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Lugoff Elgin High School - Lugoff, SC

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Lugoff Elgin High School1284 Hwy 1 South
Lugoff, SC 29078
(803) 438-34819-12KershawpublicKershaw 01 School District

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic78.51952009
Black, non-Hispanic19.49772009
Asian/Pacific Islander0.1982822009
Native American or Native Alaskan0.06609392009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Thomas Gladden2008


Students Getting Free LunchYear

7/8/2012studentOverall, LE is a very low-rate school. With a few exceptions, the staff are incompetent; grades are inconsistent with rubrics and standards, and favoritism/bias is rampant. Furthermore, funding in areas not involving athletics is lacking. While recreation in adolescent years is important, our school's below-average test scores should be cause enough to demand more academic funding. What's worse is the curriculum; the Honors classes are slightly above basic at best, and the selection of AP classes is disappointing. As for the issue of laptops: while they could be a great learning tool, none of the teachers make good use of them. What's worse is the condition of the building. The roof is in total disrepair in several places throughout the hallways, causing leaks, etc. The classrooms are filthy. The cafeteria is the most disgusting of all, though, which is totally unacceptable. Had I any choice, I would avoid this school like the plague. The academic opportunities are limited, and the atmosphere created by the staff and administration is one of apathy at best.
12/15/2010parentI agree the laptops are a very bad idea. My son spends too much time during and after school on sites that have nothing to do with school work. I recommend that the school some how program the laptops to only open school related studies or do away with them and let the teachers teach like in the old days. There are plenty of schools that have better overall ratings and do not have the laptops for distraction.
10/10/2010parentGreat school in a great community!
5/18/2010studentThis school has few teachers who actually care about students. I, being a student find that we don't do a whole lot in class. The laptops we have distract us, and we don't need them because 70% of the students sit in class and don't do anything but play games. The teachers could care less. If you have a choice i recommend not attending this school.
1/25/2009studenti believe Lugoff- Elgin deserves four and a half stars, but i can only put 4 or 5. the only reason i would not give them a five is the administration. they are trying, but not hard enough (with the exception of principle Gladden). I am Appalled by the first review, seriously. you wouldnt allow your child to attend the school because one of the students had blue hair? our teachers know what they are doing, with the exception of a couple (another reason I cannot honestly give the school a Five star rating). the school currently offers an abundance of AP programs, and honors programs for virtually every avilable course. the band program is astounding, thanks to Glen Price, the art program is flourishing, drama and dance are offered. wrestling, track and football are all competitive (most of the sports are competitive).
1/12/2009parentI am very disgusted by LE when i drove by the school from moving from New Jersey i was amazed. When i went to the district office to ask for the goals and test scores they were low and the drop out rate is the highest in Kershaw County School District. i think something should be done. the dress code was not enforced blue hair? ridiculous. totally ridiculous. I found that my kids were better at Camden High School. To be fair that school has its up and downs but, for a while according to the district office they have the Highest Test Scores in the district. I think the school is just better than le. the dress code is enforced. The teachers know what they are doing. But, This is just what my high standards get you.
11/21/2008studentOur school is really pretty good. When I was a freshman I thought it was too restrictive, but now that I have been around other high schools, I realize why we are strict. Plus they have built a new gym and lots of new sports facilities. I really like going to LE.
11/20/2008parentAs a parent of two LE graduates and being a graduate myself, I can say definitivly that LE is a great school, in a community that has seen alot of change. We used to be a very quiet, friendly country school, but now we a growing fast and the new residents have new expectations. Yes that are hard on discipline, but I found they were very fair. In this day and age, I prefer a more rigid environment. The biggest problems at LE are tardies, and talking to much in class. If they ease up on the students, the problems will be drugs, drinking and gangs like other schools.
11/19/2008otherthe ciriculum is poor, the teachers are second rate. very disappointing
2/23/2005parentThis district came up with the bright ideal replace teaching with laptop computers. All students at this age want to do is surf the net, instant message and email friends. This brainchild of district teaching/learning is such a tremendous burden on the students and parents. Parents are responsible for these computers and are required to take out insurance. Giving high school students access to the internet all day long during school is already a major problem. This school system does not teach writing skills and those skills will only deteroriate. The new SAT has writing and these students will be even less prepared for the new test. The students and parents have to worry about their computer getting 'accidentally' damaged and/or stolen all day long everyday. Our school board who approved this did not know what they were getting into and it is a failure already.
10/8/2004former studentLE needs inprovement of the building. When it rains it comes under the doors and the ceilings leak. This is not safe for our children.The staff for the most part are good. Need programs for needy students and not so much for gifted students. Money should be spent on these kids to focus more on improving test scores so they can have a furture. The bathrooms have no doors for the kids to have any privacy. Rotc program is Excellent. Please focas on girls wearing short skirts, low cut shirts, and short shorts. Sports are Excellent to.. For the most part this school is good... just some minor problems to fix. Former LE student Grad...2004...
8/18/2004parentLugoff-Elgin High School is rated as one of the top schools in the state as far a test scores and curriculum, but where they have fallen short is in the area of dicipline. They are over zealous in their dicipline policies. I will quote one of the staff member's reason for this, but will omit the name for his/her protection. 'We do not want our schools to end up like (wil not name school).' Common sense is thrown out the window, and the punishments do not fit the crime.
5/14/2004parentExtreme cliques! Strong band program. Building does not project any school pride. Appeared to have high turnover rate in teachers.

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