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Plaza Towers Elementary School
852 SW 11th
Moore, OK 73160
(405) 735-4430
public | PK-6
County: Cleveland


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8/16/2009parentI'm a parent and a certified teacher (though not a teacher at this particular school). My son is in the 4th grade now. He's been here all the way up. This is a school that serves kids from across the socioeconomic spectrum - from some of the poorest to some of the most affluent neighborhoods in the district. I have been very impressed with how the school creates success across the board. I love that my kid is *not* going to school with a bunch of rich white kids, but that he's getting a great education all the same. The teachers are experienced and dedicated - many have been at this school for ten or twenty years - and the principal and counselor are involved and accessible. The test scores were down a bit last year (2008) but rebounded this year (2009). It's one of the top-scoring schools in the district.
7/30/2009parentNot a terrible school,but diffinately has problems. Many, many bad kids and mean teachers.
5/27/2009parentThis is an awesome school and my daughter loved it and all her teachers.
4/11/2009parentMy son has attended Plaza Towers for grades 2 thru 4 and is in the gifted program. I have had dealings with David Moore and have always received a good response. If I email him, I receive a phone call within 10 min. during school hours and have never had him not to return a call. All of the problems that I have addressed about having a gifted child have been taken into consideration by every teacher that my son has had. The teachers that we have had are very proactive and will email or send notes home for a conference when there is a problem. My only complaint would be about the bullying that happens during recess and after school. (This is more of a parental problem than a problem with the teacher.)
10/14/2008parentThis is an awesome school. I've had nothing but fantastic interactions with the faculty here. The teachers seem to genuinely care about the students and always involve the parents. Two thumbs up to Plaza Towers and to David Moore for running a great program (Great Expectations) and a terrific school.
8/8/2008parentWe moved to this school and hated it. there was one teacher that was just rude. I have talked with a parent over the weekend at the mall, that to our suprise had the same problem thank god I wasnt the only one!! We didnt even know this lady .She told us she was transfering her son asap!!The other teachers would sweep everything under the rug!!!Like it never happend!!!This teacher was a total -----.I also would talk with David guess what the same thing!!!I would not recommend this school!!Bullying never stops!!!good luck to you all who decide this one!!!youll need it.
10/24/2007parentI've had an overall positive experience with Plaza Towers, although I'm a bit frustrated with the number of students that are held back. I enjoy the small school environment and my child always has a smile on his face. On the other hand I feel a Gifted/Magnet Program would be beneficial for students that are above grade level.
1/31/2005parentMy son has attended Plaza Towers from 1st through 6th grade. I have had constant contact throughout the school years with all of my son's teachers. The teachers express a genuine concern in my son's abilities and have gone out of their way to help him in every way possible - whether if it was to help him through a struggling period or to praise him when he excelled at something. Luckily, I haven't had to deal with the principal too much, but he is a wonderful principal and is always there with a smiling face to greet you. My daughter will be attending Plaza Towers in 2 years and I look forward to it.
11/11/2004parentPlaza towers is a school which i have highly recommended to anyone moving within the school's vicinity. In regard to the school's api (academic performance index) score, which was 1401, plaza towers was 1st in the moore district, and 15th in the entire state of oklahoma. In conjunction with the above, mr. David moore is an outstanding principal. As a parent, i have never had to wait longer than 20 minutes for a return phone call from this gentleman. He is very efficient, and exudes a genuine devotion toward every student in the school.
10/24/2004parentFrom the outside, it is by far not the shiniest schools in the district. The 3 teachers and the Principle Mr. Moore are the only faculty I have dealt with. Plaza Towers School surpasses my expectations for a schools boundary that encompass large swings in socioeconomic areas, as do most of old Moore does. The kindergarten curriculum is tough; it will set great habits for the rest of my children s school life. Mr. Moore and the kindergarten teachers expect attention, respect and learning. This is a gem of a school.
6/15/2003 I have two boys attending Plaza Towers Elem. My youngest son of whom has Autism has just finished his Kindergarten school year. I rated 'Teacher Quality' as a 3 (out of 5 possible) due to the fact that while my youngest son's teachers were very effective in helping him to succeed, a few teachers of which my oldest son has come into contact throughout the years have not been totally up to par as to what I would expect from professional educators. As far as special education educators, there have been a time or two where the teachers had not been trained properly concerning a certain learning system. I do not place blame onto the teachers, for this is something the district should have provided as far as adequate training. Concerning the school's Principal, I have experienced nothing less than effective communtication, and a genuine respect toward me as a parent.

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