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School Profile

William Mason High School
6100 South Mason Montgomery Rd
Mason, OH 45040
(513) 398-5025
public | 8-12
County: Warren


  School Head OfficialYear
Mrs. Melinda A. McCarty-St2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
10/11/2010otherI graduated from school here I moved here in the 10th grade. Its a really big school and for the most part I had great teachers, and learned well.
2/15/2010parentA five star high school if there ever was one.
10/13/2009studentbeen going to this school past 4 years and its the best school I cannot imagine what my life would be like at any other school but WMHS GO COMETS
8/25/2009parentThis school is rigorous and demanding. It is both a Ohio and national Blue Ribbon School of Excellence, and offers numerous academic, athletic and artistic opportunities. The school sets a high but reachable bar in everything. Academic offerings include English and language arts, history and social sciences, science, mathematics, business, foreign language, and fine arts (drama, music - instrumental and vocal, and visual), with honors and AP sections in almost every dicipline. The school very much encourages the taking of a foreign language (it is not required under Ohio state law) and college matriculation; according to the MasonComets School Profile, there was college acceptances to all eight Ivies, Duke, Georgetown, and MIT. There is numerous athletic offerings, including, but not limited to, football, volleyball, lacrosse, baseball, softball, soccer, gymnastics, cross country, dance,etc. The various student organizations encompass academics, athletics, hobby, media, service/awareness, and the performing and visual arts.
7/2/2008studentI Love my High School! The teachers are all very nice and help you if you need anything, i would definatly recomend William Mason to anyone!
3/1/2008studentI went to Mason schools my whole life. Currently I'm in downtown Chicago at a Bible college and I just want to say that even though Mason wasn't a 'Christian' private school, I feel more than prepared here at college. I don't feel overwhelmed because I've learned my best studying tactics and I feel as if I'm ahead of a lot of other students who were home schooled or when to a public school. Thanks to Mason and it's fantastic teachers, I was rated number one in my college writing class. No matter how badly students complain about how they 'hate Mason,' they do a great, GREAT job preparing students for college whether your child realizes it or not. I didn't recognize how great of a school Mason really is until my first year of college and I'm thankful for being able to go there.
9/15/2006parentWe moved to the area with one child starting high school and another two years younger. Both were in varsity athletics and participated in clubs. Both took AP courses and with class ranks in the top 25-30%. Would have been higher at a smaller school but my kids need to be challenged to do their best. If you are looking for a public school where your kids will be challenged to do their best and compete both athletically and academically with the 'best and brightest' this is the place. We moved to this town because of the school system and were delighted with the results. The home value has continued to climb primarily because others value the school system and continue to move into the area. The school is doing a good job of maintaining quality education while still being one of the fastest growing school districts in the state.
8/30/2006parentI have been in this district for 4 yrs. My child is entering high school. I have found that an average child academically and in sports gets shafted. The sports program here u try out for and they have cuts and the district is so big that it is hard to participate. It is also by who you are and know, that you get on a sport. I have a 2 yr. old and when my high school age graduates, we have decided to move to a smaller district where our child will have a better chance.
5/21/2006parentMason High School is a wonderful school with caring teachers
4/24/2006parentWe've been thinking about moving closer to family in another state. The major reason we haven't left this area yet is because of the high quality of the school district here. I can't seem to find it's equal. This is a great school district and I would recommend it to anyone.
2/5/2006parentThe quality of students in Mason is excellent. I do not like the trimester system. Students have math only 6 months per year rather than 9 months. This is too long between classes.
12/31/2005former studentSchool is a high achieving school that cares about kids. Teachers are wonderful
10/4/2005parentAcademic programs are very varied and extremely good. The teachers are well qualified and a large number of them are board certified. Their string orchestra has developed in the middle school and continues to be nurtured in the high school. Parent involvement is good but varies.
7/6/2005parentWe moved to Mason about 6 years ago and have found the schools to be rigorous academically, which is exactly what we were looking for. Also, I like the way 'bad behavior' is not tolerated. The administration has high expectations for the students and are strict. Mason Schools remind me of how schools were in the 50's, 60's and 70's. It's no wonder so many people are moving to Mason! Although it is a big district, students and parents are treated as individuals. If you phone a teacher with a concern, they always return your call that day and are very attentive. The teachers will do anything(stay late, come in early) to help the students achieve! We love the school system!
9/21/2004parentMason is one of the top five large school districts in Ohio. WMHS is easily several cuts above its local parochial counterparts. WMHS maintains top-notch (brand new) facilites, offers numerous honors and AP courses, provides an extensive course catalog for all students, has an attractive student-teacher ratio, and fields a young and highly-motivated teaching staff. Due to the size of WMHS, only a small fraction of student body can compete on athletic teams, in theatrical performances, etc. The Mason School District is probably the fastest growing in Ohio as families move to the area to take advantage of the superior schools. At this juncture, the District has been able to stay ahead of the nearly overwhelming growth. There are concerns it will be unable to do so in the future.
6/19/2004parentNice school, good neighborhood. Focused on state proficiency and graduation tests. Has standard curriculum that is sometimes too watered down to get more kids to pass. Other standard classes are pushed too fast on kids due to trimester system. Has some honors and ap classes. Not focused on gifted. Does not allow much acceleration. Trimesters make scheduling very difficult for top students. Hard to get more than basics into your 4 years. Too many teachers feel its ok to grade low on honors and ap courses (very few a's and b's). Lack of motivating teachers to motivate the students. Many many very young teachers, fast growing district. Area rapidly changing from farm community to upper middle class suburb. Education is lagging behind the quality of students that are being served. Some top students chooose private high schools.

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