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Bishop England High School
363 Seven Farms Dr
Charleston, SC 29492
(843) 849-9599
private | 9-12
County: Berkeley


3/13/2012parentMy son is in his senior year. This school seems to care about your child's education. I did not want my son in a public school with no moral values. BE has excellent teachers, and a challenging curriculum.
4/9/2011otherI haven't even been to this school, but have been accepted, and I already despise it. Go read the student handbook and you'll see what I mean. They have the most nit-picky rules. It is practically defying the First Amendment in almost every way. You can't express yourself and your personality, and there are so many violations it's probably as easy to get kicked out as it is to breathe in oxygen. This is completely ridiculous, and I hope that I can enroll in another school before this is my last option, which would be absolutely terrible. Do yourself a favor, and don't even consider this school. The Dress Code is RIDICULOUS, your hair can't touch your collar, and other useless rules of the like. Thank you for reading this, and hopefully you can "save" your children somewhere else.
4/26/2010parentI am the parent of a college freshman who graduated from BE last year. Our student credits BE for his success this past year! He even used some of his notes from previous classes to aid in his studies, and a few AP credits were a definite boost up! The level of discipline was never a problem for us. It supported our desire to raise responsible and respectful children. BE allows your student to grow to their full potential and gives them the tools they need for their next step in life.
12/7/2009parentI am the parent of a BE sophomore. My husband and I are extremely happy with the education our daughter is receiving. Academics are offered at a variety of levels so that your child can track honors to AP classes in the areas in which she excels and college prep in other areas. Most of our child's teachers have been outstanding educators who have inspired and nutured her. Athletics have also become a big part of our daughter's life and we've been impressed by the organization and coaching. Finally, the campus is safe and welcoming. I highly recommend this school for those willing to work hard in an environment with high standards for both behavior and academics. Even in these tough economic times, we'll be sending another child to BE next year. It's worth every penny!
4/20/2009studentThe school has an excellent english department and a variety of good extracurricular programs. For being a relatively small school it still provided a variety of classes, such as computer-science, and advanced physics and biology. The religion classes give students a good understanding of the Catholic faith and world history from a western civilization/Christian perspective. However, world history education on non-western civilizations was lacking.
4/9/2009parentOne of my children is a BE graduate and the other a current student. We feel lucky that we have been able to give them the opprtunity of a BE education. The educational track program is tailored to each specific student. There are extracurricular programs for children with all interests...sports, drama, art, you name it. Teachers all have scheduled help sessions after school. Parent teacher conferences are scheduled several times a year. A top notch school.
3/24/2009parentGreat school! Huge emphasis on academics. The sports programs and extra-cirricular activities great. Nice to see a school that also places a good emphasis on discipline in today's 'blame-someone-else' world.
8/12/2008studentThe school is okay, but they put WAY TOO MUCH emphasis on discipline, when they should care more about important things. I understand discipline is necessary but the school has the most absurd, nit-picking rules.
6/6/2008studentI LOVE Bishop England High School. I will be a sophomore this coming year, and I think Bishop England is awesome. I wouldn't want to go to any other high school.
5/22/2007parentMy son has been at Bishop England HS since his freshman year, he is going into his senior year in August. He has done very well in the close environment of the school. He is in the Drama club and has been in two plays. It is a good program, as well as the other arts that are offered. There is a top notch sports program where they have received state titles for a variety of sports. The campus is beautiful and well kept. My husband and I have been pleased with this experience.
5/7/2007parentBoth of my sons are BE graduates. After having been in several private schools in the Charleston area throughout their academic careers, my sons thrived at BE. That is not to say that BE is perfect. It isn't. Just like every school, there are problems. Neither of my sons particularly loved BE, but they realized it was the quality of the education that was important. The vast majority of the teachers do care about their charges and most will go out of their way to help a student who needs extra attention. The classes are challenging and of a manageable size. And the academic track system that the school utilizes enables each student's academic strengths and weaknesses to be met. For the money, whether you are Catholic or of a different faith, it is the best private school for the money in Charleston.
10/17/2006parentI wish I would never have sent my daughter to BE. The courses are unbeneficial, the athletics are a joke especially the football team, and the teacher-parent relations are horrible. Send your kids to Hanahan's public schools. Go Hawks.
7/25/2006parentBoth my children graduated from BE within the last six years. 1/3 of the students are not Catholic. We are not, and that was not a problem for my children. Students may enroll in honors, college prep, and regular high school classes. They may be in honors English at the same time as they are in college prep math. Many honors courses are offered. Every student has the opportunity to take part in a wide variety of sports. The kids hate the uniforms, which are incredibly dated, not to mention ugly. Students come from all over the area to the school, which is located on Daniel Island. The parking lots are full. Attendance at school masses is obligatory. My children only had 2 or 3 disappointing teachers (rigid, old school). I highly recommend this school if parents want a school with high expectations for students' behavior as well as their academic

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