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School Profile

North Ridgeville High School
34600 Bainbridge Rd
North Ridgeville, OH 44039
(440) 327-1992
public | 8-12
County: Lorain


  School Head OfficialYear
Mrs. Patricia A. Bahr2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
3/29/2010parentNRHS has few positive aspects. A hand teachers at NRHS are knowledgable and competent. The school is plagued with weaknesses however. ) The Advanced Placement classes for upper-level students are a joke, just more busy work. The average student at NRHS is unmotivated in his academic studies. Many of the teachers are quite boring. They are unwilling to try new strategies to improve student performance or the school in general. NRHS has a low expectation for its students. The counselors do not do their jobs. Students having trouble are ignored along with their parents request for help. We are returning to Ohio Virtual Academy, where the staff is competent and responsive.
4/5/2009studentI chose to go to North Ridgeville over Elyria Catholic and it was the best descion ever! The teachers are wonderful and are always ready and willing to help. The students show great school spirit and are always ready to cheer on a sports team. The extracurricular activities are so much fun!! I would never regret my descion!
8/25/2008studentI've been to about 7 other schools in my 12 years of being a student and North Ridgeville High School is the best one I've been to. Excellent teachers, nice staff, great students, and an overall great school!
1/29/2007studentI personally go to this school. And to be honset I wouldnt ever advise anyone to let their kids attend this school. Most of the teachers are good but some have that 'I'm better than you because I have a teaching degree thats two days old' outlook. The students are rude and disorderly. I enjoy the school because they do have an interesting set up of classes and decent cirriculum and not all of the students attending are bad children so I do have friends.It's not hard to make friends but it is hard to make the right kinds of friends. This school is definatly not what I will want for my kids in the future.
2/27/2006former studentClasses are easier. Good sport teams. Awesome teachers!
1/16/2006former studentChildrin get routy and mean. Teachers do not calm them down and most of the time it is the teachers that start screaming at the classes after nothing has been done wrong by the students.
4/28/2005parentNorth Ridgeville High School graduated my child last year ( 2005 ) without being able to properly address an envelope, but this child could prepare a Powerpoint presentation that would knock the socks off any CEO. Not enough basic learning, the teachers from grade 3 to high school passed the child on to become 'someone elses problem' for the next year. That continued until grade 12, which she just barely passed to graduate. The school would be good for the student who needs no extra help in understanding assignments and class work, but for the student needing patience and more explanation I wouldn't bother sending them to NRHS. They will be like my child... lost and frustrated.
11/11/2004former studentNRHS rely workt fer mee! That is about all I accomplished in my high school years. No I wasn't a junkie or a loser that is just all that I recieved. Yeah the school has a Post Secondary Enrollment Options program however the guidance counselors are very unhelpful in any attempt to guide students. I was in that program and I never recieved information about school functions dances, cap and gown measurements etc. And I would like to say that I think that it is sad that a sophmore could be in integrated math II and a student in the same grade could be in 2&3 dimentional geometry. And don't forget most of all the school is built on a swamp and it floods with worms when it rains.
8/7/2004former studentNRHS is average at best. Just about every student there is more concerned with being the most popular or being able to consume the most alcohol. Sometimes I think that the only reason the kids are still in school is because of the extracurricular activities. Very few accelerated programs are offered, and the ones that are, well, aren't exactly accelerated. It's my belief that teachers are brought down by this. The kids in athletics are treated differently from the kids who aren't. The guidance counselors were about as worthless as one could get. No attempts were made at all to help me get into a college and get my transcripts sent out because I wasn't considered a 'jock' or part of the 'top 10'. The principal showed no interest in what the students had to say. I made requests to see her on several occasions and none were acknowledged. Go elsewhere!
7/28/2004parentThe inmates are running the asylum at the Junior High School. The students are disrespectful at events from the concerts to athletic contests. It is no wonder the best students want out of the district. The administration better take control of the situation or the district will lose all of its best families.
7/14/2004former studentNRHS has some positive aspects. The teachers at NRHS are knowledgable and competent. It has a post-secondary options program with LCCC. The school is plagued with weaknesses however. There are few (3 in 2002-2003 year) Advanced Placement classes for upper-level students. Even if there were more AP classes, very few students would take them. The average student at NRHS is unmotivated in his academic studies. Students are not encouraged to apply for prestigious universities. The school is in a constant budget crisis since the school system is under-funded by the local levy system. The administration at NRHS is rarely positive or encouraging. They are unwilling to try new strategies to improve student performance or the school in general. NRHS has a low expectation for its students. A student could do much better in nearby districts such as Westlake, Avon Lake, Avon, Rocky River, Bay Village, or any private school.
1/14/2004parentThe kids at north ridgeville high school are undisciplined and unafraid of authority figures the kids hate going to school but the extracurricular activies keep kids involved in the school and are great the school has great pride and good leadership qualities

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