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Kiski Area High School - Vandergrift, PA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Kiski Area High School240 Hyde Park Rd
Vandergrift, PA 15690
(724) 845-81819-12WestmorelandpublicKiski Area School District

School Head OfficialYear
Mr William McClarnon2009

Students Getting Free LunchYear

4/23/2011studentKiski is clean, well organized, and has excellent teachers. Punishments for misbehavior are fair and reasonable, and the entire school is a good learning enviornment. Along with academic aspects, the school has second to none fine arts programs and a state caliber wrestling team. Support for the team is amazing, and the students always back eachother, led by Wrestling and MMA hall of fame coach who has the record for the second most wins in the W.P.I.A.L.
3/17/2010parentThis school is poor at providing additional supports for students who are struggling with emotional as well as psychological disorders. It appears that Mrs. Ross is more concerned about the financial burdons and the costs of programs rather than providing children with enhanced and supplemental programs. I rate this school a 1 of 5 stars because Mrs. Ross hardly ever returns service providers phone calls as well as concerned parents.
12/28/2009parentKiski Area High School is ashame.I wish the teachers would teach.Instead they make comments on kids they dont know.Even the teacher or adult that gave the information dont know.Be teachers and educate and if you cant be honest about it.Some are built for teaching others are not.I dont think kiskis students come first(well maybe some).A student didn't do anything and still gets inschool/out of school, etc. whats up with that?If I was to grade kiski right know on discipline(which they dont have-they want to control somebody-i guess because they like the authority they probably never had before in time. You dont get respect like that from students! So please kiski work harder on educating our kids.Let their voices count as well as the parents.All parents not just your chosen ones.
12/7/2009studentI was a student at this school for two years, and i thought the school was great. Always very clean and organized with great class environments for learning.
9/3/2009parentIt is a great school if you want to be harassed ,it has terrible discipline, unrealistic ideas of how to live your life, they don't give you education on the real things in life , they just throw a bunch of paper work at you and you finish it yourself. There are so many problems with this school , not to mention the size of it. i do not recommend enrolling your child here , the pressure of it all is not worth it.
6/16/2009studentThis is a decent school for the average student. However, it lacks many of the upper level classes, and offers very few AP courses. If you want your child to go to an elite university, then send them elsewhere. Very few students have been able to get into a Top 20 college from Kiski Area.
9/2/2008parentAs stated by a poster below that NO ONE ever makes it to top Universities out of Kiski, this is not true. This year and last year students from Kiski have went on to Princeton, Harvard, Case Western, Carnegie Mellon, Cornell, Berkley, Penn, and numerous other accredited colleges!
6/20/2008studentBeing a student of kiski area who just graduated this year, I know that kiski has a great fine arts program, but honestly thats about it! The teachers honestly don't care about their pupils and instead of have a firm hand in discipline and such, they would rathered be your friend! No joke! Hear me out, kiski is by far one of the greatest districts in the state of pennsylvania, though I think it is going to fall through the cracks if it continues to have the amount of favoratism that it has and the lack of discipline.
4/26/2008parentMediocre. Beats most small schools around but cannot compete nationally. Great place to send kids for local college prep. None ever make it to 'nationally ranked' universities.
4/14/2008parentI find amazement in those parents that blame the school for all their childs failures. I am the mother of 4 children that attended Kiski Area Schools their entire life. My children have all graduated from Kiski, gone off to college and they are now leading 'very' successful lives. However, I was a parent that parented my children and did not expect the school to do my job in that area. Kiski is a far cry from a bad school and the parents that think it is need to take their golden spoon out of their mouth long enough to help their child accomplish what they feel the teacher is missing. BTW... I got an Atty, a Lt. in the Army and 2 nurses out of a Kiski education. The person commenting that the children are the worse children in the state probably needs to check their own kid.
4/10/2008parentKiski High school is a disgrace. The teachers are of the lowest quality and do not have a complete knowledge of the subjects they are being handsomely paid to teach. The students are the most inmature and ignorant children in the state. The technology is very poor and from what my son tells me slow and obsolete. The school should be very ashamed of itself.
3/12/2008parentFine arts, especially instrumental and choral music is A-1 in this district. Parental involvement is much higher than our previous school district, and it makes all the difference!
3/8/2006studentThe school is a very good school. However, it tends to be very strict and the cirriculum is quite challenging.
11/21/2005former studentExcellent updated school, with high quality facilities and programs. Very good teachers, overall a great school.
4/2/2005parentI am very unimpressed with this school. The lack of disapline and academics. Most of the teachers I have run into care more about chatting with others than teaching. Regret getting my kids into this school.
12/9/2004former studentThis was a great school education wise. The teachers are all great and prepared me well for college. However, The higher officials of Kiski Area are not so great. Somebody had a brilliant idea to change the school around and update the football field. None of these issues we every discussed with any of the students who are the main people that go to school. Theold school was much better because it had a nice courtyard, and the old football field was certainly alot nicer because of the highly recognized Student section that was once located at one of the endzones. I say for a good education this school is acceptable but if you want your opinion heard then you better not go here. I graduated in 2004 whenever the school renovations were going on, and got the shaft on every thing. I did like this school but now i dont.
2/23/2004parentThis high school has great potential, caring faculty, and a recent change in administration. The high school currently offers 7 AP courses and 1 weighted English 11 class. There is a gifted program through grade 8.

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