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Agora Cyber Charter School - Devon, PA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Agora Cyber Charter School995 Old Eagle School Road, Suite 315
Devon, PA 19333
(866) 548-9451K-12ChestercharterAgora Cyber Charter School

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic73.59982009
Black, non-Hispanic20.40462009
Asian/Pacific Islander0.8882312009
Native American or Native Alaskan0.5921542009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Sharon Williams2012


10/22/2012parentI am a student at Agora and this is my first year. I love it! I had a rough time at my regular public school. I thrive at agora and it is basically the same curriculum as my public school. The teacher are ALOT nicer and are more caring. I missed like 24 days in my public school. I have not missed one day yet at agora. I love going here. Considering I hated school til I came here I recommend this school to anyone that has a student that has a rough time at school (bullied, hate it etc.)
10/18/2012parentWe quit after about 2-3 wks. Tech control had issues, my husband fixed it the family coach hardly got back to us it was a hard time to explain to them she needed a higher level of math eventually it was fixed the kids kept chatting kids could not read well even in 8th grade, my daughter told me she wanted to go back to brick and mortar after the fiasco, phone numbers they gave me were usually ghost numbers ("leave your name and number", and never got a call back from a supposed counselor), and I would pick no stars if this would allow me to
9/23/2012otherI'm a student and I've just enrolled this year and I believe when you don't have faith and devotion towards something, sometimes you may think a situation is terrible. The only reason you're going to feel like Agora's being a fuss is because honestly you don't really care about it-- you just want to take off your anger on something else. I had Earth Science and many other classes and I say it's very well organized for us to prepare and so far my grades haven't flunked even though I've taken 2-3 hours a day to work on every subject. When you do something you love you excel in it with passion. ^.^ The more negative and judgmental you become with something the more you waste time and you're not solving any problems you have. It's great that Agora avoids the central bullying and leads more to a healthier and flexible schedule.
9/9/2012parentI was with Agora since 2007.agora was a school that had some decent caring teachers,and a good curriculum.In the last two or three years I've watched this school dwindle.I've had an issue where I had to find a a school for my son because I called customer care because I wanted to return the computer ,cause I purchased one.Next thing my son is withdrawn from the school.I had a great family coach ,who tried to help but confused by how that occurred.So I either have to now start the enrollment process again or find a new school.Then the other issue Agora lies to parents I went to they first week of orientations and they specifically said Aims testing is face to face for k-2 only.I checked my k-mail an hour later they're introducing new regional testing for k-6.So more aggravation ,I have two kids left in there and I had thought we had passed the face to face Aims a while ago,now you have to do this three times a year.Also attendance has changed,if your child doesn't come to live sessions ,and even though you put attendance in ,its considered an absence .Beware
8/4/2012parentI have 3 children enrolled in Agora, and we love it. I started off with my first child in a public school, then we moved and I became a single mother moving into a poverty area and the school we would of had to go to was horrible, I tried schooling at home by myself but missed many gaps. After putting my son in agora he improved dramatically. Now its been 3 years, all my children are in with 2 years ahead of their normal grade averages. They are given the choice each summer if they want public school or back with agora and each year they have chosen agora. They are so proud of their accomplishments and I as a parent and so proud of them and of Agora, had it not been for agora my oldest son would of really struggled I believe for many years. Thanks Agora for your help and thanks to the teachers who supported my sons needs in the begining and all the way thru for each child. lansdale, pa
7/26/2012parentI entered our son in Agora 2011-2012 school year. He thrived in this curriculum. The teacher support was phenominal. Always available for questions and support. My son was not flourishing in our local public school and we decided to try this and see how it would go. My son was picked on daily and had 2 hr school bus rides. When we made the switch together as a family, our son's grades jumped, his attitude towards learning changed, and he was able to focus without the distractions and frustrations of waiting on others in the classroom in certain subjects and being slower in other subjects than others. He is able to work at his own pace now while learning the fundamentals needed. He is no longer discouraged and angry with his performance but is excited and enjoys what he is learning. The time spent in public school was also a struggle for him. He is a self motivator and gets frustrated when he feels his time is wasted. He now has time to volunteer at our local retirement home once a week as well as his karate 3 days a week and 4H classes learning to care for animals and show them for fairs. What a great experience Agora has been for our family! Kudos!
4/10/2012otherThis is my first year with agora and i cant wait to switch school for the 2012-2013 school year. The attendance office is trying to say ive missed 4 days this year when ive really only missed one and it was excused. Each day that i supposedly missed i have turned in assignments but according to agora i had "no user activity". My mom has to pay a fine for my absences the dont even exist . She is extremely mad about these absences because i show her my grade everytime i take a test and each day that ive "been absent" on was a friday, which are the days that i take tests on. The same thing was happening to my best friend before she left agora, so i know i cant be the only one this is happening to. I really do not recommend sending your child here.
3/21/2012parentI withdrew my child, a straight "A" student with Distinguished Honors from 1st - 6th grades, from the B&M school bec. it was lacking in academic structure and his teacher & the school Asst. Principals were all ineffective at doing their respective jobs. I called K12 and enrolled my child in Agora in 3rd qtr. It was the best decision I made. My child likes school again! He looks forward to his Live Sessions with his teacher, enjoys going on field trips (which he hadn't done since we moved to PA 2 yrs ago), was surprised to see the grade appropriate vocabulary words (he was previously learning 2nd grade level words in 6th grade), and has been doing really well in keeping up with his scheduled class/homework. The teacher is wonderful and always responds quickly to all my questions, the FLC has also been very helpful and informative. We haven't experienced any tech. issues thus far and I'm quite satisfied with the academic structure and process. My only concern is that my child seems to be breezing through the lessons. Not sure yet if this is a good sign or a concern. In the mean time, I tell him to slow down and spend more time before moving on to the next lesson. Recommended.
3/1/2012parent Big Problems with Agora!!!! My daughter keeps getting attendance notices for days she is not absent. This has happened 18 times this school year. It is really hard to get someone from the school to contact you, they correct days and 2 months later say she was absent on those days again. It is really difficult. We have been told to take a truancy elimination course 2 times now and when they corrected the absences they had already corrected once they reappeared. They are having some kind of serious technical issues. Is anyone else experiencing things like this in the 2011-2012 school year? My daughters friend had issues with her second quarter report card. She should have had all A's. Instead she got C's and D's. It took her family almost 3 weeks to get it corrected and have her As back.
2/29/2012parentI have just one problem with Agora.....COMMUNICATION. I have had a couple of issues with Agora within the last 2 years. I have had trouble with getting a response from the attendance office, teachers and administators. I have sent in papers and then been told they have not received them. I have had trouble communicating with teachers to let them know that my daughter does not do A+ for reading. I keep getting phone calls and k-mails saying that she did not complete it. I find it hard for teachers to assess my daughter if they don't know what they are assessing. You can not speak to anyone in the attendance office and they do not return k-mails or phone messages. Really thinking about a change of schools.
2/6/2012otherI have been at Agora sense September 2011 and i gotta say, This school is GREAT! The teachers are always nice, informative and sometimes VERY funny! The school is relativity simple to get around when it comes to finding classes/Live sessions. The teachers are ALWAYS kind and offer MANY opportunities for extra credit or to complete over due homework.
2/6/2012parentExcellent teachers do not make up for all the technical problems. After researching different cyber schools, we decided on Agora K12. I had a fantastic enrollment agent who worked with me. Only problem was there was a mandatory class I had to take for their records. When I drove to the location, I found out the class was for parents who hadn't decided on Agora. Since I was already enrolled, I didn't really need the class and had just wasted my time and money going out there. When we started Agora, we had fantastic teachers help up set up and try to learn the program. If they didn't know the answer, they would ask peers until the question was answered. Problem with Agora is that they don't have good technical support. We had problems with the laptop since the first day we got it. My husband eventually figured out there wasn't proper virus protection, and the laptop had never been properly set up! I don't know why it wasn't properly set up before they sent it to us, but that caused us to miss many days since we didn't have the proper equipment. Tech support ran a back up during busiest hours, rendering system unusable. So many tech problems we can't work. Ridiculous!
1/6/2012parentWe love Agora! Maybe we just got really lucky, but our FTC is so awesome! He really bonded with my son and the rest of our family enjoys him as well. He's awesome at keeping us up to date with field trips (a.k.a. Agora Days Out) and will even schedule additional events throughout the week. My son's online teacher is also really great! She almost always gives the kids a few minutes before and after class to chat with each other. Any time I've needed to call her, she has always responded the same day. My son attended a high profile private academy before enrolling at Agora and the Agora curriculum, staff, and bonding experience with my son is MUCH preferred! We are relocating this month to South Carolina and are so sad to be leaving this system. But, we have decided to stick with the K12 program there because of the success we have had with Agora. Thank you Agora!
5/25/2011otherGreat courses and informative teachers! But don't be fooled, everyone says they will be available for questions in the beginning of the year. If you have a problem, contact them for help is what you're told. Well I've had one problem, they threaten me with law action even though I've been to school on the two days they say I wasn't. No one will work with me to fix it. The academic director, attendance office, pretty much everyone ignores my phone calls! Too bad a decent alternative to brick and mortar schools is overshadowed by poor quality administrative figures. I am a good student, 4.0 GPA for two years in a row, never missed a day, always submitting work on time, and never mouthing off. I get treated like a slimy thug when it comes to getting these WRONG "unlawful" absences removed though. Administrative figures ARE a joke! They NEVER call you back! It's been a week and 30 calls...
5/23/2011teacherThe problem with Agora is that it is at the mercy of K12, a for-proft business that shamelessly recruits disadvantaged and disengaged students and then expects them to master a very demanding and mostly asynchronous curriculum. It's a recipe for disaster. Agora targets Title-1 families: poor, badly educated and coming in without the necessary skills to succeed, especially in cyber school. Many of the kids had truancy issues, failed out of their last school or had disciplinary problems. So Agora and K12 snatch them up for the $$$. Once they get to Agora, they find that it's basically failproof. Administration has done away with fixed due dates and penalties for late work; students can retake open note tests unlimited times and work is excused left and right to get students to pass (with a 60% no less). This way they keep the kids and the money from the state, while dismal PSSA and standardized tests reveal the sad truth behind the reality of the hollow passing rates. Many parents never return calls from teachers, students don't bother reading emails, and teachers are made to call students multiple times a week and beg them to actually turn in work. It's a nightmare.
5/16/2011parentAgora's curriculum is top notch. This has been the best decision I could have made for my son. We have been with Agora for three years. It has given me the freedom to educate my child the way I see fit, yet gives me the support I need when necessary. If you are looking for someone to educate your child at home and are not willing to put any effort into it yourself, cyber school is not for you and your child. Cyber school is not easy, it takes more time and energy than B&M schools. Every school has it's issues but you must weigh that against the advantages your child is receiving. I have never had a computer issue and that is K12 not Agora. I have always received feedback or returned phonecalls the day I called.
4/25/2011otherI have been a student here for four years now, and it had been by far the best schooling experience I've ever had. Cyber schools are good, but Agora is great.
4/11/2011parentI pulled my son out of Jim Thorpe Area High School and enrolled him in Agora this year. He has a 504 plan and the teachers are very accommodating. My son is thriving and getting A's and B's, where he was failing in the B&M. My son works independently and is very intelligent, which is why I think he is doing so well. He rarely talks with the teachers, but has contacted them maybe 12-15 times for one problem or another and they have always given him an immediate response. I have also "talked" with the guidance counselor on Messenger and it was not a problem. Enrollment was a nightmare, with them losing faxes, but after that, it was smooth sailing. I recommend them for high school.
3/22/2011parentThe good thing about Agora is that they use K12 materials. The bad thing is that the administration is unresponsive to any kind of problem. They seem to bury their heads in the sand and not care that they have dissatisfied parents. The teachers we have this year are all new. They don't know answers to our questions, or give us the wrong ones. Many questions have not been answered. Just ignored. We had a lot of trouble getting assigned to the correct classes. My child is still not in the correct language class, so now we're a year behind in language. The workbooks all arrived safely, but we did not use their computer equipment; not sure if we ever received it. We've never received a printer or ink, didn't know we were entitled to it. In summary, we don't plan to continue with Agora. I would be careful registering my child in this school. You can find K12 materials elsewhere.
3/11/2011parentSo far I regret taking my son out of the B & M school he was in, I've had nothing but problems with Agora since Day 2 of speaking with an enrollment specialist, from not receiving or misplacing faxed paper work to three weeks into the start of school and still no computer or printer! Nobody is on the same page at Agora it's just a disabling feeling as it seems every conversation with a rep ends with a ticket number that leads to nowhere.
2/21/2011parentI truly regret registering my child with Agora. From the beginning, we have had issues with the school losing our registration information, not sending out supplies when needed and basically ignoring any issues we have. We have been waiting two months for printer ink. The keys on my daughter's laptop started coming off, we're still waiting for the laptop to be replaced. We moved and the school can't seem to keep track of this information, they've shipped both the ink and the laptop to your old address. It's been nothing but a nightmare for us. We can't get anybody in administration to return a phone call nor can we actually find out who the superintendent or principal of the school are. Why? Because they consider themselves a company and not a school. This whole experience has been awful. We are in the process of finding another school as we are fed up with Agora.
10/10/2010parentExcellent curriculum, education that reaches all children where they are academically, parents strongly encouraged to be involved in planning instruction and school development, fun and educational outings and recreational times for the students, adapts to each childs learning style, teachers, counselors and administrative staff dedicated to their role of the school and the families they serve.
1/14/2010studentI'm a 9th grader since the 2nd semester of 7th grade and I love it! My brother graduated here (his first year though), and I plan to graduate through Agora too. Pre-K to 8th Grade: Parents/Mentor is the teacher. They supply you with materials, and the only thing the online teachers do is grade specific assignment the student needs to hand in. 9-12th: The student can basically learn everything by themselves through an online course. I admit, sometimes there are quizzes every day and tests every 2 weeks or so, but the teachers are always there. Through IM, k-mail, sessions and phone- and they do set a meeting , as soon as possible, with the student to help with anything. Recently, they now have mandatory sessions in the first semester,if you pass w/ C-mandatory B- recording or attending, A- not mandatory. K12: Calling is faster than email.
12/6/2009parentThe reason we joined Agora was for the same as what I am reading here. B&M schools were passing my daughter with high honors when she didn't even know her multiplication table. I would get her work back and see that they weren't even grading the papers correct. I would return them to the teacher showing where my child had made mistakes. Now she is thriving and doing 100% in Algebra. While there has been some issues with Agora as well .... I would still recommend it. I will never put my children back in a B & M. I would consider Cyber Schools here on out.
11/26/2009parentMy daughter and I are really enjoying Agora. She is in sixth grade & attended a parochial school up until fifth grade, so this is our first year. Since she's a middle-schooler, she can read and do most assignments on her own, but I feel like I am much more involved in & aware of what she's learning, and am seeing deficiencies I may not have otherwise noticed had she continued in her traditional school setting. The teacher is helpful, & the school offers a variety of activities for kids to participate in, though I don't depend on those for socialization; I keep her involved in our parish activities & sports to fill that void. So far, we are having a great experience & she wants to continue at Agora for seventh grade.
10/3/2009studentIt's fun, and a challenge. The teachers are always kind, helpful, and very funny. They're always there, ready to help you.
10/1/2009parentThis school has been a gem for my son. He is currently in the 11grade. This is his 3rd year at Agora. He has had the opportunity to participate in activities at Villanova in reference to leadership and the counselors were extremely helpful in getting him set up to take his PSATs at a local high school. The curriculm is challenging and he is never bored. The teachers are really helpful. If I was a stay at home mom I would be doing this for my younger child as well. Together my mom and I mentor my son. My mom is a retired teacher and she covers when my husband and I are at work.
9/12/2009parentI love this school. I didn't relize my 3rd grader could not count to 500 or round in 10's, 100's, or 1000's. No one ever told me, but she was getting good grades in a B&M school. Now, I am her learning coach. I know exactly how she is doing and where she needs extra help. This school is so easy for me to follow.
5/10/2009studentI attend Agora now I'm in 10th grade and I love it more than any other school I had to go to. It is challenging but the teachers are so nice and help any way they can. I think it is the best choice if your looking for a good school.
4/27/2009otherMy little brothers are on the Agora program and they love it they enjoy the way it works and how organized it is.I think it is a great way for Children to learn,because there is no losing focus and they can stay on task and it is easier to get up in the morning.I love this program
10/24/2008parentKeep in mind... YOU are your child's teacher! There is a 'teacher' however she/he is basically doing administrative work and meets w/ your child for a mere 30-45m per month. The curriculum is impressive, but extremely demanding as well. Child is allowed to work at their pace - fast or slow; but if you hit a glitch to re-explain things, you really don't have any other lesson options. You, as the parent, have the sole burden as a teacher. I'm confused as to why the principal is getting 5 stars, as her contact w/ parents/kids was barely existant from my elementary standing. There are no extra-curricular activities other than an end-of-the year outing (?) so I'm puzzled.
10/20/2008parentThis is my grandsons' 2nd year with Agora. When he first started he had shut down, because he was always teases and bullied. He has delayed learning and has difficulty expressing himself, so he was labelled dumb, stupid etc. It wtook a while for him to come around. His teachers are great. The interaction with special workshops and Ellimunate sessions have really helped him understand different subjects in a different light. Wish he had started earlker
9/6/2008parentI am a 'first time to charter school' parent and after the first week, so far I am impressed with the organization and the personal contact. A few technical glitches the first week on the Agora side made things a little tense but in hindsight that wasn't that bad. Looking forward to a great year,
9/4/2008parentI had my children previouly in a brick & mortar school, and had nothing but problems. My son who has ADHD was being bullied everyday and teachers rarely did anything about it. He went from failing at his previous years to getting good grades. He was able to work at his own pace. My daughter who was failing, now I am able to work with her one on one. The brick & mortar schools were passing her just to advance her. I love agora, the teachers are great and really help out when they are needed. They are there to answer questions, and have small groups with help or one on one.
7/23/2008parentMy ADHD son thrived at Agora this past year. In his brick & mortar school, he could not sit still in class, kept getting into trouble and their way of dealing with him was to kick him out and let him just roam the halls! He went from failing grades at this local dysfunctional middle school to A's & B's commenting 'I'm actually learning now' We started out thinking cyber school would just be a temporary solution and he would go on to high school but it has proven to be a great experience for all of us and we plan to continue through graduation. Agora has wonderful caring teachers great curriculum through K12. I can't praise it enough!
6/19/2008parentWe love Agora and have had a very positive year. Wonderfull teachers and a terrific head of school. Thank you Agora!
3/31/2008parentMy daughter is a Senior this year. We are very happy with the program. She is doing well and support is available when needed. Has been accepted to all of the Colleges of her choice.
3/27/2008parentWe are extremely pleased with Agora. We tried another charter school and the administration was horrendous! The staff and leaders of Agora are top notch. Agora allows those of us who would homeschool but have difficulties in organization and planning lessons to enjoy teaching our own children. K12 is the best program on the market -- and teamed with Agora - it's a win-win combination.
7/27/2007parentWe are very pleased with Agora Cyber Charter School. Our son is gifted and the K12 curriculum provided by Agora fits our son's special GIEP needs.
6/28/2007parentThis program is the greatest thing that has ever happened for my son academically. He has regained his self-esteem and is thriving academically within this program. His teachers are motivational, supportive and inspiring. The change in my son has been nothing short of miraculous. I cannot praise the teachers, staff, and curriculum enough. This program allows my son to work to mastery and his standardized tests scores show that. What a wonderful gift Agora is to my son and our family. This program works.
9/18/2006parentA great alternative to brick and mortar school as well as traditional homeschooling. Provides the majority of materials needed, as well as offers a loaned computer to students to facilitate in the study and learning process. Assistance for almost any concern is available at request. Friendly, supportive admin's so far.

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