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Graystone Academy Charter School - Coatesville, PA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Graystone Academy Charter School139 Modena Rd
Coatesville, PA 19320
(610) 383-4311K-7ChestercharterGraystone Academy Charter School

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic19.07092009
Black, non-Hispanic55.50122009
Asian/Pacific Islander0.4889982009
Native American or Native Alaskan0.7334962009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Mr Anthony Gordon2009

Students Getting Free LunchYear

5/20/2012parentAmazing Band Program! Wow has it grown in the two years my child has been a part of it.
7/24/2011parentAbout 5 or 6 years ago, I sent my autistic son here and it was a terrible mistake. They put him in the worst class. The ghetto bullies harassed him and when he tried to defend himself, he got punished. Very bad environment. I took him out after a few weeks.
2/9/2011otherI can't speak to the quality of their education, but all the interactions I had with the administration were very unprofessional. They seem more interested in their school's reputation than working with students to address their needs.
12/9/2009parentI have had two children in the Talent Development Center at Graystone. It is the best kept secret in Coatesville and it is the reason that my children have stayed there. It has brought out their talents and given them the confidence to face anything. My daughter is attending a public school and is in all the highest classes and getting all A's. Mrs. Cooper gave her what she needed to be successful and we will always remember her!
11/17/2009parentI too am a parent of a Graystone student. My son has been attending since Kindergarten. He is now in 2nd grade. I've been pleased with my son's performance and development. The teachers that we've worked with have been caring, understanding, flexible, knowledgeable and very effective. I recognize that schools are not perfect and that it's a constant work in progress. Also in order for the school to be successful, it takes families, teachers, staff and the administration to work together. It would not hurt for more parents to attend the PTO and School Board meetings. Get involved so that we may address issues together and not individually. Mr Soffer is my son's teacher and my son enjoys being a member of the class and the school. If you want change be a part of the solution.
10/24/2009parentWe just came to Graystone this year. In a few short months, I can say that my son really likes his teachers. I have also had conversations with them and they are caring individuals. We are not happy with having a whole class period of math on the computer. I told this to the principal Ron Hall but he is difficult to understand when you talk to him. He seems unsure of what he is saying or he is not able to share it appropriately. My son does miss having sports and clubs.
10/3/2009teacherA wonderful place for students and teachers! So impressed by the school environment and administration at Graystone.
9/24/2009parentI had 3 children who attended Graystone. They are now in high school at a local public school and I am so thankful for the great start they had at Graystone. They are well advanced compared to other public school students. They also exhibit confidence and enthusiasm for learning. I attribute this to the great teachers at Graystone who work hard and keep abreast of the latest trends in education. They treat each child as an individual and adjust learning to their needs. Thanks Graystone !
9/23/2009parentmy son attends graystone academy charter school. this year they have a new principal Dr. Ron Hall and he and the rest of administration seem to be taking the school in a positive direction and as a parent im glad my son is involved with such a caring and technology advanced charter school. Plus you cant beat free tuition and transportation. they seem to be moving in the right direction and im glad my son is there to take advantage of what they have to offer... sincerely 1st grade mom
6/2/2009parentMy child went from struggling to confident. I love this school and I love my son's teacher. i would recomend this school to anyone.
6/1/2009otherGraystone has gone through many many changes. Hopefully now with a new principal and a future that will be geared toward a more technological approach Graystone will emerge as a leader in education. Teachers are very committed and approach each child as an individual. With a school vision that sees its mission to educate the child as a whole person Graystone is on a path to be becoming a school of preferred choice.
5/25/2009teacherThis school has very small class sizes, no more than 25 a class. In addition, the individualized attention that each student recieves is crucial to helping them succeed. Each teacher in the school is very dedicated to helping all students be the best they can be. The addition of great curriculum and technology, such as smartboards, is something that makes Graystone a great place to send your child.
5/25/2009teacherWith some changes at the top I believe our school is now headed in a great direction! The teachers here aim to give the most inidividualized, rigorous education possible in a nurturing environment.
5/22/2009otherWithout exception, every teacher at Graystone Academy goes above and beyond the call of duty for every student. There is a true team spirit among the teachers, across grade levels and subject areas taught. You will find no better educators for your child than those at Graystone.
5/22/2009teacherI am a current teacher at Graystone Academy. With a recent change 'at the top', I feel very optimistic that our school will emerge as one of the best in the next few years. We have a wonderful, dedicated and professional staff that give their all to educate, respect and truly care about their students.
5/22/2009otherThe small class size, great teachers and family atmosphere are outstanding at this school!
5/8/2009parentThe upper administration is terrible. There is a high turn over rating in teachers and the administration provides no support to teachers. The discipline problem is outrageous and the principal does nothing to solve it. He does not follow a code of conduct with students and he disrupts the overall learning environment of everyone involved making it a very unwelcoming place to be. I would not recommend this school to anyone unless it was a last resort.
11/12/2008teacherAs a former teacher, I am deeply saddened by the state of this school. I went to Graystone with the hope of making a difference in the lives of the students. While the teachers are/were wonderful, caring individuals who worked harder, longer hours than many teachers in our state, they could not rise above the negative forces at this school. With a revolving door policy for administration, consistent expectations for behavior are not enforced. Children are very quick to notice that there are no consequences. The school board has made a valiant effort at increasing supplies, but the basic support staff is not in place and should have been the focus. A parent summed up the biggest problem for this school though. She said, 'You can only put your child with wolves for so long before they too become a wolf.'
11/6/2008teacherI am a former teacher at Graystone Academy and I must say that this school is a disaster. The Adminstration and the Board have completely lost focus on the children. There is no support for the teachers and very little resources. Many children are in need of special education services and they fall through the cracks. The teachers are wonderful and dedicated but unfortunately again, there is no support for them. If you want your child to get the best education, I would send them to a different school.
6/26/2008teacherAs a teacher, I found the administration rude and disorganized. The school was initially difficult to locate and the communication between staff and teachers was severely lacking. Would not recommend this school.
3/7/2008parentMy son went to Kindergarten at Graystone. His teacher is beautiful inside and out. The children responded very well to her. He learned a great deal there, but the school itself lacked structure. It is 'makeshift'. It used to be an office building that has poorly been made into a school. There are shower curtains, beads & fabric panels used as the entrance to each class room instead of doors! The older children seemed disrespectful. There was parent involvement, but not on a day to day basis. We opted to send our son to a different school.
3/6/2008parentI am the mother of 3 children and 2 of my children currently attend Graystone. We have been with Graystone since it began in 2002. My 2 younger children started at Graystone in Kindergarten which was magnificent. They were accomplished readers and writers by 1st grade! Both of my students have scored in the advanced level of Penna. state assessments. My oldest child attended Graystone for 4 years and then moved to the public school. She has done very well compared to her peers at the public school. I do recommend Graystone but try to start your child off in their Kindergarten to give them a great start.
2/25/2008parentMy daughter has been going to this school for about one year and I have not seen an improvement at all, she is currently in k1 and her grades are a mess. I don't like the fact that they do not send a letter home before one month before report cards to let you know that your child is not doing well, I don't think that the teachers some of the teachers have patients with some of the children. I am now ready to remove my child from this school. I am now getting her hired help in her studies ,this time in her life is very important.
10/2/2007teacherI am a former teacher at Graystone and I must say that the school is an utter mess. Yes it is ok for younger grades, but I would not send my children there beyond 2nd grade. The staff has absolutely no support from administration.
9/28/2007parentMy son started at Graystone when the school opened. I was always impressed with the teachers, and the job they tried to do, but they had no support from administration. Maybe with the new administration rules will be enforced, and not be put on the backburner. The middle school and high school was a poor experience for my son, not because of teachers but because the administration did not bother to follow what was going on there. The board was totally unaware of the problems until I personally addressed the board with the problems. After that things began popping and they did not add 11th grade this year. My son is now going to Collegium Charter school and what a difference. I hope with the new administration that Graystone can improve and grow. The top administration is what killed Graystone, with that gone hopefully things will improve.
8/22/2007teacherAs a former teacher at this school, I would not recommend it. As others have stated, it may be acceptable for younger grades, but the upper elementary and high school grades are a total mess. The dress code is enforced when convenient. Teachers are treated without respect and are required to be involved in all of the school nights which are monthly. I agree that there are activities after school, but the teachers are required to run these programs after an extended school day, without pay for these activites - teachers must provide these activities. Although this is in hte realm of public schools, the pay is substantially less, with no incentives for continuing their education. With the recent changes in Administration (CEO and Principal), perhaps things will improve.
5/2/2007parentMy son is about to graduate kindergarten from Graystone. Our experience has been very positive. A great deal of parental involvement and support is required. If you are the type of parent who likes to be connected, then Graystone is for you!
4/30/2007staffAs a former educator with Graystone Academy, I must say that this may be a great place for younger students; however, I found that there lacked understanding of the older students and that the program did not have solid support for preteens and teenagers. The leadership's ability to motivate the faculty and stuff is very questionable. The turnover rate for staff is unbelieveable. I would not recommend unless you plan to be very actively involved and question and review every dynamic of the schools programs and policy.
8/26/2006teacherI am not a parent, but a former teacher. I was there for one year, which was too long. Graystone is a good school for children from grades K up to about 4th or 5th grade. The upper grades and especially middle and 'high' school are an absolute Mess! The administration has poor leadership. The teacher turnover rate is way too high! There are no entrance requirements so all students are accepted. The longer school day and year are good for students. The dress code is helpful, but not always strictly enforced. There are a lot of open house nights and assembly/performance nights. The special education services are lacking. The school's charter is not followed! Overall, if you have a young child then GACS may be alright for a few early grades, but don't send them if in upper elementary or above! This school needs A Lot of Help!
8/3/2006parentAs a parent of a child at Graystone, I was very pleased with the academics and discipline at the school. My son in 2nd grade, was reading at a 5th grade reading level, and he loved the great Paragon performances that include dancing, singing, costumes and art. They have a free after school sports program and other after school activities like culture club, drama club and cooking club. I would recommend the school to anyone! (THe school is now K-10th grade for fall 2006)
3/12/2006parentParent involvement is important here. Long school day. Academic programs are not of good quality. Spanish is taught beginning in grade K. Children can be unruly. Strict dress code. Observed children talking during a Spanish class and the teacher did not try to redirect the class to pay attention. My child was outstanding at this school but was only above average at a public school in the Downingtown school district. They have a closed circuit camera system in the lobby and you can go view what is going on in the classroom for yourself anytime during the day which is really nice to be able to do. Overall I was disatisfied with the experience there for a smart child. Would not recommended.

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