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Shield Of Faith Christian Academy - Rock_Hill, SC

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Shield of Faith Christian Academy2499 Fire Tower Rd.
Rock Hill, SC 29730
(803) 328-30002-12Yorkprivate 

School Head OfficialYear
Mrs. Janice Moore2010


2/14/2012otherThis school is the best. I get one on one help. I can even get it done with my school as fast or as slow as I need to.
2/13/2012parentThis school is the best. My little girl has been working hard and is half a year ahead. The paces that the kids use are the best thing in the world. They are not work sheets just stapled together. You buy them from the school of tomorrow. This is a program I think that is very big up north. Right now the kids all share the same room. But they all do what they need for the age they are. And the only book that my little girl has been given is a reading book and the questions for it is in the paces. I know a girl that went here until 11th grade. Then someone told her that to fit in at collage she should do one year in public school. So she did. She did not learn anything that year. And then in collage she was even teaching her teachers new and better ways to do stuff. I love this school and you will too. Note: the only summer program that was at this school (only one year) was not them but they rented the space out. So they would not of done pace work.
5/11/2008studentShield of faith is a great school where they are not issued books. so no heavy bookbags! :) There is 25 kids in one class and 4 teachers. (In public schools there is 30-35 kids to one teachers.) They're good teachers who care and love there children in there class. I would not trust the person who could not even spell shield. I'm a student at this school and i hate the false things accused about my school.
2/27/2008parentSheild of Faith is one of the smallest schools in Rock Hill. High-school and Middle School share the same room and one teacher. Elementary childern share one room also with just one teacher. The pace booklets are just worksheets stapled together. To exceed to the next grade level, a student must complete so many pace booklets. Text books are issued, but a student rarely uses them. Small schools are great, specially with a Godly atmosphere. Summer school at Faith is the most expensive I've seen, and all the student accomplishes is doing more pace booklets. Sheild none the less is an alright school but needs to think about if they are really a school or just a church offering a classes.
1/1/2008parentA great learning environment which teaches the student to set and achieve goals and also allows the student to learn at their own pace. It's nice to have a school where God is able to not only be recognized but worshiped. My son is thriving at this school.

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