and an artistic soul. So,it depends on your child's needs.If your child is shy,or is not the popular kind,no ,this school is not a good match. Also,donot base your opinion only on the ratings...My child had so many substitutes this year!Seems that this great school can't find teachers.......
5/14/2007parentProvidence High is a challenging school, not just meaning academics. My daughter has been attending for over 4 months now and has made 1 friend. . Providence programs seem to be geared for students who are attending all 4 years. It's not as welcoming to new students. My daughter's grades have fallen since attending Providence. I've tried to reach out to the school, but with no success. My time also limits me as a single working parent. She has truly fallen in between the cracks. I regret moving into this privileged area.
4/5/2007parentI've had two sons at Providence H.S. If it hadn't been for the administration and teachers at Providence my son would have never graduated from high school. He's now in college. My second son, who was an honor student in middle school has found Providence challenging but enjoyable. He's found good friends and good teachers. This is a great school in relationship to their more 'acclaimed' counterparts in CMS.
10/25/2006studentI dont know why these people are complaining. I too am a junior at the big P. For that person, who says that we have too many cliques, they are totally wrong. While our interests are diverse, if you throw yourself out there, many kids will help you. As for the teachers, they are amazing. Maybe your school in Chicago was just not as good, because while our curriculum is advanced, it's not that difficult to succeed. I play many sports at Providence, and still manage to keep at least a B in all my classes, with 2 AP classes. The sports and clubs are fantastic, especially our Ultimate team. The counselors are there if you need them, and they try to get to know you, but there are many students. If you set up an appointment, they are glad to help you. Our security is great too. Providence is amazing!
7/17/2006former studentI am a PHS graduate and teacher in CMS. (not a Providence) Providence sets high expectations and high standards for students. THe students are very judgemental. Sound education but not realistic. Would not teach here.
4/14/2006studentI also have no idea why people are complaining about this school. I am currently a Sophmore, and is my second year here. In my experiences, the students may have cliques, but if you get in there and be yourself, they will accept you. As for the teachers, it is not true that any 'don't care.' These teachers are top-line, and are pleased to help and tutor you at least twice a week. And, for those who like to use the computer, every class has atleast 1 computer, and many have 6 or 7. We have tons of great clubs, stretching from things like 'environmental club' to the new 'ultimate frisbee club.' Not only do we have great clubs, but we also have excellent sports programs. Our swimming, track, and cross-country programs are top of the line. Overall, I believe that Providence High School is the best!
3/20/2006parentMy son is attending Providence High School and the standards are set extremely high academically. This is great for the students who excell in everything, however the struggling students seem to fall through the cracks...unnoticed. Very high pressured! Great band program.
1/19/2006parentMy child has had a wonderful HS experience here. It is a very large school and it is important to find a group to belong to, fortunately there are lots of clubs and activities. Band program is excellent and color guard is open to all students. We have not needed the councelors yet, but it is a bad sign that my daughter has never seen hers. The course work is very tough and the honors classes have loads of homework. The new principal is a breath of fresh air, warm, caring, involved and respected. Overall, we are very happy with Providence.
12/15/2005studentI'm currently a junior at Providence, and my family just moved here this summer from Chicago. All I have to say is, if you're moving into the area, PLEASE don't be fooled by the school's 'wonderful' academic ratings. At my school in Chicago, I was 8th in my class. Here at Providence, I am struggling to keep B's in my classes. The kids at Providence are VERY cliquey, more so than most middle schools. There are two kinds of teachers at Providence-those that make their class insanely difficult and those that can't and don't teach at all. There is no middle ground. I can't stress enough for any parents looking at this school-if you value your child's sanity at all, DO NOT SEND THEM TO PROVIDENCE! The only good thing is that the new principal, Dr. Cockerham, is very nice and approachable.
10/26/2005studentI'm currently a student at Providence, and I think that the school is very good. I moved here from Miami, Fl and I think that the environment and the teachers here are great. I am always popping in on my counselors and she is always helpful! The teachers are intelligent and are always willing to explain stuff. I love it here!
8/1/2005parentI have had one child go through Providence HS and graduate and another child attend high school in Wisconsin. I must say dealing with the counselors and teachers at Providence was a struggle and very disappointing. They were unresponsive to my child failing a class and wouldn't return phone calls. The counselor at Providence for my son was difficult to reach, showed no interest and communication with her was an extreme challenge at best. Most of the teachers were not professional and did not seem to enjoy their job. My daughter went to high school in Wisconsin and had similar problems in school as my son. The teachers and counselors communicated well, showed sincere concern and interest in my daughter's success and were easily assessable. How interesting to have such a comparison and opposite experiences. It s a good thing other parents have a choice in Charlotte private schools.
12/9/2004parentAlthough I am not a parent at this school, I did graduate from it. When I went there I felt as though, since I wasn't a straight A student, I was nothing. I had friends that were in the top 50 of the class, and teachers and other staff members would take time to go up to them and talk to them. Myself on the other hand, was lucky if the teachers knew my name halfway though the 1st quarter. It was not as though I was shy or anything, it was becuase I didn't fit into the acadmic league that Providence was known for. I failed 3 classes one semster, and my parents were not warned of this until it was too late. My teachers didn't try to help me, even with my asking.
10/12/2004parentI'm on my second child at this school, too, and found basically the same issues as previously reviewed. It's a great school if you have an exceptional child, self-motivated who needs no attention. However, if discipline or grades become an issue, don't expect support or notification from teachers or office personnel. Some teachers admittedly don't check their email, counselor is RARELY available, could be days or weeks before return phone call.
2/27/2004parentVery unhappy. If you are the very best or worst you may get attention, but the rest seem to fall off the radar. Guidance counselor has really missed the mark, they do not follow their own discipline plan to track attendance problems and seem very disorganized overall. There are many who care, but many who don't. Very concerned having such high standards..offer very few alternatives to kids who are struggling. This is my 2nd child there and the first had no problems overall. We expected help from the school when the 2nd child started having problems. We were not notified that she had been skipping all last year until May of last year! Unheard of! She is to blame, but they have a responsibility to inform us as well. Sorry, but I have heard these same problems from many other parents too!
1/22/2004studentOrganization within the administration and guidance department is nonexistent. I've had nothing but problems since transferring to this school, the counselors provide no attention to detail whatsoever, going so far as messing up the transcripts that were sent to my colleges.
12/2/2003parentAdministration not proactive/supportive of GT and ADHD kids. If new to the school double check to make sure records received - we experienced a lack of organization. Visit other schools don't just select this school based on track record like we did...statistics don't tell the whole picture. We are very dissatisfied.
8/26/2003otherMy daughter is currently in her second year at Providence and I have heard nothing but good things. She's placed in a challenging environment but is still able to have fun and meet new friends.

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