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School Profile

Ware Shoals High School
56 South Greenwood Ave
Ware Shoals, SC 29692
(864) 456-7923
public | 7-12
County: Greenwood


  School Head OfficialYear
Charles Mayfield2008
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
9/23/2009otherThis is the school that I graduated from so I can say from experience that this school did not prepare me for college in any form or fashion. The only thing that prepared me was one teacher there who had her stuff straight. This school is not safe, I have seen many people walk in and out of there with no visitor badges, anyone could just walk in and do whatever they wanted to. This school has had a lot of public problems in the past but that does not excuse the deterioration of the school. The school is old and historic, and I''m positive that it has seen better days.
7/31/2009parentThis school does not offer any form of safety for the students. Many students are harrassed and nothing is done to the bully when they are reported to the principal. Students at the junior high run that school, the teachers have no control at all. Walk into the junior high at any time and you see kids playing in the halls because the teachers can't do anything with them and they send them out of class. The 7th and 8th grade students are not held accountable for anything, not even grades!
2/4/2008parentThe school does not have an orderly, consitant, and fair disciple policy in effect. The students rule the school (and they know it). There are many students who are afraid to attend this school because of the problems.
2/23/2004parentThere are alot of issues that take place in this school that are overlooked and need immediate attention, while the ones the attention is focused on is a little overated. There seems to be a power struggle for inprovements and the school is failing its students by not not improving this school and meeting the current likeness of schools in this division. I also beleive there is an unusual allowance or tolerance for issues that have caused a crackdown on many schools across the nation. It'sa time Ware Shoals Highand Junior (they are combined ) get a complete and severe checkup and be made to comply with standards that ensure the learning and safety of the children attending here are met and that, new focuses on not average but higher acheivements are met by all, students, parents, faculty and staff.

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