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South Mecklenburg High School - Charlotte, NC

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
South Mecklenburg High School8900 Park Rd
Charlotte, NC 28210
(980) 343-36009-12MecklenburgpublicCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic56.76442009
Black, non-Hispanic21.92782009
Asian/Pacific Islander4.171362009
Native American or Native Alaskan0.2254792009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Maureen Furr2012


Students Getting Free LunchYear

4/30/2012parentsouthmeck is wonderful. my kid loves to go to school . she has a 4.0 average and plays basketball. they treat all there students the same and that is a blessing.
5/9/2011studentI am currently a student at south. It is a good school because you can get a good education there if you try. There are quite a few teachers that still care (a miracle considering the failures that are currently running the school system). However, I have noticed that the school is on a downward slide. A few years back we lost a great principle, and a lot of the more affluent population moved to Ardrey Kell. Also, we will be gaining a lot of inner city kids from the recently deceased Wadell.
4/28/2009parentDr. Furr is just what the Dr. ordered.. Keep up the great work! Go SOUTH!
5/26/2008studentAs a former student, I have to say I loved this school. There were high AP scores and lots of class options, not very many cliques, and great sports teams (though not football). Several of my teachers actually inspired me to become a high school teacher myself. In comparison with some of my friends' experiences, I think I was very lucky. I hope it hasn't changed with Mrs. Yates gone!
4/9/2007former studentI went to this school and graduated in June 2006. Though I got a decent education, it was based more on my own attitude and direction. There are more lousy teachers than great ones, and I hate to think what it's going to be like without Mrs. Yates as principal. The school is very old and not well maintained.
4/5/2006former studentAs a former student of South Mecklenburg I was very happy with the education I received there. Many extracurricular activities, sporting teams, clubs and academic programs were made available. And the teaching staff there is wonderful! They were always open to giving extra help when it was needed and they knew how to challenge their classes. I would recommend this school to any parent looking to give their child a great education.
1/24/2006parentMy son is currently a freshman at South Meck. After doing research on this school before we relocated to Charlotte - I was sure that I was putting him in a school with superior teaching. Our experience so far has been less then satisfying and the quality of the teaching staff, as well as his guidance Councelor is below average. My only saving grace is that next year he will be attending the new school Ardrey Kell and we can say goodbye to South Meck..
9/7/2005parentI am a parent of one child who just graduated. High SAT score, accepted at several prestigious universities, and so on. It was a very good (and fun) experience at South Meck. We currently have another child attending South Meck, who appears headed in the same direction. Though the facility is showing some age, South Meck has a number of great teachers, many good ones, and can be a quality school for any child who is committed and has parental involvement/support. Those are the keys--not whether it's a new facility, has more/less money, lots of computers, or some flavor-of-the-month magnet program. I would recommend South Meck HS to any family that is involved and wants a good public education experience for their child.
7/7/2004former studentI am not a parent, but I am a former student of SMHS. I graduated 4 years ago and have nothing but great things to say. I am getting ready to graduate from UNCW and can honestly say that if I hadn't had the help, guidance and encouragement of the teachers, and staff at SMHS, I couldn't be where I am now. You shouldn't so harsh on the school, you have no idea what is actually like. The school is old, there are going to be some run down classrooms, air conditioners that may not always workthings happen, things break over time. There are so many opportunities that students don't take advantage of, and that's no ones fault but their own. I was involved in sports, clubs, events and those are the things that help make us who we are. Bottom line: it's a great school. Quality should far outweigh Quanity.
6/15/2004parentSchool over 40 years old. The condition -very bad, mildew, carpet, mats, ceilings. Broken air conditions, equipment etc. Student enrollment capacity 1800. School well over- 2400 capacity stated in 2003-2004 by SMHS Student Newspaper. Enrollment of Classes/subject interests- impossible. Teacher conferences are not encourgaged by Dist/High Schools'. Student attendence problems- late or otherwise. Serious learners are grouped with less interested learners whom do not have an interest/goals tofuther academic enrichment. Cause and affect heavy class cheating, behavior, classroom distractions, low standards, prisonlike-micromanagement. Affecting serious learners to force failure, accdemically/ socially. Classroom time fast pace-28 credits on correction of skills and answeres vs instruction/learning atwhich much time/money is drilling for EOG's- test results. Distroying learning curriculum- skills, holding students accountable. State Policy/regulations- targets guidence to Exit HS without learning appropriately.
1/8/2004parentHi my son attends this school. You will never imagine the chaos that is there. This is a very bad choice. But you can't expect a perfect place in a unperfect world. My son used to attend West Meck, that is a 'bad' choice. I moved near the airport, so now my daughter attends Olympic, she is a junior. That is a better choice. You have got to expect some things to happen so I dont down Olympic very much.
8/26/2003parentI have one son who attends South and one who has just graduated. Words cannot express the hard work, support and effort exhausted by the staff at this school to assist these students in reaching their goals as well as acknowleging their talents and helping them create goals. This school posses outstanding top of the line qualified staff. As a parent all you have to do is ask any staff member for any type of assistance and they will exhaust every effort to help you. I could never say thank you enough for all that this school has done for my children and all that they are continuing to do.

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