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Roxboro Elementary School
2405 Roxboro Rd
Cleveland Heights, OH 44106
(216) 371-7115
public | K-5
County: Cuyahoga


  School Head OfficialYear
Tara L. Grove2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
9/23/2011parentAwarded "Excellent with Distinction" for the 2010-11 school year by the Ohio State Board. What else is there to say? Only 8% of all schools earned this rating, the highest available. I'm sorry the naysayers below couldn't see where things were headed. We moved our child from a private school this year to Roxboro and could not be more pleased. The enthusiasm and communication from the staff has been amazing.
4/30/2011parentBefore we could investigate, we found out too late that this school and the CHUH system were ranked in the bottome 10 public school disrticts in the WHOLE area! Despite what the yah yah supporters spout off, this school is a disaster if you have any expectations for your child. You would be better offf investigating the strong private school offerings. The supporters are suspiciously like carnival barkers, onnly muchless credible!
4/15/2011parentWe are currently enrolled in at RoxEl. My son is in third grade and had previously attended a private school. He is thriving and absolutely loves it. The teachers are great and feel like the leadership at the school is fantastic. The principal has an extremely high level of service and is always striving to make the academic focus a top priority. The community of parents are really down to earth, professional and kind with a wide range of backgrounds. In addition to academics, there is a strong integration of Chinese (the children can start in Kindergarten), Art and Music. We also have an online gradebook so parents can see our child's grades real-time (starting at Grade 3) which is great as well as smartboards in every room so I feel like my child is being exposed to technology well.
5/13/2010parentNo More! Our children were intimidated and as parents we were left to figure it out. Let alone the school work which consists of unimaginative mimeographed worksheets. Despite the ramblings of the PR type posts below gushing about the 'diversity' and other such nonsense, the school is largely a reflection of non neighborhood students as the immediate Rox neighborhood has abandoned the school for sunnier climes. Our child will not be back and would not recommend this school unless you cannot move elsewhere.
4/28/2010otherRoxboro is a 21st century school with many things to offer. We love the teachers and staff and our student feels at home at this school. Mrs. Grove is so approachable and an amazing leader for our school! Come into the buidling and you will feel a warm and inviting tone. As a neighborhood family, our famiy and many, many others support our public schools. We take pride in the diversity of our school and that is what makes Roxboro such a special place for our student!!
4/27/2010parentAs a member of the PTA and an active parent of Roxboro for the past twelve years, I am impressed and extremely proud of our school. My childen have all been through this school and Roxboro continues to be a star school. The focus is academics and the teachers continually find creative, academic and fun ways for our stduents to learn! The staff, administrator and parents work tirelessly to provide a learning environment that is inviting and welcoming to all. The large Roxboro family continues to grow and flourish. With the addition of the Chinese program this year, Roxboro continues to give their students an eduation that no private school can top. We are so very lucky to have Roxboro as our neighborhood school.
4/16/2010parentI found the same problem as the last parent. When my child had problems at school, the first time I found out about these problems was on the report card. Due to difficulty on one math test, her math grade dropped from a A to a C. There was never any homework or classwork that indicated that I needed to spend extra time with her. The teacher allowed all the students to rework the test in class, choosing to help a few select students. I have had nothing but problems since my child started school there. Her take home folder is usually filled with 5 or 6 fliers that have nothing to do with educating my child. She has one teacher that 'screams' at the students on a daily basis. We will not be back next year either.
4/15/2010parentWe foolishly did not do our homework and instead were buffaloed by rah rah parents into enrolling our 2 children there after moving into the area last year. We found out that all that is going on there is 'crowd control' and no learning. We won't be back next year as the private schools in the area are head and shoulders better with a learning environment.
6/12/2009parentThe community has abandoned this school and kids are now being bussed in to backfill. The teachers are just 'crowd controlling' the unruly kids. If you have a high achieving kid , you would do yourself a favor to look elsewhere.
4/21/2009parentSevere disciplinary problems and ethnic intimidation. Run don't walk from this school.
6/3/2008parentOur family is new to Roxboro this year and I couldn't be happier. I have a 1st and a 2nd grader at the school. One will be entering the gifted program next year and one is very bright but struggles with attention issues. I have been very happy with the services that have been made available to both. It has also been a wonderful place for me as a parent. We didn't know many people when we moved to the area. I have made many new friends through involvement with the PTA, hanging out on the playground after school and playing soccer with other moms on Staurday mornings. It's a great community school in a great community.
8/30/2007parentPTA is very active and involved with students, teachers and administration. Teachers are all good to excellent. Administration is very hands-on. A model for the school district.
12/28/2005parentRoxboro Elementary is a quality school in a good neighborhood; they offer music lessons and some intro language classes.
9/17/2005parentThree years and counting... Both my sons are now Roxboro students and I can not be happier with the school. They receive a good rounded education and personalized attention in a diverse environment. I have gottne to meet most of the teachers through my involvement with the PTA and other volunteer oppotunities. The staff is not only very prepared, but also genuinely interested in the overall development of the child. I am very pleased and proud to be a Roxboro parent and will, hopefully, be able to go on participating in my children's education through the various PTA/ student council programs that Roxboro offers.
11/27/2004parentWe love Roxboro.The teachers and staff are wonderful. My son is in 3rd grade and it'll be his last year but for sure we are going miss so much all friends we have here.Hope in the future we find a school like Roxboro Elementary School. Excellent PTA, we are a big family.
5/31/2004parentEvery time I walk into Roxboro Elementary School I get this great feeling. It is a place where children come first, each and every one. The staff is superb, the opportunities abound, and the PTA really has its vision focused on optimizing the education of all students.
5/28/2004parentThis is truly a wonderful school! We chose this school over the private schools that we visited. The energy in the building is wonderful and the staff cares about each family. We love this school and would never send our kids anywhere else!
5/22/2004parentI have a 2nd grader at Roxboro Elementary, and another starting kindergarten next year. Roxboro is a remarkable school. It provides a solid, rigorous education to a diverse student population. My child was reading fluently in kindergarten, thanks to Roxboro's excellent reading specialists. Math and reading programs for gifted students have provided lots of accelerated learning opportunities. I've found the teachers to be very skilled at teaching to all levels of ability and bringing out the best in every child. The principal is energetic, open to new ideas, and kind but firm. The arts are a special emphasis at Roxboro, and a nonprofit, parent group funds annual artist residencies for every grade. Roxboro is a true school community, with a very active and committed PTA that gives its all to the kids. Our family feels very fortunate that our children attend this outstanding school.
5/21/2004parentWe love Roxboro Elementary first and foremost because of the strong curriculum and outstanding quality of the teaching and administrative staff. In addition to great academics, Roxboro is known for its artists-in-residence programs, annual art show, and fall multicultural festival. Students at Roxboro include many families from all over the world associated with the medical, educational, and arts institutions in University Circle. Many students have parents and grandparents who have attended Roxboro, which adds to the fun of the family and neighborhood events. The Roxboro PTA is very strong and includes participation from both working parents and stay-at-home parents. Another notable Roxboro trend is the increasing number of stay-at-home dads picking up children before and after school. You can't beat Roxboro for academics, art/music appreciation and exposure to families from around the world.
5/14/2004parentRoxboro is a great school.The curriculum is excellent. Teachers are very in tune with students and parents. Parent involvement is good. I transferred my daughter from private school to Roxboro and it was a good decision!

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