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Morningside Elementary School
3513 12th St SE
Salem, OR 97302
(503) 399-3173
public | K-5
County: Marion


  Students Getting Free LunchYear
7/13/2010parentWe have one child that has just completed K - 5 at Moringside and one that is entering the 5th grade. We have had a fantastic experience at Morningside. The principal is a strong leader (so pick your battles carefully) and the teachers are friendly and welcome parent comments/questions, email works the best. Parent involvement is overwhelming so it is not always easy to volunteer due to the number of parents waiting to help out.
3/25/2010parentI am not sure what kind of bad experience these other negative comments have come out of, but I find them to be completely unfounded. I have never seen a hint of unprofessionalism by the principal, teachers, or any of the support staff. I have volunteered multiple times and have been nothing but pleased with what I have experienced. I will say that sometimes alternative viewpoints sometimes seem to be dismissed if they are outside the range of what has been experienced. Class sizes are quite large and it is probably not easy to please everyone. I have always felt welcome there, however, especially by the principal. If you expect to take up 5 minutes of a teacher's time while students are coming in the door in the morning, that probably wouldn't be well received, but teachers have always made time to talk with me, even during their lunch.
12/12/2008parentMy daughter and I moved to Salem this year and she is attending Morningside. I have to say that she has adjusted well to the school and for the first time is actively partcipating in projects in the school. I think that speaks volumes when a new student who tends to be shy comes home and say mom I want to do choir. She cant wait to get to school and seems to be making great progress with her studies. I think this school is exactly what we were hoping for. It is small and no student gets to fall through the cracks.
11/4/2008parentI am a grandparent of a 5th grader. He moved to Morningside and began 4th grade. I have had no problems with this school. They have been open to communication with my son and myself regarding grandsons education planning. I have found teachers to be open and have visited classrooms.Friendless extends to parking lot staff also. Thank you much each of you....
10/30/2008parentI have 2 children at Morningside, and have been involved for 4 years. I have NEVER had a problem with any staff. The principal is wonderful. She greets every child by name every am. She is at every function and every parent club meeting. The simple fact that my children have grown so much had no problems tells me she is doing a terrific job. To say contact between parents and staff is discouraged is crazy. All teachers have email, and are more then willing to talk when they have time. Obviously they are busy right before school, and have many meetings not to mention their own familes after school. ALL parents are welcome at Parent Club and have a voice there. Parent club has purchased 10's of $1,000 play equipment, field trips, classroom itmes, and so much more. Want to see something improve? Be part of the solution. Volunteer.
9/15/2008parentI give Morningside one star only because of the great teachers. The Principal and front office staff are unprofessional, intimidating to the children in the way they talk to these poor students, condescending to the parents and lack verbal communication skills out of all the 5 years we've been there. They do not communicate with parents at all.
1/4/2008parent My daughter has been in the school for 2 years now, and I have never been treated poorly by any of the staff. I have volunteered at this school on a number of ocassions both in the school and on field trips. All of these experieinces have been positive. I think this is a very good school.
9/4/2007parentIt has been my ongoing experience that this school would sooner complain about class size and time allotment rather than accept feedback from a Parent and Qualified Tutor that has worked on correcting a delayed area in learning. I am a Parent that has chosen to be involved in my Son's learning and highly agree with the other two assessments listed on this website. The school's Teachers and Principal discourage ongoing contact between the Parents and themselves almost to the point of hindering the progress of a student so that they can make their attempt at 'controlling' their school. Well I have news for them- it is our kids' school and us Parents have the right and obligation, in my opinion, to be as involved as necessary! This should be a well received gift; not a discouraged deterrent!
2/3/2005parentThis school is very restrictive when it comes to creating any kind of atmosphere where a parent can actually feel as though they have any kind of say in any decision that could improve their child's classroom or playground experience. A parent is disallowed from any kind of due process when it comes to doing what a parent feels is necessary to advocate for their child. Taking up 5 minutes of a teacher's time on any one given day is even looked upon as excessive... even when it is nowhere's near an every day occurrence.

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