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W R Odell Elementary School - Concord, NC

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
W R Odell Elementary School1885 Odell School Road
Concord, NC 28027
(704) 782-0601K-5CabarruspublicCabarrus County Schools

Class SizeGradeYear

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic66.25242013
Black, non-Hispanic16.53922013
American Indian/Alaskan Native0.09560232013

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Lynn Marsh2012


Students Getting Free LunchYear

8/26/2011parentMy 2 children attend this school and we are very happy overall. We love that the school is located in our neighborhood. Our experience with the administration has been very positive, and the few issues we had were resolved to our satisfaction. Great communication from the teachers as well as Dr. Marsh. They welcome feedback and love parent involvement. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved for your child at this school. We would like to see some improvements on the playground. Some of the equipment is old and the slides are metal, so the children cannot use them when it's hot.
4/15/2011parentI have 2 children here, over all the school is a good school. The principal has a giant heart. She loves the kids but sometimes they need a stern person not a soft heart. I believe it is like every other school, there are teachers who go the extra mile and there are those who have a problem dealing with kids who are not average whether they are above or below average. Bullying happens... again some teachers are all over it and try to nip it in the bud..others not so active about it. Over all if you stay on top of your child s education and communicate with them this school is great... All schools have their issues.. DONT BE AFRAID TO STAND UP FOR YOUR CHILD! Communication with the teacher and or counselor or vp will solve almost any issue :) They have a great gifted program. There are security cameras; pick up and drop off seem to run pretty smooth. They are always working to improve things. They are also not afraid to change things or try new things academic wise, although not always a good thing. IF you can volunteer do it, it helps the teachers and out and you get a chance to see firsthand how your child s class works and what they are learning.
3/31/2011parentBoth of my children have attended Odell and loved it. I also love Odell as the teachers are awesome! This school has a great atmosphere and staff that really cares. My daughter has received extra help and services and has improved greatly! The principal is a wonderful woman and parent involvement is high. Also communication has been wonderful and I just can't say enough good things about this school!
1/31/2011parentMy Daughter attends kingerarten at Odell, and she is having lots of fun and learning at the same time. But as with all things education, the parent has to be an active participant in their child's education,
12/9/2010parentThis is a very nice school! The teachers are great! All of my children went there and we still have a son there. Our son loves it there! My daughters that went there loved it there and hated leaving.
11/1/2010parentExcellent school! Excellent teachers! We have loved every one for the last 4 years. My daughter has excelled! Thank you!
7/22/2010parentMy children have had wonderful teachers each school year at Odell. We love our school!
8/13/2009parentOdell is one of the best schools...My daughter started Odell her 1st grade year...she had Mrs. Widenhouse and we loved her...2nd grade was Miss Cantley, 3rd grade Ms. Gordon and 4th grade Ms. Benson. I must say that we have had some amazing teachers...Unfortunately, we moved from NC to TN and we miss everyone so much...the staff is professional and very friendly...Odell we miss you!!!
8/13/2009parentMy child has been to Odell since kindergarten, and now she is entering the 4th grade. She has always been eager to get to school in the mornings and never complained about he work. She has had top-notch teachers every year and has been very happy here. Excellent atmosphere - love the new school and the principal couldn't be better.
6/28/2009parentW.R. Odell is a great school. The adminstration and staff are amazing. My daughter just completed her first year at Odell and she had a phenomenal year. Miss Miller was her 1st grade teacher and she is wonderful. She truly understands the meaning of 'educating the total child'. I could not have asked for a better first grade teacher for my daughter. Sumitted by a parent
6/4/2009parentW.R Odell is a great school, I love the school and it's faculty. They are so into helping your children with everything and anything they need. Their is one teacher that I just adore, my daughers second grade teacher Mrs. Barber. She is just wonderful with all of her kids. My daugher was struggling in school and she gave her so much confidients that she has sorrowed in school. Me and my daugher loves her for all that she has done and we will truly miss her next school year.
5/30/2009parentI attended Odell as a child and both of my children have attended Odell. We love the office staff, the teachers, the cafeteria staff! Everyone is so friendly and Mrs. Marsh is a wonderful lady. We like her so much we named our lil Sarah after her in 2002. Sarah is now in Kindergarten and she loves school so much. I could not ask for a better place for my kid to attend. I can say that I had reservations about the new odell since I was so used to the old one but those have quickly changed. ps..... Mrs. Randle Sarah said she loves you!
2/27/2009parentGreat School with great teachers, principal, students and parents. My child loves the enrichment Science Program.
1/18/2009parentWe have gone to Odell Elem. for a couple of yrs and feel the office staff, as well as the teachers are hostile and cold. My child loved his old school and the teachers loved the children. But, you don't feel that at Odell. I have found the teachers to be mean, rude, hostile, unprofessional and uninspiring. They don't appear to like teaching, nor children. Maybe it's because we have only had the teachers who have taught for over 20 yrs. They want the children to be seen and not heard. The school want's financial support but not involvment. The Principal is nice but can't seem to solve any problems. The other two Asst. Principals are worthless. The school is too rigid and unsupportive and that is one of the many reasons we are leaving this school.
12/11/2008parentI have to say that agree completely with all of the reviews here as well and felt that another excellent review was warranted. I moved to NC four years ago and I have a child with special needs so needless to say I researched the elementary schools extensively to make sure he would be given the best opportunities he could have. Odell has by far exceeded my expectations in accommodating our needs. The staff as a whole is excellent and is very involved with the students. Thanks for all you do!!
8/30/2008parentMy son learned so much academically as well everyday social skills. He is 10yrs old and reading at 5th grade level. This is a great accoplishment, because when he start WR Odell he was below grade level. They are the Best!! They Really Care :)
8/28/2008parentI have two children in this school and I must say I am very happy with the education they have received. There are so many wonderful, caring, truly geniune teachers here that I feel very lucky and blessed that my children go to Odell. One thing that does concern me alot though, as mentioned by another parent is that parents can come and go as they please. There is no ID verification which is not a good thing in this day and age.
8/1/2008parentThis is an excellent school with strong leadership that cares about educating the whole child.
8/1/2008parentMy kids have gone there for a year and they enjoy the school and their teachers alot-But they hate the school lunches, they are trying to do the healthy lunch but they are making it to where kids who buy lunch from school won't eat at least 1 or 2 times during the week because they are serving something they don't like-stuff kids wont eat. Also the school security is not that great they just let parents come and go into the school when ever. I believe this is not good for the safety of our children attending.
12/10/2007parentUnbelievable school- Horrendous traffic.
9/27/2006parentOdell Elementary is an incredible school, the teacher and staff are wonderful, the parents are involved, they work great with the Odell Sports program. It is a great area. Traffic is terrible
9/13/2006parentAs a former teacher, I considered home-schooling before my child started school. Now, four years later, we have no regrets about sending our child to Odell. The teachers are wonderful, the staff is friendly, the academic emphasis is top-rate, and parents are highly involved.
6/6/2006parentI have to say that Odell is absolutely one of the best schools around. All the teachers are wonderful and I wouldn't have my kids go to any other elementary school. I know of several parents who had the ability to send there children to private school and chose to send them to Odell because of its overwhelming credits to academics. If you are looking for an area to move with great schools the Odell district is the best choice by far. Not only for the elementary but the middle and high school also. Parent involvement is such a big part of this school and everyone is very kind. You won't be disappointed just check it out for yourself.
1/17/2006parentExcellent school and lots of parents involved. Traffic is awful.
11/2/2005parentI Love Odell. They really believe in reading. All the teachers are there if you have a question or suggestion, and I love Mrs Smith and Mrs Beasley ' kindergarden '. You can,t find any teachers that give your kids a better start in school than those two. And Thanks goes to Mrs Kipp.... Odell just has a GREAT teaching staff.

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