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Thoreau Demonstration Academy
7370 East 71st St
Tulsa, OK 74133
(918) 833-9700
public | 6-8
County: Tulsa


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3/12/2010parentThoreau provides a very hands on learning enviornment. The students work in groups and are assigned many projects, not just reports and worksheets. My daughter is a 6th grader there and has excelled beyond my expectations. They have so many things to offer, it's hard to decide! The staff is caring and the discipline is handled effectively and swiftly. I cringe to think of my daughter having to go to another middle school in the Tulsa Public School system. Thoreau is the choice for me.
10/20/2009parentI have two children at Thoreau. One with a learning disablity and one who excells in everything. At our previous school they treated my LD child differently not in a good way causing him to feel stupid in his words, at Thoreau he has been just as successful as my other child who never has any education problems. Thoreau has been such a great experience both of my children feel successful and intellegent. My son made the honor roll for the first time in his life his first semester at Thoreau and has continued to know he to is very smart. Thanks to the staff at Thoreau for all you do for our children.
7/28/2009parentTheir is no better school than thoreau the kids and staff are all nice and willing to help anyone. My son likes so much better than cascia hall!!
11/19/2008parentthoreau is a great school. thoreau help me alot to get readly for life. Micro is away for student to get readly for life. we work, pay taxes, just like life it self. I'm taking a high school class with the teacher of the year. when i was in 6th grade i though that it would be a scary class, but my tacher made it to be a fun way to learn algbera. the teacher here and readly nice. they help me before and after school. the teacher have a fun way of teach us. thoreau is a great in sports. here we have football, basketball, soccer, volleyball, golf, tenis, and clubs. thoreau made life not that scary no more. if you want your kid to be readly for life they should go to thoreau
6/25/2008studentAt Thoreau your teachers are not only your teachers but they are also your friends. After you have attended Thoreau you take school and life more seriously and have more fun doing it. Instead of having pages and pages of homework you have inquiries (projects) that you actually learn even more about the subject while doing them. Overall its the best school I've attended.
5/5/2007parentIt's a wonderful, delightiful school. My daughter attends there and thinks its delightful and wonderful. And yes it is the best school in Tulsa! It really is a great school and you should apply your child for it, if you think they are up for a challenge.
7/17/2006parentThoreau I think is one of the best schools in Tulsa. If your child needs a little bit of a challenge or needs to improve in their school work this is the school for them. Thoreay has greast programs like micro society is one of them. The teachers are great they really do care about how your child is doing in their school work. I really do recommend your child going to Thoreau it will be the best 3 years of their lives guranteed!
3/3/2006studentThis school is an incredible school. I came in a timid 6th grader not knowing anybody, and now with help of teachers and staff I feel like I'm a part of a greater family within the Tulsa community. I would reccomend this school to any student. Parents this school would be great for your kids. Mr.Padalino is a wonderful principal, who really cares about each individual student.
11/29/2005teacherThis is a wonderful school. All of the students are well educated and very kind. I took a tour and was very lost when a student who helped in the office helped me out she was very helpful and extremly kind. The school not only teaches its students about the normal core subjects but about life. Any student that attends thoreau demostration academy will leave an educated and chararistical a better person. I would also like to recomend the wonderful Drama classes lead by Mr. Leyva, if your child gets in make sure they take his class.
5/23/2004studentIt is one of the best schools in tulsa. Especially the micro society program. In this program the students develope skills on how to work in real businesses. They type up resumes and we get to use real food handler's permit! this is the best school I have ever gone to. If you would consider this your child's education will be greatly improved!
8/26/2003parentI decided to try to get my daughter into Thoreau after taking a school tour and noting the complete poise of students selected at random to answer questions from the principal and our group. After two years there, my daughter and I are delighted with the innovative techniques and the overall learning environment. Any student whose parents stay highly involved in their education will thrive in this unique school. Check out the expanded day programs and the microsociety opportunities for great examples of innovative learning.

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