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The Davidson Day School - Davidson, NC

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
The Davidson Day School750 Jetton Street
Davidson, NC 28036
(704) 237-5200PK-12Mecklenburgprivate 

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
Black, non-Hispanic5.284552008
White, non-Hispanic84.55282008
Asian/Pacific Islander6.910572008

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Bonnie Cotter2012


10/5/2012parentA brilliant Public relations tactic was to fire the old administration and replace with a new one. Any issue can now be blamed on the old guard. Whether you are a family that has been in on the ground floor or a family brought in on the financial aid incentives, there seems to be a feeling of unrest. There are so many better options in our area and I think its important to trust in our children that they don't need a contrived environment to thrive. Its been an exhausting ride and its time we disembark the DDS trainwreck,
9/29/2012parentAlthough the school had a change in headmaster over the summer, the change is for the good. My family has been going to DDS for 5 years now, and I am more optimistic than I've been in quite some time. There's been a number of administrative additions, like new headmaster, new dean of student life, etc and w/ these folks welded into the solid admin team already in place, I am very confident that the school is moving in a smart direction. My kids' experience in the classroom has always been top notch, but now I believe the school is being run the right way, which makes me as a parent feel much better.
7/11/2012otherThe Board of Trustees made a change in leadership of the head of school. this school now has a chance to be successful.
7/11/2012parentThis school is in such turmoil. The head of school was let go and they don't have a replacement. If you are planning on coming to this school, wait a year or two to see if things stabalize and/or get better. Don't risk your kids education or your money here. We were on the fence about coming back or not as of last week. Now, we are out the door.
6/6/2012parentThe education, arts and athletics that the school provides is unparalleled. This is by far the biggest values in private education in the Lake Norman area. My children continue to thrive and be challenged in an environment that loves and protects it's 'FAMILY'!
5/23/2012parentDo your homework and RESEARCH this school BEFORE you commit. "Fake it until you make it" is the motto of this school. They promise you the moon, then fail to deliver, every single time. There is a cadre of parents who want to get into the "clique" here and will parrot talking point to us at parent council, on these community forums, in the hallways, and even in the parking lots. Our kids aren't happy here because they are bullied and the school does nothing. We as parents aren't happy because we are ignored and told that we are stifling growth, after which we are asked for donations. There are much better options out there where your kids will not just "thive" (one of thier talking points), but actully get an eductation and will treat you with respect.
5/13/2012parentDDS is a great school! I love it, my kids love it! Strong fine arts & strong academics!
5/13/2012teacherI'm a former employee of Davidson Day and I have to say what a wonderful experience I had at Davidson Day. The community of parents, teachers, students, and administration is the best I've ever seen. I hope that anyone who is in the Lake Norman area will choose to look at this school because it offers the very best in academics, electives, fine arts, and athletics.
5/12/2012teacherCome and visit our school and you will see happy kids that are genuinely engaged. I have been teaching for sixteen years and I have never before seen so many kids who truly enjoy being at school. It is a tremendous amount of work for everyone involved, but the positive relationships that are forged between students and teachers make it worthwhile. At Davidson Day I find myself in the best position of my career empowering students to achieve their goals.
5/12/2012teacherI'm a teacher at Davidson Day, and one of the many passionate educators who are proud to be part of this school. When we have an Open House or take parents on a personal tour of our school, do you know what we hear over and over again? Parents tell us, "Seeing what you offer my child makes me wish I could be back in school again myself." I think that speaks volumes about the quality of our programs -- not just in the core academic areas, but it arts, athletics and everything we do. Last month, I heard a school parent tell one of my fellow teachers, "You have made a huge difference in my son's life." This is why I'm proud to be here. And this is why I chose this school for my own child.
4/21/2012parentStudent theatrical performances this week of Mulan were amazing. And I'm not talking about high school kids but elementary aged kids. Nowhere else would my child be able to enjoy participating in thriving arts program and be academically challenged. No wonder she loves, loves, loves to go to school. DDS.... You're the best!
2/17/2012parentAll of the great reviews have to be balanced by an objective opinion. My son has been at Davidson Day this year, and it will be his last. While I do think the teaching staff is talented and dedicated, the school doesn't have a family feel to it--my son has no attachment to this place at all. Parents are not friendly and welcoming. There is so much turnover in the staff, you have to wonder what is going on behind the scenes. I just don't see the value I am getting from all of the money I am paying. I am going to send my son to a charter school. Better atmosphere, no tuition, and less drama.
2/14/2012parentThere is way to much employee turnover in this school to make it a stable learning environment. You can see the stress that it causes on the teachers. But, it is the students that suffer. When we bring our concerns to parent council or to the administration, we are pretty much told that we need to "embrace the change." NOT an answer I am looking for. This school was once all about the kids which was why we signed up our two children to begin with. Now, it is all about how big the school can grow - at whatever expense. We won't be coming back next year.
12/22/2011parentI have 2 children at DDS, and we've been a family here since the Jetton St facility opened in Fall 2007. First of all, the teachers here are exceptional. They care about each and every student, and strive to help them develop as students and as human beings. A lot of emphasis is placed on building character and creativity. I am thoroughly impressed by the division heads and dean of student life, they are very experienced independent school administrators who are taking DDS to a higher level each year. They are not complacent with the status quo; they are always striving to help teachers do their best in the classrooms and to engage families and students in charting each child's unique path in the world. I love this school & know that I will watch my children graduate with a gold standard in education.
12/18/2011parentI have been thrilled with the opportunities provided to my children in the halls of Davidson Day school. My youngest has shown incredible growth and emotional development in the Early Childhood Halls. My oldest enjoys having teachers who really know her - personally. I have been delighted by the staff - they are truly a dedicated and inspired group who care about the education of students. I feel lucky to have my children in such an amazing environment. As to the haters, yes it is true that they auction off parking spots to raise money for the school. That happens at many private schools that I have been a part of over the years. Yes, they are working to grow their sports program...but that is to help grow the school!
11/7/2011parentThis is our daughter's first year at Davidson Day and we are thrilled with her progress. She was a strong student before but very quiet, and we have seen her confidence soar b/c of the attention she receives everyday from her teachers. It is not all about the test but rather is about the individual child and pushing them to achieve great things. Even as a first year student she feels extremely connected to the school and likes to take part in all things Davidson Day. Choosing an independent school is a hard decision for parents but in our case it has been very rewarding to see the smile on her face and know she is reaching her full potential.
11/5/2011principalEvery 5 years, independent schools go through a re-accreditation process from the same organization that accredits Duke University. Through this process, every rock is looked under, every program reviewed, and every surface is dug up to ensure educational quality. This includes curriculum and teaching; quality of teachers and staff; satisfaction of students and parents; and quality of leadership, governance and vision. In early November, our school hosted a five-person accreditation team made up of independent school professionals from schools much larger and much more established than ours. Here s a sampling of what they said: remarkable staff -- how did you compile such a group of committed teachers and staff who clearly are so bought in to your vision and purpose. visionary leadership at all levels. A community of family .evident from students, teachers, and parents You know your kids and they love that. Innovative programs that bring incredible opportunities to your students. Kids love and are loyal to their school and their teachers. The accreditation team chair concluded her report saying Thank goodness a school with this many strengths is expanding so that more kids in this community will be provided the opportunity to flourish in its environment. If you want to learn more about Davidson Day School and what makes us so special, please visit our website at
10/18/2011parentThis school has too much of a focus on sports and costs too much for what you get. The teacher quality is pretty good.
10/7/2011parentI'm thrilled to have my family at DDS. I couldn't ask for a better school, program, opportunities, staff and direction. This is a place that I have chosen to spend my money and a place that I am choosing to help shape into a community that my family is honored to be a part of! How do I do that? I am present. I choose to get involved and build relationships with other parents and staff. It is all about being the change that you want to see. Volunteer during the day or ask your teacher for something to do in the evening if you are unable to attend during the day, go to Parent Council meetings (new board this year to one of the other reviewers), take your family to the events (Macbeth, Water project, Family Night, sporting, etc.). There are opportunities to be part of the solution but it is up to you to do that. I've not always been involved at the school but have chosen to get more involved the last 2 years because my kids love to see me in their world. It is all about the kids and I would recommend DDS without hesitation.
9/27/2011otherNo school, public or private, can possibly satisfy every parent and all their aspirations for their child. I am happy that the majority of the people who have written reviews have had or are having a positive experience. I have had a 35-year career as a teacher....having taught in public and private schools. I have grandchildren at Davidson Day and am delighted with what I have witnessed in their academic progress, the pupil-teacher ratio, the support from the administration (kudos to Bonnie Cotter), and the value that is offered at the school. One disgruntled writer referred to the athletic program's importing "public school thugs." Wow, look in the mirror! If Mr/Mrs. Negavitiy will check out all the other private schools in Charlotte, they might notice that most offer scholarships.... in the name of diversity and, no doubt to enhance the athletic program. This is common practice...Davidson Day did NOT invent this practice. Excellence will always have its detractors and sour grape- suckers. Pay them no mind, DD, as you continue to excell with your academics and your athletics. Your growth in a short span of time has been phenominal. Keep up the good work!
9/22/2011parentSimply the best educational option in North Meck. Our kids have been here 5 years and we are well satisfied with the academics and the growing athletic and extracurricular options.
8/23/2011parentWhile the academics have certainly met our expectations, I have to disagree with the 'family atmosphere'. The teachers have been truly wonderful, but the actual families are very clique-ish. We have been there 5 years and unless you live in The Peninsula or The Point, etc. you are not being acknowledged. Suggestions to the Parent Teacher Council are never replied to nor implemented. Attending the Parent Teacher Council mtgs brings the once up and down look and 'polite' dismissal by said clique-ish mothers. I've been completely interrupted and ignored by a clique mom while having a conversation with a teacher regarding my child. I've started to wonder if I have invisibility super powers of which I was unaware. If you are a middle income family, just be aware of the parent culture. Thank goodness, the teachers are wonderful and the education is great because that is what really matters. Additionally, the majority of the children do not appear to act like their parents.
5/14/2011parentWe are now completing our first year at Davidson Day and could not be happier! My daughter's teachers are 100% dedicated to her well being and academic achievement. I love the friendly environment as a parent and found myself having a blast becoming involved in many school activities. We look forward to many amazing years at Davidson Day and growing with the school.
5/11/2011teacherAs a growing school, Davidson Day continues to attract top-quality faculty and staff candidates who are excited about our culture of educational innovation and excellence. As with every organization, turnover occurs for many reasons, such as maternity, people taking on new roles within the organization, medical concerns and people moving away from the area. The school remains committed to its focus on small class sizes, personal attention for each student, global citizenship and opportunities in the arts, clubs and athletics as part of a complete education.
5/11/2011parentDavidson Day has a family atmosphere! Our family was new this year and the staff, teachers, coaches and other families immediately made us feel a part of the school. We have been very involved in many areas. They foster friendship among the families and students. They concentrate on "Character" as well as academics. They reward students for not only being great students, but for being upstanding citizens and friends. They have an Honor Code. It is cool to be smart at this school. The teachers are incredibly devoted and get to know each child. I know they have my child's best interest in mind and want each student to grow! Our child left friends of many years to come to this school and has not once regretted her decision. She thinks it is the best decision she has made and so do we! As far as sports is concerned, our child has been involved for years and I believe it has brought her discipline as well as many other valuable qualities. Although an athlete, she is also a wonderful student. So many times , the top athletes are some of the most dedicated, hardworking, disciplined students at a school! The staff is dedicated to making this an outstanding school and they have succeeded
3/17/2011parentWe have glady signed up for yet another year at Davidson Day. Davidson Day continues to be the one of the best private schools in the area and the cheapest! We love the teachers, staff, and programs. We just finished up our Grandparents Day and Book Fair at the school, which was a huge success and great time for not only my daughter but also our entire family. Davidson Day knows how to make us all feel like a family. We look forward to continuing our daughter's education at this wonderful school!
3/14/2011otherDavidson Day was a disappointment. My children have been in a variety of schools in different states and DDS didn't live up to its promises. Some of the teachers are good and we miss them, but in total, the programs, particularly for High School are not worth the money. I certainly wouldn't recommend to a friend. I hope DDS is able to improve because there is a great need for more education options between the north side of Charlotte and Mooresville. As for us, we are on to a different school.
3/11/2011parentMy husband and I have 3 children who attend Davidson Day School (9th, 7th and 4th). Our eldest daughter will be returning for to Belize for the second summer where she is participating in a Maya archeological dig. She has also had the opportunity to take multiple honors level classes this year. DDS has the only archeological field school for high school students in the country! Our 7th grader is able to select his Science and Language Arts classes much like a liberal arts college. His is currently taking CSI for his science class. Our youngest daughter has just completed and performed a rap about fossils for science class. Her class is now creating their own town complete with a mayor, town council, fire and police chiefs, and small businesses. Davidson Day School's out of the box and forwarding thinking curriculum constantly challenges ALL THREE of our children. We are blessed to be part of a such a dynamic, caring, and creative school.
2/10/2011parentEducation is not a priority at Davidson Day School. Notice that the last several 5-star reviews were written on the SAME DAY and obviously by the same person. This school has inconsistent teacher quality and very high turnover in teaching staff, administration, and students. The academic programs are neither organized nor challenging and the curriculum is very worksheet dependent. For over $14,000 a year you should not have to worry about teacher quality from year to year. My students had excessive busywork for homework. Their teachers were not able to determine what level my children should be reading or doing math at, much less challenging them with interesting work. My older children felt embarrassed for being smart. There were many students with discipline problems and of my children even had to escort a "trouble" student to the restroom each time he went to keep him out of trouble! My children are so much happier now that we are at a very stable and engaging private school. They love being in an environment where EDUCATION is the number one priority and not athletics (or other personal parent agendas). We are so happy that we got out of Davidson Day School!
2/10/2011parentWe are a new family at Davidson Day School and we could not be happier. We knew the coaches starting up the football program so we decided to come take a look. Athletics is important to our family BUT academics is the most important. We were so impressed at what we learned at the Open House that we submitted our application to attend. My kids were straight A students at their old school and they never opened a book. Since coming to DDS, my kids have been challenged academically. The teachers at the school have a knack for making learning fun. They are no longer just studying facts, being tested on them just to forget them a week later. They are being taught to think for themselves, investigate their questions, & are challenged to strive for higher levels.
2/10/2011parentJust so no one thinks there is a personal agenda - the 5 posts WERE posted by the same person. This system only allows you to post 1200 characters. The person who posted this was passionate about what she wanted to say so she had to split her thoughts into several posts. When she tried to post her second post it replaced the first post so it may not have made sense without the first post. In addition, you cannot post without rating the school. She was NOT trying to get 5 separate ratings - she was just trying to post all her comments about a school her family loves.
2/9/2011parentI love how involved the teachers are at school. They do not just clock in & clock out. I see most of them there til 5 or 6 either working with a student who needs extra help or cheering on one of their students at an after school activity. It is rare that you find the level of dedication that our teachers show. As a parent of two student athletes, I am always bothered by folks who put athletics down. Our school believes in excellence in ALL areas - academics, arts, & athletics.
2/9/2011parentWe have amazing coaches here - Ones that care about these student athletes both on AND OFF the field or court. I can speak from first hand experience about our football coaching staff. They are top notch & I trust them 100% to do the best thing for our team & my boys. The change to a new school was a little difficult for my older son. He had been at the same school since TK. I shared this with a couple of the football coaches. Each one of them checked in periodically with my son - made sure he was doing ok, making friends, & studying hard. If you ask my son now what he thinks about DDS, he would tell you he loves it. And just in case you are older son was a must play kid in youth sports proving that our coaches care about all players, not just the talented ones. Our coaches take the time to invest themselves in the lives of their players. I don't think there has ever been a day that I have visited the school that I didn't see a football coach stop to talk to a player, ask him how school is, & is he keeping his grades up.
2/9/2011parentThe lessons they teach the players don't stop on the field. It is NOT just about the x's and o's. They have taught them to put others first. To be respectful. To look people in the eyes. To always say Mrs. or Mr and please and thank you. They are kids & they don't always do it, but I for one am grateful I have someone in my corner coming alongside of me helping me teach my kids right from wrong & how to be productive, respectful young men. One of my sons is a gifted football player. As good as my son is, he was not a starter on our DDS team. Instead of whining & claiming that the coaches were showing favoritism, he showed up for practice everyday, he worked hard, he had a good attitude, & he eventually won more playing time. He didn't start a game but he knows with hard work & dedication along with the God given talent , his time is coming. I thought going from Rockstar status to one of the players on the sideline would really disappoint him. Instead it helped him realize that you have to work for the things you want. He doesn't blame the coaches or talk poorly about other players that get more playing time. He is just working hard to show he deserves a chance.
2/9/2011parentUnfortunately, people don't want to talk about the good things athletics can do for a student and for a school. In case you don't read it anywhere else, quite a few of our football players were either on the A/B honor roll or straight A honor roll and yes....we all took the same entrance exam to be able to get into DDS. I would tell you, if you are considering Davidson Day School come check us out for yourself. Don't allow a few negative comments to stop you from seeing for yourself why so many of us LOVE DDS. You have to realize some comments are shared by folks that are jealous of our success & how sad is that? We are a school of excellence & we will not apologize for that. And just for the record....if I had one of the best quarterbacks in the state & possible the better believe I would play him. Who wouldn't? Who cares if he is the coach's son. He has earned the position. And if you think our coach's don't showcase other players, you must not read the local paper that often. If you did, you would see several of our football players have been recognized for their talent. Who do you think helped several of our players get recognized on a National level?
1/28/2011parentWe are new to Davidson Day this year and are very pleased. I certainly don't think the school deserves the comments on this post. Our child seems challenged and is very happy. We'll definately be back next year. The school could improve on their report cards, however. We have another child at another school - each quarter we have a status meeting with his advisor, plus each teacher leaves very detailed comments. Davidson Day only sends a letter grade with no comments. Davidson Day - if you read this, please sent more information with the grade reports!
12/15/2010parentThe rigor of the academics is nothing like the expectation set by the administration when considering the school and certainly not worth the $$$ paid. They don't want parent input unless you agree with them. They aren't really prepared to have high school students. The facility and the execution of high school programs is poor. No one including the Head Master, communicates the vision for the school nor the time frame to get there when asking for money for funding. Would definitely not recommend Davidson Day School.
5/4/2010parentThe best school choice in the Lake Norman area. My children have attended for 3 years and each year has gotten better. The growth in students in a tough economy tells the story. Davidson Day is in demand and is close to being at capacity. If you child is not admitted for the fall, you will find it far more difficult to gain a spot in the future. They are investing heavily in athletic programs and the arts and managing their rapid growth skillfullly. Recent announcements of star coach hirings in boys soccer, girls basketball, and football will continue to attract the areas best athletes to the school. The boy's basketball team went from a losing season to a top 60 program in the state and expect it will be a top 20 program next year. We are a 1A sized school that beat the 2A state champion 3 times.
3/31/2010parentWow! My husband and I were skeptical based on Davidson Day's young Upper School. However, we made the leap from a more established private school and could not be happier. There is such a vibrant, exciting feel to the school community. The academics has been more than challenging for our son. A very strong 'Yes' to those who are thinking about exploring Davidson Day.
12/2/2009parentMy children are so pleased they go to a 'great school'. Academics, extracurricular and Athletics are all top rate and make a child proud to be a part of this family environment.
11/5/2009parentDavidson Day School is a truly unique experience. My children have been there for 4 yrs and we would never look back. The public schools cannot offer innovative instruction and attention. My son is very gifted and the school recognizes his ability and challenges him. My daughter is average and this is embraced as well. They teach children where they are and push them to go beyond where the tests in public school expect them to be. We as parents expect rigious education however what we get is so much more; truly thinking children creative and compassionate future leaders. Bonnie Cotter is outstanding and we are so lucky to have her at the helm.
9/26/2009parentMy children are in the Montessori and the the 2 year old program. We couldn't be happier. We were around the school when it first opened and there has been a great deal of change for the better. Back then, I wouldn't have had my kids there, but now, my husband and I have decided we will do what it takes to be able to afford it.
6/2/2009parentThe faculty show great interest in the development of my children. With great new facilities and significant increases in the enrollment of high quality students, this school is the best choice for parents on Lake Norman that care about education.
3/28/2009parentI am thrilled to have my children attend Davidson Day School! With the state of public schools in this country, it seems like a no-brainer to choose a private school, but after a year at another school in the area, it is clear that they are not all created equal. Davidson Day takes a different approach with my kids than other schools - they're not just another seat filled in the class. My son excels in math and science, but has struggled in his spanish classes. This year, however, he has raised his grades and is very pleased with himself, thanks to the extra time the teacher has spent tutoring him. It's a cultural difference - it's hard to explain, but there's just an air of expansion and optimism that just wasn't there at the previous schools.
1/28/2009parentI have been very impressed with the Preschool Montessori program but beyond that I do not feel that Davidson Day meets my expectations. The administration is all about fund raising and socializing. The atmosphere of the school is a little snobby and not very welcoming to new families unless you are a well known race car driver or in some other way extremely wealthy and willing to give BIG donations in addition to the already expensive tuition. The teaching staff seems to be excellent though. To bad the administration is not as great as the teachers. Great extracurricular activities and arts teachers!
1/21/2009parentMy family has been at the school for 5 years and seen great improvements. Bonnie Cotter is a great leader and our teachers are amazing. We have not always felt that the school was 5 star, but now we are thrilled to have a new building, many activities and clubs, as well as what we have always considered to be solid academics.
12/9/2008parentThe teachers, administration, and even the parent community are behind every child. I have never before found a school with such a caring community. My child is in 8th grade and taking HS level classes. Here my student is the focus - not government mandates.
10/23/2008studentI am an eighth grader at DDS and I came to the school in its second or third year. I feel that I have benefited strongly from the learning experience that the staff of Davidson Day has proveided me with, the teachers are always highly qualified and all of my friends and I have trouble finding a 'least favorite' teacher. All of the teachers really care and they will work with you if you do not understand something. I think the school has an excellent foreign language program, and I look forward to becoming fluent in the language I chose to take. The sports are fun because it's not all about winning, though that is certainly fun too! The math is great at the school, and I like how they integrate technology into the learning experience. The school is, overall, wonderful and I look forward to finishing out my education here.
8/26/2008parentMy seventh grader has gone from a reading level of 7th grade to 11th in one year. The Principal has the vision, experience and the passion to make this a great school preparing her graduates for success in college and beyond. My wife and I agree that sending our children to this school has been the single best decision we have made.
7/14/2008parentI have 3 children enrolled at DDS and have been thrilled with the school for years! I have watched this place grow and watched my children benefit from an amazing administration, faculty and academic program. My 'sporty' child has been encouraged to try out for and perform in school plays, my 'I hate math' child brought home an 'A' in math with such pride it changed her self-image (and her opinion of math)!! Life lessons like time management and study skills are taught and incorporated into the curriculum. Best of all, my kids are surrounded by others that believe its cool to get good grades, that its not cool to break the rules, and that school is a fun place to be. As a parent of middle schoolers, I could not hope for a better environment for them.
7/1/2008parentI have three children at DDS and am very happy with the curriculum and the philosophy of the school. My children are challlenged to do their best and feel pride in what they do. This year the students had the opportunity to travel to Belize. All the teachers and administrators know my children and we feel like we are part of a big family at DDS. Family is important at DDS and I am proud to be part of this community.
5/28/2008parentWe've been at DDS many years but this will be our last. The emphasis has shifted away from instilling a love of learning and having kids learn in the way they as individuals learn best. Instead the focus is on academic achievement at the expense of other areas of the child's life. The pressure is high and kids have little time for much besides homework. That's not developmentally appropriate in my opinion. It's short sighted and for many kids will backfire.
4/21/2008parentLove it, love it, love it. I could not ask for a better school for my kids. This school is loving and truly dedicated to the development of every child. It is a bit expensive but worth every dollar. I can't say enough about this school. I am so happy with this schhol.
3/4/2008parentFor the last two years this school has been changing. It is not the nurturing enviornment it once was. No longer are the days of individual lesson plans. They are pushing the kids too hard and keep changing the schedules because they are not working. They do not even provide text books for every child. The kids are expected to take tests but are provided no text book to review the material. 1/2 of the children are not returning next year. The new Cannon people are trying to make our school into a Super Cannon. They do not realize that the students that are there are there because of the philosophy of the school prior to the new administraton. We want our OLD Davidson Day School back.
12/24/2007parentDavidson Day is a wonderful school headed for greatness. When we met Bonnie Cotter we realized that she has the vision and passion to get this school to a special place among prep schools in the Charlotte area. The new facilities, combined with Bonnie's ability to recruit the very best teachers and staff, make this school a wonderful place for our three children to learn and grow. Her focus on integrity and discipline are right in line with our interests. As this school's attendance grows toward 600 students it will be able to round out its extracurricular and sports programs and become among the best options in all of Charlotte.
12/3/2007parentThe preschool Montessori for 3-5 year-olds is absolutely outstanding, but the traditional preschool option for the 2-3 year-olds has not met my expectations.
9/21/2007parentDavidson Day is a phenomenal school. This school has an absolute passion that encompasses the entire school - students, teachers, parents and administration! We transferred from Cannon School where our child's self-esteem and confidence plummeted. In the time that we have been at DDS, our child has done a complete about-face! He is absolutely thriving in this culture. He loves to go to school now! The lively spark that was in his eyes is back! He has excelled at the very things that he resisted last year at Cannon. The quality of the education is top-notch! The quality of the teachers is unbelievable! The openness of the administration is unparalleled. The parent groups are wonderful. When Bonnie Cotter says they are building something great - she is absolutely right! This is a great school! As a parent, to see the joy and confidence return in my child is absolutely priceless.
4/21/2007parentI, too, disagree with the March 2007 review. We have been at DDS for 1-1/2 years. We have been extremely pleased with the openness of the faculty and administration. We, too, have not been pressured or even approached in regard to fund-raising. Our son feels safe and encouraged at this school and we feel we've definitely made the right choice. As a family who most certainly doesn't consider themselves 'elitest' but just struggling to give their child(ren) a better education, I've never felt it was a place we didn't 'belong.' Everyone must choose a school that is best for their child - DDS is our choice. Perhaps 'March 2007' just made the wrong choice for their family...
4/12/2007parentI could not disagree with the March 2007 reviewed more vehemently. The school is in the process of building an $11 million brand new facility and has not yet even asked me for a donation. It has provided the most personalized and individualized education of quality that my children have ever experienced. In fact, my high school daughter said this is the first time she has actually had teachers who care about making sure she understands what is being taught. This is the best school I have ever been at and it is only going to get better.
3/2/2007parentThis school is very focused on fund raising. This seems to be there number one goal. Quality of education is their secondary goal. Overall we have been very disappointed in the culture of the school. It is a very elitist school where how much money you bring into the school is overly emphasized. Their marketing scheme is 'Individual Learning Plans' but from what we've seen, this is no better than the curriculum at the local public school. The tuition price equals that of the nearby Cannon school but the education does not match. The one good point about the school is that they are very accommodating with personal individual needs like allergies and snacks. I would caution parents to really think about sending your children to this school and to really look past the facade of the administration .

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