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School Profile

Arlington Elementary School
11825 Douglass St
Arlington, TN 38002
(901) 867-6000
public | K-8
County: Shelby


  School Head OfficialYear
Mrs. Gina Gore2008
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
8/3/2012parentWe LOVE this school! We moved here last year and could not be happier with our decision to buy a home in Arlington. The teachers are all fantastic and the PTA is amazing. The kids are definitely top priority at this wonderful school.
7/22/2012otherMy family loves Arlington Elementary School. We are sad that this will be our last year at AES. The administration, teachers, and staff are amazing. Our PTA is the best. Arlington is a great community and our schools are the heartbeat of our town.
7/18/2012parentThis school is overrated. The principal is the first AND the second problem with my son's 2nd grade teacher in a close third. My initial encounter with the principal was on registration day where she wouldn't allow my son, who was new to the school, to walk to his classroom because they were "tired and ready to go home". I had to write a letter to the superintendent before she showed any empathy. Another encounter was at the kids' musical program where the principal held an ambush PTA meeting where the kids were not allowed to leave the stage until the meeting was over. There was a teacher on the stage ensuring the kids wouldn t get up. Throughout the year, my son had been absent for different reasons. His teacher wouldn't allow him to finish any work at home. However, when the school year was coming to an end, she sent home a large stack of papers that needed to be completed over the weekend. Her reason: she would "get in trouble" if she didn't have grades in her book. I could list more, but I'm out of space. I can't stress how disappointed I am in this school.
9/30/2011parentThe teaching staff is great but the principal and office staff leave much to be desired. The principal is rude and condescending and the office staff were not able to answer basic questions at registration.
9/21/2010parentGreat teachers and a great group of childrenn
9/21/2010parentThe teachers are great and really care about the kids. The staff are personal and care about the parents.
9/20/2010parentBecause the kids, teachers and parents make it a GREAT school!!
3/22/2010parentMy son went to Kindergarten and First grade at AES. Great experience and I would recommend the school to anyone. Principal and teachers are wonderful !
11/1/2009parentI think that Arlington really cares about the kids and their families! Arlington is AWESOME!
10/26/2009parentArlington Elementary is an absolutely wonderful school. My son has been there since Kindergarten. He is in the 2nd and I only have positive things to say. All of his teachers have been WONDERFUL!! They teach with LOVE! I really feel everyone goes out of their way to make the kids feel special. Academically he is just thriving. We are a mililtary family recently retired and I can tell you out of all the places we've lived the school system in Arlington is Fantastic!
10/8/2009parentThe teachers are all excellent and really care about their kids. The parental involvement is amazing as well. The teachers and parents work together great, and that's what makes AES so special.
10/8/2009parentArlington has the best teachers! I have a 3rd grader who has had the best teachers, right now he has Mrs. Raney and she has just been a joy and I know my son loves going to school every morning. I can't tell you how that makes me feel and to have easy mornings , no fussing around he's ready to go school! We love Arlington Elementary School!!!
10/8/2009parentArlington has the best teachers!! We love it!
10/8/2009parentThe teachers and involved parents are what makes our school great!!! We've gone through alot of changes in the last 2 yrs but everyone has stuck together....My children will be better citizens for our school and community! I love volunteering and being roommom these last 3 yrs!
10/8/2009parentArlington Elementary has the best teachers and staff. They care about our kids and feel safe leaving my kids with them.
10/8/2009parentThe teachers, staff and curriculum are wonderful. We moved to arlington so my kids could attend this great school!!!!
10/8/2009parentArlington Elem. has been a wonderful place for my kids to grow and learn and as a parent I am Extremely happy with the education they have received.
10/8/2009parentI love my child's K teacher - Mrs. Addison!
10/8/2009parentIt has wonderful teachers who care about their students. Safe and clean school.
10/8/2009parentWe love AES because it is still a small town school in a large system. Many of the teachers know my children even though they have never had them in class.
10/8/2009parentArlington Elementary is an amazing school. The staff is incredible. The parents are awesome! The students are in a class of their own. We love the small town feel of AES. We are very blessed to attend this school.
10/8/2009parentThey have the best teachers and all my kids look forward to coming to school. They are a great academic school that challenges the kids as well.
10/8/2009parentThe staff is great and the kids really love it!
10/8/2009parentMrs. Addison is the best Kindergarden teacher on the earth, Mrs. Beth May is the Best first grade teacher on the earth.....
10/8/2009parentThey seem to care about the students, and the academics are great.
10/8/2009parentThe teachers are terrific tp notch. Especially Barbee, Harrison, and Huggins. The Assistant Principal, Anna Jones, adores the kids. She even runs after school clubs.
10/8/2009parentThe teachers are wonderful. I feel like they really care about our students.
9/18/2009parentIn general, AES is great. However, the new principal's attitude is not so great. The former principal was so much friendlier.
8/4/2009parentThis is a great school. My daughter went her last year for 1st grade. I was very skeptical because she was coming from private school. But her teachers Mrs. Petrowski and Mrs. Carmack-May were so awesome. I wouldn't trade her experience anything.
7/29/2009parentWhat a wonderful year that my son had in second grade!! Mrs. Anna Jones was more than we could have ever asked for! She took special interest, not just in my child, but all of her students, as was so very obvious throughout the school year. I have heard this summer that she will be the new Assistant/Vice Principal-Kudos to you-it is very well deserved!! I have to agree with a few of the other parents with their concerns about the principal, Ms. Gore. I had only one experience with her and it was not at all a pleasant one. She was very harsh and was down right rude! She can be a quick to judge and doesn't mind flaunting her authoratative side. Nonetheless, our years at AES have been rewarding, I have had 4 children to attend, and they are all exceptionally bright students.
6/10/2009otherThank you, Mrs. Pleasant, for helping my grandson grow as a student and as person. You have greatly influenced him in a positive manner with your dedication, support, and love that's been given to him and others . As I previously stated in another review, true teachers are born not made in a university. I am so thankful you have been there to guide him. God will bless you many times for molding little minds with your goodness. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. A MeMe
5/27/2009parentI have 3 daughters and their teachers are, Mrs. Pleasant, Ms. Sanders, and Mrs. Orman and they are so good. They keep you involved in your childs education and progress. They really show they care a lot.
5/14/2009parentA wonderful academic school with parent involvement. My daughter has advanced so well with their plans.
4/16/2009parentI have a second grader this year at Arlington Elementary. His teacher, Mrs. Bingham, has proven to be an exceptional teacher. Her passion for teaching is apparent, and my child is blessed to have had her. She has taken the time to go above and beyond her contract responsibility, coming early and staying late. She has made a difference in my child's life.
11/6/2008parentWe moved from Cordova to Arlington because we heard that the school, teachers and staff at Arlington Elementary are great. My little one is in a kindergarden class where the teacher has some 17 plus years experience and it shows. My little one loves school and was already reading in 2 weeks! Glad we didn't go private.
9/10/2008parentI have 2 children at Arlington Elementary this year and all in all I would say we are very happy with the school and the staff. The PTA is very involved with many activities planned during the year as well. So far we have had a good relationship with Principal Gore. Although, I will say she does portray more of a buisness like manner with the students. Which I personally like because I think it makes for a good role model for the girls in the school. The school is very crowded although the new Elementary is scheduled to be open in Fall 2009. We just have to hang on for a little while longer.
9/5/2008parentI have had 3 kids now in this school. I have seen the growing pains and change of the principle. While we supported her most of the year in 2007-2008 She has now become too much. Mrs Gore will often no return your calls to issues at the school. She have her assistance to her dirty work. When you are blessed to have a phone call from her she will interupt you and not let you talk. When you get to know the teachers and they start to talk. They will tell her true colors as well. Most of the teachers enjoy teaching at the school becuase the school is a good school, but not thanks to Mrs Gore. She has no compasion to special needs kids who don't fit in her model. She talks down to kids to the point where the kids are now afraid of her. The teachers are for the most part very very good. But should you have a issue which need a princle help good luck.
4/16/2008parentAlthough I was not really unsatisfied with AES when my daughter attended school here, my mind quickly changed when we were forced to put her in a different school when we moved. Her new school is rated lower than AES, yet she is at least a year behind the other students! At AES, she basically was a straight A student. She is struggling academically at her new school, although she likes the school and has made many friends. I am very disappointed in the curriculum at AES. Their test scores are can only high because they place so much emphasis on the TCAP!
3/9/2008parentI have my third child going through Arlington Elementary. When my first child started four years ago, there were about 400 children and now there are about 1200. The curriculum is great and the teachers are wonderful. The lunch room rules are a bit over the top but 'doable'. I love AES but the school is way over crowded and now my child does not have a computer room, art room, music room, etc. A new elementary school has just been approved for building to help alleviate the overcrowding. I sure hope it helps!
2/27/2008teacherArlington Elementary school has a lot to offer teachers, students, and parents. The teachers are of very high-quality, and they know how to encourage students to try their best. The school is great, and students should be excited to be part of the growing learning environment at Arlington.
2/26/2008parentMy daughter is in kindergarten at Arlington this year, and I love her teacher and the staff at the school. The only complaint I have is that it is really overcrowded - there are currently over 1100 students attending the school! My daughter's class has to share all her specials (music, art, PE) with other classes because of the overcrowding. It's time to build a new school...
2/2/2008parentI am very pleased to have my child at Arlington Elementary School this year. The teachers are great, especially my child's current teacher in 1st grade. The new administration seem to work well in bringing fresh ideas and incentives for parents to be apart of the school and they really care for my child's well-being and education. My only concern would be the amount of students and the car rider line, but overall I am very pleased.
10/26/2007parentUPDATE from my Feb 2007 review. Our kids second year at AES brings frustration and relief. There is ALL NEW EXECUTIVE STAFF this year. Some silly rules from last year are gone however now there are new silly rules. (rolling back packs must be carried plus the dress code!!) One of the V Principals is a big yeller and some kids are afraid. We are generally happy with the teachers. Not sure of the point of the AES music class. Very military. What ever happened to singing fun songs, rhythm and other fun music stuff? The kids aren't having ANY fun!! One of the teachers is quite mean. The good news is AES now has lap top computers for kids use. Still not enough mobility in their 7 hour day. Get with the program TN! The addition is finished-there is now an art room but still too many portables.
1/30/2007parentWe have 2 children at AES and we have been satisfied with the academic side. There does need to be more of an effort to involve parents during the school day, not just at afterschool events. Parents are discouraged from even entering the school during school hours. Also, the quality of teacher seems to be lower now than when my children began at AES. Hopefully, Mr. Sadowski will make better judgements in hiring in the future. The SCS curriculum is strong, he just needs to hire those who can teach it well.The PTA at AES is wonderful!!
12/30/2006parentWe moved from overseas to Arlington. Our daughter was ahead for age and we started her a year early. She has a wonderful teacher and a notebook that comes home everyday with work and notes. We are often asked to come and read to the class after lunch and help with special activities. The staff have always been welcoming and Mr. Sadowski has to follow the rules that Shelby Count has set forth. When our daughter first started school I thought the playground was a bit small but again it is a Shelby County thing. I've often seen children talking in the hallways and just being children. I do see a need for the school to expand to accommodate the growth of the students. All in all very happy we settled in Arlington!
11/15/2006parentWe have recently moved from Arlington Elementary to the second highest rated school in Virginia. I was worried that my children would be behind but have been shocked that not only are my children far ahead of their classmates, they are considered gifted here. They are both a full year ahead of their classes. The work they are given is what they had last year at Arlington. Arlington Elementary is a fantastic school and I would highly recommended it to anyone. The teachers and staff really love the kids and get to know them on a personal basis. I would move back there in a heartbeat just for the school.
10/20/2006parentWhile the teachers are very good and my kids are doing well. The principle needs to retire. Childen are not allowed to talk in the halls. While on the outside he wants parents envolvement at the school. As long as it is not on the campus that ok. He discourges parents to help on school class rooms. This school is a nice school with the respect of the teachers. But the camp he is trying to run is not working. Let kids be kids.
6/20/2006parentThe teachers are great; however the principal is rather stiff minded. I pulled my child due to the curriculum or lack thereof. In first and second grade you should be learning more than what is being taught. Great parents, great kids, safe school but I just wasn't satisfied with the curriculum.
3/20/2006parentI have 3 children attending this school and all are doing great. The teachers are knowledgable and easy accessible. The rules and regulations of the school are tolerable and strictly enforced. As a parent, I love this school and chose this area to live because of the school.
7/23/2005parentWe moved from IL to TN in 2002 and we did our research on schools before we moved. The main reason we moved here is for the school. This is our 4th year at the school. I honestly can say , that this school far exceeded our high expectations. Our PTA is awesome,they are focused and dedicated to say the least.We have many supportive parents and can always use a few more. The teachers are very special, they go above and beyond to get to know the children and work with their needs on an individual basis. It is not just a job to them, it is so much more to them. The staff is so supportive and wonderful. Mr. Sadowski's years of experience are very apparent. We couldn't ask for more. We Love AES!
6/14/2004parentMy child has been at Arlington for three years now, and is excelling in every subject. Each of the teachers she has had have been very receptive to parent questions, problems, and have made excellent suggestions to help my child suceed. In addition, I attended this school when I was a child and I am in my thirties now...some of the teachers that taught me are still there, but the attitude is absolutely not antiquated! Mr. Sadowski, the principal, is wonderful...I think he knows each child by name, and his support of the staff and programs has been great. The PTA is very active as well here at Arlington. We looked at several areas to buy our new home, and ultimately bought here largely due to the school.
3/7/2004parentAES is a positive educational experiences any child could be exposed to. The level of education is outstanding as well as the enviornment that surrounds the children each day. I have 2 children in the school now and one completed the school 5 years ago after transfering from another elementary school. I am confident that my children are receiving the foundation in education they need to succeed in life.

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