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School Profile

Triangle Math and Science Academy
312 Gregson Dr. Cary, NC 27511
Raleigh, NC 27601
(919) 388-0077
charter | K-7
County: Wake


  School Head OfficialYear
Alper Tekten2012
11/5/2012parentIf your kid is a male and is a genius this school is for you. Academic content is challenging, +/- 1-2 years above grade level but as with all things there is a price to pay - it's freedom of thought. The way the school is run it's their way or you can go back to WCPSS. Unless you luck out and get into the A classes in 4-6th grade right from day one, your chances of getting in later from the B classes is slim as there are only 20 spots in the A class, and if your child is identified as gifted but in a B class they will not be challenged at all. Because there is no gifted teacher they can not have a gifted program to challenge all the kids that deserve those services. You're better off staying at a magnet school if that is an option for you, plus there are no electives to speak of for middle schoolers. Except for the academic clubs, and advanced chess, all the other clubs are for entertainment even though they may be called tutoring. You do not get individual help in tutoring. The principal needs some serious social skills and cultural sensitivity training when it comes to the treatment of women. Their cultural values really do influence everything. Go elsewhere.
10/26/2012parentManagement has no clue about running school. They don''t care about kids health and well being. Weird rules such as kids can't drink water from water bottle they carry, can't use bathroom twice, no snack break. The building is suffocating and kids complain about dirty bathrooms, no door lock, no soap and toilet papers in the bathrooms.

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