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Pleasant Valley High School
Route 209
Brodheadsville, PA 18322
(570) 402-1000
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public | 10-12
County: Monroe


  School Head OfficialYear
Mr John Gress2009
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
6/12/2012otherThis school is amazing. Teachers are very helpful, in and outside of classrooms. The students are supportive of each other while having fun at the same time. Everyone strives to do well and improve the overall learning environment. All in all, PVHS is the best around Monroe County area - Go Bears!
6/5/2012parentI'm not saying the district doesn't have issues, but our experience has been fine. I don't like how they spend money; like building a new gym, auditorium, and redoing the football field instead of adding classrooms or fixing what they have. My child is an Honors student so his teachers have been great, with the exception of one course, which is a HL course, not Honors. The teacher assigned a lot of "busy" work as punishment because he was at wits end with the other students' behavior. In my opinion, and I'm not saying anyone who has previously posted is guilty, if your child was brought up to respect others this kind of stuff would not happen. The kids in my child's honors courses have parents who are very involved in their education and contact the teachers, keeping an open line of communication, going to parent teacher conferences. Unfortunately not all parents do that and believe the schools should raise their children. It's not just the school's fault if your child is having a bad experience, it's the children and how they were raised, sometimes your own. Take some responsibility, get involved, do something because doing nothing gets the same results.
5/11/2011studentI go to Pleasant Valley High School. Let's put it this way the school is terrible. The end.
3/28/2011studentPleasant Valley is definitely not a school to be proud of. In the middle school most of the staff admits they do not like children or their jobs. The students are put into two different "grades" of classes, the HL and CC classes. The HL classes are treated with more respect and courtesy, but the work is harder. The CC classes are treated with much less respect and do not get the help they need. Teachers in this school are stereotypical when it comes to the different classes of students. The teachers are also downright lazy when it comes to their job. The few good teachers give adequate work, care about their students and their grades and do not complain to the students about their personal life.
4/27/2010studentPersonally I love PV. The teachers care and the work can be difficult, but also very simple. There are so many clubs and groups to be apart of. School here is enjoyable.
8/27/2008studenthi, im currently a student at pleasant valley high school and im in the 10th grade. i think this school is okay and that there is always room for improvement and there is no perfect school. but the way the teachers teach sometimes is weird because it doesnt have anything to do with the tests/quizes/homework. i think there are way to many rules but it doesnt matter because they dont enforce it that much and even if they did the students wouldnt listen. the school is getting overcrowded and they need to do something about it immediately. it makes no sense how the 9th grade is in a middle school and how also the other grades got moved down one. they should make the high school three floors because then there would be enough room and also more space for the 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade.
5/21/2008parentI personally think this school is terrible. The teachers rarely have any interest in their students, they express themselves to be superior to the students and co-workers. Everything seems to be very disorganized and cheap. I would not recommend sending any child to this school, especially the middle/high school.
10/9/2005parentMy child has attended Pleasant Valley school since first grade. The school system in general has been disappointing. The high school even more so. There are not enough teachers. Classrooms are too large and the quality of education suffers. Every year a large majority of students scheldules are wrong at the beginning of the year and since there are not enough guidance counselors to handle the amount of schedule conflicts it usually takes weeks before a student can get into the correct classes making them miss several weeks of classroom work. If your child attends this school keep on top of their records because the office personal makes numerous mistakes on attendance and grade records. I strongly believe that this school's priorities are not in the students best interest or in academic excellence.
8/10/2005former studentIt's a pretty good school. I graduated in June of 2005, and I can safely say that I got along with most of the staff. Mr. Dimmick is an incredible principal.
5/28/2005former studentI graduated PV last year. Little attention is paid to individual students (heaven forbid you have a learning disorder) and some administration members posses a severe superiority complex. However, the few friendly staff members almost make up for this. It is difficult to advance yourself through classes, because the guidance department doesn't really want to be bothered with your schedule. They like to waste a lot of money on building too-small schools and then put students in modulars. It's wonderful.
5/28/2005former studentThe school is overcrowded, they spend money on useless things.
3/11/2005parentThis school is way behind most other schools. There should be a dress code.
12/9/2004parentWe just recently moved here from NJ where the school system just pushes the kids throuogh if they have IEPs and I am finding that Even though it takes my son longer to pick up on some things he is grasping it and getting pretty good grades on a 9th grade level where in NJ he was on a 6th grade level. As for my other two in the lower grades I am finding that the teachers expect more from the kids then they can give back. There are some lack of communitcation problems that we are dealing with but struggling through them and tring to get it resolved. The teachers need to be more involved in the kids then their paychecks at the end of the week. After all it was the kids that made them want to be teachers.
9/18/2004parentI currently have two children in this school district. One in sixth grade and another a senior in high school. Fortunately for me, my oldest has always been an honor student with no academic or behavioral problems. Of the few times there has been a personality problem with one of his teachers, it was dealt with immediately and in a positive manner. The guidance counselors along with the principal have been very attentive to any problem we might have. No, we don't get regular feedback from the teachers, but they do provide an open-house, parent-teachers meetings and immediate responses to phone calls. It is our job as parents to be aware of our children's progress, especially when they reach the level of high school. We cannot expect teachers to also be our babysitters.
9/11/2004former studentYet another alumni of Pleasant Valley here. I graduated with the Class of '95. While I like the school district, I have to agree that some teachers did not seem to care when some students struggled in their class. I had trouble a few times and I had to approach the teacher for help myself. Was never offered help nor were my parents contacted by the teachers. My daughter is now attending Pleasant Valley Elementary school and so far we have had a great experience. I only hope that the high school has improved a great deal as far as teachers go by the time she reaches that level(she is only in 1st grade now). So, while there is room for improvement, I think Pleasant Valley is a great school.
6/16/2004former studentI'm an alumni student, graduated in the class of 2002. I have noticed throughout my years at PVHS that there is a definite favortism between certain teachers and students based on the popularity of the student. Also certain extra-curricular activites are supported more than others in the school both financially and by general support and school involvement. Depending on what the student would like to take as after school involvement it can get pretty costly. Some of the teachers are very helpful and truly do care for their students, others however are the complete opposite just pushing students through the system, as well as being very negative towards students without a care about the student's feelings or how they are doing in the class. It's pretty much a 50/50 chance on getting either a really wonderful supportive teacher who will take the time to help the student and one who won't.
6/3/2004parentWhen I wanted to move to PA my friend said that PVSD was great. As years go by we have found that teachers are lacking in communication with parents. Some teachers at PVHS tend to favor one student over another and when a student is falling behind in a course the teacher never informs you that he/she needed extra help until it was too late. The ISS/OSS is ridiculous as the student should be put to work within that school building doing something intelligent and not sleeping at home for the day! This district tends to push your student through the system unless you are popular in doing the extra curricular activities and then you have it made. It sure is different today as when I graduated in 1976(NJ) where teachers cared about the student, today they care about the paycheck. Needless to say we are moving to the sunshine state.
1/13/2004former studentAs a former student of Pleasant Valley(class of 98),I must say that every oppertunity is there for a great education as well as a great social life. Public schools are not a place for parents to send kids to get reformed. If more parents did there jobs at home then maybe all teachers could do the jobs they signed up for-providing an education. If kids want a quality education they can recieve it here. Just show up everyday with a positive attitude. If you don't want to be 'pushed through the system' get involved and do something.
10/6/2003parentMy son has barely passing grades, yet was passed for 'effort' There was no intervention by the teacher. He hsa always had additional reading help. He seems to have fallen into the cracks of this school with no one really watching out for the kids that need the help. I agree witht he other parent on thevirtues of the development. Also, we are paying upwards of $4,000 a year in just school tax. I do not feel that we are getting our monies worth. Nazareth school district taxes are half ours and the schools in that district are rated much higher than ours. We are seriously considering moving out of this district.
8/24/2003parentI have a child Dx with ADHD and 3 other kids in the district. The recommendations from the Psychologist that diagnosed him have never been followed. He is now in HS. When I talk with his teachers, they are never aware that he has ADHD. They just think he is 'one of those' kids. The type they just let get by and graduate him to get him out. In the teachers defense: they never have 19 kids/class--it's more, there is one guidance counselor/grade--how can 500 kids be guided by one person. My kids don't even know the person's name. There are some excellent teachers there, but they are lost in the indifference of the other teachers. My husband and I have to work, and we are finding out it is at the expense of our children. The school system sees our kids more than we do, but everyone is just a cog in a machine that is out of control. Again, all at the expense of our kids--the next generation that will be making all the important decisions of the world.

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