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West Charlotte High School - Charlotte, NC

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
West Charlotte High School2219 Senior Dr
Charlotte, NC 28216
(980) 343-60609-12MecklenburgpublicCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic1.035782009
Black, non-Hispanic88.22982009
Asian/Pacific Islander3.672322009
Native American or Native Alaskan0.2354052009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
John Wall Jr2012


Students Getting Free LunchYear

6/22/2009parentTeacher involvement is very high at West Charlotte, Counselors respond quickly to any communication via Internet or personal phone call. Yes, West Charlotte tend to get a negative views---this is coming from the media also. Security is great, Officer Brown is on point--just come by and watch. Has a good relationship with students. I live on the West Side, and Love it. My son attends West Charlotte--and enjoys it also. Following a legacy of past West Charlotteans. In every school you have issues going on, however at West Charlotte the outside tends to make sure they are there to report anyting negative. A School is as strong as the support it receives, and I don't mean monetary.
6/20/2009studentWest charlotte is a graet school. my Mama, my Brother, and my sister all graduated from here and im next. Im excited to attend WC because of all the great scholarship and community service opprutunities that are given there.
10/3/2008studentYes the attitude of MANY of the students at West Charlotte is undesirable, but the staff is wonderful. They are constantly checking up on you and keeping you out of trouble. The staff that teaches IB and AP courses don't play games AT ALL, unlike what people outside of the school seem to think. Extracurriculars are amazing and there is a club for EVERYONE. The principal is the most encouraging person. And as for the student survey that states only 15% percent felt's bull...The rare fights that do take place are quickly contained, and how can the staff stop fights anyway..It's student happens... so lets cut all this bad talk about West Charlotte and actually try to encourage the students.
1/8/2008parentHey I think that west charlotte is a great high school.
12/2/2007parentMy daughter is in the Emerging Leaders group. I love it!
10/3/2007parentMy daughter was transferred to W Chalotte this year. What we heard was horrible. The truth? West Charlotte is as safe as other better rated schools,the staff is qualified and cares about the students.The principal seems to be a real leader,the students welcome new students.....So,do not judge before meeting the good people there! {Just for you to know,my daughter was at Providence High before.I was worried.I am not anymore.}
10/18/2006parentThere are a lot of things about West Charlotte Senior High School that the media neglect to tell you: 1. It was the safest school in the school system in 2005-2006. 2. West Charlotte seniors earned over $3,000,000 in academic scholarships 2005-2006. 3. The JROTC Program was the Best in the school system in 2005-2006. 4. The Marching Band Program remains one of the top programs in the entire region. The faculty and students mean business. They know about all the negative media reports concerning their school and other schools in the system and they will let their results speak for themselves.
7/10/2006former studentWest Charlotte Senior High School is truly a blessing from God. Its rich history, alumnae association, and Lion Pride will never keep this school down too long. WCHS has produced too many scholars, athletes, and community leaders to be considered a school of failure. WCHS is probably one of the few high schools in Charlotte where the staff truly cares about you and your future. I can remember the day Dr. Lee (former principal) called every senior with at least a 3.0 out of class to apply for the Charlotte Post top senior awards. Believe it or not, everyone was accepted. WCHS had the most students honored as Charlotte Post top seniors in 2003. West Charlotte is truly a wonderful school. Through academics, student activities, and athletics, WCHS will prepare your child for the future. -Class of 2003, President
5/21/2005former studentWest Charlotte is a GREAT school. There is no way that the media, or test scores can reflect the true West Charlotte Senior High School. I believe that in the 2003-2004 school year, West Charlotte brought in more scholarship money ($2.7 million dollars) than all CMS schools. I think that is pretty good for a low-performing school. Before you start judging my school, maybe you should spend some time on the campus first. Then you can form you own opinion, instead of believing what everyone tells you.
5/18/2005former studentAs a recent alumnus of West Charlotte, I don't think that you can truly get an impression of the school without being a student there. No, West Charlotte is not the academic institution it once was but it still does a great job of preparing students for their next step in life. From the graduating class of 2004, more than half are attending universities and of those whom decided to join the workforce, many are doing well. I feel like over my time there, we were pigeonholed unjustly just because 'Oh thats West Charlotte don't go there' when you have to step back and take a look at the direction of the school and how their students turn out in the long run. West Charlotte is a great school and I am very proud to be an alumnus of it. Don't let one parents bashing distort your view of our school.
9/22/2003otherWest Charlotte has really gone down hill in the last five years. It is considered to be the most troubled school in Mecklenburg County. Last year on the Student Survey 15% of the students feel safe at school.

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