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Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow
3700 South High St
Columbus, OH 43207
(614) 492-8884
charter | K-12
County: Franklin


  School Head OfficialYear
Mr. Jeffrey P. Forster2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
9/27/2012parentMuch better than spending 7 hours a day on the same curriculum as a brick and mortar 'school'. ECOT is fully accredited. Some classes are easier than other, just like in every school. Very satisfied with teacher participation and involvement. I would recommend ECOT and OHVA very strongly to anyone looking for an alternative to so-called 'traditional schools'
3/30/2012parentMy son loves this school. He was enrolled in another online school which is very popular. They other school was horrible. He has excelled so much since he has been here. He loves his teachers and loves participating in the elluminate session. Yes you can do the school work on your time. You have to participate in elluminate and my child loves it. I dont understand why some of you are rating it bad because of the elluminate sessions. the session actually help your child excell.
2/20/2012parentECOT is a wonderful school!!! My children went to the same public school until one was in 2nd and one in 5th. They went to ECOT for 2 years. The following year they decided they would like to go back to their previous school because they missed their friends a lot.( BIG MISTAKE!) Yes, back then the Elluminate sessions were having technical difficulties and sometimes the sessions even had to be cancelled. Even then, my children learned SO much more than in all their previous years at public school! This year I decided to re-enroll them due to one being bullied for absolutely no reason! The previous school failed to do ANYTHING about it! We had meeting after meeting. Now they are in 5th and 8th grade and I keep in regular contact with all of their teachers here. They are always very helpful and never hesitate to ask if my kids need any help with anything or re-explained. In order for your child to be successful there, you have to commit to be a "responsible" parent meaning you as well as the teachers should be able to help your children with their homework and anything else they may need help with. I make sure that I am here every day for their classes. ECOT is a wonderful school!!
1/12/2012parentUnprofessional, they claim to try and help students. But, they wait until it's too late. Then they block them from catching up. I will NEVER use ECOT for my children again!!
11/20/2011parentSo far we are very pleased with the school. My daughter is in her second year of middle school and I've talked more in 2 wks to ecot teachers than her other school teachers in 1 1/2 years
11/10/2011parentSome of the teachers at ECOT are too pushy with the younger students. If a teacher feels you are not participating they kick you out of the class if you don't give an answer right away. This happens in the 8th grade. This current school year is real bad with computer issues and the server not letting you into class. This is not a way to go...for some. The teachers over burden the students with a lot of work to turn in. Way too much time on a computer! Where is the family time!!! There needs to be more team work!! Not dictatorship!!!! Also, you need more user friendly programs for the younger students of this school. Make learning fun for the children!!
10/5/2011parentPrincipals won't return students calls. Teachers are highly condiscending when the children don't grasp the work. The programs and equipment are fair at best. The counselors are simply inept. Period. Your children will not flourish under these conditions. Poor at best.
4/4/2011otherAt my old school i was bullied. I am going to graduate in 2012. At first this school had technical issues and no club. In 2010-2011 school year they added in clubs(Still new) and the computer issues and servers issues have been sorted. I love my teachers. At my old public school my math teacher didn't want to help me. She said she has 120 students to worry about and she could not focus on just one student. I was getting a D. At ECOT, My Math teacher works one and one with me. I have an A in math so far! I love how my teachers can work one on one with me. I know some teachers will help people even after there office hours. I also love how i don't get bullied now and i am not scared of school. This school is a leader in a new space of Online Education and they keep improving.
7/16/2010parentJust beware if you have any aspirations of joining the military. You will be denied entry as they will consider this school on the same level as getting a GED.
4/17/2010studentThis school is so terrible i was in a public school before Ecot and i tried Ecot and my grades dropped and i was an honor student. Ecot lies and says you can do it on your own time but thats a lie you have to log in on sessions. bottom line is this school is bad. only do Ecot if its your last resort.
3/16/2010studentI am a student at ECOT I have been there for two years now and love it before coming to ecot i went to a public school all my life and didnt want to give up my friends but i had to focus on what was best for me now i am graduating next year while all my 'friends' are in 9th grade still. Ecot is a wonderful school and the teachers are always there to help you and will let you try until you feel you've done your best they don't leave students behind unless you choose not to do your work. Plus it is a computer school they do have family fun night events (never been) But that's kinda what you get when your home schooled but you can always do events and organizations outside of school to find and meet new friends. I greatly recommend ecot!!!!!
2/10/2010parentECOT has been a savior for my daughter. She a public school honor student, she transfered in her junior year and loves the school.
12/1/2009parentMy daughter has been enrolled for five years now, and I have to say that ECOT gets better and better each year. You can tell that they really care about the quality of the instruction they provide. This year, more than ever, teachers are videoconferencing with their students to improve their teaching. I felt that my daughter was so unsafe in the local school. She is succeeding with ECOT!
9/16/2009parentWe've been with ECOT for 6 years and it is one of the best online charter schools in Ohio. The teachers are friendly and very helpful. Their tech support team is very knowledgeable and we have had very few problems with the equipment.
7/23/2009studentThis school has been so great! My teachers call and let me know how I am doing. I had my little boy last December and the teachers were very understanding about when I got my work in. Since I've been in Ecot I can do my work on my own schedule, it works great for me and my son. I got all A's and B's and passed all my OGT's with an advanced in math, and I've never been good at math, until now.
2/5/2009studentI'm currently attending this school and i am proud to say that i am a student at one of the best schools ever.the reason i am talking about this is because if you sit down and think about the fact that there is no reason that any one should fail this school there are no excuses but, the fact of the matter is that this school kept me from dropping out due to the fact that i couldn't take the pressure of other students bothering me about how good i am doing or how i look. now i have a FULL TIME job and i am graduating this year so anything is possible. i think that the teachers are great and you will learn alot.
1/14/2009parentI pulled my two children from our local 'Excellent' school because they were getting failing grades, while their OAT scores were above (often WELL above) average. There were constant issues with discipline, and a disturbing lack of any support from the public school teachers or principal. IT was always the children's fault for not meeting the expectations. After a quarter at ECOT, their grades are nearly 100s in all subjects, and my daughter finally doesn't feel like she is too stupid to do math. I can track what they are doing constantly, and I can intervene to make sure they can 'catch up' where they've missed or forgotten something, and enrich the program where their interest lies. And not one teacher has ever told me they don't have time to work with my child because they have too many other students.
4/26/2008studentI am a student at this school and highly recommend it to anyone considering k-12 online schooling. I am able to graduate a year early and take challenging courses that suit my needs. You can either use their computer that they give you or the computer you use normally. I use my own computer as I like to use Google for more information if I want it, and can talk to my friends on instant messenger while doing homework. The teachers are all very nice and respond to my messages swiftly. When I was in public school my grades were poor because I was distracted. Now I have A's.
12/13/2007parentThis school is horrible. Computer never works. Always have to have them replace it, there system is always down, needs lots of improvements.
11/6/2007parentFlexible, professional, challenging. Great teachers who get back to you very quickly.
5/7/2007parentThis is our first year at ECOT and we are more than pleased! The education is excellent and I am able to see exactly what my children are learning. The teachers are very helpful and plan interesting lessons so the children are not doing the same old thing everyday and every week. I wish I would have taken them out of public school earlier.
4/28/2007parentMy kids grades have gone up and so has there confidence. I do not regret pulling my kids from there public school and putting them into this program. I have 2 kids that need special education and the staff here are fantastic in seeing that we have everything we need. There is constant parent teacher communication and they are always there to help when needed. I would recommend this program to anyone who is thinking about putting there child into a program like this.
3/19/2007parentMy four children have been at ECOT for two years. I am not impressed. Quality of their programs is mediocre. Availability of extracurriculars is minimal. Level of parent involvement is dependent upon each parent. Teacher involvement is minimal. This year has been a worse experience than last. High school teachers are assigned 200 students per semester! No wonder they can't keep up with grades or messages. We're looking for a new option next year.
12/30/2005parentIt is an excellent school for any age student. They are also very good for special needs students. They have an excellent program.
6/14/2005studentI am a student at ECOT. I was going to drop out of my other school since I became pregnant and the teachers and students at the other school were harrassing me constantly. I just wanted to give up. I ran across ECOT. It has been great! I am now getting all A's and B's and I also have moved up a grade. I am doing very well in my classes. The academic programs are great. The classes are still a little difficult but not too bad. It's not taking the easy way out. The work is just like in regular school. There is a high need for parental involvement. You can space you time out how you need to. Teachers require check-ins weekly, and you must turn in work on weekly-basis. I recommend this school to anyone struggling in public schools. Their is also a guidance counselor for everyone.
10/8/2004studentI am a student enrolled in this school. I've been in this school for 4 years know I love this school and i would rather work with ECOT then go to a school to deal with the harassing and all the other garbage that goes on at a school. I have always had timely responces from teachers and all admistrators I've never had a problem with shipments being late or anything like that they have been great for me and I reccomend them to everyone and anyone that doesnt like school give ECOT a shot and its free.
8/31/2004parentECOT is a wonderful school! My kids would not attend any where else. My kids concentrate on their school work, not on the other kids or what they are wearing. Although they don't see the other kids on a day to day bases, they have Prom, online chats, and parent teacher conferences. As for the computer system going down, it happens rarely and thats bound to happen when using the internet. My kids teachers have constant communication wether through email or phone calls. My kids love it and so do I. You never have to worry about your children being in harms way when they are on a protected internet in the saftey of your own home!
8/3/2004parentEcot is awesome! My kids hated school and were ready to drop out. Now, they have passed there tests and are staying in school. The teachers are the most caring I've ever worked with. They always work hard to fix the problems. Ecot is the best.
3/24/2004parentMy son has been enrolled in ECOT for 3 years. We have never had any problems, and my son is doing great. Not only did he pass all of his proficiency tests, but he scored advanced on his Math, Science, and Citizenship tests which are taken in person. They arranged a nearby location that was very convenient for us to travel to. I think the cirriculum is great and exceeds that of the public school in the district where we live. Lori Cox
2/23/2004studentECOT (Electronic Classroom Of Tomorrow) is terrible. Their network is down frequently, teacher to student communication can be very poor, and it can be near impossible to solve and problems. Their shipments are usually late; they can be up to 6 months late! Their mail packets (they are used when a student cannot access ECOT through the computer) are sometimes incomplete and even the wrong subject. They use the 'Honor system' to deliver tests. Very few people stick to that system. I would never recommend ECOT to anyone!
11/5/2003parentWe have 8 children 6 of which are enrolled in Ecot. My children are recieving the best education of their lives. The teachers are absolutley wonderful. I would recommend this school to everyone I meet that is interested in a charter and /or homeschooling.

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